Best Comic Books podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
The Comic Book Podcast is a weekly talk show discussing the best in current comic books. Ron, Conor and Josh will share what they loved and hated about the week's comics. With a deep, sometimes scary knowledge of the depths and intricacies of pop culture and the geek lifestyle, the conversations can spin off in many directions. While comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks are the center of the iFanboy universe, the discussion often covers the video games, movies and TV shows ...
Your source for all things related to the Dark Knight
Freshly brewed, comic book podcast from the UK. Join hosts Neil Gorton, Stu Taylor, Carly Moxey and special guests as they irreverently discuss comic books and their related media offshoots. Email #PodernFamily
A weekly comic book podcast, your portal to portly prestidigitation discussing comics, comic news, comic stuff and other magical things. Hosted by Bruce Leslie and Chris Elvins, find more at chubby
Discussing Comics is a podcast covering the latest in the worlds of comic books, TV, and movies. We discuss our favorite comic book characters from Marvel, DC, Titan, IDW, Boom!, and more! No hero or villain is off-limits from the printed page to the big screen. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, Lee Shackleford, and other guests hosts. Discussing Comics is a part of the Discussing Network.
Many years and many drinks later, Brett Mannes and Evil Jeff are at it again to talk about the other thing they are super gay for...Comic Books.
Comic Book Rundown
Come join myself and a friend or two as we discuss story arcs from comic books over the years, one issue at a time. Episodes will be released on Mondays and Thursdays each week.
Join Paul broccolo, Heath Wilcock, and me (Anthony Thornton) as we talk about all things comics! Listen as we talk to some of our nerdy friends about their favorite (and least favorite) characters and titles. We also introduce and interview some of our non-nerds friends to the wonderful world of comic books! We will talk about the movies, TV shows, books, video games, action figures, and really whatever else we feel like talking about!
Listen for new episodes of the Read A Comic Podcast every other Monday! Or – watch each show one week later on the Read A Comic Podcast YouTube Channel.
We're a reading club, hyping and reviewing all the weekly talked about number one ☝️ comics.
Hosted by The KLIQ Nation, a weekly show presenting news, reviews and sometimes interviews in the world of comic books.
Screen Heroes is the Heroes Podcast Network's flagship series dedicated to discussing heroes of all kinds found on the big and small screen. We'll hit on comic book heroes from DC and Marvel, plus non-superheroes from all across popular culture.
Collider Heroes
From Batman to Wolverine to the Avengers and everything in between, a panel of comic book experts discuss the latest news in the world of superheroes. They debate all the movies coming to theaters, the shows on TV, all the comic-books heading to a store near you and answer the fans Twitter questions with a fresh and honest take on it all.
Each week, Allen, Josef, and Jonathan discuss a comic book character (or team). Jonathan, a lifelong Marvel devotee, presents the character, their powers, and their history. Josef, who's only ever read one comic book and is significantly more grounded in reality, calls bull. And Allen, level headed voice of reason, mediates the mess.
Oh great, Another comic book podcast. We're about 10 years too late, right? Dude, I agree and you're totally right. And we're probably not the first of our kind nor will we be the last. We are a bi-weekly comic book podcast that talks about ::drumroll:: you guessed it, COMIC BOOKS! But not just any comic books. Only #1's. Maybe you've always wanted to jump on to a new series but you're worried if it's worth spending your hard earned dollars? We tell you if the book is worthy of continuing af ...
The Ghosts of the Stratosphere bring to you weekly comic book related news, reviews, and other related hullaballoo. There are a lot of places to get your weekly comic book fix, we hope this is one of them.
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
Top 5 Comics Podcast is a round table comic book discussion group. Talking about comic books, pop culture, movies, games and superheros stuff. A "Comics Book Happy Hour" and we have a good time doing it.
Charles McFall, Paul Klotz, Chris Wisdom, and TV's Casey Stroz talk about the latest and greatest comic book culture news with humor, passion, and above all honesty. Be prepared to laugh, learn, and experience full frontal nerdity!
