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Binnall of America
An outlet for live programming from the BoA franchise.
Paranormal conversations with the world's leading researchers of the strange and unusual.
Paranormal conversations with the world's leading researchers of the strange and unusual.
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Closing the book on 2018, BoA joins forces with Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso for our annual year-in-review simulcast spectacular.By (Tim Binnall).
Wrapping up the 'Binnalliday Season,' BoA joins forces with Radio Misterioso for our annual Year-in-Review spectacular. We'll look back on all the big happenings of 2018 and look ahead to 2019.
The 14th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman.By (Tim Binnall).
For an astounding 14th year, BoA celebrates the season with our beloved annual holiday special featuring the legendary Stanton Friedman. Along with catching up with Stan about what he's been up to in the last year (including retirement!), we'll also get his thoughts on the Bob Lazar renaissance, the state of UFO studies today, and, of course, t ...…
Joshua Cutchin, Red Pill Junkie, and Greg Bishop return to BoA for 'A ParaMania Christmas'By (Tim Binnall).
Jack Brewer, Aaron Gulyas, and Adam Gorightly join Binnall for a rollicking BoA Christmas Party.By (Tim Binnall).
Binnall of America continues our celebration of the holiday season with the first-ever pure BoA Christmas Party featuring three of the sharpest observers of the paranormal, Jack Brewer, Adam Gorightly, and Aaron Gulyas, plus Binnall for a conversation on the current state of affairs, both from a micro and maco level, in the world of the esoteri ...…
The 8th annual Ruxgiving holiday special from Binnall of AmericaBy (Tim Binnall).
The holiday tradition like no other returns for our 8th installment as Binnall of America proudly presents Ruxgiving 2018 featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux. We'll update you on what Binnall's been doing since the Season X finale, take questions for Bruce from listeners, talk about various shows that have captured his attention in the last ye ...…
Binnall and Vaeni reunite for another Good Parade Election Night Special. We'll talk about the pros & cons of early voting, awful millennials who are afraid to vote, weird ballot questions from various states, and, of course, ongoing updates as the polls close from Giles the chimp.
Recorded live in New Orleans, BoA:Audio closes the book on Season X and our seasonal format with an epic celebration.By (Tim Binnall).
In the penultimate edition of BoA:Audio, Season X, we welcome back CuChullaine O'Reilly, author of Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses.By (Tim Binnall).
In the penultimate edition of BoA:Audio, Season X, we welcome back one of the most talked-about guests ever featured on the program: CuChullaine O'Reilly, author of Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses, for an update on his mind-bending research into the sinister side of horses, including new cases involvi ...…
Paul Kimball and Aaron Gulyas join Binnall for an epic three-hour-long WrestleMania special previewing all 14 matches on Sunday's monstrous show.By (Tim Binnall).
In something of an homage to the BoA:Audio Baseball Specials of yesteryear, Binnall, Paul Kimball, and Aaron Gulyas break down this coming weekend's WrestleMania 34 spectacular. Plus we'll hear about Paul's Estoricon event to be held in Halifax this coming May as well as the forthcoming film he's produced titled 'Aliens with Knives.'…
Col. John Alexander joins BoA:Audio to talk about his experiences witnessing and studying psi phenomena.By (Tim Binnall).
Col. John Alexander joins BoA:Audio to discuss his most recent book, Reality Denied, and many incredible experiences witnessing and studying paranormal phenomena.
UFO researcher and author Peter Robbins returns to the show for a UFO jam session.By (Tim Binnall).
One of BoA:Audio's earliest supporters and a dear friend to the program, author and UFO researcher Peter Robbins returns to the show for a jam session likely centered around the latest happenings in the world of ufology and, probably, the world at large.
Kendall Carver of the International Cruise Victims assocation provides an update on his group's work trying to improve safety standards for the industry.By (Tim Binnall).
One of the most important guests ever featured on BoA:Audio returns to the program as Kendall Carver, chairman of the International Cruise Victims association, provides an update on his group's crucial work trying to hold the cruise ship industry accountable for passenger safety.
The unforgettable William Zabel returns to reflect on recent events which may have a conspiratorial connection.By (Tim Binnall).
Easily one of the most unforgettable guests in the history of BoA:Audio, conspiracy researcher William Zabel returns to the show to make a final bow for this incarnation of the program. William, or simply 'Zabel' as hardcore fans call him, will not doubt have quite a bit to say about all things conspiracy, including the Las Vegas shooting, Pizz ...…
Dr. Tyler Kokjohn returns to BoA:Audio to talk CRISPR and gene research, scientific expectations, and new technology.By (Tim Binnall).
