Best Crime Fiction podcasts we could find (Updated October 2018)
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Crime Time is a weekly podcast discussing all things crime fiction!Join us, Lee and Eddie, as we try to solve mysteries, share our favourite detection selections, and guess along as we try to answer the age old question: “Whodunnit?”
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show series This week Lee and Eddie are off to the movies to see A Simple Favour! Lee is wild to know where Sammy Went in The Nowhere Child (landed it!), and Eddie is pretty sure ghost tours are a dangerous idea. Will Lee get eaten by a ghost? Will Eddie ever ...… Oh dang, Lee and Eddie! Back at it again with those excellent podcasts! This week Lee is reviewing a new take on a classic with The Woman in the Window, and Eddie is not sure if she enjoyed the Gothic classic, The Monk. Should she have left it… UNFINISH ...… Lee’s been reading some proper classics this episode! That’s right, it’s time for Agatha Christie! Eddie’s having some Eurasian feels about Dragon Springs Road, and have any of you heard about this Stephen King guy? Eddie reckons he might just be a on ...… Oh dang, Eddie’s been scribbling on all her books and other people have feelings about it! Tell us your feelings! Ten bucks says Eddie’s about to get disowned. #unpopularopinions Lee is living their best life, reading a book every ten seconds. ...… Lee and Eddie are back on their bullshit! That’s right, we couldn’t stay away! Eddie has finally defeated the giant bird that follows her everywhere she goes, and Lee has finally convinced Eddie that the bird isn’t real (or is it?). In this episode Lee rev ...… What’s that? You’re missing your absolute faves, Lee and Eddie? Well they’re back with a whole new episode full of great fiction, terrifying films, and horrific TV show pitches. Lee is back on Helen Callaghan’s oeuvre with a glowing review of ...… Did you miss us? We sure missed you! So to celebrate how much we love all of you, here’s a brand spanking new episode! Lee is reading up on liars this week (watch out Eddie!), with reviews of The Liar’s Girl, and Everything is Lies. Eddie’s Netfl ...… Eddie’s back on the metafiction, and just won’t stop insisting that Italo Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler is so cheeky it’s a crime. Lee has your back, and brings the goods with a review of K.L. Slater’s Liar. Lee and Eddie talk their mos ...… Lee and Eddie take a moment to pay their respects to the one and only Sue Grafton, who sadly passed away late last year. Without her amazing work this podcast would probably never have been made, and we wanted to share some of our favourite moments ...… They’re heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! That’s right, Lee and Eddie wouldn’t leave you hanging for the holiday season! The last episode of the year has arrived, and it is truly a gift! Lee reviews Laura Marshall’s chilling Friend Request while Eddie just pal ...… Oh dang! Guess who’s back? It’s your absolute faves, Lee and Eddie! This week’s episode sees the return of Sexy or Scary, Lee gets chills from Audible’s Thriller of the Year, and Eddie charts the recline of cinema! So get comfortable (bu ...… What’s that you say? An Australian Crime Fiction Extravaganza? That’s amazing! This week, Lee and Eddie are listing off some of their fave Aussie crime fiction! So take a seat, get comfortable, or start folding the washing and get ready to hear an absolu ...… This week Lee is doing all the reading while Eddie just watches movies all day and complains about the weather. On Lee’s massive reading list this week (show off) is Michelle Richmond’s The Marriage Pact, and Kristen Lepionka’s The Last Pl ...… This week Lee and Eddie are off to the movies! Stephen King’s IT has finally hit the theatres, and Lee is all set, popcorn in hand! Eddie is hiding behind her chair, but that’s pretty much par for the course! To celebrate the release of this remake featuring the most ...… Lee and Eddie have finally fought back the furious Technical Problems Monster to bring you the very best of episodes! That’s right, this week Lee and Eddie are at the movies again (lazy bums!), Lee’s reading Shari Lapena’s A Stranger in the Hou ...… Lee’s been scarred for life by Resident Evil: Biohazard, Eddie’s been scarred for life by hearing about Resident Evil: Biohazard, and here’s hoping you find it at least intriguing, if not entirely face melting. Eddie reviews Stephen Fry’s ...