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If you are thinking about a tech startup, then this is the podcast for you.
Stories of remote teams doing great things.
From The Creators Project, a look at the collaborators behind Random Access Memories, the new album from Daft Punk.
The weekly landscape photography podcast by Matt Payne. Candid, in-depth, and casual conversations with some of the world's best landscape photographers.
The weekly landscape photography podcast by Matt Payne. Candid, in-depth, and casual conversations with some of the world's best landscape photographers.
The Broadcast Storm, hosted by Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 #7945 (R/S and Collaboration), helps Cisco networking professionals achieve success in their careers and in life. Topics range from Cisco technical topics to organizational to motivational.
For anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of real-life collaboration, especially collaboration among creative, intelligent, free-thinking individuals who are geographically dispersed. These interviews go well beyond the obvious, as metaphor master Judy Rees explores the hidden thinking that inspires collaboration that works.
Join us at the Collaborate Roundtable for a lively discussion of tips, tricks, techniques, and new Web 2.0 discoveries. It's a podcast free-for-all! Facilitated by Bruce TurnerThis Podcast was created using
A hard-hitting look at events making the news in Cyprus and around the world with one of Cyprus' leading English language broadcast journalists, Rosie Charalambous.
we provide engaging interviews with Mediums, Psychics, Authors, Investigators and much more! We explore into the realm of Demonic Activity, Shadow People, Possession, Cursed Objects, Haunted Houses and much more!A CUTTING EDGE SHOW ON THE REALTY OF THE PARANORMAL.REAL INVESTIGATORS,REAL TOPICS !!
Collaboration Booster is a podcast exploring ideas that help improve the way teams work together.
Keeping the community sector up-to-date about topical issues is the key purpose of Collaborative Voices. It’s a regular, informal conversation on air with someone or about something as a way of keeping people informed.
This podcast acts as supportive material for the Clark County School District's Teaching American History Grant module on Immigration and Collaborative Biographies. During the module, third, fourth, and fifth grade classroom teachers learn about immigration from 1880-1920 through reading history books and children's literature, writing a book report, and writing a historical fiction chapter book.
Discussions on Collaborative Divorce. How to get divorced without going to court and reducing the stress and toxic nature of the traditional divorce.
The Collaborative Business Podcast is an inspirational source for business executives, alliance professionals and entrepreneurs to provide useful insights to the best ways of working together in business-to-business collaboration, like strategic alliances and partnerships.
Programmer Pat invites guests to discuss the universal effects of Artificial Intelligence 🤖 The future of AI is shaped by the interactions of all cultures and industries. 365 Tech is striving for helpful AI 🌎
It is Paris sometime after the Franco-Prussian War (1870--Germany won--the French Second Republic collapsed--France embittered). A French poet and a German composer come to admire one another's work and decide to collaborate on an opera. There are costs to pay. ( david wales)
Listen to healthcare leaders discuss solution-based collaborative approaches to unleashing the power of medical device data.*Music "Straight" by
Hi, I'm Chris. In 2014, I zig-zagged across the country on my somewhat trusty motorcycle to meet, interview, and learn from other men who have navigated their path of grief, healing, and manhood in the wake of their father's suicides. These episodes feature their stories and insights. Devastatingly, suicide is the tenth leading cause of reported death in the United States, with over 41,000 people taking their own lives each year. This project aims to reduce the shame and stigma for survivors ...
An urban think-tank group who has a desire to engage diverse viewpoints in order to offer contemporary perspectives. We shall encourage a culture of experimental processing.
Collaboration Nation
A site for my students' podcasts. Welcome. Stay awhile and listen to our Classroom 2.0 adventures.
Modern Collaboration
An on-going series of interviews with experts and thought leaders in the Unified and Enterprise Communications industry. Focused on trends, new technologies and 'buyer's journey' related topics.
Ideas collaborative is an independently owned podcast streaming window. You can expect to find thoughtful, dynamic, and encouraging ideas for your day to day life.
Collaborators is a video podcast that explores the art of writing and creativity, and aims to inspire artists to get dirty.
Collaborative Statistics
Community improvement efforts are as diverse as our communities and I’ve heard it said many times, “I wish I knew who was doing what, where, and what impact it was having”. Join me as I interview thought leaders, block captains, farmers and other change makers from across the country working collaboratively to improve our communities’ health and wellbeing. My guests’ share their stories, strategies, and lessons learned for how together we can create communities where everyone has the opportu ...
The mission of Health Story Collaborative is to keep the patient voice alive in healthcare and to harness the healing power of stories. By collecting, honoring and sharing stories of illness and healing, we strive to make the process of navigating illness less isolating and to empower individuals and families facing health challenges. Our belief, supported by research, is that storytelling is healing for both story sharers and listeners. Stories have the power to transform individuals as wel ...
