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The Expanded Perspectives podcast is a weekly show about ancient history, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, time slips, serial killers, the paranormal, trolls and fey folk, legends, myths and dark historical tales that spark the imagination. Each episode offers an immersive audio experience that brings up more questions than answers. Join Kyle and Cam each week as they explore the unknown and perhaps expand your perspective….for more information go to
Paranormal Now
Open life's mystery box with Alan B. Smith as he chats freely withauthors and researchers about UFOs, alien life, cryptozoology, metaphysics, spirituality, wellness, haunting, sci-fi and more! Welcome to this inquiring and sometimes strange platform every Thursday night at 9pm EST on BlogTalkRadio where we plunge deep into the mysteries of unknown phenomenon! Live in the mystery._________________________________________________________________________________________Surprising revelations fr ...
Conspiracy theories, cults, cryptozoology, crime and conundrums. A podcast hosted by Cat Turner and Tom Clabon. No longer posting to soundcloud.All episodes available at Stitcher, Castbox and itunes/apple podcasts and find us on facebook and twitter.
Let’s talk the paranormal. Cryptozoology, and much more. Join Us !!
We broadcast on Facebook Live 7pm CST. Hosted by Eddie Hill and co-hosted by Rene Rodriguez.
PHENOMENA NATIONS is a weekly podcast hosted by Blaze9. He talks about everything from Stranger Things, to Cryptozoology, and even has YO MOMMA SMACKDOWNS, and much more. For questions, comments, suggestions for future episodes, or if you would like to sponsor my podcast email me at
Binnall of America
An outlet for live programming from the BoA franchise.
We are 2 guys talking about the paranormal and cryptid topics and things that are unexplained. Luke is a pararnormal investigator and scott just really enjoys the topics. join us as we talk about the mysteries in our world
I'm Dan, opinionated I love reading up on geopolitics. I have a background in medical, private security industry and an background in Homeland security. My speaking abilities aren't the greatest and figured I can sharpen them up on here podcasting. I love speaking what is on my mind including I love reading on conflicts, geopolitical environments world wide, including firearms to cryptozoology. I also shit posting social justice warriors and I love making fun of leftist cucks.
Jason Hawes, Star of “Syfy Channels Ghost Hunters” and Co-Host JV Johnson Host their Nationally syndicated Radio show “Beyond Reality Radio”. Airing 5 nights a week, Monday thru Friday. The show Covers topics ranging from from Ghost and Hauntings, Lost Civilizations, Alien Abductions, Cryptozoology, To the just plain weird and bizarre.
Men Biting Dogs
Two best friends set out to dive deep into all of our favorite topics, from cryptozoology and mythology to history's most epic mysteries, and back again. You may laugh, you may cry, you may become paranoid enough that you feel the need to change your identity. Buckle up and bring a bad attitude, a loose definition of humor, and a spare pair of underwear.
All Day Paranormal
All Day Paranormal is an off-shoot of the popular paranormal blog, Get Spooked ( Every week, host Krystle Vermes dives into topics ranging from hauntings to cryptozoology alongside her co-host and husband, Manny Veiga.
Dreamland presents the credible edge in science, religion and culture. We want to inform you about the real unknown - the world of genuine scientific mysteries and possibilities that the general media ignores.
What the Buck
Ancient Alien Theory, Ancient Civilizations, Mythology, Cryptozoology, Space, Sports, Reality TV, Music, Comedy
A comedy podcast, not to be taken too seriously, where 3 friends talk about BJJ, MMA, films, books, gaming and interesting news stories. We only interview people we find interesting, and we hope you find them interesting too. If you grew up in the 90's you'll enjoy our reminiscing Hosts include Josh (@joshcheza) Tom 'Batch' (@tombatch58) & Az (@AaronGrayy)
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
Cousins Coven - Paranormal Research Cousins Coven is an up and coming podcast consisting of cousins who are searching for enlightenment. Our goal is to be a paranormal research podcast based on personal opinions and interpretations gathered from experience, education and research. In our podcast we will be discussing everything from the occult, Cryptozoology, to flying saucers and beyond. Our team currently consists of 2: Sharon has been a practicing Witch for 8 years. Her knowledge will hel ...
