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Critical Role
The adventures of Vox Machina in podcast form.
Follow along and have some fun, in one of the longest running Real Play Podcasts.
Online Medical Education on Emergency Department (ED) Critical Care, Trauma, and Resuscitation
A Podcast for Anesthesia and Critical Care Reviews, Debates and Commentary
The "Critical Thought" presents topics that will challenge you to use critical thinking as you examine the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses.As we present the facts about our personal experience with the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society (The "Society"), we challenge individuals to use critical thinking when examining the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, the group that follows the leadership of the Society. We encourage you to conduct research and not blindly accept everything the Society te ...
Interviews with Scholars of Critical Theory about their New Books
A learning and research resource for Critical Care Practitioners.
Critical ReRoll
Critical ReRoll is a weekly fan-made podcast about the Geek & Sundry Dungeons & Dragons show, Critical Role, for critters, by critters. The podcast is hosted by a rotation of regular hosts with recurring guests… and the occasional surprise special visitor. Join us as we explore the vast wonders of Matt Mercer’s incredible world, rave about the exploits of Vox Machina, speculate what’s in store for the heroes, and discuss happenings surrounding the show. Also ale.
Critical Thinking
Three writers, gamers, and film / tv buffs take the time to re-watch and discuss the critically acclaimed internet Dungeons & Dragons show Critical Role.
Dig Deeper: Critical Thinking in the Digital Age is a monthly podcast that examines issues related to critical thinking and digital literacy. Presented by MindEdge Learning, a leader in online learning technology, Dig Deeper seeks to spark a conversation about the abundance of false and misleading information on the Internet – and the need for today’s students to ask a lot more questions about what they find there. Interviews with journalists, academics, authors, and others who do research f ...
Welcome to Critical Clix: An Adult Podcast for the Competitive Heroclix Player, hosted by Scott “CramCompany” Cramton and PJ "The Kilted Clixman" Bolin. Critical Clix is a polished podcast that helps players break the meta every week. This show mixes Tier 1 player interviews with intense, high level, competitive Heroclix analysis and dick jokes. Strategies are not withheld, punches are not pulled, the hosts are made fun of repeatedly, and this happens every week with one goal in mind—to help ...
To bring together world renowned speakers, the best in their field for a conference outside London. To provide a conducive environment allowing informal discussion during and after the seminar. Most importantly to provide good quality education covering various topics in Intensive Care at an affordable price
Karl Marx’s Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production is a critical analysis of the political economy or the capitalist system. In this 3 volume work, he says that a capitalist economy can only survive by exploiting the working class. The concepts discussed in this book laid the foundations of the political doctrine that would later be known as communism. This book has three volumes, the first volume is Marx’s critical analysis of the capitalist mode of production and how it’s ef ...
Critical Music podcasts bring you the latest tunes and mixes from Critical artists and special guests such as Kasra, Mefjus, Emperor, Ivy Lab, Rockwell, Break, Enei, Calibre, Vicious Circle, Cyantific, S.P.Y, Total Science, Jubei, Lenzman, Sabre, Foreign Concept plus a ton of mixes from the scene’s vast pool of new blood. Featuring exclusive dubplates, recent releases, classic tracks and the latest lbel news. It’s Drum and Bass at its best. KEEP IT CRITICAL!
Inspiring interviews with thought leaders and CEOs
Podcast over thinking movies about nuclear weapons with policy analysis, quasi-science, pop culture debates, and too many puns.
Critical Lit
I read weird internet stories to my wife, then we discuss them as writers and lovers of fiction. Right now, we’re focused on the SCP Foundation collection of tales.
Critical Reviews
Welcome to the Critical Reviews Youtube Channel. Our goal here is to provide thorough and decisive reviews of video games, movies, tech, and more to help educate and inform people about the mediums we all so dearly love. Thanks for visiting and feel free to message us about products you would like us to review!
Critical Creation
Two dungeon masters, Jeremy and Lizzie work together, with no preperation to flesh out and draw Tabletop RPG Characters in games like D&D, FATE, Shadowrun, Numenera, and any other tabletop RPG!
This is a movie podcast that started reviewing movies at the very bottom of Rotten Tomatoes with a 0% film, and we've worked our way closer to 100% Fresh, week-by-week.
The Critical Hustle Podcast is designed to "Motivate the Highly Motivated" centered around its website The podcast releases a motivational theme to start each week and introduces perspectives that are often not remembered in everyday pursuits. As an extension of the Critical Hustle Lifestyle Brand the podcast encourages listeners to design themselves.
