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Have you ever have someone say, “I’m gonna tell you something but you can’t tell anyone else...”? Well Kevin Brennan doesn’t believe in that. Kevin believes that if everyone thinks you’re an a**hole, then maybe you should just be that a**hole. Every week, KB gives his truly honest, sometimes abrasive opinion of people, places and things and his producer/co-host Lenny Marcus is there attempting to save Kevin from himself. If you have nothing nice to say, say it on a podcast. Misery Loves Comp ...
FREE Podcast - Justin Paul Abraham is the founder and co-director of Burning Hearts in the UK. He is a popular podcaster, author, missionary and motivational speaker, known for his joyful teachings on the happy gospel, engaging heaven, mystical (contemplative) prayer and KAINOS (new) creation realities. He lives in the UK with his four kids – Josh, Sam, Beth and Oliver with his inspirational wife Rachel Abraham.
The John Maxwell Company provides Executive Leadership training and coaching based on the principles of its founder John C. Maxwell.
~ Brevity is the soul of wit. ~
A Climbers Podcast | In depth conversations with climbers, coaches, and experts about how to become better climbers.
Let’s dive deep into cross border business, Hong Kong banking, Amazon FBA, ICO and more.
Podcast by Shakespeare and Company
The Grey Company (TGC) covers The Lord of the Rings living card game in depth. Each episode delves into a particular subject on the popular game, from deck building and meta-game to specific quest strategies and lore.
Each Tax Credit Tuesday, Novogradac & Company LLP's audio broadcast offers an in-depth weekly look at tax credit topics. A new episode is posted here and on the RSS Feed by 1 p.m. Pacific Time every Tuesday.
Kap & Company
Join award-winning Chicago sportscaster David Kaplan for Kap & Company, which airs weekdays from 9a - Noon CT on ESPN 1000, Chicagoland's Leader in Sports.
Country music star Jake Owen’s high-energy performances have thrilled sold-out audiences everywhere, scoring six Number 1 hits so far. Good Company is his place for laid-back conversations with friends and family about good times, music, and real life— Jake style.
Impolite Company
A weekly politics and religion podcast hosted by Nish Weiseth (Cosmopolitan, The BBC, Deseret News) and Amy Sullivan (TIME Magazine, Yahoo News, NYTimes).It's called Impolite Company because the rules of etiquette say that you're not supposed to talk about either politics or religion in polite company - presumably because those two topics can get people a little riled.But, if this is where being polite has gotten us, it's clearly not working.
In 2008 I started a series of radio shows with fellow Freak and host, Jonny Rock. The original format was based around vinyl. Digital started to creep in, then CD's, then YouTube rips, and so on. But the idea remained the same, that we were sharing our discoveries with an audience. Fast forwarding a couple of years and expanding on the original concept, I will once again be playing dance music that you may or may not have heard, but this time said music will be readily available, if pointed ...
Fast Company
The stories you love, now tuned to your ears.
The Great Lakes Horror Company is a horror and speculative fiction themed podcast with a focus on writers and the written word, founded by members of the Ontario Chapter of the Horror Writers Association and now produced by Expect exciting guests, rotating hosts, interviews, round-table discussions, reviews, news, writing tips and more on this monthly talk show.
Moyers & Company was a weekly hour of compelling and vital conversation about life and the state of American democracy, featuring some of the best thinkers of our time. A range of scholars, artists, activists, scientists, philosophers and newsmakers bring context, insight and meaning to important topics. The series occasionally included Bill Moyers' own timely and penetrating essays on society and government. (2012-2015)
Engaging heaven to change the earth
Under The Puppet is a monthly show that talks to working puppeteers about the art and business of puppetry. Guests will include puppeteers from The Muppets, Sesame Street, The Jim Henson Company and more. The show also covers other forms of puppetry such as marionettes, shadow puppetry and Bunraku . Hosted by puppeteer Grant Baciocco (The Jim Henson Company, Mystery Science Theatre 3000).
CBC Radio's Writers and Company offers an opportunity to explore in depth the lives, thoughts and works of remarkable writers from around the world. Hosted by Eleanor Wachtel.
