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Brunch with the Brits is a weekly podcast devoted to Old Time Radio (OTR) comedy, drama, panel shows and music from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Your host is Matt Cox. The show has been on the air since 2008.
Brexit Brits Abroad raises awareness of the key issues facing Britons living elsewhere in Europe as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union. Hosted by Dr. Michaela Benson, it answers questions about who the British living and working in Europe are, what led to their migration, and the implications of Brexit for their everyday lives. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the negotiations, the series responds to issues as they unfold, providing up-to-date information and expert advi ...
Film Brits
Two British YouTubers who love movies decided one day to make a podcast.This is that podcast."Film Brits", hosted by Trilbee and Sam, will deliver weekly content from the world of film while also entertaining viewers with news, reviews and user-submitted topics and questions!As Sam and Trilbee are based in the UK, they will be going by UK release dates and scheduling. And drinking copious amounts of Tea throughout.So put t'kettle on and let's watch some films!
Craft Beer and brewery reviews, mixed with a little pub chat from The Brit and Yankee Pub Studios located somewhere in Chicagoland, presented by Landlord Phil Clark (The Brit), and official BJCP judge and professional brewer, Chuck Fort (The Brewmaster). Nominated for 2007 and 2016 Podcast Awards, we podcast for the love of beer!
FROM HOLLYWOOD Caroline Feraday and Claire Bullivant present an entertaining and informative weekly podcast, with a focus on interesting Brits in Hollywood – and Hollywood viewed THROUGH the eyes of interesting Brits. Join us each week for a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be a complete fish out of water – a Brit…in the Wood (Hollywood, that is) as we greet fellow Brits and Anglophile Americans who have something to say on LA!
Brits In The End Zone (BITEZ) is a podcast run by 4 mates living in the UK with a love for NFL.In each episode, the guys will discuss the hot talking points in the league, chat Fantasy Football, talk trades & touchdowns, and uncover why the sport is becoming so big in the UK and growing.This is a podcast for fans of the sport, or newcomers who want to find out more.Watch out for returning segments highlighting the weird and funniest things about the sport, the fantastic and frustrating world ...
Join Carl, Piers and Andy, as they take take a conversational ramble through military history. Each episode will see the crew, and sometimes a guest , discuss a campaign, battle, period or operation through a huge array of periods, though we do like to talk about the Second World War especially, (And ancient Rome when Andy gets his way). The show follows a broad conversation on the topic, followed by a general discussion of modelling and gaming the period, and how to bring the subject to lif ...
Absolute Brit
Join Joe and Caz where they discuss the goods and bads of being British.You can find us on iTunes by searching 'Absolute Brit' or 'Hickling Podcast Network'. Be sure to drop us a review and a rating.visit www.hicklingpodcasts.comor email us at
The longest running unofficial Disney Podcast to come out of the UK. Come take a trip through the world of Disney with a British edge.
Fighting talk from the UK, featuring MMA journalists Simon Head and Chamatkar Sandhu (plus occasional guests). Recorded in the aftermath of each big fight weekend, with occasional bonus content from featured MMA events.
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
Geeky Brits Podcast
Podcast by Geeky Brits Podcast
The new show "Ex-Pat Chit Chat" out now!A bunch of guys talk about life as an expat in Germany, the things we love, like and hate about this wonderful country.Starring James Jones of OGM of and David a Frankfurt based actor.
Two blokes chit chatting about pop culture and stuff. You know, Stuff.
Brits Masjid
Podcast by PureAdvanced
"Ghostbusters! Independence Day!! Star Trek!!! Ice Age!!!! Jason Bourne!!! IT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE! And we're fed up! Grab some popcorn and listen in as Matt, Mike and Brit give their thoughts and opinions on all the sequels, remakes, reboots and carbon-copy movie ripoffs that Hollyweird has to offer."
a mix of all unsigned independant artists on the rise!!
Dis After Dark is a Disney podcast for grown ups. The show is an irreverent look at the Disney parks by 5 English blokes & a girl who really know Their stuff about the Disney parks & movies. If you like Disney you’ll love Dis After Dark. Disney Disney Disney Disney. Please check out our Patreon Page We are proud to be Sponsored by the following people HHN If you are looking to book your next trip to WDW, Disney Land or a Disney Cruise, please visit our new Sponsor Wendy from M ...