Rapper, writer, retired paperboy and comic shop veteran SJ the Wordburglar waxes comedic and drops knowledge. An engaging and funny podcast about music, comic books, food, sports and everything in between. Spend the weekend with your host, Wordburglar, in this highly entertaining and kaleidoscopic journey through the world of comic books, hip-hop, character based comedy and so much more. Whether you’re a fan of his critically acclaimed albums, or just generally into the nerdier side of pop-c ...
Comic Nerds and Newbies Assemble!Deep in the Four Color Fortress, The Four Color Comrades meet bi-weekly to chat all about comics for your listening pleasure!Alan loves Hal Jordan, Manga, and the technical side of comics.Chewie is a comic newbie with a love of horror and the dark side.Ian wants super powers, is way into Batman, and is easy to please.Ryan is our indie guru, comics historian, and geek father of two.With our powers combined, we are...Four Color Commentary: The continuing saga o ...
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
Nerd Lunch
Join Nerd Lunch's own Carlin Trammel (CT) and Jeeg, Paxton Holley from Cavalcade of Awesome, and special guests as they discuss a veritable smorgasbord of nerdy topics. Movies, TV, fast food, comic books, action figures, and more are on the menu of this pop culture podcast from The Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network.
Draw and Talk
Draw and Talk is a podcast about making comics and the life of a comic book creator. We have interviews with comic creators and sometimes it's just me rambling on my projects currently. Check out my youtube page to watch the drawing portion of the show!
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
Three Hoarsemen
Insightful discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and comic books (mostly) and other media.
We do comic book previews, news, rumors, and a month superhero theme of your choosing.
Nerd Nation Radio
Join The Nerd Nation as we discuss whats going on in Film, Comic Books, Novels and all things Nerdy!
Super-Psych: Comic books, video games, and animation and the psychology we can learn from them.
Graphic Novelty
Four nerds talk about comics and comic-related things. We look at what's going on in the world of comics. Whether it's the comics themselves, movies/TV based on comics, creators, and the industry.
Atomic Age Media
Movies. Music. Comic Books. Enjoy!!
Hooked on Comics
Hooked on Comics is a podcast hosted by two friends who love comic books and enjoy discussions about weekly issues they read and looking back at classic stories and reviewing them in Paperback Trade form.
This is the home feed for geek-centric, foul-mouthed, funny shows hosted by Diabolu Frank, Illegal Machine and Mister Fixit.The Marvel Super Heroes Podcast, covering the stars of comic books, film, television and animation in irreverent fashion.DC Special, our very occasional and half-hearted DC version of The Marvel Super Heroes Podcastrolled spine special, our extremely random, stream of consciousness conversation show involving music, film, and general arts and opinions.The Under Guides G ...
Brought to you by, “MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!” is a show about everything, something, and occasionally, nothing at all! Hosts Shawn Talley and Matthew Hevey share their unique perspectives on current events and all things pop culture -- including, but not limited to movies, music, television, comic books, sports, and politics. New episodes release every other Monday, exclusively on the State-Lines Network!
Marriage Issues is a weekly comic book podcast hosted by married couple Tracy and Aaron Boehm. They discuss the comics from their weekly pull list, nerdy date night ideas, and other comic book related news.
Where comic books and politics meet
PODCAST FORMERLY KNOWN AS LEGION: THE PODCAST -Podcast covering Legion on FX. Brian one of the hosts from Legion: The Podcast is joined by Jake from Pop Culture Leftovers and Wrestling Jabronis as well as Steve and Kova from Scene-It Cast to discuss the Noah Hawley series Legion based on the Marvel Comics character from X-Men.Brian also hosts Pop Culture Leftovers, Number One Comic Books, Sweetwater Saloon - A Westworld Podcast, Runaways TV Talk, American Gods Aftershow, Talking Taboo FX and ...
Uninformed Opinions
Stewart Nacht and Christian Spicer share a lot of the same interests, comic books, movies, and video games. In Uninformed Opinions, Christian and Stewart pick a topic to chat about...start there and then follow the conversation wherever. It's pretty rad.