A podcast for working women hosted by Otegha Uwagba, founder of Women Who and author of modern career guide Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women. Practical advice, fresh ideas, and interviews with smart, successful women – whether you’re just starting out or already have years of experience, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your working life here.
The first 200 days of a startup is where you create the DNA of the company for many years to come. Culture, initial tech decision, first hires, and early customers’ feedback are the elements that either make or break a company. Learn from the founders and follow a startup as it ventures into its first 200 days.
The Rag Company Podcast is all about car care and the auto detailing industry!With DETALKS, the renowned detailing discussion series hosted by Levi Gates, you'll gain insight into the minds of the car care world, ranging all the way from hobbyists & weekend warriors to some of the industry's biggest names on a wide array of topics. In addition to DETALKS, The Rag Company Podcast will also regularly feature new product news, as well as the occasional episode where Levi & Co. gather to just ch ...
PPC is a podcasting service providing insightful conversations with individuals impacting Pakistan in a variety of areas including but not limited to technology, entrepreneurship, social enterprise and literature.
Mindfulness expert and “The Here and Now Habit” author, Hugh Byrne, PhD. explores the power of mindfulness and how to apply this fundamental practice in day to day living – from increasing focus, productivity and creativity in the workplace to enhancing the quality of personal relationships, breaking bad habits, building resilience, and achieving a greater sense of well being. Hugh talks with entrepreneurial and inspiring guests along the way, discussing how they have cultivated mindfulness ...
Latest research from UK universities
Revenue Accelerator is a podcast focused on helping you scale your technology company faster by using industry leading B2B sales growth best practices. Hosted by Gabriel Padva, B2B Sales Expert, each episode offers actionable tips and strategies to help you scale your technology company or an interview with a sales and marketing expert. Inspired and influenced by inside sales best practices from Silicon Valley and beyond. For show notes and links to resources mentioned visit www.revenueaccel ...
Y98's morning show featuring Courtney Landrum, Jen Myers, Kevin "The Intern" and Lance Hildebrand
We help staffing and recruiting companies succeed on the web.Delivering website design, mobile app development, graphic design, branding and marketing strategies - we're ready to get to work for you.
We guide you through the basics of mindful meditation so that you can learn how to tap into it when you need it most.
Crafting Culture is a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs and HR executives create an incredible company culture.
Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find o ...
Topical chat exploring the in's and out's of great skin, the truth on skincare products, latest beauty news and those all important questions for a healthy, happy you. Join Matt, Jan & guests for a regular dose of honest beauty chat.
A business for good is good for business. But what does it really take to build a business that puts people first? What does leadership look like in a 21st century business? Is it possible to exercise compassionate management and embrace collaborative workplace culture while still building a business that’s profitable? Join host Nicole Abboud, a Millennial business owner and former attorney, as she explores a world where businesses are more caring, business leaders are more empowering, and e ...
Hate telemarketing? I am a telephone engineer who builds robots that talk to telemarketers. While entertaining, the goal is to consume telemarketing manpower and disrupt the industry. This podcast is about the bots and this process. The recordings are entertaining, but some of the telemarketers get nasty, so the recordings can be explicit.
Vivian Kane (@viv_kane) and Brock Wilbur (@brockwilbur) navigate a new state and a new state of mind after moving from LA to Kansas City in pursuit of... a lot of things. Cool people doing cool things come to talk and we all find the happiness we deserve (or at least get some drinks in us.) [Show art by Cutestreak Designs. Theme song by Paul Fraser.]
In Mixed Company
One's Company
Situation comedies will never be the same. This is a musical sitcom about a guy talking to himself in his apartment.
Kelly and Company
Kelly and Company is AMI-audio’s daily live afternoon program. Listen for interviews and discussion about arts, entertainment and lifestyle information directly affecting the blind and partially sighted community. Contributors from across the country share information on everything from parenting and finance to fashion and gaming. Plus, catch live performances from Canadian musicians, comedians and actors.
Personalized one to one coaching and group training in acting, voice over, modeling, and public speaking.
