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Blind Tag
One of wrestling’s most popular tag teams, Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso, are teaming up once again to bring you a podcast about, well, everything. The hilarious duo will take you behind-the-scenes of the wrestling industry, talk with wrestlers and other entertainers they’ve met over the years, share fun stories about life after the biz and being dads, and, sometimes, they’ll even play the kazoo.
A podcast in which friends Gooey and Vic watch a piece of pro wrestling related media and determine if it is truly "Required Viewing".
The Official Podcast of FloSlam covering all topics in the wide world of the squared circle.
A new wrasslin' podcast from the people who bring you The Totally Football Show
Welcome to the Yosemite Can O Peaches, Radio Podcast by John P. DeGrazio. Join me as I explore the trails of Yosemite with local experts as we share our can o peaches and the sweet rewards of Yosemite National Park.
Crockett On Demand
Heel Turn is a wrestling podcast by jerks who watch wrestling. Each week Owen Douglass and John Gawarecki-Maxwell cover the latest happenings in WWE and NXT. The show is broadcast live every Wednesday at 7PM ET on
Smart Mark Radio
Smart Mark Radio - Pro Wrestling Weekend (Sun 6 PM ET), Not Ready for Prime Time Wrestling (Fri Noon ET)
"Welcome! Divas, Dropkicks & Dives is a weekly podcast dedicated to entertaining the masses (That's you!). From parts unknown, we are here to be the best wrestling podcast there is, the best wrestling podcast there was, and the best wrestling podcast there ever will be. Join Kevin & Michael, the tag team chumps, as they guide you through the glitz, the glamour, the glory & the garbage of professional wrestling! So join us. We're ready to Bo-lieve you! Part of The 8bit Geek network."
Deuce and Morgan reunite to bring you their entertaining and humorous blend of interactive sports talk including interviews with athletes and media personalities throughout the sports and entertainment world.
Callum, Aussie Greg, Tommy Gunn bring you a comedic and less serious approach to the world of wrestling. A weekly pro wrestling podcast covering the latest from WWE, NXT, Impact, Lucha Underground, Ring Of Honor, NJPW and PROGRESS Wrestling.
On The Network
Two guys discuss the WWE Network and current wrestling.
Erik Vasquez brings you his thoughts on everything going on in the world of professional wrestling. Events, matches, news, rumors from all major national and independent wrestling promotions.
Card Subject To Change Podcast Network brings you a collection of online radio shows that entertain, inform, and push the envelope on a regular basis. CSTC is the home of The Programme w/ Matt & Ben, Asked , Programme Championship Wrestling and several other groundbreaking audio programs. For a complete list, visit our website at!
A great site
Podcast by It Doesnt Matter Podcast
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WWE had itself a crazy week, with Becky Lynch having a seminal moment at the end of Raw, standing triumphant & face bloodied. Sadly, the injury knocked her out of the Survivor Series main event. But it wasn't all bad news this week, as Michael recaps attending a recent Metroplex show, as well as a Dallas Championship Wrestling show. #WWE #NXT # ...…
Aboard the Chris Jericho Cruise, Ring of Honor presented the Sea of Honor tournament, and our hosts are here to review the show. This is NOT a watchalong. Our hosts discuss the atmosphere among the boat, the best (and worst) of commentary among the show, brother vs. brother, Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club, and more.…
Matt, Carl, Carrie and special guest John Ashdown return to 1992 to recap a double main event of Savage v Flair and Hogan v Sid and an IC title match between Bret v Piper. Plus, tangentially, we get reacquainted with the Shockmaster...