… Eddie’s back on the books from last century with a review of Patrick Süskind’s Perfume: The story of a murderer, Lee’s still firmly in this decade with Kylie Ladd’s The Way Back, and they both attempt to plot the perfect crime (fiction). Tell us ...… Lee and Eddie have swapped centuries! That’s right, Eddie’s reviewing a book that came out this month, and Lee somehow picked up a book older than their iPhone! What will this strange occurrence mean for the world? Will Eddie stop being such a theory obses ...… In today’s episode, Lee and Eddie revisit the wonderful Sue Grafton, Eddie goes to the movies to see a film about an infant chauffeur (and forgets Edgar Wright’s name), and they talk more about what makes great trash. Will Lee admit that they stole the Bo ...… Lee gets acquainted with DCI Tom Douglas (out of order, as usual!), Eddie reviews a book published half a century ago (can she get any more insufferable? Spoiler warning: yes), and they are both reminded that the ocean is a terrifying place ...… Lee finds it hard to suspend disbelief with Andrew Pyper’s latest work, Eddie is absolutely blown away by Ryan Griffen’s Cleverman, and they both try to solve the mystery plaguing the internet. Is elusive Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto a ghost, or ...… Eddie spent the past week trying (and failing) to figure out PD James’ Death of an Expert Witness, Lee takes a trip down non-linear memory lane with Megan Miranda’s All the Missing Girls, and they try to figure out whether Patricia Corwell’s Kay ...… Eddie has the flu! That’s right, Lee is risking life and limb by sitting anywhere near the cloud of germs that is Eddie right now. You could say that Eddie is at the centre of The Dead Zone! Or maybe that’s what Lee’s reading this week… Eddie binge ...… This week Lee and Eddie are haunted by the spectral, the spooky, and the downright scary! That’s right, it’s time for Crime Time’s super scary ghost spook-tacular! Discover the haunting truth about Lee’s love of ghost stories, scream in fear as Eddie reveals her abilitie ...… Lee and Eddie are off to the movies this week! In separate cars! To separate cinemas! To see separate films! No big deal. Lee wandered in to see Wonder Woman, and Eddie was caught of guard by the Guardians of the Galaxy! Eddie stil ...… This week Lee’s sick and Eddie’s tipsy, but the books are great and the banter is even better! Lee reviews The Blue Pool by Siobhan MacDonald, Eddie asks the hard hitting questions, like would you kiss a vampire? The water theme continues with b ...… Eddie should be doing her work, but instead she’s read the entire Percy Jackson series! Lee wants to move to Gotham, Eddie would prefer Metropolis, but they might both end up in Dead Europe! In a special Lee vs Eddie edition of Crime Time, we’ ...… This week Lee and a very quiet Eddie (she set the microphone up wrong, sorry!) discuss some deal breakers when picking up a new book. They’ve both been to the movies to see Personal Shopper, and Eddie tries to make the segment “scree ...… This week Lee and Eddie debate Aliens vs Ghosts, talk fave episodes of The X-Files, Lee still won’t stop talking about Stephen King (who could blame them), and they discover that there are other Crime Fiction podcasts in the world. Who would have thought it! I ...… Lee scales the mountainous Thin Air by Michele Paver, Eddie can’t stop reading verse novels and chases Lee around with a copy of The Monkey’s Mask by Dorothy Porter, and is gore and extreme violence always essential in Crime, Thriller, Horror, and ...… Ever wonder what connection a lost cat, an electric monk, and a couch jammed in a stairwell might have? Well neither has Eddie, but she’s about to! Ever wonder if things are not quite what they seem? Lee does all the time, but then she read ...… Lee and Eddie are back with a whole new episode to knock your socks off! Where have they been, you may ask? Out finding the best Crime, Thriller, Horror, and Mystery Fiction, that’s where! (Also, Eddie got stuck in a public toilet for a week, don’t as ...… Eddie has finally got her hands on a copy of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon (despite the best efforts of the illuminati to prevent her from reading it), Lee is drawn into some international family intrigue by Tom Rob Smith, and philosophical shit hits ...