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Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
Data Stories
A podcast on data and how it affects our lives — with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner
Data Stories
A podcast on data and how it affects our lives — with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner
Data Science Storytime is a podcast all about data, science, stories, and time.
Becoming A Data Scientist Podcast
Every two weeks, we air an interview with a data scientist or someone on their way to becoming a data scientist, to learn about their path to get to where they are today. We also discuss a data science learning activity for the Becoming a Data Scientist Learning Club.Topic tags: data science, data analysis, databases, careers, education, learning, technology, python, R, computer programming, statistics, business, machine learning
Making artificial intelligence easy for everyone
Big data and data science interviews, insight, and analysis.
Small Data
This monthly podcast series explores the intersection between data and humanity.
Missed that link or information while listening to Data Doctors Tech Tips on the radio? Catch up with us now! Data Doctors Tech Tips are one minute daily tips broadcast on radio stations in several markets - you can get the list at They are also available on demand or through a PodCast. The tips discusses various technical topics with NO GEEK SPEAK! Tech tips for non-tech people.
Whether you like it or not, your world is shaped by data. We explore how it impacts people, society, and llamas perched high on Peruvian mountain peaks—through interviews, inquest, and inference. We talk to interesting people doing intriguing things with data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and all things revolving around them.
Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
Data & Society
Presentations, talks and interviews from Data & Society
In this podcast, I discuss a variety of SQL Server related topics mixed with a sprinkling of professional development and I talk with some of the biggest names in the industry. I want to introduce new and familiar topics and talk about them in a way you may have not considered. We are all on different stages as data professionals. I hope you will join me and Steve on the SQL trail compañeros--you won't regret it.
Raw Data
A podcast about the true cost of digital disruption. Hosted by Mike Osborne and Leslie Chang.
Big Data
A show about stealing the internet.
GovEx Data Points
A podcast about government and data. Telling stories from practitioners and academics about how data affects communities and the lives of residents.
Big data
An architecture heavy podcast on the latest and greatest in Big Data by engineers. We are authors of O'Reilly's Hadoop Application Architectures and frequent speakers at various conferences on similar topics.
Data Structures
REVISED: This course was updated during the fall, 2016 semester. New data structures includes left-leaning red-black trees and the Nguyen-Wong implementation of B-trees, both containing complete algorithms for insertion and removal. Catalog description Data structures and design patterns with the C++ language. Analysis of algorithms. Sorting algorithms—insertion sort, merge sort, heapsort, quicksort. Linear data structures—stacks, queues, linked lists. Dictionaries. Hash tables. Trees—binary ...
The mission of Oncology Data Advisor is to provide the multidisciplinary team with expert insights into clinical best practices and research progress in cancer care.
A podcast on the journey to discovery and decision making through data in information security by Bob Rudis and Jay Jacobs.
Data Driven
Exploring Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science
Business Intelligence is a significant part of the IT industry but it is poorly understood by many. BI systems are fundamentally different to other IT systems in terms of users, their use of the system and the development processes required. This podcast is a recording of lectures and other material from Monash University's postgraduate unit on the topic covering both BI application design as well as data warehouse design.
Explore data science, analytics, big data, machine learning as we discuss these topics
Big Data Everything
Big Data Everything is a multipart series of timeless audio and video presentations, all designed to simplify understanding of big data, thus making business professionals and enthusiasts #BigDataAware.
The 10 Minute Business Analytics Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers any and all data related topics. Every week, we host a guest from business, government, public sector, private sector, and key executives from some of the biggest brands on the planet. These discussion are pragmatic and are borne from the experience of our guests where they share tips, tricks, lessons-learned, advice, triumphs, and failures - the inside-scoop from data leaders and business intelligence professionals. To ...
Data Leaders
Rare is where we invite top AI entrepreneurs and extract meaningful and actionable insights that you can apply to life and work to help you achieve your dreams and goals.
The Show About Modern Data Management
Startup Data Science is the podcast where you learn startup-ready data science with programming basics. We discuss how to bootstrap data science techniques and understand their underlying mechanics by discussing open-source learning materials. Startup Data Science helps forward-thinking entrepreneurs, novice programmers, and seasoned software engineers to use Data Science to make a bigger impact.
2 Data Guys
A couple of data guys with 40+ years in the industry drinking wine and shooting the breeze about data related topics. Sit down, relax and have a listen.
Cisco Data Center Podcast
Databases and data engineering episodes of Software Engineering Daily
Rid your world of ineffective graphs and mediocre presentations, one exploding 3D pie chart at a time! The storytelling with data podcast from bestselling author, speaker and workshop guru, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic covers topics related to data storytelling, better presentations, and all things data viz. There is a story in your data—get the skills and power to tell it!