Microbiology professor Dr. Tyler Kokjohn returns to BoA:Audio to talk science stuff, specifically CRISPR and genetic engineering as well as GMO foods and additives. Plus whatever other scientific topics may come up over the course of the conversation, plus, no doubt, paranormal stories of interest to TK since the last time we chatted with him.…
Night one of the two-night 2017 Year in Review simulcast spectacular with Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso.By (Tim Binnall).
Night two of the two-night 2017 Year in Review simulcast spectacular with Greg Bishop's Radio Misterioso.By (Tim Binnall).
The 13th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring Stanton Friedman.By (Tim Binnall).
For the astounding 13th year in a row, BoA:Audio celebrate the season with the Father of Modern Day Ufology, Stanton Friedman, on our annual holiday special. Discussion on this past weekend's New York Times UFO revelations, plus listener questions!
Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni reunite on BoA:Audio for a special Paratopia Christmas Party.By (Tim Binnall).
As a special gift to all those who enjoy quality paranormal podcasting, BoA:Audio reunites Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni for what we've taken to calling a 'Paratopia Christmas Party.' Expect no-holds-barred discussion on the esoteric and lots of laughs.
Filmmaker and paranormal pundit Paul Kimball talks ghost investigating, ufology, Canadian history, and other fun stuff.By (Tim Binnall).
Filmmaker, paranormal pundit, and longtime BoA:Audio friend Paul Kimball joins us discuss his return to ghost investigating as well as, no doubt, muse about the state of ufology and professional wrestling.
Bruce Rux returns for the BoA:Audio holiday tradition like no other: Ruxgiving.By (Tim Binnall).
As is tradition on BoA:Audio, we celebrate Thanksgiving with the holiday special like no other: Ruxgiving! The incomparable and wildly popular Bruce Rux returns to the show to update us on his latest adventures and answer listener questions about a vast array of strange and unusual topics.
Self-described 'crackpot historian' Adam Gorightly discusses modern conspiracy culture and some of the characters therein.By (Tim Binnall).
Investigative journalist and self-described 'crackpot' historian Adam Gorightly makes his triumphant return to BoA:Audio to help us celebrate our final season. Expected topics include Adam's forthcoming appearance in the feature film The Hill and the Hole, his thoughts on the world of conspiracies in 2017, including Trump-Russia, pizzagate, and ...…
Author Linda Godfrey discusses bipedal canine cryptids, portals, and shares some spooky stories for Halloween night.By (Tim Binnall).
In what may be our first-ever live Halloween night edition of the show, we welcome author and journalist Linda Godfrey for a discussion of her book Monsters Among Us, which looks at all manner of strange and unusual creatures and phenomena that she's been told about by witnesses who experienced the weirdness.…
Astute observer of the esoteric Red Pill Junkie joins us for a deep conversation on technology, spirituality, the paranormal, and tons more.By (Tim Binnall).
BoA:Audio welcomes back an astute observer of the esoteric and one of the more perceptive pundits in the world of the paranormal, Red Pill Junkie, for a jam session discussing high strangeness cases that leave one scratching their head and seemingly defy esoteric classification.
UFO historian Aaron Gulyas discusses flying saucer lore, the contactee era, and his awesome new podcast.By (Tim Binnall).
UFO historian and academic chronicler of conspiracy lore, Aaron Gulyas joins us to discuss some of the weird and wacky events and characters from the flying saucer era of ufology as well as the origins and evolution of conspiracy theories.
Fortean author Joshua Cutchin recounts his recent trip to Ireland and talks about his research into faerie lore. Plus tons more.By (Tim Binnall).
Fresh off an exciting expedition to Ireland, Fortean author Joshua Cutchin joins us to discuss his adventure and observations as well as the exhaustive research he's been doing into faerie lore. Plus, paranormal smells and esoteric foods.
Filmmaker Seth Breedlove discusses cryptids and the paranormal as well as how one documents such strangeness.By (Tim Binnall).
Acclaimed filmmaker, chronicler of cryptid tales from across America, and this year's Golden Yeti award winner, Seth Breedlove, joins BoA:Audio for a discussion on cryptid filmmaking, Mothman, the early 1970's Bigfoot/UFO flap in PA, and Seth's whirlwind month traveling around the country being lavished with awards and love.…
Emerging esoteric researcher Wren Collier discussed the occult, ufology, and where these worlds may meet. Plus tons more.By (Tim Binnall).
Avid scholar of the paranormal, Wren Collier joins BoA:Audio to discuss the intersection of ufology and the occult as well as the noteworthy lack of diversity in the world of UFO research.
Actor, comedian, and longtime BoA:Audio listener Steve Berg discusses life in Hollywood and the weird world of ufology.By (Tim Binnall).
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