Alien Podcast
Paranormal talk radio covering everything from UFOs to ghosts.
Binary Jazz
A podcast by nerds
I don't want to grow up but i gotta podcast is about conspiracy theories, comics, video games, and just having a good time. we are noobs at this so bare with us
All Day Paranormal is an off-shoot of the popular paranormal blog, Get Spooked ( Every week, host Krystle Vermes dives into topics ranging from hauntings to cryptozoology alongside her co-host and husband, Manny Veiga.
Ontario Sasquatch Research, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Field Research, Audio Analysis, Vocalizations, Interpretations.If you have always had an interest in bigfoot, sasquatch, interpretation and actual field research on the subject the you have found another portal to explore. Especially for those of you who are doing research in Ontario, Canada. Sasquatch has long eluded researchers yet there are many who refuse to give up the search. From those of you who first gained an interest after watchi ...
Monster X Radio
We talk mostly about Bigfoot encounters and research.Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter /
Science and Critical Thinking in Manitoba
The Future Is Now
X-plorers seekers of the truth is a group of like minded individuals (founded by life long friends Les Sincavage and Chad Charlesworth) who share a common interest in seeking the truth to the worlds mysteries and to find out what goes bump in the night. You can reach the team on our website at or on Facebook at or via twitter @xplorersgroup
Scattered Podcast
Scattered Podcast is a show where we dig into hard hitting topics like jobs for snakes and body hair.NSFW: We swear. We talk adult things. Sorry.
Life, the Universe, & Everything Else is a monthly show that delves into issues of science, critical thinking, and secular humanism. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.
It Gets Weird
Longtime friends Nile and Kyle are the leading conspiracy, cryptozoology, and paranormal experts in their fields. Well, at least in their apartment. Join them and a revolving door of friends every Sunday for a deep dive into the curious, the unexplained, and the outright weird.
Welcome to The 'X' Zone Radio Show.... a place where Fact is Fiction and Fiction is Reality where Canadian broadcaster and media personality, the host, creator and executive producer, Rob McConnell has been at the helm of this Internationally syndicated terrestrial radio and satellite programming since 1990 and broadcasting/producing TV programming, commercials, and specials since 1981.Topics that are discussed with those that Rob interviews from around the world include:11:11, 2012, 666: Th ...
From the Genesis Communications Network: The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives. Join long-time paranormal researcher Gene Steinberg, co-host Christopher O'Brien, and their roster of special guest experts and e ...
Host: Author and Medium - David M. Baker and Co-Host: Cheryll Baker invite you to join us each week on "Beyond the Gate Radio © ". On each show we feature experienced, interesting and quality experts as our guests on varied topics such as: Psychics, Mediums, Spirituality, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, Parapsychology, Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, Energy Healing, Cryptozoology, Spirit Rescue, Demonology, UFO’s and more. On our show we stay open minded as we like to think outside the b ...
Tank Riot
Tank Riot is a never dull audio podcast that digs deep into the minds of Viktor, Sputnik, and Tor. Each podcast starts you on a winding audio journey with destinations such as William Henry Harrison, Woodrow Wilson, Hogan's Heroes, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Stranger Things, CFAA, Spectre, The Martian, Pope Francis's Global Warming Encyclical, Vincent van Gogh, John Carpenter, Nick Drake, Ada Lovelace, Deep State, Blaxploitation Films, Spaghetti Westerns, John Wayne, the Midterm Elections, sc ...
Daniel Ott is the Cosmic Cowboy host of The Edge News Television Broadcast. Every week, along with parodies, investigative and educational journalism, you'll hear exciting interviews on topics such as 9/11, Angels, Near Death Experiences, Planetary Anomalies, Black Ops, to Alternative Science, Prophesies, Lost Continents, Aliens, Cryptozoology, Bio Warfare and much more! The Edge also brings in some fun stuff along the way!
