Best New Books podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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The Guardian Books podcast is our weekly look at the world of books, poetry and great writing presented by Claire Armitstead, Richard Lea, & Sian Cain. With in-depth interviews with leading authors and investigations into the thematic trends in contemporary writing, this is the perfect book worm’s companion
A monthly reading and conversation with the New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman.
Readings and conversation with The New Yorker's poetry editor, Kevin Young.
A Way with Words is a fun and funny radio show and podcast about language. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers from around the world about linguistics, slang, new words, jokes, riddles, word games, grammar, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, books, literature, folklore, and speaking and writing well. Email your language questions for the show to Or call with your questions toll-free *any* time in the U.S. and Can ...
Overdue is a podcast about the books you've been meaning to read. Join Andrew and Craig each week as they tackle a new title from their backlog. Classic literature, obscure plays, goofy murder mysteries: they'll read it all, one overdue book at a time.
Helping Writers Become Authors provides writers help in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, outlining and structuring novels, and polishing prose. Learn how to write a book and edit it into a story agents will buy and readers will love. (Music intro by Kevin MacLeod.)
Book Cheat
The book club podcast where Dave Warneke has read the book so you don't have to. Each episode Dave tells two special guests all about a classic novel or play, and by the end of the show, both you and they can pretend you've read it. From Austen to Tolstoy, Shakespeare to Hemingway... Devour a classic in a single sitting.
New Books Network
Podcasts with Authors about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Critical Theory about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Intellectual History about their New Books
The New York Public Library’s podcast about books, culture, and what to read next.
Why do people keep resisting new things? That’s the question Pessimists Archive tries to answer. In each episode, we travel back in time to the moment that a new technology or innovation was introduced—something that today we think of as totally commonplace!—and we explore why everyone was freaking out about it. Our hope is this: By seeing how repetitive and often silly yesterday's fears were, we can begin to defang today’s fears as well.Pessimists Archive is hosted by Jason Feifer. Follow u ...
Interviews with Psychologists about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Psychoanalysis about their New Books
All the Books!
All the Books! is a weekly show of recommendations and enthusiasm regarding the week's new book releases.
Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring discuss the classic Baby-Sitters Club novels of Ann M. Martin in chronological order. Get ready to look with new eyes at the timeless adventures of Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and I guess Dawn. And probably Mallory too. Fine, and Jessi.
Interviews with Mathematicians about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Gender about their New Books
Interviews with Economists about their New Books
Comedian Sara Pascoe turns her attention to things that really matter to humans – sex, power and money. In this podcast series, Sara interviews people who have experience around sex work, stripping and porn. As an accompaniment to her book Sex Power Money, this series allows people who are so often talked about to speak for themselves, as well as exploring the history of whore stigma, the ramifications of our current laws around selling sex and the overt racism found in porn.Sara Pascoe is a ...
Interviews with Scholars of Islam about their New Books
Reading Women
Reading Women releases new episodes every Wednesday. Each month features two episodes on the same theme—one highlighting a range of titles and one discussing two titles more in depth—and two author interviews with talented women writers whose work we’ve loved.
Interviews with Scholars of Russia and Eurasia about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of the Middle East about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Genocide about their New Books
Oprah Winfrey and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, present their 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.”
Interviews with Scholars of Public Policy about their New Books
A book on improving eloquence, proficiency and grammar in everyday communication. ‘How to Speak and Write Correctly’ is not a manual of the styles to use in speaking and writing, nor is it a manual for grammar. It is a simple, useful book for helping ordinary people in effective communication. It lays down and explains broad rules of communication, further giving useful tips for effective communication. The book also lists common mistakes in communication and offers suggestions on how best t ...
A happy, hippie place where Magick with a "K" meets The Law Of Attraction.
Interviews with Biblical Scholars about their New Books
Interview with Scholar of Judaism about their New Books
Interviews with Spiritual Practitioners about their New Books
Interviews with Authors about their New Books
Another GREAT SHOW via Law of Attraction Radio Network - Law of Attraction Talk Radio is where Science merges with spirituality and metaphysics as we explore the Universal Law of Attraction. Join as we talk to the experts on how to create the life we have always wanted through Conscious Creation, Deliberate Creation, Self-Improvement and Self-powerment. We can experience miracles through listening to positive and inspirational radio that keeps you plugged into the ...
