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The Bad Boy of Erotica, Nah'Sun the Great, delivers the undisputed #1 podcast for Swingers and relationships beyond the Lifestyle. You'll laugh, smile, frown, and might even hate some of the words you'll hear as you tune in, but one thing's for sure and two thing's for certain, you'll enjoy every second of the in-your-face edu-tainment value that your soon-to-be favorite author brings to the table. So subscribe, share, like, rate, review and leave a comment whether you love or hate the show, ...
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Getting in where you fit in when everyone turns their back on youBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
A major violation @ Swing partiesBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Get all the cracks and crevices when you shower and take hoe bathsBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
When perpetrating the fraud goes wrongBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Knocking the hustle when the hustle affects allBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Unless you wanna smash everything movingBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
When social media becomes the new diaryBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
She caught the holy ghost after tasting the forbidden fruitBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The tale of a rim job that needs to be set straight...pun intendedBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Guys falling for thirst traps to get curvedBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
When guys master the art of the 52 fake outBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Showing her who's the real bedroom bullyBy Itz Nah'Sun.
When men wage war and fight to the death over the bootyBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Respect the hustle (only if it's done right)By Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Confidence in the light is insecurities in the darkBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Some people would do anything for a crack @ an American citizenshipBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Signs that will let you know she's a bugged out chickBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Domestic deputes between couples @ Swing partiesBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Comedian Mark Curry from TV show Hangin' With Mr. Cooper did NOT have an after party, but we DID!!!By Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The continuation of Part 1 of this episodeBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
When hubby puts his wife on lockdownBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Party favors @ a Summer event in New JerseyBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Keeping the air of mystique to maintain interestBy Itz Nah'Sun.
Cash Rules Everything Around Me....CREAM! Get the money...dollar dollar bill yaaaaaaaww!By Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
It's not what you's what you THINK you're going to get @ a Swing partyBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
It's time to find out whether the Lifestyle has changed for the worseBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The "uh oh" moment that every man fearsBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Something separates men from womenBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Getting something other than her phone number to communicate might be more helpfulBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
A submissive hangs out with me pool side to speak about her BDSM experience that started as early as grade schoolBy Itz Nah'Sun.
Rick Nasty from Nasty Media Group drops jewels about the come up in the porn biz...pun intendedBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Clown shit that couples doBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Maybe it's because you smell like you gave up on lifeBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Showing you the true meaning of "rise and grind"By Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The art of valuing your manhood when she bluffsBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The question that broke muthafuckas askBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
What happens when you like someone and they're not digging you?By Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Interview with one of the premier sex toy vendors in the Swing Lifestyle; check her out @ Itz Nah'Sun.
Things that men should and should NOT do when engaging with the opposite sexBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Getting our shit off on the bum seats of the F Train in the NYC subwayBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Blue Balls in NOT an STD that a chick gives youBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The smoke and mirrors commonly known to the world as FakeBookBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The cheat code to save a little dough while setting up your own cool tableBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
When my crush on the neighborhood mail lady comes to lifeBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
Views that society have about SwingersBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
The moment of truth that every man don't want to faceBy Itz Nah'Sun Baby.
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