Nerd Podcast Radio was made by three friends that decided to sit down and talk about the thing that we love most, being nerds. We decided to record it, seeing how we all moved to different cities and didn't want to see our friendships fall to the wayside. In this podcast, we get together every other week, and talk about whatever nerdy topic that comes to us. Sometimes there are more of us, sometimes there are less of us but we're always Nerd Podcast Radio.
Expert of Nothing
A live monthly game show! Our contestants relate a topic they've picked against one randomly assigned as they are handed the microphone. It's what would happen if a debate team after a few drinks could use wikipedia.
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In Episode 238 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss New Year predictions, recap "Ghost Adventures," and de-mystify a Florida swamp monster. -- SHOW NOTES: - New Year predictions: - Swamp monster:
Gene and Randall present long-time forum regular Mark Jackson (who uses the name TDSR) in a listener roundtable, where he talks about his exploration of scientific UFO research and his views on the possibility that we are being visited by extraterrestrials. A resident of Austin TX, Mark began working in the environmental engineering sector in e ...…
Award winning author of the Kronos Rising book series sits down with host Julie Rench to discuss the possibility of a recent video of an injured Killer Whale being the victim of an attack by what we believe to be extinct Mosasaur. On November 30th, the Facebook page known as Carcharodon Carcharias released a video of a pair of Killer whales swi ...…
December 7, 2018 Most of us have had the experience of attempting to manifest something in our lives using thought, and we have had the experience of failing. Mitch Horowitz is one of the leading experts on how to actually make this work. In this "manual for miracles" Mitch lays out just how to determine and reshape our lives. Following in the ...…
This week we look into Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences. What do they have in common? And What’s different about them? Poddy Break Pine Barren Institute Mail us something! PO Box 941 Hendersonville, Tn. 37077 Patreon Do you want GraveYard Merch?!?! to get you some ...…
Some bonds cannot be broken even in the afterlife. Kyle has been visited by both his late Grandfather, and older brother Chris who passed in 2004. You can hear Shannon as a guest host on Midnight in the Desert! Go to for more information. You can listen to MITD live for free...Mon-Fri 9pm-Midnight PST. Subscribe to iTF o ...…
Come on in and hear some spooky stories from the people that experienced them...
Halfway to a hundred eps, and it’s time for the boys to bite the hand that feeds them with another two-part deep dive! Specifically, it’s a look at the pseudoscience behind everything this show is about. It’ll be fun! Wyatt kicks off Part I with some cryptozoology goodness. Whether it's reputable publications gleefully fanning the flames of bel ...…
Xplorers 2nd annual Halloween Show. The Guys discuss some of the classic legendary myths and monsters.By (Chad Charlesworth). The Coven gets an update on Wendy’s spirit guide quest to find answers through her family heirloom bible. Sharon and Wendy research history of the werewolf trials, and the bizarre accounts of men turning into beast. Later we dive into THE COVEN ZONE and tell stor ...…
On this episode, crime scene investigator and author Paul Rimmasch joins us to discuss his book, Fingerprints and Phantoms, and share some of the unique stories contained therein. This post, TGR 12.03.18. Fingerprints and Phantoms, first appeared at The Gralien Report.By (Micah Hanks ).