Brexit Brits Abroad raises awareness of the key issues facing Britons living elsewhere in Europe as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union. Hosted by Dr. Michaela Benson, it answers questions about who the British living and working in Europe are, what led to their migration, and the implications of Brexit for their everyday lives. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the negotiations, the series responds to issues as they unfold, providing up-to-date information and expert advi ...
BRIT Awards' Podcast
Welcome to the Fit With Brit | Babble With Brit podcast, where amazing things happen. I want to share all these crazy thoughts I have in my head, and in return hope to help inspire and reach someone. Say hi!!
The Faux Brits
The Faux Brits Show is a weekly soccer (football!) Podcast that brings you Premier League match day summaries and curious football discussion, along with thought provoking debates across the footballing world. Hosted by Americans who have often times been described as ‘Faux Brits’ due to their love for English football and their entertaining British banter. A must listen for anyone who loves the sport and the banter that comes along with it!
Join us each week for a fun and informative chat about writing habits, social media strategies, publishing tips, book marketing advice and more. Find us at
I moved abroad 8 years ago. Have you? If so get involved! This is a community for people who have emigrated. If you are an Expat please get in touch. This is a platform for people to share their experiences to help others better understand their choice to leave their homeland for a new adventure abroad. Email: or Instagram @britabroadpod
Brit Pod Scene
A podcast dedicated to the Brit Pod Scene network
Ask a Brit
It's funny. Amusing. Hairless in all the right places.
Weekly and High Holy Days Sermons
From the youTube Channels Man v Film & Bryan Lomax Movie Talk comes a movie podcast where we take an older movie and review it. Trying to pick apart what makes it special or what makes it terrible. In each episode there will be a Top 5 pertaining to the movie that is being reviewed. Then we try to figure out next episodes film..
Two British NFL Fans discussing NFL News and giving advice on how it effects your Fantasy Football season.
Three Brits One Mic
The daily musings of Brit Kolo, Marketing Coach for Creative Female Entrepreneurs ready for meaningful growth within their business and their life.
Editor/Owner of Brits & Pieces MMA, Duncan Price, takes a look at the world of the UFC and MMA in general - covering news, results, predictions and taking your questions.
Posh brit and redneck american comedy podcast.
Brit's Got Your Number - Fun Dating Advice from a Numerology Expert!Brittany Johnson, the Queen of Numbers, will keep you on the edge of your seat with dating advice based on Numerology.Everybody has a birthday, those six familiar digits we use to fill forms, recite over and over, and celebrate once a year. But did you know those Numbers are a part of your destiny?It's time to explore the entertaining and mystical relationship between your numbers and who you really are! Free audience partic ...
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
Join writer/actor Brit Marling and writer/director Mike Cahill as they discuss their co-produced film, “ANOTHER EARTH”. Rhoda Williams (Marling), a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos. A brilliant composer, John Burroughs (William Mapother), has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child. On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevoca ...
Subscribe here and you will be able to download and hear our biggest interviews and special programmes with Coldplay including the time Chris Martin came in to Absolute Radio to talk to Christian O'Connell about their summer tours and their award winning album Viva La Vida or Death and all his Friends
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
The Power of FOX News on Radio! Hourly Newscast
A weekly Anglo-American podcast about British and American culture
Do you want to make it to the Kingdom? The only way to get there, is by Obeying the Scriptures. We can get a good idea of what is coming in the future, but are You Scripturally and Spiritually Prepared for whatever comes? The time is now to come out of religion, and into the arms of the Messiah Immanu El. This is a series of messages from a Jewish man, who believes in the Messiah. Hence "Messianic Jewish". Not a practitioner of the Messianic Jewish religion, but a humble follower of Scripture. is an independent media website approaching global news, politics and conspiracy from a radical but rational perspective.
BritPod has brought it's unique brand of humour to millions of unsuspecting viewers in the past 7 years, find out what you're missing!
The Kings of Leon talk to Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd about their at their Birmingham concert about thier amazing rise to fame, their love of the UK and playing live. We will also be adding some classic KOL stuff from when we've met the band at festivals or our studios and any new interviews too. For more details go to
A Brit and an American explore their beleaguered baseball fanhood and discover nothing all that groundbreaking about life itself while they're at it.
