Best Capaldi podcasts we could find (Updated May 2019)
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A Doctor Who Podcast
I'll Explain Later is a podcast all about Doctor Who. Every month, hosts Matt Nida and John West pick three Doctor Who adventures - two from the classic series, one from the new - that have a loose and quite often arbitrary connection. The stories will be put under the microscope, with a view to finding a fresh and irreverent take on them and perhaps challenging some received wisdom along the way.
A discussion and review podcast all about Doctor Who. Join Adam and Aaron as they review new episodes, discuss the latest news, and even talk some Classic Who.
The Afternoon Show
The pick of key events in Scottish cultural life. Keeping you in the know about books, film, theatre, tv, arts and music. Monday to Thursday afternoons
Timey-Wimey Tea Time is where friends gather to share their love for Doctor Who in a casual, warm tone. We discuss sci-fi, fantasy, zombies, beauty, poetry, creative writing, and other geeky ponderings. You can interact with us live at http://twitch.TV/geekyantics Saturdays at noon Eastern (5pm in London) or by leaving us VM/SMS at (646) 801-2149. Message us @GeekyAntics or - we love our fellow Whovians! | TWTT is hosted by Yomar Lopez @Yogizilla alongside recurring and ...
Welcome to The Dinner Party Download, a fast and funny hour of culture, food and conversation: “public radio’s arts & leisure section.” In every episode you’ll learn a joke; bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail recipe; meet artists of note; have your burning etiquette questions answered; savor an emerging food trend; and hear your new favorite song. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.
A fortnightly podcast of irreverently informative and informatively irreverent discussions on the ins & outs of everyone's favourite British sci-fi show that isn't Blake's 7.
Heartland Podcast
Heartland Podcast features unique stories and the best live talks from Heartland Festival
Covering what's new, best and weird at Comic Cons and in geek culture. Please rate and comment! Get my exclusive content at!
The Not So Silent podcast is a podcast following the most recent episodes of “Doctor Who,” the latest adventures of the Doctor, his Tardis, and his companions as they travel through space and time.
Go behind the scenes as your favourite artists break down how they make a hit song their own and prepare a cover for Radio 1’s Live Lounge, presented by Abbie McCarthy.
This is a discussion about Doctor Who both Classic and the Current series. Based out of New England, our members talk about various Doctor Who episodes they have watched including the latest episodes as well as both the classic and current series. We have been around for a couple of years now and are posting our earlier episodes as well as our latest episodes. I hope you enjoy our podcast reviewing the episodes of Doctor Who
Who Virgin
A descent into Dr. Who
A trainwreck of awesomeness!!! Join Bruce (Logan) Pringlemeir and his guests as they cover all aspects of entertainment, from movies, televisions, games, and the occasional visit from celebrities, from an adult (although not always mature) view point. Join us for a clean, fun and entertaining talk show here on TMO, where your opinion matters............... You can also catch all Logan's past broadcasts on our main site at or subscribe to The Media Outsiders on i ...
Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi discuss their latest series of Doctor Who. Based on the original 1960s science fiction programme, the series was relaunched in 2005 and has since been celebrated worldwide. Hosted by Steven Gätjen at the Apple Store, Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.
Doctor Who?
"Doctor Who?" is a roundtable discussion about BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who. Joanna Cook and Johnny Zito attempt to introduce Tony Trov to the time lord and his human companions.
Sci-Fi Discussion Podcast (formally known as Boldly Going Nowhere until research uncovered another Podcast by that name!)Welcome to Quasi-Space! A place where all manner of science fiction related issues are dissected and debated! Listen as I, Phil, shout at a bunch of other nerds until we all see eye to eye on the topic of the week, whether it be "Which is better Star Trek or Star Wars?" or "Are Zombies Science Fiction or Fantasy?"
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Lewis Capaldi talks to Grant ahead of his BBC Quay Sessions appearanceBy BBC Radio Scotland.
Music & Conversation with Country Star Cassadee PopeBy BBC Radio Scotland.
This episode of Hearland Podcast is in Danish. I et propfyldt Future Talks-telt på sidste sommers Heartland Festival mødtes to af landets mest populære videnskabsformidlere Eske Willerslev og Svend Brinkmann til en snak om menneskets fortid, samtid og fremtid. I en talk der rummer al fra snak om fake news til dommedagsscenarier, forholder Wille ...…
In this week’s show, we review Big Finish #105 The Condemned featuring Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor and the return of India Fisher as Charlotte Pollard. Hear what we thought of this story and the return of a much-loved companion. No news to speak of this week, but we do have a bit of feedback. Enjoy!By
Janice talks to cast members of the West End hit comedy caper.By BBC Radio Scotland.
Author Helen Fitzgerald talks to Janice Forsyth about her new book Worst Case Scenario.By BBC Radio Scotland.