You will be introduced to the principles of/(how to) science of networking & collaboration through expert interviews. People who have learned to champion entrepreneurship, and generously help others to do the same!
Teamwork. We all want to be good team players, especially when we are focusing on the needs of young adults with disabilities. Why then is it so difficult to form new teams and to keep veteran teams focused? How do we know if our teams are effective? “Leading Collaborative Transition Teams” is a series of podcasts from (TASC), the Transition Alliance of South Carolina. The mission of TASC is to increase successful postsecondary outcomes for young adults with disabilities through interagency ...
Online Music Collaboration Front: Share the inspiration! Upload samples, Remix, Mashup, Resample, Whatever!
SDForum Collaboration SIG
Evaluating innovation in surgery and therapeutic technology: the IDEAL approach. A series of talks given by medical professionals about improving the quality of research in surgery.
Thoughts of an Entrepreneur and Changemaker from Toronto. Creative Director & Founder of Now Creative Group and ACCESS Innovation shares tips, observations, and discussions with inspiring individuals.
For established business owners who want to do business better!
Overland Resource Group presents "Profiles in Leadership, Collaboration and Employee Engagement". Each podcast is a candid conversation with leaders of corporations, government agencies, and the unions which represent their workforces, plus other leading experts, authors and researchers in the field of organizational change, conflict resolution, and leadership. The Podcasts are downloadable as MP3 files and transcripts are also available to download for reading and sharing as PDF files.
We get into the nitty gritty of marketing strategy across partnerships, digital advertising, PR & social media in short, sharp & shiny episodes for freelancers, startups, SMEs, marketers & publicists. Brought to you by Collabosaurus, the matchmaker for brands.
The Collaborative Resolution Project (CRP) examines the PEOPLE, PROCESSES, and PRINCIPLES of an alternative dispute resolution strategy employing a team-based negotiation model. This approach is highly relevant especially for divorcing couples but equally appropriate in any human conflict scenario (e.g., family business issues, leadership challenges, parent-adult child impasses, and probate disputes). It serves as an emotionally intelligent alternative to the traditional litigated or adversa ...
On the last Thursday of each month the PCPCC hosts its Monthly National Briefing, a public teleconference where members, partners, and medical home advocates can join in the conversation to learn more about trends, innovations, partnerships, and advancements in the medical home sector. The calls feature a brief presentation from one or more experts in the primary care and medical home field to discuss the latest research or best practices in the areas of care delivery transformation, payment ...
A 2007 business and technology conference in Bucharest, organized by SOPOLEC Business Advisory Services.
The program will begin with a lecture and examples format. As the season continues, Dr. Adizes will interview CEO’s that have provided effective leadership to their companies. Topics for the show will include How to predict if a company is well managed or not; Management/ mismanagement styles: how to predict who will do well; What is considered normal and abnormal for a start-up company; The pitfalls of being a founder of a company; Why partners start to fight and why; What it means to be a ...
Listen to new music created online by musicians all over the world, most of whom have never met. Songs are created collaboratively on Kompoz. Kompoz allows musicians from all around the world to collaborate online to create new original music. Use GarageBand, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, REAPER or any other audio software to record your ideas, then upload them to Kompoz. Invite your friends to collaborate, or meet new friends across the world. With Kompoz, you can create songs with a ba ...
Collaborative storytelling podcast using 5e D&D
Welcome to the Institute’s new podcast series: conversations about leadership, strategy, and collaboration. We will produce two podcasts each month – and in those conversations we will explore ICL’s approach to our work in the community. We’ll also be talking with leaders in the field to better understand their impact and how they are approaching their work in innovative ways.
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Storyline makes it easy to create Amazon Alexa skills with a visual drag-n-drop interface. Add speech, ask questions, deploy to the Alexa skill store, and run analytics all for FREE with Storyline. Learn more: getstoryline.comPricing:
Women's groups are demanding that they be included in the Cyprus peace process; there are more than 150 forest fires on the island every year, and we can all take measures to prevent them; as technology advances, continuous training is needed to keep cyber crime at bay
While in Collingwood, David Ip Yam joins me as we both took some time out to focus on our priorities and goals, create content, and use the space of being in a different town without our every day routine to address anything that doesn’t get covered in our busy everyday lives. To learn more about David visit and http://Rel ...…
Stephen Hummel is a Paranormal Historian, Researcher, Author, Artist and Haunted Relic Archivist. From an early age Steve recalls being fascinated by ghost stories and after experiencing a few unexplained events his interest in the paranormal grew. Steve has spent the past 11 years of his life conducting day and paranormal tours at the former W ...…
If you're guilty of spending 99% of your social media time glued to Instagram marketing - you are not alone! However, you're missing a huge opportunity to tap into vast audiences through other mediums (that perhaps aren't as saturated). In this episode, we've got 4 ways to optimise your LinkedIn reach organically, and 3 ways to better harness F ...…
Each team has a unique way of communicating. And each team has a particular combination of personality types. And just like an orchestra tunes up before a performance, or an athlete warms up before a practice, tuning a virtual team helps get everyone on the same page. For more stories, visit…
In this episode of The Broadcast Storm, I share my biggest takeaways from Cisco Live US 2018. Also, here's the link to watch a replay of my Cisco Live presentation: Enjoy! Kevin
As this year's Duke of Edinburgh gold awards are presented, we hear about the importance of extra-curricular activities for a rounded education, and discuss the implications of the Co-Op sell-off for depositors, mortgagees and the Cypriot taxpayer.