Eavesdrop as Kai, Karinna, and Simeon bring the silo’d and uncomfortable conversations about diversity & inclusion in the workplace to the forefront, so everyone can participate. They'll say all the things you never hear in mixed company. Send advice, questions, share stories (good or bad) and suggestions at
Bill Sims Jr. discusses behavior-based recognition and provides insights and examples for how to achieve lasting behavior change in the workplace.
BE Culture Radio is the ultimate resource for any Startup, Established Company, or Small Business to get the most disruptive and insightful ideas and strategies on how to create a dynamic company culture and office environment. You will hear from notable CEO's, Game Changing Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts, Disruptive Architect and Design Leaders, and Award Winning Authors as they tackle the topic of Company Culture and how it relates to building a successful business!
In Good Company
A leading provider of enterprise cloud applications, Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest organizations.
The Grow Your Moving Company podcast showcases successful moving companies from around the world and offers valuable insights on increasing revenue and operating efficiency. We aim to help the independent mover dominate their local market.
Alternatives for a Distressed Company in Apparel and Retail: A Discussion on Strategies and Tips for a Successful Turnaround, Financing and Sale.The process of bidding for, financing and acquiring distressed companies in the Apparel and Retail space is competitive and complex. The panel will address the strategies and tips for success from the perspectives of an investment banker, a deal and bankruptcy lawyer, a turnaround executive, a lender and a tax accountant.
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Fresh message! Saturated with revelation and presence. We are all being called to join the upward flow of grace into the Above Divine Government, to be clothed in authority, take our place, working alongside angelic beings and learning partnership with the Saints and Councils. We highly recommend this teaching, it contains much joy and hope. Re ...…
Carmen and Jurko sit in for Kap and talk with Jesse Rogers and Tom Waddle.
Carmen and Jurko sit in for Kap and talk with Troy Murray.
Carmen and Jurko sit in for Kap and talk about the Cubs win last night in Arizona. They also play Shot or No Shot.
Chris and Perry discuss being busy - everyone is so busy. But are they? Being busy and being productive are not the same.
Here are today's Schmigs and our Celebrity Birthday Game!
Tim has more "Things You Didn't Know" to get your day going.
Fame and authenticity don’t always go hand in hand. We’d love to believe that in climbing they always do, but that just isn’t the case. As someone who makes their living in a very public way within the climbing industry, I’m hyper aware of my own authenticity, and I watch other public figures in our tiny sphere to see how they navigate. Because ...…
The scariest disease our pets can get is rabies, and our veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Jongkind discusses the fears around it. It’s time to get groovin’ again! Chyvonne Emile gives us the best reasons to use Jazz Dance as a work out! We speak with Greg David, marketing and communications specialist with AMI about the baseball game tonight that’ll ...…
Tom Dekker highlights all the latest Apple releases, including the three new iPhones, and the redesigned Apple Watch with health benefits.By (Accessible Media Inc).
Freelance journalist Meagan Gillmore fills us in on the Ontario Human Rights Commission's most recent policy on accessible education for students with disabilities.By (Accessible Media Inc).
St. John’s Community Reporter Kim Thistle Murphy tells us about a unique culinary experience on the scenic Manuels River trails.By (Accessible Media Inc).
We speak with Greg David, marketing and communications specialist with AMI about the baseball game tonight that’ll be broadcast between the Jays and Oriels as Baltimore wears their braille jerseys!By (Accessible Media Inc).
It’s time to get groovin’ again! Chyvonne Emile gives us the best reasons to use Jazz Dance as a work out!By (Accessible Media Inc).
The scariest disease our pets can get is rabies, and our veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Jongkind discusses the fears around it.By (Accessible Media Inc).
Shana Cooper directed Taming of the Shrew at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival this summer, a production that received rave reviews from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Shana, an assistant professor at Northwestern University, discusses how she made this troublesome play work in our slightly more enlightened (hopefully) and ...…
In this week’s Tax Credit Tuesday Podcast, Michael J. Novogradac, CPA, talks more about Tax Reform 2.0 [1:56], the confirmation of new IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig [5:09], as well as progress toward opportunity zones regulations [6:01]. Next, he talks about the national volume cap report for private-activity bonds. He closes with Ohio state ...…
David Kaplan talks with Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo after the big win last night in Arizona.
