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Creflo Dollar's revolutionary teaching, Favor Revealed by the Cross, reveals the two aspects of Jesus' ministry. Many of the things Jesus said were directed toward the Jews, who were subject to the Law at the time. However, the second part of His ministry focused on the freedom we would all experience in the new covenant after His death. Be free because Jesus never intended a Christian to strive to live by law!
Charis Podcast
Discover Your Destiny. Prepare To Live It.
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Music News and the Bible discusses all genres of music, artists and their performances, from a Biblical perspective. Our goal is to help Christians think rightly about their music choices and the artist they love and listen to.
Prophetic News
Prophetic News is a Christian radio program lifting up the gospel of Jesus Christ. Exposing errors in the church, false prophets,and false teachers, all leading up to the great apostasy and the coming of the Antichrist.We will discuss how some so called ministries pimp for money, selling out Jesus, manipulating people for their own greedy motives. We want to teach people to give out of love and not out of selfishness. We hope to see the witchcraft and miracle selling used on so called "Chris ...
Creflo Dollar is the founder and senior pastor of World Changers Church International (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia, which serves nearly 30,000 members; World Changers Church-New York, which hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week; and a host of satellite churches, located in Los Angeles, California; Indianapolis, Indiana; Washington, D.C.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Dallas and Houston, Texas; and Carrollton, Norcross, Macon, and Marietta, Georgia. As mandated by God, Creflo Dollar’ ...
David Robertson discusses faith, culture and politics.
Radio Shows for The All Digital Radio Network
A weekly teaching from Charis New Testament Chruch:We teach the good news of Jesus and the abundance of His Grace and Favor, that he has manifested to humanity. You will be uplifed and edified through the new creation realites found in Christ. We invite you to feast on the love of Jesus, without the bitter aftertaste of religion.
Your weekly podcast bringing Scripture to bear on the issues, news, and politics of the firearm culture in the United States.
Remedy Life Church
Be sure to check out our Remedy Archives podcast also! Remedy is a friendly environment with messages relevant to everyday life. It is designed with the un-churched in mind and is a place that you will want to bring your family and friends. Check out our archives podcast for older messages. Find the link on
Our purpose is to empower those in the Black community to think about our role and responsibility to ourselves, families, communities and future.
Exit Churchianity
The Exit Churchianity podcast features Biblical teaching and addresses issues of concern in the body of Christ on a wide range of topics.
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New Age lies of the devil---Previously recorded--Jackie Alnor of The Scattered Sheep Report on Rapture Ready Radio is my guest. Jackie is a journalist and apologist .She has done extensive research into the false teachings and movements that plague the church today.
Dr Denis Mugwabe - Brexit - Dennis Skinner - Censorship and Hate Speech – ...…
#5 of 5. Out of over 100 messages, these are my Top 5 messages on "Finding your Kingdom Purpose". This one is by Myles Munroe taken from a series "Kingdom Living". From 2 separate messages "What is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God" and "Serve your Gift to the world."
Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church recently made national headlines a couple of weeks ago when he allowed members to freely take money from offering baskets during a worship service. This week he made news again after gifting his wife a $200K Lamborghini vehicle and she gifted him a $4K Rolex watch. This has come across as hypocritical to so ...…
Prophetic News,Judy Jacobs,Pimp Preacher,Hireling,and false prophetess. She sells Jesus and His miracle working power!
1) France and the Macron Riots - 2) The EU – Andalusia and Italy - The EU in the UK – . 3) UN Migration Co ...…
The Advent Season has arrived and while many are preparing and planning for Christmas day, as believers we should use this time to reflect on the reason for that day of celebration. I have much to reflect upon this advent season and will share some of those reflections as well as my thoughts on some of the Christian news of the day.…
Forty years ago Jim Jones led over 900 people to commit suicide by drinking cyanide based kool-aide. Jonestown Cult Survivor testimony with Laura Johnston Kohl previously recorded Beware of False Prophets lest they devour you! Put your trust in Jesus, not in flesh.
The CIA claims that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. The Donald disagrees. What does this mean for the USA, Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration? Has a sitting US President ever openly rejected public intelligence from the CIA? CALL 619-638-8559 this Friday 11/30 at 9:00 PM. Last Frida ...…
China - Taiwan – Rejects SSM - Christmas – a)Brunei - ...…
#4 of 5. Out of over 100 messages, these are my Top 5 messages on "Finding your Kingdom Purpose". This one is by Curry Blake taken from a series he did at a Pastor Conference in South Africa. The Series called "Co-workers with God" and the "Master's Design" set.
Prophetic News-Alice Bailey, Blavatsky,Marilyn Ferguson, and their New Age Teachings, Have these teachings infiltrated the church to help to destroy or water down sound doctrine? Students of the dark side of evil, but we win in Jesus name!!! Nothing can seperate us from the love of God.
St Helens Bishopgates and Bible studies in the City with William Taylor - Pastor Michael Vitch in Scottish Parliament. - Islamic Prayer in ...…
#3 of 5. Out of over 100 messages, these are my Top 5 messages on "Finding your Kingdom Purpose". This one is by Peter Yongren, sharing it with his partners and congregation.
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