Have a slice of life conversation with the Critical Media Guys as we talk about our week, whats happening in the news, upcoming games, movies, television, go through emails and more.
Critical BOX
Something you didn't expect might be what you needed. Real Topics. Real People. Just think critically and get outside the boxHosted byAndrew Graf
Critical Point
Objectivity matters. Today, more than ever. With no agenda, other than getting it right, Milliman’s Critical Point podcast takes a deep dive into subject matter that affects the health and well-being of people across the globe, from healthcare to retirement security, flood insurance to autonomous vehicles. Through a team of professionals ranging from actuaries to clinicians, technology specialists to economists, Critical Point examines the inherent challenges – and innovative solutions – tha ...
Brought to you by a partnership that transcends the 49th parallel. Join Adam Thomas and Josh Farkas in the podcast that accompanies The Internet Book of Critical Care. The IBCC podcast will explore key points in each chapter. Initially the release of podcasts may lag a bit behind the chapters for logistic reasons. However, our goal is to eventually have a podcast for each chapter. Subsequently, the podcast will discuss updates to the IBCC based on new evidence.
The Warwick Critical Finance (WCF) Group is a study group based at the PAIS department of the University of Warwick which takes a critical approach to new and emerging trends in finance. We seek to create a sustained conversation among Warwick researchers working on different aspects of finance - from the level of global financial flows to everyday financialisation - and how finance intersects and interacts with key dimensions such as development, class, gender, race or geography. The group ...
Tune in to the Always Already Podcast for indulgent conversations about critical theory (in the broadest read of the term!). Our podcast consists of two episode streams. The first is a discussion of texts spanning critical theory, political theory, social theory, and philosophy. We work through and analyze main ideas, underlying assumptions, connections with other texts and theories, and occasionally delve into the great abyss of free association, ad hoc theory jokes, and makeshift puns. The ...
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
The Out of the Blue podcast takes you out of the pages of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and into the minds of the most brilliant researchers in the fields of respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine.
Audio Journal summaries are prepared by the ATS leadership describing important articles published in the current version of our flagship journal, The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
This is the podcast site for critical reasoning narrated by Professor K.D. Borcoman specifically to augment the book Critical Reasoning by Roth and Borcoman.
A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking, from politics to media to environmental sustainability.
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
Mormon FAIR-Cast
Critical questions. Faithful answers.
Inquiring Minds
Each week Inquiring Minds brings you a new, in-depth exploration of the place where science, politics, and society collide. We’re committed to the idea that making an effort to understand the world around you though science and critical thinking can benefit everyone—and lead to better decisions. We endeavor to find out what’s true, what’s left to discover, and why it all matters with weekly coverage of the latest headlines and probing discussions with leading scientists and thinkers. Produce ...
Eating Matters
Food has emerged as a critical policy area – and it raises big questions about health, labor, sustainability and our collective future. Join host Jenna Liut for conversations with food policy experts and leaders about the issues that shape our everyday experiences of buying, cooking and eating food.
Occult Knowledge
The name says it all. We explore information that is hidden from the general public view but without deviating from critical scientific skepticism.
OpenAnesthesia is dedicated to promoting evidenced based medicine in anesthesiology, critical care, and pain management.
iCritical Care: LearnICU is a customized podcast feed that offers a portion of iCritical Care podcasts, delivering only those related to the 24 Knowledge Lines of the Society of Critical Care Medicine's iCritical Care LearnICU podcasts feature interviews with speakers, book authors, prominent SCCM members and thought leaders. To receive the full selection of the Society's podcasts, subscribe to the All Audio feed.
Fallacy Friday
A series by Matthew Flannagan dealing with critical thinking, logic, and fallacies. More from Matthew Flannagan online at
Christian movie reviews with critical thinking
Have you ever taken a language class? Have you taken a language class that teaches you how to say "I want to work at the United Nations" before "can you pass me the salt?" We're working to fix that. Critical Language Mentor has scoured the internet to find the best resources out there to help you learn languages better. We specialize in critical, less-commonly taught languages, like Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Persian and want to help you learn better.Visit us on the web at criticallanguage ...