Comics R Kewel
A Podcast! Get Your Geek On!
Nerd In Me
Discussion on cartoons, toys, comic books and movies. Join Allan and Jonathan to relive your childhood memories. Also listen in to The Week in Geek where once a week we bring you the latest in Geek news. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Nerd Radio
Everything That Rocks
When THE WALKING DEAD ends, We’re just getting started.
Podcast covering American Gods on Starz ---Welcome to American Gods Aftershow the podcast coveringAmerican Gods on Starzwith your hosts Ashley and Brian. Every week join us as we breakdown each and every episode as we go on the all expansive roadtrip that isAmerican Gods. We haven't read the book so it's new viewer friendly.---American Gods Synopsis:The plot posits a war brewing between old and new gods: the traditional gods of biblical and mythological roots from around the world steadily l ...
Fan Effect
Beyond Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Tech, Fan Effect are connoisseurs of categories surpassing the nerdy. Brilliant opinions and commentary on all things ‘geek’, but surprising knowledge and witty arguments over pop culture, Star Trek, MARVEL vs DC, and a wide range of TV shows. Andy Farnsworth, Adam Thomas and Tysen Webb live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.
Fresh Is The Word
The pop culture podcast hosted by Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier delivering wisdom through great stories from the minds of bright creatives from the worlds of music, pro wrestling, comic books, and who knows where else! If it's a good story, I want to help tell! Become a supporter of this podcast:
conversation radio
This podcast will be about everything from Sports comic books life. Music everything Become a supporter of this podcast:
Struggle Session
Struggle Session is a podcast about pop culture from a leftist perspective. Join Jonathan Daniel Brown, Jack Allison, and Leslie Lee III as we wade into the reactionary hellhole of modern American media. We'll talk video games, movies, TV, wrestling, comic books, music, anime, and all of your problematic faves.
Employees of The Comics Place in Bellingham, Washington talk about comics every week. They are easily sidetracked and meander into a variety of nerdy topics.
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show series
Pulling a previous episodes out of archives in honor of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse movie! Liked the movie? Hear my hot take on Miles from the comics.
Roman and Jeff descend to the bowels of the PAP-Cave to give you 4 books their excited about this week. We promise more than just Marvel put out books this week…. we’re just really excited fora few of theirs! Thanks for listening, and we look forward to seeing you on the weekly show later on this week! Subscribe to us on iTunes or wherever you ...…
While looking for the self-destruct button that fell off his android, Starr Saxon breaks into Matt Murdock's apartment and finds out that he is Daredevil. He then puts a plan in motion to take down DD. Do you have a story arc you'd like us to cover? Send us your ideas. Twitter: @comicrundown Instagram: comicbookrundown Email: comicbookrundown@g ...…
Spider-Man Far From Home trailer drops! What did the guys think? Netflix raises prices, but by how much? And who will be the villain in the next Batman movie? Listen to this week's episode of The Week in Geek to find out! YouTube: Nerd In Me Podcas ...…
Subscribe at this special episode we are joined live in studio by Bryan and Brett of Street Fight! We discuss how you can buy weed in some places but go to prison for it in others, who will win Ohio in 2020, and Jeff Bezos using Alexa to send sexts.Note: The Rock story mentioned in the show turned out to ...…
Another week of comic talk from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, and more! This week is the most anticipated vent in all of comics: The Chubbies!