Episode 109 – Today on Surreal Talk, Eric and Everett discuss one of the most devastating domestic terrorist attacks in US history, the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a ryder truck containing some 7,000+ pounds of explosives in front of the Alfred P. Murrah ...…
In Episode 237 of All Day Paranormal, Krystle and Manny discuss the ethics of designer babies, time-traveling Noah, and tulpas come to life. -- SHOW NOTES: - Tulpas in real-life: - Time traveler predictions:
Gene and Randall present Suzanne Hansen, Founding Director of UFOCUS NZ. She has lectured nationally and internationally about New Zealand UFO sightings plus her own alien contact encounters and interaction experiences, as well as related spiritual and metaphysical topics. She has also been featured in internet interviews, radio, TV, and newspa ...…
In this episode the team discuss Frontline, the Baraboo Salute, Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg, Wizard World, Adult Swim, Dethklok, Douglas Rain, The Good Place, John Allen Chau, Mandy, Ayn Rand Film Trilogy Atlas Shrugged, Sports Talk, Age of Tanks, Damnation, Vikings, Amazon Prime, The Night Eats the World, Jack Ryan, Electric Dreams, Diablo II ...…
Solving the mysteries one curse word at a time. This is an anything goes
November 30, 2018 p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px} For the first time, one close encounter witness interviews another about his experience! read more
This week we discuss an island that’s off limits to tourists… and to almost everyone in fact. Between the brutal history and the present day hauntings, you might not want to got there any way Poddy Break It’s Haunted, What Now? Pod Mail us something! PO Box 941 Hendersonville, Tn. 37077 Patreon Do you want ...…
Jesse shares experiences with various types of shadow people, an entity he met in the Grand Canyon, and even a possible Unicorn sighting. I will be LIVE on MITD this Friday, November 30th, with my guest....Jon-Paul Capece! Go to for more information. You can listen to MITD live for free...Mon-Fri 9pm-Midnight PST. Subscr ...…
Ghosts, alien abduction, bigfoot, dopplegangers and much much more!
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how a Wisconsin man claims he saw an unidentified creature he believed looked like a “pterodactyl”. The anonymous man said he and his father were driving home last August at about 2 p.m. when they came upon the creature. The eyewitness says the animal was approxi ...… For our witchy segment Cauldron Topics; Sharon, and Wendy, talk about the triple Goddess, The Maid, Mother and Crone. We explore how everyone can identify with these aspects in life and what they symbolize and mean. For the main Discussion today we explore the Ide ...…
Binnall of America continues our celebration of the holiday season with the first-ever pure BoA Christmas Party featuring three of the sharpest observers of the paranormal, Jack Brewer, Adam Gorightly, and Aaron Gulyas, plus Binnall for a conversation on the current state of affairs, both from a micro and maco level, in the world of the esoteri ...…
Wake up dearest listeners it's time for your probe. This time on the Shadow Trap Bob and Rosie discuss the modern enigma that is GREY ALIENS. Join us for plausible deniability, the hatred of past selves, and some very pervy experiments.
This week we are joined by Dr. Robert E. Bartholomew, whose background in sociology presents a balanced, rational approach to understanding the human side of the unexplained. This post, TGR 11.26.18 Sociology of the Unexplained, first appeared at The Gralien Report.By (Micah Hanks ).
Episode 108 – Everett, Eric and frequent and favorite guest Tony sit down to discuss the Akashic Record. The Akashic Record is a purported archive of every thought, idea, emotion and event to have ever occured in human history. Does it really exist? How can you access it? This and more on this episode of Surreal Talk! You can find a video cast ...…
In Episode 236 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss Chicago's Mothman, the Oakville Blobs, and the paranormal dangers of WhatsApp. -- SHOW NOTES: - Chicago's Mothman: - WhatsApp dangers:
Gene and Randall present paranormal researcher/author Preston Dennett, who began investigating the unknown when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigato ...…
1 year ago an interstellar traveler made its way into our solar system. It has captured the imagination of scientists and visionaries ever since. Now, new research suggests that it may, in fact, be of extraterrestrial origin.
Tim Weisberg of Spooky Southcoast joins me to talk about various investigations and experiences he's had. We cover Houghton Mansion, the basement of the Murdock-Whitney House, the Bridgewater Triangle, residual phantom sounds, and the one thing Tim sees as his go to piece of equipment. Spooky Southcoast The Masturbating Ghost video as captured ...…
If we know one thing at Superduperstitious, it’s that animals are weird. They act weird, sometimes they look weird, and frequently they sound weird. So imagine how weird CRYPTIDS must sound! Or just listen to this episode, because that’s what it’s about. But first, it’s another update on that pesky Midwestern bat thing, the Phantom of the Chica ...… Witches Sharon, and Wendy, discusses the Beaver moon, and the history of the pentagram. In honor of Thanksgiving, we dive into the mysterious disappearance of the colonists from Roanoke Island. We’re looking into any explanation or theory, from the logical, to the ...…
The holiday tradition like no other returns for our 8th installment as Binnall of America proudly presents Ruxgiving 2018 featuring the incomparable Bruce Rux. We'll update you on what Binnall's been doing since the Season X finale, take questions for Bruce from listeners, talk about various shows that have captured his attention in the last ye ...…
This week, in addition to news and Oumuamua updates, we look at the odd history of UFO cults, and how such groups have adopted dangerous belief systems involving UFOs. This post, TGR 11.20.18. UFO Cults and Odd Cases, first appeared at The Gralien Report.By (Micah Hanks ).