Talking Crit
A talk show that discusses the events of the D&D stream show Critical Role. You can check out other podcasts at Follow and watch Critical Role on Twitch:
We are a couple of of Pulm/CCM providers who love all things pulmonary, resus and critical care. We breathe life into fresh FOAM content and stream it directly to your auditory cortex at 6mb/kg. Show notes at
The latest news and analysis about key cases and critical arguments before the Supreme Court. (Updated periodically)
Critical questions. Faithful answers.
Christian movie reviews with critical thinking
Breathe Easy Podcasts: Conversations in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
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In today’s world, when you need help you need to reach out and get it. Whether it be business, financial, career, or personal help – having a great mentor or coach can help your move forward. Author Melinda Kelly joined us to share how her book Finding Your Coach helps readers seek effective coaches.…
I was lucky enough to be able to join Tanj and Dale Needham in this conversation at the ICS State of the Art conference 2018 in London. We discuss some of the ongoing issues with delirium in the critical care patient and how we might help them in prevention. Interview Questions for Advanced Critical Care Practitioners [...] The post CCP Podcast ...…
With prison reform a topic of international conversation and debate, Marica Morgan’s Black Women Prison Employees: The Intersectionality of Gender and Race offers an in-depth and unique analysis of a population largely lost in these debates and discussions: black women. By centering their experiences, Morgan offers and intersectional and psycho ...…
***New version of episode uploaded that fixed a sync issue. Please delete and download again and it should be good!***In this episode, we did the math about what happens when you add a missing nuclear weapon together with neo-fascists and an unassuming CIA desk analyst in the Sum of All Fears (2002). How can terrorists get their hands on a plut ...…
The Supreme Court dealt with some of the most politically charged issues in the nation on Tuesday. National Law Journal’s Marcia Coyle joins Judy Woodruff to discuss why the Court's removal of the injunction on banning transgender military service people was "a little surprising," as well as an upcoming gun case with broad implications for publ ...…
Megan Winters, a transgender sailor, says being able to transition while maintaining her Navy role left her personally and professionally “rejuvenated." Although the military cites little evidence that the presence of transgender service members jeopardizes military readiness, the Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to ban them. ...…
How has the council estate been represented on stage? In Social Housing In Performance: The English Council Estate On and Off Stage (Methuen Drama, 2018), Dr. Katie Beswick, a lecturer in drama at the University of Exeter, explores this question using a mixture of dramatic and social theory, along with examples from a variety of theatre perform ...…
Since the late 1990s Thai cinema has come to global attention with movies like the famous ghost film, Nang Nak, and more recently the evocative films of director Aphichatpong Weerasethakul, who won a Palme D’Or award at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. A perennially popular theme in Thai cinema is that of haunting by a female ghost. In this uniqu ...…
How do I know what to disclose? Common questions about managing professional relationships with industry and other partners.
Screw talking about the podcast, instead come to this amazing event! HeroClix Braylan Chang Memorial Event Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 12 PM – 10 PM Eternal Games in Michigan
Episode Notes Read shownotes and see attributions at
Herky, Cate, and Ben discuss Campaign 2 Episode 48 of Critical Role: Homeward Bound. We ponder over Beau's slots, making deals with powerful wizards, dunamis, and WHAT THE FUCK, SAM RIEGEL?
Gary Paul Nabhan, author and father of the local food movement, joins host Jenna Liut to talk about his new book, “Food from the Radical Center: Healing our Communities and our Land,” which contains a collection of stories that illustrate what good can happen when people organize and work together to restore land in order to produce healthy foo ...…
Join our General Jimmy and our community manager (his sister) Katie as they discuss their Top 3 Favorite Rides at Walt Disney World's EPCOT. What are yours? Leave them in the comments below! Feel free to like/subscribe if you haven’t already and if you really want to help out share us with a buddy! The more the merrier! Also, check us out on Pa ...…
The future of diplomacy: Backroom manoeuvrings are giving way to public forums. And carefully laid plans can come unstuck with a single tweet.