Journalist Mehdi Hasan is known around the world for his televised takedowns of presidents and prime ministers. In this new podcast from The Intercept, Mehdi unpacks a game-changing news event of the week while challenging the conventional wisdom. As a Brit, a Muslim and an immigrant based in Donald Trump's Washington D.C., Mehdi gives a refreshingly provocative perspective on the ups and downs of American—and global—politics.
Martian Landscape
Martian Landscape broadcasts weekly on's "11" and "70's" stations, with archived episodes available here via podcast! Martian Landscape focuses on musical obscurities (and absurdities) from 70's hard rock/psychedelia, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal, 70's/80's glam, 60's garage rock, punk, new wave, post punk, and whatever else your host, The Maestro, can pull from his vast musical archives, Martian Landscape will take you on a 2 hour tour of the unknown...downloa ...
BritPod has brought it's unique brand of humour to millions of unsuspecting viewers in the past 7 years, find out what you're missing!
Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.
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It's the end of another school year and your hosts DA Bale and William Brian Johnson preview what is on their horizon. From writing camps to storm chasing, it's shaping up to be an interesting summer - and stay tuned for a tidbit of some super secret info.We're also answering the questions you've been sending us this season, so hang out for our ...…
The gift bags that consist of a bottle of water, a piece of chocolate, and some lanyards is getting some brits TENS of thousands of Pounds. Puts our Wedding Favors to shame!
Part 12 | Teaching For Impact Series It is good to tell people what we mean, but it is infinitely better to show them. How a picture is worth a thousand words on today's Mission Minute. Scripture: John 4.48 Into the Harvest Our mission is to inspire and mobilize a new generation to move the message and mission of Jesus out of the building and i ...…
It’s the Pop Tower Podcast! KwinnPop’s Peter “Studio Pout House” Dawson and James “Soulful Lordy” Bullock talk about the Japanese anime television series A Place Further than the Universe as well as the 2016 animated film Your Name. Is having an anime with such a long name for the best? Does Your Name live up to the hype? Can Peter and James ta ...…
It's Time To Put The Coffin Down - Evangelist Mike Heltsley
Plastic has been making plenty of headlines and we’re all becoming aware of the damage it does to marine habitats its insidious spread into everything from drinking water to Arctic ice. In the UK some people are taking the problem into their own hands.
I am a BIG fan of all things UK, and I was a BIG fan of 90s Brit Pop. And follow me on Twitter @cyannide and Instagram @cyannide99
The method and mechanism through which you had the transformation doesn’t matter… It's the FACT that you even HAD the transformation. In this Episode I share all about a brilliant "aha moment" I had with my coach recently. I haven't been in that near-death experience before... but I have gone through some DEEP stuff and finally I realized why i ...…
The Faux Brits Show - In this episode Missoum The Worst, Snacks & Eames discuss a few things... FA Cup Review - We're United unlucky? Did Chelsea had a successful season? Premier League Managers - Arsenal fan Missoum The Worst gives his take on Emery & we predict Top Four predictions. Finally, some Champions League predictions... Twitter @TheFa ...…
Do you know how reverse mortgages benefit senior citizens? If not, let Ron Smith of Opes Advisors explain. Want to sell your home? Get a FREE home value report. Want to buy a home? Search all homes for sale. What are reverse mortgages? How do they work? To help explain, I have with me Ron Smith, a reverse mortgage expert from Opes Advisors. I u ...…
It's a musical extravaganza to welcome you back this week! Be prepared for lots of music and dancing, although not usually concurrently.Also, we come up with two tangible albeit terrible pieces of actual advice, continue our trend of hot-to-the-minute pop culture references, and flirt with copyright violations.…
In this episode, Brit, Sam, and Peaches talk about the 3-1 win over Atlanta United, the rumors about Jesse Marsch and Tyler Adams to Germany, and look ahead to the upcoming home game against the Philadelphia Union.