We've reached Episode 200 on the Collaboration Superpowers podcast. In this episode, I highlight 5 of my favorite segments from the last 50 interviews. Featuring: Dom Price (Atlassian), Nicole Le Maire (The People Engine), Theresa Sigillito-Hollema (Interact Global), Beat Buhlmann (Evernote), and Lily Snyder (Doghead Simulations). For more stor ...…
Volunteers are needed to catch stray cats for an island-wide neutering programme; defining freedom of expression - what is legal and what is not? Gourmet food in Macau
Expect a shift in your life when you truly value collaboration over competition
Guest Rob Krzyzanowski is Chief Architect at Spring Labs, a startup working to bring block chain to ID verification. Rob graduated high school at a young age, traveled the world with his family, and now drives innovative startups across the US. Today we collaborate on different methods of learning and the effects of deep work.Spring Labs: https ...…
Cindys earliest experience with the paranormal occurred around the age of five. She and her sister witnessed her recently deceased great-grandmother at the edge of their bed late one night. From that moment she was intrigued by spirits and the afterlife. She sought books and papers on the matter from the moment she learned to read. As an adult ...…
Ever created a 'goal filter' for your business? They're amazing. They help you stay on track, seize opportunities (or reject them), and maximise your productivity with clarity and conviction. In this episode, we talk through how we use 'goal filters' for Collabosaurus, and how you can create your own goal filter in 5 easy steps. Oh! & YES we wa ...…
Yasmine Akermark is the Cofounder of Svenska Nomader, a Swedish digital nomad community, and the Founder of Sharehive, a marketplace for female entrepreneurs. In this interview she shares her tips for how to be productive on the road and learning the skills to be a remote worker. For more stories, visit…
Guest Jordan Pizza is one of the first developers to work with Amazon Alexa. He's built voice apps for everything from large companies to hobby projects automating his smart-home. We riff on the differences of Alexa and Google. Now is the best time to add voice apps to YOUR BUSINESS to reach a new, unexplored, audience 🌌…
In this episode of The Broadcast Storm, you'll hear an interview I did with CBT Nuggets instructor Network Chuck, as he shares his philosophy of and strategies for Cisco certifications. You can follow Network Chuck through any of the following: YouTube: Website: ( Twitter: http://bit. ...…
A study reveals how many girls in Cyprus are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM); cybercrime trends and the vulnerability of the internet of things; youngsters from Nicosia's children's home get to know nature in Paphos.
Bill Pratt, Program Manager for NEXTStep Lunar Habitat at Lockheed Martin sits down with us to discuss the NEXTStep program, the Model Based Artificial Intelligent Assistant, deep space exploration, and the impact that would have on humans in space.
Episode 062 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Erwin Buske! Erwin is a landscape photographer based out of Fairwood, Washington. His goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of his inner vision. Erwin started his photographic journey at an early age with a simple goal to share my vision of the incredible landscapes he ...…
Episode 062 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Erwin Buske! Erwin is a landscape photographer based out of Fairwood, Washington. His goal is to capture the essence of the landscape through the lens of his inner vision. Erwin started his photographic journey at an early age with a simple goal to share my vision of the incredible landscapes he ...…
Digital Marketing experts and I had an amazing class to tonight.. Wow! Podcasting, automation, Instagram Makeover, Branding, and more! Can't wait for the next one! Hey! Let me know if you want in at!
Becky Takeda-Tinker, President of CSU Global joins us to talk about the important role they play in education and workforce development.
Greg McIntyre, EVP, GM, BIAF of Jacobs, which recently acquired CH2M, sits down with us to talk about the recent merger, as well as the many projects that they are working on currently.
Jay & Marie Yates Husband and Wife more commonly known for their paranormal encounters featured on several major television networks including; Travel, SyFy, Destination America, Biography, Travel & Escape, and Oxygen Network.They have appeared on many popular reality tv shows such as; Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness, My Ghost Story, Ghost ...…
Paul Barber - NZ Council of Christian Social Services
Mark Truax, Vice President of Pac/West, joins us to discuss the current environment at Pac/West, and the many projects they’re covering at the moment.
