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Accounting 101 Podcast by James Edward Stewart, CPA/ABV, CFE
Original Minds
How many times have you found yourself thinking about that next great idea? Meet the people who took the next step, and brought their dreams to life. Join the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan and MPowered's Sean Stapleton and Katie Ford as they explore what it truly takes to start a business.
LAB Radio
Welcome to LAB Radio! (Learn About Bitcoin and Learn About the Blockchain). This show emerged organically from within the CoinStructive team as a way to document various subject matter, people and companies in the ecosystem around this new technology. LAB Radio covers subject matter like: What is Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Security vs Utility Tokens, Compliance, Smart Contracts, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Altcoins, multi-disciplinary use cases, and how this Technology will change societ ...
Welcome to JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast, recorded in the garden shed at the bottom of JoJo Gnome’s garden in Scotland. Jo Hall will be sharing stories about JoJo Gnome and his friends with you. You’ll also be able to join in and invent your own stories. Ideal for ages 3-6 years. Fun follow up activities can be found at
“QualityTime-ESL” podcasts are clearly spoken, "interactive" oral exercises to learn everyday, global and even business English. The emphasis is on grammar, correct usage and pronunciation. They provide excellent oral and written preparation for international exams. Transcripts and worksheets are available on the website. The accent is American. Questions and comments to:
Your English
"Interactive" clearly spoken, oral exercises to train you to "speak" English correctly with short sentences to repeat, complete or transform; a variety of different topics or tasks targeted to different levels from A2 to C1; American accent. For grammar drills go to "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts". For exercises using song lyrics go to "5 Minute TOPs". For scripts, oral/written worksheets and more information visit our website. Questions and comments to:
FraudTalk is an informative weekly program discussing recent cases, trends, characteristics and preventive strategies of major frauds facing businesses and investors today. Hosted by 30 year veteran investigator, business intelligence and security consultant, Chris Marquet, FraudTalk’s goal is to educate and entertain business executives, officers and directors, their counsel and other advisors about fraud and corruption in the business world and how to mitigate those risks.
Occasional commentary on education, technology, culture and stuff.
On Franchise Connect, Michael Pullman interviews top performers in the franchising industry like top 50 franchisee Jeff Tews, Franchise King Joel Libava, Eagle Boys Founder Tom Potter and many many more. Franchisee Connect was created for YOU - the franchisee, independent or executive who has big ambitions and wants to grow FAST. If you want your drive to work, your morning walk or your 'zone out' time to be more productive Subscribe to Franchisee Connect now! Each episode features an expert ...
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Today we will go over the “fake cash” method to easily solve the indirect cash method. You must (1) identify the type of accounts being affected on the statement of cash flows, and then (2) create a journal entry that summarizes the change in each particular account, and the balancing journal entry is made to “fake cash”. If there is a debit to ...…
Today we will discuss the cost layering methods that are used within the periodic and perpetual inventory systems.Assumptions for purchases:50 units purchased on January 1 at $10 each (50 x $10 = $500)100 units purchased on February 1 at $11 each (100 x $11 = $1,100)150 units purchased on March 1 at $12 each (150 x $12 = $1,800)Assumptions for ...…
In this episode, we will cover the journal entries made when using the perpetual and periodic inventory methods, and we will also go over the formula and journal entry to record cost of goods sold under the periodic inventory method.
Today we tackle depreciation and amortization, and we discuss fixed assets.Facts for following examples: Asset cost of $85,000, salvage value of $10,000, and a useful life of 5 years.Note: "Depr" represents depreciation expense, "A/D" represents accumulated depreciation, and "B/V" represents book value at the end of the year.I tried to align th ...…
Today we will discuss prepaid assets, and do some examples with journal entries.
In this episode, we will discuss accounts payable and journal entries related to accounts payable.
In this episode, we will describe accounts receivable, and we will go over journal entries related to accounts receivable.
Today we will explain contra accounts, and we will also do some examples to demonstrate how the debits and credits work.
In this episode, we will briefly discuss the four main financial statements in accounting: the balance sheet, income statement, statement of owner's equity, and statement of cash flows.
In this episode, we discuss the flow of accounting from how our journal entries are recorded in the general ledger, summarized in the trial balance, and then presented on the financial statements and tax returns.
In this episode, we discuss how each type of account in ALE-RE is affected by journal entries, and we learn the debit/credit language of accounting using A|LE-R|E. The lines separate the types of accounts with normal debit balances from those with normal credit balances.This is the most important episode to listen to if you are just learning ac ...…
In this episode, we briefly discuss each type of account in accounting: Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expenses.
Hi Everyone,Welcome to Accounting 101 with Jimmy Stewart. I hope to explain accounting to you the way I wish someone had explained it to me when I first started out.This isn't meant to be your only source of learning accounting, but this is meant to advance your knowledge in accounting by reinforcing the fundamentals that you absolutely must kn ...…
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