David Kaplan talks with Dan Wiederer from The Chicago Tribune and Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo.
David Kaplan talks with Bears TE Trey Burton about last night's win over Seattle, his touchdown catch, watching the Bears defense and looking ahead at the Cardinals.
David Kaplan talks with Bears TE Trey Burton after the big win on Monday Night Football against the Seahawks.
David Kaplan reacts to the Bears win over the Seahawks on Monday Night Football last night.
Here are today's Schmigs and our Celebrity Birthday Game.
Jake's good friends tell their incredible story that took them from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Through it all their ability to focus on the positive is something we can all learn from.
We put Kevin's wife to the test again... This time in giving GRADES to certain things Kevin does in their relationship.
Today’s show is a different style – we are taking small clips of various team members and going “Behind the scenes” at GFA to see who is doing what and what we are really working on all day. We are fully online – and it is an amazing thing that made my move from China to Thailand a lot less stressful – at least business wise. So let’s celebrate ...…
The air’s getting chillier, and Gardener Susan Kearney helps us tuck our gardens in for a long winter’s nap. Film Critic Michael McNeely joins us for final thoughts on the Toronto International Film Festival. We find out what made an impression in 2018. AMI’s Shelby Travers previews what’s coming up on tonight’s episode of AMI This Week; she hi ...…
Danielle McLaughlin discusses whether there is a difference between a religion and a cult, highlighting a group called NXIVM.By (Accessible Media Inc).
AMI Editor Mark Phoenix joins us for our monthly Voices segment, where we connect about our passions and interests.By (Accessible Media Inc).
Greg David visits the studio to chat about tonight's Emmy'sBy (Accessible Media Inc).
AMI Presenter Shelby Travers previews what’s coming up on tonight’s episode of AMI This Week; she highlights the Summer Smash event.By (Accessible Media Inc).
Film Critic Michael McNeely joins us for final thoughts on the Toronto International Film Festival. We find out what made an impression in 2018.By (Accessible Media Inc).
The air’s getting chillier, and Gardener Susan Kearney helps us tuck our gardens in for a long winter’s nap.By (Accessible Media Inc).
We Are Next is an open resource for students and jr. talent beginning their careers in advertising and marketing. Its' founder, Natalie Kim, joins us for a mashup episode.
David Kaplan and Jordan Cornette talk with Adam Schefter and Jeff Dickerson.
David Kaplan and Jordan Cornette talk about what they will see from Mitch Trubisky tonight against the Seahawks. They also talk with Jesse Rogers.
This month’s episode features fashion journalist and influencer Katherine Ormerod. Tune in to discover the highs and lows of working in the fashion industry, the various routes of making money from social media, and the not-so-glamorous side of being an influencer. Plus - advice on how to deal with a colleague who keeps undermining you on accou ...…
David Kaplan and Jordan Cornette talk about Week 2 in the NFL and preview the Bears vs. Seahawks game tonight. They also play Shot or No Shot.
Enjoy today's Schmigs and our Celebrity Birthday Game.
See if you can get 3 in a Row like our winner William today.
Anthony is back from his SoCal adventure, Dane went to a birthday party and Levi brought the Master of Shine back out of retirement! _____________________________ WATCH THIS EPISODE: _____________________________ JOIN THE CLUB: ...…
David Duryee has spent decades helping moving companies manage their finances and succeed. In this episode he talks about the basic numbers movers need to know, as well as industry standard ratios that help movers lead their companies to success.
Lisa and Karly talk all things visibility. This deep dive covers big ground; from being vulnerable, to what people are looking for in their social media feeds, to the language of sharing, to the many ways different in which you can show up and speak up. Today Lisa and Karly explore, with their customary authenticity; being visible, vulnerable a ...…
The English novelist and journalist talks to Eleanor Wachtel from his home in Bangkok about drawing inspiration from his nomadic lifestyle, and reinventing a literary icon in his new book, 'Only to Sleep: A Philip Marlowe Novel.'
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