Heroes #288 (Wednesday January 16th, 2019) with Amy Dallen, Coy Jandreau, and Claire Lim, with Special Guest Taylor Hickson1. Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer drops and we get Mysterio, Nick Fury, more MJ and Hydro-Man and Sandman too?2. The panel discusses all the rumored Marvel Disney+ shows including rumors and the new showrunners for these ...…
BIG THINGS ABOUND FOR TALKING COMICS!!! First, we have a very special interview this episode with break-out writer VITA AYALA (The Wilds, Submerged, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, Wonder Woman, etc.) fresh off of the debut of their take on Valiant's LIVEWIRE and just ahead of their run on Shuri this spring! And also, we have the DEBUT as SARAH M ...…
Note: We like our language NSFW salty, and there be spoilers here… Face Front, True Believers! This episode, Illegal Machine, Mr. Fixit & Diabolu Frank look at 60% of the Marvel One-Shots bonus feature short films from Cinematic Universe Phases One & Two! Included are The Consultant (2011), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer (20 ...…
Join Gene, Jack & Curt for a Brand New Top 5 List: Top 5 Fictional Suits of Armor!! The Ambassador's fight tooth & nail to get their picks at the top of the rankings of the new Official Nerd Nation Radio Top 5!! Does Iron Man's Stealth Suit sneak it's way on the list? Does Doom reign supreme? Does Jack pick a giant set of armor? Tune In, Nerd O ...…
Yep, the title says it all. The Nerd In Me crew go back and talk about 80s fashion trends. It was a time of big hair, shoulder pads and fanny packs. It was an iconic time of fashion that defined the decade. So put on your leg warmers and flip up the collar on your denim jacket cause the boys talk fashion! ...…
We've Got Issues Vol.2 #2: Comic Book Reviews from the week of Jan. 9th, 2019!!! Join Gene & Curt as they rate and review MOST of the comic book releases from January 9th, 2019! What's on YOUR Pull List?!?!
What Happens when the Ghosts get bored talking with one another? They invite others in the studio to spice things up! Yes, that does sound dirty doesn’t it… On this week’s show: First, the Ghosts welcome Patrick Karnash, the fella that named our Ghost mascot and won himself a free t-shirt. Does he know anything about comics? We shall see… Secon ...…
Our issues this week include our personal true crime stories; “Criminal”, where the Lawless are the scumbags you root for; “Young Justice”, where we get another fun and fast teen team-up; and, the Club’s weekly pulls.
Evan Hanson, Jay Ryan, Paxton Holley, and Michael May hang out in the sinister Bats Cave, talking about the first screen appearance of the Dark Knight in the 1943 serial, Batman. There are thrills and there are shudders, but mostly there’s a lot of laughter as the panel spelunks deep into the Caped Crusader’s history.…
On Fresh is the Word, we like to deliver wisdom through great stories from the minds of bright creatives of pop culture. Through those stories, we like to dissect the journey of our guests and present actionable lessons and advice for our listeners no matter what career or avenue of artistry they pursue. This week’s guests is no stranger to the ...…
Another month is here, and that means it's another look at the latest Previews Catalog. The post This Geek in Comics Podcast for 1-14-2019 “Previews for March 2019” appeared first on Outright Geekery.
Join us aboard the fictional S.S. Papcast, for our 114th journey into the comic seas. But, OH NO! Wait! Justin’s forgotten both his shoes and his EpiPen! Too late now… But its NOT too late for a rousing discussion of this weeks books, including Batman #62, Young Justice #1, Mighty Captain Marvel #1, Gunning for Hits #1, Criminal #1, & The Green ...…
Political satire is a tough thing to pull off in the best of times, and these are certainly not those times. But smaller comic companies try anyway, and that is where we get Barack the Barbarian and Trump’s Titans. Josh, Ora, and Kyle try to lighten things up by discussing Batman’s many crimes, but really, at least one of these books is existen ...…
Giant Size Team Up Network Week: 1-7-2019 Hosts: Paul "Soapbox" Klotz, and Charles "Rock God of Podcasting" McFall, Phil "Haven't seen it" Keating Extra Special Guest: Tony P. Henderson Send us your thoughts!!!! Speakpipe: Link on the Right edge of our website Email: Check out our Patreon. Tha ...…
THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... The Comic Crew talks about Spawn, DC Rebirth Teen Titans, and More! Contact us at our email ( FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: C.A.D | @ComicsAfterDark MTR | @RattHaus Support the podcast! Shop for RattHaus Apparel! Check out all the other great podcasts at…
The Plastoid and Daredevil duke it out until the robot gets damaged and heads back to his master, Starr Saxon. Will DD be able to stop the man and his machine? Do you have a story arc you'd like us to cover? Send us your ideas. Twitter: @comicrundown Instagram: comicbookrundown Email: Hosted by Joe Janero, Pete Piekar ...…
This week in talking comics, Conor Kilpatrick's loopy and Josh Flanagan's grumpy and we all learn something about John Ostrander. Running Time: 01:07:54 Pick of the Week: 00:01:41 - Young Justice #1 Comics: 00:14:33 - Criminal #1 00:19:56 - Batman #62 00:24:01 - The Green Lantern #3 00:29:09 - Captain Marvel #1 00:41:36 - Green Arrow #48 00:43: ...…
Hear the full episode here: today's bonus episode we do a deep dive into Yoko Taro's post-apocalyptic sci-fi masterpiece, NieR: Automata.