Deuce and Mo discuss why the Kings are playing so well (1:20), Deuce talks about his exchange with Popovich and Pop's strong comments about the Kings culture (7:00), Deuce tries to give diet advice (17:15), The KD-Draymond feud and if Draymond's suspension means things are bad with Golden State (18:37), their thoughts on the Jimmy Butler trade ...…
Theme "WWE Raw" by Mary and Paul Check out their newest project Bringers:
On November 12, 1958, after working all through the previous night, Warren Harding and two "good steady fellows" named Wayne Merry and George Whitmore reached the summit at sunrise as the first group to ever climb El Capitan. Today, sixty year later, George shares stories of that first ascent. Join us as Mr. Whitmore recounts all the detailed p ...…
Yosemite National Park Geologist Greg Stock left the world of academia to find his dream job in one of the crown jewels of the national park system. Greg talks about the geologic history of Yosemite Valley and describes the uniqueness of the formation Half Dome among many other wonders of this popular destination for explorers and scientists al ...…
Hot off the heels of Evolution and [REDACTED], the guys cover what turned out to be an incredible all-women's show, followed up by an event that seemed to piss everybody off, for multiple reasons. They also celebrate their WWE Network cancellations, but fret not. There will still be plenty of PPV coverage in the future. "Life finds a way," the ...…
This week, our host watch the first ever War Games from 1987, as well as the War Games match from last year's NXT Takeover: War Games. Our hosts discuss the history of War Games matches, how the rules have evolved over the years, pros and cons of having a roof on the cage, how predictable the coin toss is, and much much more…
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Togas! Giant Gonzalez! Sensational Sherri! Hulk Hogan refusing do the job! It's Wrestlemania 9 from Caesars Palace, and Matt Davies-Adams, Carl Anka, Carrie Dunn and John Ashdown have something to say about it, brother
Deuce and Mo kickoff the show talking about doing play-by-play and color for the Stockton Kings (1:20), the Kings 6-4 start and if expectations have changed (6:05), how Bogi fits back in the rotation (14:00), Giannis getting a ton of calls (18:25), Gordan Hayward struggling to return (21:10), Jamal Murray tries to score 50 and Morgan doesn't ha ...…
Episode 337 - It's not goodbye, it's see you later by Answering The Ten Count
With Crown Jewel just hours away, our hosts look back at some of the most famous matches in the history of the King of the Ring tournament and talk about their favorite tournaments and how the King of the Ring elevated (or didn't elevate) certain superstar.
Ben Miller & Walter Fulbright, two of the newly-announced Journey Pro's owners/operators, join the show! They're on to talk about the inspiration and creation of a new wrestling promotion in Kansas City, give a brief postmortem on the NWL, their vision for the future of independent wrestling in the Midwest, and the shame in the NWL attempting t ...…
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It's Bret v Owen (and Yokozuna v Lex Luger), Shawn v Razor (and a ladder) - and Burt Reynolds, brother! Step back in time with Matt Davies-Adams, Carrie Dunn, Anton Toloui and Carl Anka as they take a deep dive into 1999 and Wrestlemania X
Deuce Mason and Morgan Ragan have brought back the award-winning Deuce & Mo podcast. They talked about why they stopped for a year and why it made sense to bring it back (00:30), why Deuce is loving the NBA right now (6:45), what's jumped out to them about the Kings early season success (10:00), surprises of the NBA season including JaVale McGe ...…
Episode 336 - No one likes cancer and there's too many people on that boat by Answering The Ten Count
Deuce and Mo are coming back. Seriously. They missed talking sports.