With All The Demands For Your Time How Can You Find Time For Exercise Do you just have an extra hour or two of free time? If so, awesome! I'm kind of jealous. But, many of us don't have much extra free time. Regardless on the amount of free time you have you probably want your body to be healthy, right? Or at least you want to feel good and hav ...…
The British are coming! The British are coming! Hold Up a Sec gets invaded by guest host Tom Burns Scully, and we talk about a plethora of things British and pop culture. It's no surprise that our pop culture was influenced by our neighbors across the pond and we dive into our favorite aspects of music, TV, games, and other things British and f ...…
This week on the We Like Movies Podcast we're excited to bring you a really great episode about a really dreadful movie. Yes, we got downright curmudgeonly during our discussion about DEADPOOL 2 but that's okay because it was cathartic (and SPOILERY, so consider yourself fore-warned!). On the other end of the spectrum we celebrate the 30th Anni ...…
New composition done in 2015 by Mark Andersen for English handbell ensembles. Makes use of the Cajon made by Malmark. Level 3. Played by International Artists Carillon™. Conducted by Ruth Caswell. Episode 352. This clip is part of a full episode that will air on Seatte Community Media in Seattle at 6:30 pm Thursday, and 3:30 pm on Saturday (Com ...…
LA native Monique DeBose is an award-winning, multi-talented playwright and Jazz-R&B-pop singer/songwriter, who has toured and entertained audiences throughout Europe, India and Asia. Her third album–The Sovereign One–is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. A leading vocal improvisationalist (having studied under Rhiannon and Joey Blake of the r ...…
It's been a while since we posted an episode... sorry. Here's one we recorded back in february/ march but never uploaded. More episodes coming soon Greg:
What a great episode this week. We were invited to Eagle Audio studios to hang out during the recording of Frequencies Vol 9. We had great conversations with some really awesome folks. Krum - Wait in Line off of Frequencies Vol 8 Intro with Zachary Zanetich, Eric Griffey and Juma Spears Round table with Joe Tacke, Jesse Gage, Brock Miller, Susi ...…
ITS THE ROYAL WEDDING EPISODE.......ok not really ITS THE OCHO EPISODE...much better! We're clear into MITB Season, and the matches are starting to be put together! RAW, SDLive, NXT REVIEW! Also, our Top Five Favourite Superstars of all time! LETS DO THIS FOLKS!
CP - Yvotte Brits The Power of Words - Part 5 11am Service May 13, 2018
CP - Yvotte Brits The Power of Words - Part 4 0930am Service April 29, 2018
Maybe it's our fascination with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry -- the Brits and their Royals, or maybe it's our commitment to bettering our health, whatever -- tea is making a big splash in America. In this episode, Rolonda chats with American Tea Room CEO David Barenholtz about some of the 2000 different kinds of teas worldwide and their treme ...…
Wasting time is good for you!The busy modern world makes it seem like you shouldn’t have a chance to get bored. However, there’s no shame in allowing yourself some downtime. Letting your mind roam enables more effective problem solving, creative thinking and productivity. It is imperative to carve out time for personal reflection. Tips for down ...…
Pod Apostle presents Father Michael O'Connor (Pastor of Our Lady of the Gulf). This Homily is based on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018.Reading 1GN 11:1-9The whole world spoke the same language, using the same words. While the people were migrating in the east, they came upon a valley in the land of Shinar and settled there. They said to one anot ...…
Welcome to Disneybrit Radio Show Episode 213. Join Adam, Katie and John as we talk about the InsideEars event Katie was privileged to be invited to.
If there was only one vitamin supplement you could ever take… ...then this is it: FISH Oil In this interview, you’ll hear exactly why this is a life-changing and also life-saving supplement. It’s not just any fish oil , it’s the quality of fish oil and quality that is important. Fish oil not only reduces inflammation but it has numerous benefit ...…
Cool Christians by Senior Pastor Nate Mullen (To hear this sermon, click on the title directly above) The importance of standing for God and not slowing becoming like the world. Where does your citizenship rest? God knows your works! God says that life rains on the just and the unjust. It's time to figure out your temperature in Christ! Have a ...…
One Sunday, my wife and I were driving to a church service some distance from where we live. It was quite early that morning, and there was not much traffic on the road. We met a few cars, and then among them was big rig with a grocery store logo on the side. We concluded that this big truck was on its way to one of the grocery stores in the ne ...…
“The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members.” - William Temple Jesus gave the church…evangelists. Ephesians 4:11 This translates literally as "He gave to the church the bringers of the good news." Who doesn’t want that job? Who doesn't want to be a "bringer of good news"? Tell your wife you got a ...…
Join Ishmam, Anika, and Chet as they break down the assault allegations against the former NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a Kent State Student's relish for rifles, recent updates from the Gaza protests, and Pakistan's progressive Transgender rights law. These Non-Brits then pour themselves a cuppa of Royal Wedding tea.…
The Royal Wedding has been and gone, and many Brits and even more Americans had a wonderful time. However, after an unfortunate revelation of Meghan's direct involvement in the Boston Tea Party, poor Prince Harry's going to have to marry someone else. But who? Enter three bachelors provided by the OP crew! See who's been selected as Harry's new ...…
It's Pentecost Sunday! Rev. Shannon Blosser focuses today's message on Acts 2:1-13. The sermon looks at how the Holy Spirit brings power into our hearts to share love and grace, and also leads us into mission in our community.