We officially kick-off Year Two of Discussing Comics with The Most Anticipated Movies of 2019 by welcoming back Sergio Lugo, II from the Reality Breached podcast! Did the movie you can’t wait to see make the list? What movies from the 2018 are STILL on the list? Hosted by Kyle Jones. Become a Patreon Supporter! By becoming a Patreon, you can su ...…
Kevin Feige spills the beans at the Golden Globes! A price hike at Disney? What icon will Margot Robbie be playing in her next film? =These items and more plus plenty of quick hits on this episode of The Week in Geek! YouTube: NerdInMePodcast www. ...…
Kicking off the new year discussing the Unbelievable Gwenpool! Listen to my thoughts on what makes a hero and some psychology concepts like the just world hypothesis!
Join Gene, Jack and Curt as navigate the upcoming films of the first third of 2019, which ones are the most anticipated films, and which ones do the Ambassadors no are about. Also, we’ve got some news, a box office report and various ways of pronouncing Joe Manganiello.
Presented by The CSPN… Welcome back to another exciting episode of The KLIQ Nation Comic Book Chronicles! This week, PCN_DiRT and Roddykat tackle the new comic books of the week. There happen to be two new number 1 issues in the forms of DC Comics’ Young Justice # 1, of which the show of the... Read More…
Dustin, Steph, and Ian jump straight into the news from the weeks during the holidays with covering details for Detective Comics #1000 as well as solicitations for March. After reviewing Batman #61 and Detective Comics #995, they jump into Listener Q&A’s and there are some good ones this time around. Be sure to leave your comments below and con ...…
We’re back for a brand new year! We kick off 2019 by doing a year in review for 2018’s movies and a bit about TV. Then we discuss our hopes, fears, and predictions for 2019 film and TV. We talk Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Netflix, Harry Potter, X-Men, Disney, and so much more! Don’t forget ShazamGate ’18 with a brand new shirt design avai ...…
An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies ofValhalla. In their ninth episode the Ladies sit down with comics creator extraordinaire - and winner of thisyears Best Breakthrough Writer - Jeremy Whitley! Writer of such modern classics as Princeless,Raven: The Pirate Princess, Unstoppable Wasp ...…
The Punisher Season 2 drops on January 18th from Marvel and Netflix and features the return of Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, Ben Barnes as Billy Russo aka Jigsaw, and Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani. Former marine-turned-vigilante Frank Castle (Bernthal) has been living a quiet life on the road until he suddenly becomes embroi ...…
Entering the new year Bernie and Richard share their childhood gaming systems, recall their favorite games, and discuss where gaming is heading in 2019. Grab your memory cards ‘cause we’re loading our favorite save files during this episode of Play of the Game! ...…
2018 had some great movies and had some... not so great movies. Andy Farnsworth and Ryan Meeks each picked 5 movies out of all the movies they saw this year that were their favorites. Check out what happens when they recap 2018 and compare notes!