Our hosts cover the debut of ECW on TNN. During this episode, we discuss favorite ECW memories, the atmosphere on an ECW live event, what ECW shows still need to be put on the WWE Network, favorite ECW personalities, and more. Plus, a discussion of WWE Crown Jewel, Evolution, NWA 70, Rollerjam, and more…
Evolution is finally here! Unlike WWE, we're hyped and talking all about it. However, we have to discuss the shocking news that Roman Reigns has been battling leukemia for years now, and it has returned. His health and well-being are most definitely paramount, but we cannot help talking about the wide-reaching ramifications. The effects of this ...…
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Matt, Carl, Carrie and Anton relive LT v BamBam, Pam Anderson looking lost, and Lex Luger on his way out. Plus, Shawn Michael’s chaps, lots of mullets and a super-sized Yokozuna. It was Wrestlemania 11 - it it sure wasn't pretty
Follow Tim on Twitter! @timfasticTheme "WWE Raw" by Mary and Paul Check out their newest project
Episode 335 - Gif me daddy by Answering The Ten Count
Evolution is fast approaching. Unfortunately, no one is talking about it because WWE is wrapped up in a major global political controversy with Saudi Arabia, which is where Crown Jewel is taking place (all thanks to the Saudi royal family). Even John Oliver shredded WWE for this arrangement this week! The guys try to discuss some outside-the-ri ...…
In honor of the 1000th episode of SmackDown, our hosts take a look at some of SmackDown's marquee matches. Also included are discussions of John Cena's debut, favorite cage matches, the WWE's "escape the cage rules", getting people over even with a loss, Crown Jewel, favorite SmackDown moments, and more…
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The PU crew go iron man to talk about 62 minutes of Bret v Shawn (and 93 seconds of Warrior v HHH). Plus Roddy Piper v Golberg in a (highly homophobic) Hollywood Backlot Brawl. It’s Wrestlemania 12, bay-bay!
#1 News Source of Indie and Main Stream Pro Wrestling
Episode 334 - Finlay's Indy World Tour by Answering The Ten Count
After taking most of September off, the guys are back (for reals, this time)! Fortunately, things happened in-between shows. For starters, PAC is back! They also cover the recent Super Show-Down from Australia, Michael recaps his time at a recent Scooby-Doo-themed Metroplex show, and they try not to be too down on WWE during the fall season lul ...…
As our hosts celebrate one year of being on the air, they decide to take a look at the first episode of WCW Monday Nitro. They will cover Lex Luger's jump from the WWF to WCW, whether babyface Hulk Hogan was really a babyface, the departure from WCW of Vader, PASTAMANIA brother, and more. Plus, our hosts give their early review of WWE 2K19…
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At last - Bret, Austin and the double turn! Matt Davies, Carrie Dunn, Carl Anka and Anton Toloui reflect on one of the most iconic Mania matches of all time - plus Sid's streaky jocks, and JBL's moustache. What a manoeuvre!
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Episode 333 - Getting smashed by yer da by Answering The Ten Count
Today our hosts take a look back at the season premiere of Saturday Night's Main Event, featuring Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff in one of the first matches of their legendary feud. Also, a "snake pit match" with no discernable stipulations, creepy promos, best of three fall matches, updates on New Japan and NWA 70, and much much more,…
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The Austin Era begins! Plus, WWE's uneasy relationship with Mike Tyson; NOD, DX and galvanised buckets. Join Matt Davies-Adams, Carl Anka, Carrie Dunn and Anton Toloui as they head back to Wrestlemania 14.
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MD-A and co return to the start of the Rock v Stone Cold trilogy. Plus, Boss Man gets hanged; the Brawl for All; and our first encounter with Owen Hart (and Nicole Bass)
After some much needed recovery time, the guys are back! They recap some of the news that transpired over the last couple of weeks, give a brief review of some of the things that went down at Hell in a Cell, shout out some local Texas talent that got to make an appearance on a recent Dallas Raw, and try to gather up the strength to continue wat ...…
Theme "WWE Raw" by Mary and Paul Check out their newest project
The PPW host Recap Last weeks Hell In the Cell PPV
Episode 331 - The Mortimer Plumtree Show by Answering The Ten Count
What's up, Hosers?! Welcome to another edition of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness. This week, after the Birdman got tapped by Shawn Michaels (no big deal) to cover some of his classes at the Performance Center, the Strappers were able to speak with one of Christian's students--Adam Cole BAY BAY! Among a variety of topics, Cole covered the moment he fe ...…
Our hosts return to bring you the conclusion of Southern Underground Pro's "Not Problematic" card. Discussions during the broadcast include the rise of Marko Stunt and reactions to other breakout stars, names of finishing moves, future plans for the show, "I Quit" matches vs. submission matches, and much more…
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