Paul begins the second chapter of his letter to the church at Ephesus by painting a picture of our absolute brokenness, but then reminds us that God loved us first. Special Guest Daniel Roach joins us to wrap up our series on the presence of God with the powerful truth at the heart of the Gospel! But God Loves First But God | Week 4 May 20, 201 ...…
It's an all-sports episode as the New Age Insider's Bill Neville joins Scotty & Jamie. We talk Jamie's run with the '86 Celtics, Scotty's dream Super Bowl matchup and Bill's INCREDIBLE story about his experience on the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. Plus, Bill & Scotty face off in the For the Pops POP quiz!…
PJ Harvey's fifth album won her the Mercury Music Prize (the first solo woman act to do so) as well as nominations for Grammy and Brit Awards. But was it Flawless? George certainly thinks so, and she makes her case to Grant and Liam. Flawless is hosted by Liam McGinniss, George Mannion and Grant Parkin, recorded at The Edge studios at the State ...…
Brexit - An Undiscussed ConsequenceThe main consequences, good and bad, of Brexit - the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union - are being discussed every day in the news, but there is one that I have not heard talked about anywhere except on specialist news groups.It involves British citizens who have spouses from outside the Europ ...…
This week we watch the amazing, future predicting, The Truman Show. We also chat about where you can find the set in Universal Studios, Hollywood. To skip straight to the film talk (which contains spoilers) go to 7:48 For a limited time only you can get 15% off Sudio earphones & headphones just by using promo code ThemeParkFilms Head over to ww ...…
Its Saturday! WNBA History. Enjoy
After some major PC issues, I'm back with a brand new episode! This week I take a look at 2016's social media horror flick, Friend Request. Friend RequestWritten by: Matthew Ballen and Philip KochDirected by: Simon VerhoevenStars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, and Brooke MarkhamSynopsis: A popular college stud ...…
In our May 18 podcast, Giles Bootheway, a British citizen who teaches at St. Bonaventure University, shares his thoughts on the Royal Wedding with TAPinto Greater Olean Co-editor Richard Lee.
Mayor Garcetti looks to Hollywood for help on his run to the White House, Brits in L.A. prepare for the royal wedding, birth rates on the decline in California.
It’s the Pop Tower Podcast! KwinnPop’s Peter “My Mom Met Jane Goodall” Dawson and James “Soulful Lordy” Bullock talk about the video game God of War (2018) and Rampage (2018). What to the guys think of God of War? Is Rampage actually an example of a good video game turned into a movie? Will there be any tangents (Yes, always yes)? All these que ...…
Maria Nardi is a 30 year veteran of the events industry. She lives intercontinentally between San Fransisco and London, England. She is here to discuss the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.Together, we discuss the reaction that the British have had to Meghan Markle, and how the past 30 years have brought the monarchy into modern t ...…
Could Yorkshire puddings with jam become the latest craze ? Not if the Brits have anything to do with it. Also the journalists, political advisors and lobbyists who ended up stuck in a Beehive lift.
THIS WEEK I'm sick as heck! So why not talk about being sick?! I talk about some times I was really sick, and some things I did to distract myself from that. I talk about my really fun and busy week, and chat a little bit about some news. It's a short and to the point episode, but I wouldn't want to miss a week no matter how I feel lol C3 GOFUN ...…
It is written: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. Faith is what connects us to the love of God.
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