On today's Struggle Session we are once again joined by Katie Halper to discuss the worst of the worst political pundits, almost all of whom have been promoted since they got 2016 election disastrously wrong.Listen to Katie here: Miserable - Loverboy -…
Al Beck, James and Chuck Bean reconvine this week to go over the superhero movie calendar for 2019 and breifly discuss the new season of Doctor Who, the return of the Orville, Seth Mcfarlane, the Megaman Legacy Collection, old DOS games and the Playstation Network discontinuing the monthly free games on the PS Vita and Ps3.The post Title Vetoed ...…
After his falling out with Foggy, Matt returns home questioning his life as Daredevil. But before any decision can be made, Matt is attacked by an andriod. Do you have a story arc you'd like us to cover? Send us your ideas. Twitter: @comicrundown Instagram: comicbookrundown Email: Hosted by Joe Janero, Pete Piekarski, ...…
Punisher Season 2 is coming so at the recommendation of our guest, I finally decided to cover Marvel Netflix The Punisher Season 1. Sean T. Collins is the co-editor of the comics and art anthology Mirror Mirror II and a critic for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Vulture, Decider and many other publications. Can two leftists enjoy a TV show a ...…
Another week of comic talk from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW and more! We remember Mean Gene Okerlund. Comics: Heroes In Crisis #4 Conan The Barbarian #1 Injustice / MOTU #6
Comic book round table. This week, we have – Green Lantern #1 & #2 by Grant Morrison, Interviews with Sarah from Atomic Pixies and Kasey Snow at CSCC 2018 and more ...........Run Times -News In Comics.... – 3:26 – 8:30Green Lantern #1 & #2 by Grant Morrison – 8:30 – 48:26Kasey Snow Interview 2018 CSCC – 48:26 – Sarah from ...…
Join the crew for a deep dive into the wet and wonderfully cheesy world of Aquaman. Discussion includes such strange and fun topics as the divine right of kings, the need for a mediator between worlds, and the alcoholic beverages that we wish we had drank while watching this movie. Plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more! Ou ...…
Join the crew for a deep dive into the wet and wonderfully cheesy world of Aquaman. Discussion includes such strange and fun topics as the divine right of kings, the need for a mediator between worlds, and the alcoholic beverages that we wish we had drank while watching this movie. Plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more! Ou ...…
Heroes #287 (Wednesday January 9th, 2019) with Coy Jandreau, Amy Dallen And Trevor Stines1. Into the Spider-Verse wins the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.2. Captain Marvel Trailer/Behind the Scenes/Tickets on Sale: Countdown to March Starts Now3. Bunch of new interviews and features like Perri’s here.4. Tiny First Look at HBO’s Watchmen ...…
We follow up our episode on weird fiction comics with an examination of Hellboy, the 2004 film adaptation of famed comics scribe Mike Mahatmaghandi’s epic. Thrill along with Josh, Ora, and Kyle as Ron Perlman proves himself the most adept of punchmen. Music: ‘Night of Dizzy Spells’ by Eric Skiff.
New Year. Same Queers. Brett and EvilJeff kick off 2019 with the co-creator of the Spider-Man Noir character, and Sr. Editor at Humanoids Publishing, Fabrice Sapolsky! The H1 comics universe is nigh.
In this episode, your hosts dissect and discuss the latest movie to star Marvel's premier webslinger, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! This is a spoiler-heavy episode, so we highly recommend waiting to listen until you've seen the film (and this is one worth checking out!)
It's that time again!!! THE BEST COMICS OF 2018 (ACCORDING TO OUR VOTES AND YOUR POLLS) WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THIS VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF THE TALKING COMICS PODCAST!!!! Welcome one and all to the 7th Annual Talking Comics awards show!!! Come celebrate the best and brightest in all of comic-dom from 2018 and look ahead to what's coming in 2019!! ...…
Join Gene, Jack & Curt as they merge with machines to bring you the Top 5 Cyborgs in Fiction. Part man. Part machine. But, alll of the usual insanity from the Ambassadors you would expect. Tune In, Nerd Out...
This week we talk two marvel returning number ones: Champions and Conan The Barbarian. In Champions #1 the club examines the new team and has high hopes for the far too large team of teen crime fighters. Jason Aaron is back with another fantasy book in Conan, and he wastes no time with violence and action.…
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