Exclusive, insightful audio interviews by our staff with data breach/security leading practitioners and thought-leaders
Fathom's podcast, Especially Big Data, explores the many topics data can document, while also shedding light on its many limitations. Fathom works with clients to explain complex data through interactive tools and software for mobile devices, the web, and large format installations.
Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
Big Data Beard
Welcome to The Big Data Beard podcast, where we explore the trends, technology, and talented people making Big Data a big deal.
IEEE Big Data
We bring the specialists to you! Through our Q&A podcast series, IEEE Future Directions interviews some of the top subject matter experts in the big data field. Covering everything from privacy and security to biomedical and analytics, IEEE Big Data Podcasts provide you with access to the industry's best of the best.
Cloud Computing, Big Data, Linked Data, Open Data, more
The Distributed Data Podcast is your weekly source for the latest news and technical expertise to help you succeed in building large-scale distributed systems. Brought to you by the DataStax Technical Evangelist team, we go in-depth with DataStax engineers and special guests from the broader data community. New episodes each Tuesday.
Data Transmission is one of the leading dance & electronic music websites on the internet. Find us at
Data Podcast
Our podcast includes both technical & non-technical discussions on BigData, DataScience, BI, AI, DW, Business Intelligence, TDWI, SqlServer, SQL, NoSql, AWS, Azure, R, Python.Hosts: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan
Podcast Your Data
PYD is an ongoing collaboration between InterWorks and the data community. We talk to leading experts and up-and-coming talent about the latest trends and other interesting topics. With a flexible format and conversational tone, each show offers a new look into the world of data.
Extended and extra material for people that like Data Skeptic.
Data is more than just a startup buzzword. But do we really know what it is and what can be done with it? Enjoy a moderated conversation about how data is revolutionizing our lives in real time, and how it’s the key to unlocking innovation. Our panel of experts includes Deborah Estrin, professor of computer science at Cornell; Marianne Bellotti, CTO at Exversion; and Hilary Mason, data scientist in residence at Accel. Moderated by Kelly Hoey of Women Innovate Mobile.
Data Made to Matter explores the business breakthroughs that come from applying data-based research to real-world challenges. In this new show from the MIT Sloan School of Management, host Neal Hartman interviews MIT’s innovative thinkers on a range of topics, from the rising costs of healthcare, to global poverty, to addressing climate change. Data Made to Matter showcases how data, a spirit of experimentation, and desire to invent the future can advance management practice and improve the ...
Your one-stop shop for essential data visualization and presentation skills for digital marketers, analysts and BI practitioners. I'll show you how to create data visualizations and presentations quickly, how to hold your audience's attention, create compelling visuals inside and outside of your analytics and business intelligence platforms, and how to gain the confidence you need to rock the conference room (or stage). You'll learn data design best practices, Excel and PowerPoint formatting ...
Data privacy is the footprint of our existence. It is our persona beyond ourselves, with traces of us scattered from birth certificates, Social Security numbers, shopping patterns, credit card histories, photographs, mugshots and health records. In a digital world, where memory is converted to 0’s and 1’s, then instantly transformed into a reproduction even in 3D, personal data is an urgent personal and collective subject. Those who wish to live anonymous lives must take extraordinary measur ...
Become Awesome in Excel by – A podcast aimed to teach you data analysis, charting, visualization, dashboard reporting, big data analysis, Power Pivot, Self-service BI, Excel based spreadsheet-modeling, automation thru VBA, macros, project management, business analysis, interactive & dyanmic graphs, pivot tables, Excel formulas, functions, calculations, summarizing data, Excel formatting, shortcuts, productivity, application development, beginner to advanced Excel skills, excel ti ...
The Data Center Podcast is produced by Data Center Knowledge, the leading information source for all things data center. In our podcast we interview technology and business leaders in the data center industry to get to know them better and to ask for their take on where things are going in the constantly changing world of cloud, internet, and enterprise infrastructure, which are increasingly becoming one thing.
