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Ask Your Bus Driver
Ask Your Bus Driver. A podcast to get to know the people who take the bus, learn how to use the bus, and ask questions.
Retired US Postmaster, retired US Army, now a central Iowa school bus driver. Now, six years later, with additional driving for three motor coach companies in Des Moines area--I've got stories and pictures! This podcast will read from my 5th book, BUS BIZ.
An informative Christian radio segment that highlights current events along and historical world shaping events with various topics.
Hey Douchebag! (Radio)
Free Internet Radio. 1 Bus Driver. 1 Chef. Lots of stories.
Welcome To Corporate Intelligence
Corporate Intelligence International Is Amercias BEST Bus Driver Checker Service
Nuance - from Journalist Roberto Alejandro and Police Scientist Mike Wood
Nuance is a current events podcast hosted by StayUp.News editor-in-chief Roberto E. Alejandro (PhD, JD) and police scientist Michael A. Wood Jr.Roberto Alejandro is a former fast food worker, transit bus driver, assistant book preservationist, hospital interpreter, and handyman. He holds a PhD in Religion and Theology from Durham University, a JD from the University of Connecticut School of Law, and is a journalist who reports from Baltimore and New York City. He is also the creator and publ ...
Muni Diaries
The Muni Diaries podcast is where you'll hear true stories that happened on public transportation in San Francisco and the Bay Area, presented by the editors of Since our launch in 2008, we've gathered stories from over 4000 transit riders. Riding the bus with a black crow on your shoulder? Eating a pint of ice cream with the butt end of a lighter on the N-Judah? Exchanging the fine points of making a perfect lumpia with your bus driver’s mom? These are just a few of the eve ...
Queen of the Road
"Look! They think we're celebrities," cried Tim. "No," I corrected, "They think I'm a celebrity. They think you're a bus driver."
Cal and Rick Podcast
Cal and Rick are commercial bus drivers who constantly debate on their CB radios. Their colleagues found them so entertaining, they all but begged them to do a podcast. The topics discussed are hopelessly random, yet their brotherly love and humor make for an interesting listen to say the least.
Amber Page and the Legend of the Coral Stone
On the island of Maui, a sixteen-year-old international spy named Rio Kayenta discovers a two-thousand-year-old coral stone. Legend has it that the stone is meant for a girl named Amber and that with it, she can stop the evil S.H.R.O.U.D. organization. Amber Page lives in the Arizona desert and wants one thing more than anything else in the world: to see her mom and dad back together again. Amber's mom is a school bus driver who has split with her dad, but Amber believes the two still love o ...
James Means - A Victim Of Racial Hatred?
White man shoots dead unarmed black teen after bumping into him outside a Dollar General store - then tells cops his victim is 'just another piece of trash off the street'Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on FacebookChattanooga school bus driver did not have drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of deadly crash that left five ...
Shed Talk
Shed Talk is a talk show discussing the currents in comic books, movies, video games, and pop culture. The show has evolved over the last several years and features hosts Andrew Neuman, Steve Trbovich, Brian Camacho, and Kyle Driggers. Andrew Neuman graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in religious studies, and is a former police officer. Steve Trbovich graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Philosophy, and has a knack for drawing comics. Brian Camacho is ...
The World Is Badly Made
When the palace of Arabesque’s aide d’camp, a cat named the Tremblees, stumbles upon a translation of an ancient language that reveals the existence of a fabled stone, he vows to find it for reasons of greed and vengeance. With a dead dog stuck to a car bonnet, some burst luggage, a blind bus driver and an enormous number of olives, it becomes a race for Oscar, his colleague Meesha and the Tieress of Arabesque to prevent the Tremblees plunging Arabesque back into the Era of Bedlam, a horror ...
Amber Page and the Legend of the Coral Stone
On the island of Maui, a sixteen-year-old international spy named Rio Kayenta discovers a two-thousand-year-old coral stone. Legend has it that the stone is meant for a girl named Amber and that with it, she can stop the evil S.H.R.O.U.D. organization. Amber Page lives in the Arizona desert and wants one thing more than anything else in the world: to see her mom and dad back together again. Amber's mom is a school bus driver who has split with her dad, but Amber believes the two still love o ...