Phil Kalin, CEO of Pinnacol Assurance, sits down with us to talk about the latest projects they’ve got going on. Particularly touching on their innovation in the industry, and their customer focus.
Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular on remote teams. This podcast episode is dedicated to how to have a great video conferencing setup so you can look like a remote pro. For more stories, visit
Brian Watson from Northstar Real Estate wraps up our focus on real estate. Brian touches on the current state of the market, as well as his future projections. We’ll also discuss the impact that transportation has on real estate, which is more than you might think.
Wyeth Jackson of Caldwell Banker focuses on the real estate market with us as she dives into the current market and shares her expert knowledge on the best and worst places to buy in Denver.
Megan Gerhart, Lending Officer at Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, joins us to talk about the process behind mortgage loans in the real estate industry. Listen in as she covers the first time buyer process, the importance of talking to a lender as early as possible, and mortgage insurance.
The British High Commissioner outlines what expats need to do about their status after Brexit; we talk to the author of The Seamstress of Ourfa which is being launched in Nicosia next week, and meet the Human Rights Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Anthony Lambatos shares his experience running a second-generation business and his perspective on company culture. Anthony dives in on the importance of the role that leadership contributes to creating a great place to work.
Episode 061 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Abe Blair! Abe is traditional in his method, working to get the image correct in the camera without building one in the computer. Abe started with his first film camera in 1992 it ignited a fire and passion that has burned strong ever since. Shortly after high school, he followed his passion and ...…
Episode 061 of F-Stop Collaborate and Listen with Abe Blair! Abe is traditional in his method, working to get the image correct in the camera without building one in the computer. Abe started with his first film camera in 1992 it ignited a fire and passion that has burned strong ever since. Shortly after high school, he followed his passion and ...…
Samantha Chiarelli of Generator Real Estate continues the conversation on residential real estate. She’ll give us the inside scoop on the first time buyer process, so that you can be prepared with knowledge before you buy.
Pete Schippits of CBRE joins us to discuss the commercial real estate market. He’ll highlight the current market, the impact of the marijuana industry on real estate, and one of Denver’s hot topics, affordable housing.
Co-Founder of Jovo open-source framework, Jan König, brings universal experience in voice apps. Voice apps are becoming more popular. This creates new challenges and demands which Jan and the Jovo team are solving. Voice apps are now becoming integrated with professional teams and businesses, following similar trends to the advancement of mobil ...…
Jack Kenna is considered by many to be one of the top Paranormal Investigators in New England; Tech Specialist, Writer, Author, and Public Figure he is a member of the paranormal teams S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of New England®, San Diego Ghost Hunters®, and Extreme Paranormal Encounter Response Team. Jack is also a Senior Engineering Technician for the De ...…
David Schlatter of David M. Schlatter and Jon Roberts of Banyan Real Estate kick off our focus on commercial and residential real estate. We’ll discuss the Denver market, policy issues that impact real estate, and future projections of the market.
Managing your inbox is a never ending task! In this episode, we're talking 6 ways to transform your email management - so that you can spend LESS time in your inbox, and MORE time working on your business. A couple of the resources we mentioned... 'Inbox Zero' article by Laura Roeder Yesware Boomerang Gmail Send + Archive (check out o ...…
Richard Atherton is a partner at First Human, a company creating human centered businesses that make a huge difference in the world. We talk about how lean change management empowers workers to change things themselves. For more stories, visit
Peter Moore, Chairman and CEO of VITAL for Colorado and Jon Ekstrom, producer of Vital for Colorado Radio join us to discuss the importance of energy production in our state. Peter and Jon’s guest is Gregg Moss, President and CEO of Metro North Chamber of Commerce.
In this episode of The Broadcast Storm, you'll learn about various types (and speeds) of transceivers, which can be used to connect into a piece of networking equipment (e.g. an Ethernet switch). Specifically, we'll discuss the following transceiver types: GBIC SFP SFP+ Quad SFP Quad SFP+ BiDi Transceivers This topic is from my newly released C ...…
We wrap up our focus on Construction with Corey Biddle, Northwest Utility Engineering Manager at Cardon and Andrew Sylvest, Operations Manager, Central Region Utilities at Surveying and Mapping, LLC. We’ll discuss how the current state of construction throughout Colorado is impacted by legislation.
Is commerce more important than our natural heritage? Environmentalists fear for the future of the island's most important wetland; the Cyprus computer society is looking for young hackers; an expert from the Council of Europe outlines measure to combat cybercrime
Guest Ashuthosh Gowda discusses his expertise in Machine Learning. Discover the mindset behind finding successful ideas and solving the problems of humanity. Ashu reveals his top 3 technologies. Machine learning is now accessible to non-technical people through Lobe, drag-and-drop machine learning.
Live thoughts from the TakeOver Innovation Conference at Now Creative Group's demo booth. Recorded downtown Toronto on June 11, 2018.
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