Interviews with Scholars of National Security about their New Books
It takes years for a Broadway musical to hit the stage, but on OFF BOOK: The Improvised Musical, you get a brand new original musical every week! Each episode, Jessica McKenna, Zach Reino and a special guest create a new musical on the spot. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF for 1 month free (and $5 off the annual plan!).
The Tolkien Professor podcast is a series of lectures, discussions, and seminars on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien by Corey Olsen, Assistant Professor of English at Washington College in Maryland. Find me on Facebook at "The Tolkien Professor," on Twitter at @tolkienprof, or at my website at I have also begun a grand new venture: the Mythgard Institute, offering courses on Tolkien studies for credit at the MA level, or just for fun! Join us at
The Creative Writers Toolbelt gives practical accessible advice and encouragement to Creative writers.Each episode explores an aspect of creative writing technique, with examples, allowing you to apply what you learn immediately to your writing. We also throw in the occasional interview with writers and other artists, exploring their wisdom on subjects like story, style, character and the writing process
Interviews with Scholars of Language about their New Books
Interview with Scholars of Latin America about their New Books
New podcast weblog
Interviews with Scholars of African America about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Science, Technology, and Society about their New Books
Interviews with Biographers about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Religion about their New Books
Interviews with Writers about their New Books
Interviews with Scholars of Europe about their New Books
The VINTAGE Podcast is a weekly books podcast, released every Sunday, hosted by Leena Norms. Author interviews, book news and discussions on subjects ranging from literary fiction to graphic novels, cookery to crime fiction, history and travel to biography and poetry. It comes from the publishers of Jo Nesbo, Nigella Lawson, Irvine Welsh, Haruki Murakami, Ian McEwan, Joe Sacco, Anne Enright, Mark Haddon and more. #VINTAGEPodcast
Interviews with Scholars of Buddhism about their New Books
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The enterprise of journalism is in crisis. Today’s journalists face accusations of “fake news” on the one hand, and harassment, arrest, and even the murder of reporters on the other. At the same time, we who rely on journalists for information, are constantly bombarded by breaking news. Confronted by video and print updates in real time, it is ...…
Philosophy of Language was a central concern in classical Indian Philosophy. Philosophers in the tradition discussed testimony, pragmatics, and the religious implications of language, among other topics. In his new book, Language, Meaning, and Use in Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Mukula's 'Fundamentals of the Communicative Function'(Blo ...…
How are notions of justice and equality constructed in Islamic virtue ethics (akhlaq)? How are Islamic virtue ethics gendered, despite their venture into perennial concerns of how best to live a good and ethical life? These are the questions that Zahra Ayubi, an assistant professor of religion at Dartmouth college, examines in her new book Gend ...…
Drawing on the author’s deep knowledge of classical literature, Deborah L. Davitt’s book of poetry The Gates of Never (Finishing Line Press, 2018) explores the intersections of myth, science, and humanity through her beautifully accessible poems, reflecting a variety of forms and linguistic styles. These poems morph between being moving, irreve ...…
What makes some people aid the persecuted while others just stand by? Questions about rescue and resistance have been fundamental to the field of genocide studies since its inception. Mark Roseman offers a sophisticated and deeply human exploration of this question in his new book Lives Reclaimed: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi German ...…
How have memes changed politics? In Internet Memes and Society: Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts(Routledge, 2019), Anastasia Denisova, a lecturer in journalism at the University of Westminster, gives both a history of internet memes as well as an analysis of key case studies of their impact on politics and society. Offering a rich and d ...…
In the summer of 1928, William Alexander Scott began a small four-page weekly with the help of his brother Cornelius. By 1932 the Atlanta World had become a daily paper and the basis of Scott's vision for a massive Southern newspaper chain - the Southern Newspaper Syndicate, later renamed as the Scott Newspaper Syndicate. At its peak, more than ...…