Editor's Note: Sorry my audio quality is so low on this episode. For some reason Google Hangouts did not detect my new mic that I was using last week. Apologies! -JimmyGreetings, Legionnaires! In this week’s episode, Jimmy, Joe, and Levi discuss Bungie parting ways with Activision while retaining the rights to Destiny, the new Spider-Man Far Fr ...…
In this installment of Critical Hit - A Major Spoilers Podcast: Will the Twilight Guardian aid the heroes? Character sheets for characters at level 23 are available at Show your thanks to Major Spoilers for this episode by becoming a Major Spoilers Patron at It will help ensure Critical Hit c ...…
In this 105th episode, which will be the first part in a series on blood management, I turn over the mic to Dr. Stephanie Cha who interviews Dr. Steve Frank about blood management in cardiac surgery and how to do “bloodless” surgery for patients who refuse blood transfusions. References: 1. Myles PS, Smith JA, Forbes A, Silbert B, Jayarajah M, ...…
In his most new book Fight the Power: African Americans and the Long History of Police Brutality in New York City (NYU Press, 2018), Clarence Taylor, dean of the history of the civil rights movement in New York, looks at black resistance to police brutality in the city, and institutional efforts to hold the NYPD accountable, since the late 1930 ...…
International Medical Graduates and Careers in Academic
After a dissertating hiatus, James returns with a new Epistemic Unruliness interview featuring Dr. J.T. Roane, Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Univ. of Cincinnati. The pair discuss J.T.’s article, “Plotting the Black Commons,” recently published in Souls, A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture, and So ...…
Greetings, Legionnaires! 2018 was a truly excellent year for gaming. Long awaited titles finally saw the light of day while new surprising endeavors sprang onto the scene. These 4 games we chose represent what we consider to be the best that the gaming industry had to offer during the year. Although we did not play every game that released, we ...…
In 1970, Tony Assali came to the United States from Beirut, Lebanon, with only $28 in his pocket. He has written his story of entrepreneurial success in his first book Catch the White Tiger. Tony will be discussing the origin of this term and the impact it has had on his journey.
What might Levi-Strauss and structuralism have to offer to psychoanalysis beyond the incest prohibition and the Oedipus complex? What happens if we understand Lacan’s notion of the symbolic as creative, rather than prohibitory? And what’s the difference between the psychoanalyst and the shaman? Shanna de la Torre’s Sex for Structuralists: The N ...…
Every resuscitationist MUST have this basic approach down cold. Come take a listen to the foundation of our specialties in what the French like to say "Reanimation." Approach and treatment for all those SICK looking patients.
The Mighty Nein dive back underwater to find the second temple of Uk'otoa in search of Fjord's reward...
The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from veterans who had sued defense contractors over claims that toxic smoke from open burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan caused them serious health problems. One of the contractors, KBR, countered that waste elimination procedures were directed by the military itself. As Hari Sreenivasan reports, the ...…
Jacqui Genow is a Brand and Business Strategist. Her focus goes beyond marketing to making the connections between how marketing decisions made today can impact your business in the future. She partners and listens to client needs, provides deep insights, approaches issues from the customer's perspective. Dr. Shawn Andrews interviews Jacqui in ...…
For our final fan selection film of the 90th percentile, you guys chose Jordan Peele's Get Out (2017). There's a lot to talk about with such a rich film, so we get into it, folks. Also, we announce something cool at the end of this episode. Synthwave by Ryan Andersen is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License. Jason Brown did our the ...…
Jess Cate and Dustin gush over DnD sea monsters, discuss How successful will Fjord be in leaving Uk'otoa behind. They also spend more time talking about the sea battle than the actual length of the sea battle in game. Up next, Nicodranas.
We talk to bestselling author Daniel Pink about his latest book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.By (Indre Viskontas & Kishore Hari).
How can detective fiction explain the social world? In Detecting the Social: Order and Disorder in Post-1970s Detective Fiction(Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), Mary Evans and Hazel Johnstone, both from the London School of Economics' Department of Gender Studies, and Sarah Moore, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath's Department of Social and ...…
Managing Puerto Rico’s Medicaid system after Hurricane Maria led to challenges not typically faced by most actuaries. In this episode of Critical Point, host Jeremy Engdahl-Johnson interviews Milliman consultant and Puerto Rican native José Carlo about his work with the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration (Administración de Seguros de S ...…
Diplomacy is often viewed as a way of smoothing the friction points between states, but international relations are becoming increasingly assertive and highly personal.
In this week’s episode, Jimmy, Joe, and Levi discuss the news that Venom 2 is already in the works, how Aquaman is crushing the box office, and which games they cannot wait to get their hands on in 2019! Feel free to like/subscribe if you haven’t already and if you really want to help out share us with a buddy! The more the merrier! Also, check ...…
In this 104th episode I welcome Dr. Pam Lipsett to the show to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. References: Sepsis-3 guidelines from JAMA: Marik Sepsis cocktail: Marik PE et al. Hydrocortisone, Vitamin C, and Thiamine for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock. 201 ...…
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