In this week’s show, we examine the pros and cons of Classic Doctor Who on Blu Ray. What we like and don’t like about our favorite show’s release on the format. Also, some news of the week. And, of course, your feedback. Enjoy!By
Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Patty Griffin talks to Grant about her new albumBy BBC Radio Scotland.
Ex-Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock on his UK Tour and latest albumBy BBC Radio Scotland.
Sara Sheridan talks about her book Where Are The Women: A Guide To An Imagined ScotlandBy BBC Radio Scotland.
A 2006 Doctor Who episode called The Idiot's Lantern is next on our podcast reviews. David Tennant and Billie Piper as the Doctor and Rose travel to 1953 and encounter something alien living inside television signals. Could be interesting? Maybe. Well, listen to what we have to say about this one - enjoy!!NotesMusic by PJM25595/Dalekiumhttps:// ...…
Peter Arnott and Alasdair McCrone talk to Janice about Mull Theatre's Unspotted Snow.By BBC Radio Scotland.
In this week’s slightly delayed show we review the Big Finish Main Range story #121 Enemy of the Daleks. Hear what we thought of this story featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Hex. Plus, we talk a little about the recent release of The Avengers: End Game that came out over the weekend. Don’t worry, it’s spoiler free. And of course, feedback. ...…
This episode of Heartland Podcast is in Danish. Foran et live publikum under sommerens Heartland Festival mødtes de to videnskabsmænd Lone Frank (ph.d. i neurobiologi og hjerneforsker) og Sune Lehmann (fysiker og professor ved DTU) på festivalens talkscene til en snak om kunstig intelligens. De to deltagere diskuterer kunstig intelligens, og hv ...…
The Men’s Shed movement inspires a play about the challenges of ageing and loneliness.By BBC Radio Scotland.
Comedian Bill Bailey entertains Janice Forsyth on BBC Radio Scotland's The Afternoon ShowBy BBC Radio Scotland.
In this week’s show, we finally get a chance to jump back into the Lethbridge-Stewart Universe of stories with a review of the Candy Jar Books novel, Lethbridge-Stewart – The Laughing Gnome: Fear of the Web by Alyson Leeds. Hear our thoughts on one of the latest entries into the series. And, we discuss a rumor that became news recently with a B ...…
Chris talks to Grant about his new book Fallen AngelBy BBC Radio Scotland.
ERIC & LITTLE ERNBy BBC Radio Scotland.
Sanjeev Kohli discusses his brand new panel show Big TalkBy BBC Radio Scotland.
Jennifer Imrie and Jim Gellatly talk to Janice Forsyth about music journalism.By BBC Radio Scotland.
The End of the World has Rose and the Doctor travelling into the far future to see, well, the end of the world. Is this a good idea to show Rose this early on in her travels? Maybe not but it might have been the best episode to see this early on in the series return in 2005. Listen to what we have to say about it and let us know what you think. ...…
Grant talks to Richard Holloway about his book Waiting for the Last BusBy BBC Radio Scotland.
GRANT STOTT talks to Sara and Keren from Bananarama
Rocks, redemption and referendums in episode 35 of I'll Explain Later. Tom Baker does his best to hold his own against unexpressive and rigid screenmates, while the Ogri and Romana I co-star in 1978's The Stones of Blood. The Eleventh Doctor battles wobble boards and has to eat humble pie as a hopeless dad beats off wooden dolls - disturbing py ...…
In this week’s show, we return after a little unintended break to review two stories written by friend-of-the-show, Andy Frankham-Allen. First, it’s Big Finish’s Short Trip, featuring Leela, The Brig, and the Fourth Doctor, The Revisionists. Next, we examine a story in ‘The New Counter-Measure – Series 2’, Time of the Intelligence. Hear what we ...…
The Imbeciles are back after a long hiatus with a verbally-packed discussion on the oft-used Doctor Who trope, The Base Under Siege. Thrill as we discuss The Moonbase, The Horror of Fang Rock, and The Waters of Mars. We also kick around the prominent (not really) fan theory that Terrance Dicks is DW's answer to Tony Montana. Click here to hear ...…
Scandi singer-songwriter Sigrid breaks down how she stripped back the biggest selling track of 2018, One Kiss, to create a romantic piano-led ballad with soaring harmonies. Plus she chats the influence of Norway, adapting Beyoncé and hearing her idol cover her work.By BBC Radio 1.
This episode of Hearland Podcast features Polish-Indian journalist and author Mithu Sanyal and Danish psychologist and former associate professor Bodil Pedersen. In front of a live audience on last summer’s Heartland Festival the two participants met in a conversation about sexual violence and what it means to be a victim thereof. They discuss ...…
We turn in a shorter than usual show this week as we record from Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri. We recap the weekend and talk about what we liked about this year’s convention. No news or feedback this week. It will return on the next podcast episode. Enjoy!By
The conclusion to Tom Baker's first season as the Doctor features the Cybermen for the first time on the show in over 6 years. Back on Nerva Beacon, a war with the planet of Voga seems inevitable but the Doctor will attempt to save the day. Listen as we rip apart, ah, I mean review this one. Thanks for listening!!NotesMusic by PJM25595/Dalekium ...…
BRITs Critics Choice winner Sam Fender breaks down how he gave the record-breaking trap-pop track break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored by pop queen Ariana Grande, a melancholy 80s guitar sound. Plus he shares the full story behind his Ariana music video rejection.By BBC Radio 1.