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TheManko Show
Loads of trailers came out this week, like Death Stranding, Metro:Aurora, unnamed FromSoftware game, and details about Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and we end up complaining a bunch about superhero comics, we talk about the Alita: Battle Angel trailer, I watched Michael Jackson's This is it, and Noah Caldwell Gervais 2+ hour bus driving video.…
You guys loved last week’s debut edition of the JOAT Video Corner only podcast we decided to hit you with the sequel. This one is going to go down in history alongside The Godfather 2, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver..well maybe not quite on Air Bud 2’s level, but close!All kidding aside, the jerks are bringing you mor ...…
Yellowhammer Radio Presents The Ford Faction
12.4.17 Best of The Ford Faction Today the guys talk about Alabama getting the 4th spot in the CFP and Zac’s amazing ability to stay humble, Ford saw an Amish tour bus drive by him on the way to work and Time’s Person of The Year award might go to Kim Jong-un
Seattle school bus drivers are on strike today. American Airlines says a computer glitch has allowed all pilots to take vacation over Christmas week, and now its scrambling to avoid thousands of flights being cancelled! Burger King is set to launch Flamin Hot Mac N Cheetos nationwide today! Its Match One! We ask you questions, then ask one of u ...…
The gang is joined by HannaH’s Field one of the most loving and warm bands we’ve ever had the pleasure of talking with. We talk about bus driving, tree houses, the recording process, and how Steve and Garrett illegally sold candy in High School. Check these guys out, they’ll win your hearts and your ears. CD Here Website Tickets to the December ...…
Matt Lauer has been fired from NBC due to recent allegations of sexual misconduct. School Bus Drivers in Seattle are going to be on strike and parents are not happy about it. Ed Sheeran's fans are furious over his snub at the Grammys. Happy 29th Birthday to Russell Wilson! Whats Ashleys Daughter Saying? Ashleys three-year-old daughter is cute a ...…
Nick hears of the mysterious Hornio Brothers: the Super Mario porn parody featuring Ron Jeremy. The Boys are near the End of their 1st EVER WWE Fantasy League. The Boys main topic today is Ice Cream. In a attempt to bring the show on Wrestling, Manuel talks about the Illustrious Paige return. Survivor Series changes and implications. James Ells ...…
Wherein WE-ARE-IN Airlie Beach, Tropical Far North Queensland. We discuss the @AirlieBeachFestivalOfMusic - some of the acts we've seen so far; Della Harris & Friends, the Ráv Thomas Band, Baby Animals, Kate Ceberano; and Annie, the nicest bus-driver in the world; Matt's third time's a charm; a brief mention of John Donne. Also, Dom's inconveni ...…
Give us about ten minutes a day and we will give you all the local news, local sports, local weather, and local events you can handle. Drug deaths are up in Maryland. Annapolis completes a fire safety initiative, food trucks in Baltimore, a drunk school bus driver, and John McCain top the news. And of course, local weather from George Young at ...…
Countries for Kids from Case of Adventure
Welcome to the third episode of the Countries For Kids PODCAST, Italy for Kids, with Karyn from CASE OF ADVENTURE. We are excited to travel through many lands with you! Please click read more… below if you did not come directly to the full post. Read or listen, watch the videos and download the Italy printable pack. Click the play button in the ...…
Texas Podcast Massacre: A Horror & Comedy Podcast
Halloween traditions. Bad bus drivers. Principals. UNICEF. Trick 'r Treat is quite possibly the best Halloween movie to never get a theatrical release. Originally scheduled to come out in October 2006, it was pulled to miss competition with Saw III. Due to it's direct release to DVD the movie has never been extremely popular Four main stories i ...…
Unreasonably Handsome with Michael and Danger
THIS WEEK: Ghost theory. Spooking in your pants. Punching the bus driver. Michael Stipe the Psychic Vampire. Ghost poop. Attaining Nirvana (records). The Earth blows up! Ghost Dad part 2. The Ring in the digital age. Eating pizza off the floor.
Virtual Seminar Series
Bus Drivers Paul Williams and Angela Katic commence their safety thinking when they enters the depot.
Melanie DJ - full 2 hours Playlist Music for 18 m by Steve Reich on -- (-- ) Music for 18 m by Steve Reich on -- (-- ) Music for 18 m by Steve Reich on -- (--) Chason d'un jour by Cortex on -- (-- ) The Blessing Song by Michael White on -- (-- ) Shape Your Mind To Die by Leon Thomas on -- (-- ) Morning Sunrise by Weldon Irvine on -- (--) Bigges ...…
James and Julia watch their sunflowers. Why do they change directions? Are you ready for another clue? We’ve had another dragon sighting! Here it is. There is a garden of sunflowers near the forest. Keep listening, you’ll find our dragon too! Remember to check back here tomorrow for another clue. Now, we hope you relax and enjoy our meditations ...…
Brandon block learns a new way to play. Will he like it better? Did you notice our dragon in The New Tunnel? If you want to double check remember: Our dragon likes the sparkling train, and is excited that the new tunnel is finished. Our dragon watches for the train to appear in the new tunnel. Now we’ve had another dragon sighting. Are you read ...…
1. B.o.B wants to send a rocket into the sky to see if the earth is flat. 2. Brayden had an unusual bus driver on the way home from Adelaide. 3. Prank call - Our producer Michael - to teach him a lesson about putting images of his tickets online. 4. Tactics for the Business Card Competition (50 cards each, the most text replies back wins.) 5. B ...…
On Tuesday's Backchat, co-location. A concern group has proposed the express rail border clearance facility to be set up either in Shenzhen north or Futian. What do you make of the idea, and how does it compare with the Government proposal to speed...
Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she doesn't think new laws have to be brought in to regulate the working hours of bus drivers in light of a fatal crash last Friday. She says the government needs time to discuss the matter with bus companies. Speaking a...
The Hyperloop is coming to Colorado! Did you ever wonder how Google gets all that traffic data? Free Uber in one town if you stay in that town. Traffic is better without any traffic signals says one designer. The newspaper reading bus driver and the guy who would have been much better off if he just stopped and turned around. All that and more ...…
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about how there haven’t been any new amazing phone apps lately, a girl that had to have bowel surgery after eating too many sunflower seeds, people that have/had an open relationship, a realtor that listed a property next to a cemetery as having “quiet neighbors,” relationships being more successful when the woman ...…
Josh and Greg are both back to their joe-jobs, summer is over and it's back to work, but no worries! plenty of great stuff to talk about. Greg joins a kickball league and Josh recites a sad-lib of the Sullivan Ballou letter. The Willy Street Co-op Reader is back with a vengeance. 3 Sheeps Brewing's own 'First Kiss' is given the Like Fun! treatm ...…
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