… This week Lee talks The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen, who Eddie could swear she’s met before, Hanna Winter doesn’t leave Eddie in discontent (that’s a Shakespeare ref right there, who says we aren’t highbrow), and they share Crime Time’s current to read lis ...… Lee and Eddie are back to their constant bickering over which one of them Stephen King might adopt and who’s allowed to make edits (and when). Lee (who Stephen King would totally adopt if Eddie weren’t the obviously better choice), gets in some sucking up ...… Lee and Eddie are back with a whole new season of Crime Time Podcast! That’s right, Since neither can count past fifty-five the counter has been reset, and we begin anew! Starting strong this new year Lee has raced ahead of notoriously friendless bookwo ...… Lee and Eddie are full of suggestions to get you through this holiday season! Need a gift for an Agatha Christie fan? Check out Kristel Thornell’s On the Blue Train! Need something to listen to over this festive season? Run out of Crime Time? Check ...… It’s episode 54, and your intrepid hosts are off to the movies, with a review of Arrival! Lee revisits Andrew Pyper with The Demonologist, and Eddie may want your love, and your revenge, but doesn’t want your bad romance! (Rah-rah-Oooh-la-la) Would you like a ...… Crime Time is finally back! Thank you to everyone who sent us messages and tweets to let us know how much you missed us! Recently, Lee and Eddie spotted the latest instalment of Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series, Chaos! After a brief fainting ...… This week Lee and Eddie are celebrating their 52nd episode in the only way they know how! Talking about the apocalypse! Tune in for some A++ dystopia, missions to Mars, and speculative affliction! And remember Crime Time is having a ...… This week Lee and Eddie talk clown sightings, conspiracy theories, short fiction, and return to the King of Horror! And remember Crime Time is having a friendly Flash Fiction competition, and we want to hear from you!!! For more details check out ...… Agatha Christie’s Poirot books have been continued by Sophie Hannah and Eddie’s on the scene with all her little grey cells at the ready! Lee may never go on holiday again after reading The Apartment by S.L. Grey, and your wonderful hosts ask you what they s ...… This week Lee reviews The Sister by Louise Jensen, Eddie dishes out the goss, and they’re both off to the movies! That’s right, it’s not just books we’ve got our noses in! Nowhere is safe! It’s a trip down memory lane with the long-awaited se ...… Eddie talks historical con artists, Lee finally gets to discuss their love for Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, they both ponder on whether it’s possible to be a writer if you don’t read, and an exciting announcement is made! That’s right (wr ...… Check out our new release date! That’s right, Crime Time is coming to Mondays, so start your week with a healthy dose of thrills, chills, and comedic spills! This week we’re talking about some Australian crime that left us with chills! We try to figure ou ...… Lee and Eddie return with a boom (mic!), reviewing Queen of Crime, Val McDermid’s Killing the Shadows and Christobel Kent’s The Loving Husband. Eddie is very proud to say she can now eat foods other than soup, and Lee wants to know why weak characters ge ...… After a long week of grappling with technical issues, Lee and Eddie are back, and they’re ready to go! Lee still can’t get over The King, Eddie’s pretty sure she hasn’t misunderstood Karin Slaughter, and get yourself ready, because Eddie is about to ...… Eddie asks twitter for their book opinions, Lee reviews the great Stephen King once more with Rose Madder, and it is revealed that Eddie may or may not have written some fan fiction at some point maybe. Maybe. Would you like a free audi ...… Lee reviews The Fire Child by S.K. Tremayne, Eddie is still recovering from reading The Yellow Wallpaper, and they both ponder what makes a good book (cover). Would you like a free audiobook? You can get a free trial with this h ...… Unable to stop Eddie from talking about computer games Lee is forced to listen to her yapping on about her hidden object finding destiny. Lee talks whodunnit with Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door. Don’t worry, despite Eddie’s best at ...…
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