Not a lot of authors go from spending their early twenties homeless and addicted to cocaine to becoming one of the world’s leading researchers on the neuroscience of addiction. But Dr. Judith Grisel, in her new book Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction (Doubleday, 2019), uses her personal story to illuminate the ways in wh ...…
Putting premodern theology and poetry in dialogue with contemporary theory and politics, Queer Faith: Reading Promiscuity and Race in the Secular Love Tradition (NYU Press, 2019) reassess the commonplace view that a modern veneration of sexual monogamy and fidelity finds its roots in Protestant thought. What if this narrative of “history and tr ...…
In his recent exposé, McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality (Repeater Books, 2019), Ronald Purser Ph.D. takes a hard look at the mindfulness movement that has taken society by storm. Purser opens the book by questioning elements of the movement that have lead to its success: its scientific credibility, its secula ...…
Sara Georgini is a historian and series editor for The Papers of John Adams at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Household Gods: The Religious Lives of the Adams Family (Oxford University Press, 2019) is a family biography that explores the Christian republicanism of John and Abigail Adams and how it shaped their view of the origins and des ...…
In Matthew, Disciple and Scribe(Baker Academic, 2019), Patrick Schreiner provides a fresh look at the Gospel of Matthew, highlighting the unique contribution Matthew's rich and multilayered portrait of Jesus makes to understanding the connection between the Old and New Testaments. Drawing from Matthew 13:52, Schreiner understands the author of ...…
Bryan Jones, Sean Theriault, and Michelle Whyman are out with a big book on with a provocative thesis. In The Great Broadening: How the Vast Expansion of the Policymaking Agenda Transformed American Politics (University of Chicago Press, 2019), the authors argue that there are dimensions to the broadening of the US federal government into new a ...…
This week, Liberty and María Cristina discuss Chilling Effect, Bloodlust & Bonnets, Red at the Bone, and more great books. This episode was sponsored by the Hot and Bothered Podcast; Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika and Maritza Moulite; and ThirdLove. Pick up an All the Books! 200th episode commemorative item here. Subscribe to All the Books! u ...…
Miroslava Chávez-García is the author of Migrant Longing: Letter Writing across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2018. Migrant Longing is a history of migration, courtship, and identity across the U.S.-Mexican border, documenting the intimate lives of ordinary migrants and immigrants. Drawing o ...…
What happens when a Kleinian and Lacanian have a committed, generous, and accessible conversation about the commonalities and differences between their psychoanalytic perspectives? In this special, two-part interview, host Jordan Osserman joins authors Amy Allen, a prominent representative of Frankfurt School critical theory with expertise on K ...…
Our guest today is Al Posamentier, the lead author of Tools to Help Your Children Learn Math (WSPC, 2019). Helping your children with math is one of the most important things a parent can do to further their children’s educational progress, and Al has teamed with other math educators, psychologists, and counselors to write a book which many wil ...…
Thanks to out guests: Helen Lewis: Sanne Vliegenthart: Jessica Graham from Primrose Hill Bookshop: Follow us on twitter: Sign up to our bookish newsletter to hear all about our new releases, see exclusive extracts and win pr ...…
Joy McCann discusses the great circumpolar ocean that surrounds Antarctica. McCann is the author of Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean (University of New South Wales Press, 2018). She is a historian at the Centre for Environmental History at Australian National University. Flowing completely around the Earth and unimpeded by any landmass ...…
I spoke with James C. W. Ahiakpor, he is Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, at California State University, East Bay, USA. We discussed his new book Macroeconomics without the Errors of Keynes: The Quantity Theory of Money, Saving, and Policy (Routledge, 2019) A provocative title for a very original book that is a critique not only of ...…
THANK YOU for joining me for episode 415 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age. - SiGN UP for THE DREAM TEAM on Patreon to get one 60 minute coaching call with me & a mid-month group mastermind meetup + all the content I'm creating over there for every tier. - TO LiSTEN : Witch by Tigernite - TO READ : Autumn Reading List in Show Notes... http ...…
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