On this episode of Life, the Universe & Everything Else, Gem, Ashlyn, Lauren, and Laura talk about the history and reliability of Wikipedia and its many controversies, then end the episode with some of our favourite Wikipedia finds. Also on this episode: Lauren and Gem disagree about punctuation, and Laura does a lot of yelling about buffalo. L ...…
In Episode 235 of All Day Paranormal, Manny and Krystle discuss the legend of Fatima, recap "Ghost Adventures" and "Haunted Live," and the mystery of DB Cooper. -- SHOW NOTES: - Atlantis: - DB Cooper:
We talk about her book Cat Magic
Gene and Randall present long-time UFO researcher and author Jerome Clark, who will discuss the third edition of his multivolume magnum opus, "The UFO Encyclopedia." You'll learn about the new material, the conclusions that were altered as the result of new research, particularly the Roswell UFO crash and how the case stands after all these yea ...…
November 23, 2018 p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px} The free feed is not streaming. Listen on our YouTube channel or one of the other options listed below. read more
This week we take a look at what a Dybbuk is and do Dybbuk Boxes have ancient origins Thank you to this week’s Sponsor Robinhood! Mail us something! PO Box 941 Hendersonville, Tn. 37077 Patreon Do you want GraveYard Merch?!?! to get you some! Visit DarkMyths ...…
On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about their recent trip to the movie theater to see the thriller “Overlord”. Then, a man who was driving home at night in Colorado saw something otherworldly hovering above the trees. The witness claimed that the lights rose higher and then got smaller and zig zagged e ...…
Christopher has joined me before, to talk about an incredible, and scary night where he inexplicably ended up on top of a massive boulder, in a quarry. He returns to talk about a little girl that moves from a dream, into reality...and the encounter with the screaming cow. He also tells a third encounter story, about a massive black dog seen dur ...…
Tonight we hear about a back porch bigfoot, several UFO's and what sounds to me like an alien abduction.
Monster X Radio has an excellent way to top off your Thanksgiving Holiday weekend by bringing you a brand new episode of "On the Shoulders of Giants- Talking Old Timers with Thomas" airing this Sunday, November 25th! Thomas Steenburg and Julie Rench are thrilled to welcome long time investigator, historian, editor and publisher of the oldest Bi ...… Witches Sharon and Wendy are joined by a special guest host, skeptic, and comedian, Wayne. We discuss his personal history being a skeptic to the paranormal world, Cryptid animals that have been proven to be real, and the legend of the Jersey Devil. Sources: https://www. ...…
This week's podcast looks at the influence of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and its lasting influence on science fiction, technological innovation, and even claims of alien contact in UFO circles. This post, TGR 11.12.18. A Space Odyssey: Artificial Intelligence and Alien Contact, first appeared at The Gralien Report.…
November 16, 2018 In Soul Dog, the story of her remarkable journey with her dog and teacher Brio, Elena Mannes has created something beautiful, moving, important and deeply empowering. We are told always that there is no such thing as soul and that this life is all there is. Worse, we live in a state of anesthesia when it comes to soul and the ...…
Roll up ladies and gentlemen, have we got an act for you! Rosie and Bob are sharpening the guillotine and heading to the palace as they hunt the monstrous Aristocrat. Pride and Prejudice, The Draftsman’s Contract, and a whole mess of other stories are on the pile this week, join us for the revolution!…
Episode 107 – Everett, Eric and Armand sit down to discuss some of the stranger religious practices out there! From cliff diving to back piercing, we found no end to the strange things that religion will make people do. Part 1 of 2. You can find a video cast of this podcast on YouTube at: About us: Ch ...…
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