“You’ve redecorated, I don’t like it” A discussion topic this week as we tackle the idea of Desktop Themes and The Evolution of the Console Room. We talk about the different versions of what could be considered the centerpiece of the Doctor’s TARDIS. Find out what we think of the various themes. Also, some news of the week. And, of course, your ...…
BRITs British Breakthrough Act nominees IDLES turn up the noise and break down how they added their punk energy to a medley of The Streets’ garage classics from Original Pirate Material, with a couple surprises thrown in including Harry Styles.By BBC Radio 1.
R&B star and BRITs British Breakthrough Act nominee Mabel explains how she turned Little Mix’s club anthem Touch into a stripped back soulful cover, and why she dropped Drake into the mix.By BBC Radio 1.
Singer-songwriter and BRITs British Breakthrough Act nominee Tom Walker breaks down why he chose to tackle Adele’s intimate piano ballad and first ever song, Hometown Glory.By BBC Radio 1.
BRITs British Breakthrough Act nominee Jorja Smith tells why she picked the ultimate breakup record Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake.By BBC Radio 1.
This week is our long-delayed book review, Doctor Who and The Krikkitmen by Douglas Adams and James Goss. Hear what we thought of the novelization of this lost story featuring the Fourth Doctor and Romana. Plus, some more news this week from both Big Finish and Candy Jar Books. And, of course, your feedback. Enjoy!…
This episode of Heartland Podcast features British artist Tracey Emin and Danish author Peter Høeg. They met on the TALKS scene on last year's Heartland Festival in a conversation about art and what it means to be an artist. They talk about what art does and have the potential to do in both an individual and societal sense. We get an inside int ...…
Welcome to our 100th episode of our podcast!! We decided to celebrate this milestone with one of the classics of the series, Genesis of the Daleks. Airing in 1975, this episode is considered by many to be one of the best. With the introduction to Davros and the origins of the Daleks, the story sees the Doctor on the brink of stopping the Daleks ...…
We're back - and it's ABOUT TIME! In our long-awaited comeback special, we enjoy a bit of horseplay with the First Doctor in The Myth Makers, relish a chicken dinner with the Tenth Doctor in Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead, and get schooled by the Fifth Doctor in Mawdryn Undead. Along the way, we asked whether the First Doctor was a ...…
This week we had to switch things up a bit and rearrange the schedule on the fly. Instead of reviewing the novel, Doctor Who and The Krikkitmen by Douglas Adams and James Goss, this week we will take a look at another Big Finish audio with Monthly Range story #120 – The Magic Mousetrap. Find out what we think of this one featuring The Seventh D ...…
This episode of Heartland Podcast is in Danish. Denne udgave af Heartland Podcast er en samtale mellem forfatter og videnskabsjournalist Tor Nørretranders og forfatter og kok Christian Puglisi. Foran et live publikum ved sommerens festival diskuterer de to deltagere sammenhængen mellem mad og natur. I takt med den industrialiserede masseprodukt ...…
In this week’s show we review Big Finish’s Doctor Who Monthly Range story #115, Forty-Five featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex in an anthology of stories. Hear what we thought. Plus, in news, another once-lost story gets new life on video. And, of course, your feedback Enjoy!By
Do you miss Doctor Who as much as we do? Well you are in luck! We have an extra-long episode of Bad Wolf Radio looking back on Series 11. We recap each episode and give full rankings as we reminisce about the first season featuring Chris Chibnall, Jodie Whittaker, and the rest of the fam.By Doctor Who.
This 2 part story features the Doctor (Tom Baker), Sarah Jane and Harry coming across a Sontaran experiment that might lead to invasion. They must stop the Sontarans and keep the future of human kind safe.We hope you enjoy listening.NotesMusic by PJM25595/Dalekium - ...…
This episode of Heartland Podcast is a conversation between legendary Sonic Youth musician Kim Gordon and activist and musician Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot. In front of a live audience on last year’s Heartland Festival the two participants talk about art and pop culture and the potential of making chance through art, music, literature etc ...…
This week we return to the world of Torchwood with Titan Comics Torchwood Volume 2: Station Zero, by John Barrowman and Carole Barrowman. Plus we review Big Finish Torchwood: Fall to Earth written by James Goss. Also, we look at some news of the week. And Jamie sends more feedback from more of his trip through our back catalog of episodes. Enjoy!…
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