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Why You Should Use WP Smush on All Your Client Websites What is WP Smush? 00:43 WP Smush is a handy plugin by WPMU Dev that will “smush” the images on your website. This will make your pages load faster 01:34 This will help with SEO because search engines factor site speed into the algorithm. It also saves storage space on your server because t ...…
I'm happy to share this chat I recorded with entrepreneur Ellin Lolis. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Ellin found herself in Sao Paolo Brazil. Ellin and I discuss what it was like for her being an ex-pat in Brazil, the highs and lows that she experienced in acclimating personally and professionally to a different country, and how ...…
The Benefits Of AI To Hospitals - Christian Moroy by Venturi Group: CTO, Data, Development, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Infrastructure, Cloud
It’s easy to be suspicious or hesitant about the rapid advances in technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Many people worry about being replaced in their jobs by some type of technology, and for prospectors, the idea of artificial intelligence can seem like a direct threat to their jobs. But it turns out, AI is not the ...…
It's time to take action boys and girls. GDPR is here and it ain't going anywhere any time soon. So, what are you gonna do about it? Are you going to sit back and hope that someone will take care of it for you? Or are you going to get your data in order and avoid a 20 million euro fine? I know which one I'd choose! Today's podcast is an attempt ...…
Podcast Promo: #No Offense Podcast Facebook: Our first Skype Live Stream with our friend and host of the Bicker Bots Podcast, PJ Wilson. It was a fun conversation that goes longer than the audio. You can see the full episode on our YouTube channel. You’ll hear us throw out “#” a lot throughout the episode. We lost a be ...… This presentation is brought to you by Ekwa Marketing, a leader in digital marketing for dentists! Like this podcast? Share this idea with dentists in your circle who you think might benefit from it. Key Points at a Glance Jordon Comstock, Founder & CEO of BoomCloud a ...…
The biggest shake-up in data privacy regulation is upon us with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going live on 25th May this year. GDPR sets a new bar for global data protection rules by governing the way organisations collect, use and store personal data concerning EU citizens.
God is in the moving business. In the very first pages of Genesis where the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, you can see evidence that God is the God of the plan. He has one. He’s always had one. Not only does He have one but, He’s always working to bring His plan to fruition. Throughout the course of human history, God has been ...…
Podcast Episode #434 SUBSCRIBE: iTunes • RSS • Stitcher • TuneIn Radio • Google Play • iHeart Radio Sam Rainer joins us to talk about the established church and why pastors should love them. We also highlight an upcoming conference for pastors of established churches. Some highlights from today’s episode include: After a church has been around ...…
The quest for balance is something I hear about all the time. How can we create our dream business, win that powerlifting meet, have a family, keep our day job, be the fittest chick in the gym, and find time for self care and adventure and down time.. all at once??! The pressure to not only do it ALL, but to do it all in beautiful harmony with ...…
By his Spirit, Jesus is reversing the curse and enabling us to fulfill the command to multiply and fill the earth. [1] When the day of Pentecost arrived, they were all together in one place. [2] And suddenly there came from heaven a sound like a mighty rushing wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. [3] And divided tongues ...…
A conversation about how to access and build local power to create positive change in your city. New episodes every other Tuesday! Subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play, or your favorite podcatcher. (pssst: Don't have time to listen? Sign up for emails to get the most valuable takeaways from every episode, that you can put directly to u ...…
Black-ish “Pilot” Welcome to the Pilots and Petards Podcast! This is the podcast with nothing much ado about aircrafts, and potentially everything ado with first episodes of a filmic series. Join Mo, Drew, and Jimbo with special gues ...…
This episode is takes us to the small desert community of Blythe, CA where the California border meets Arizona, your last stop before Phoenix. There’s been an awakening of sorts in this community. The Palo Verde Unified School District – the only school district in Blythe – has been one of the lowest performing districts in the state for nearly ...…
It’s the conclusion of our first mission! Will Viktoria fry Ori’s brain? Will Augie get past all of Secutec’s security? Will Friendo finally get to kill somebody? Only one way to find out. Cast: Dave: Twitter @slomotionwalter and Michael: Twitter @TirnanCP and Omar: Twitter @omarahsa and ...…
Another Hugh Jackman musical, this time a stylized adaptation of the creation P.T. Barnum’s circus.
This week we listen to The Bad Signs, The Raveonettes, Slowcoaches, Black Rainbows, Los Bravos, Grenadiers, Black Magic Beach Party, and many more! It must be a day that ends with 'Y', because Citizen Matt is irritating the hell out of Dagon.
Thank you for all your feedback on the last show and our interview with Brand expert David Mitchell, hopefully you will find this show just as interesting. Our guest on this show is a man who has to be one of Australia’s greatest athletes of the modern era, former Kookaburras captain Mark Knowles who retired after the Gold Coast Commonwealth Ga ...…
Welcome to WRETROMANIA – this week Coby Nida and Jimmy Price are joined by Shaunn Grulkowski from and Movie the Podcast for this special Bonus episode. We romanticize, fantasize, watch and review in what we like to call: Wrestling Psychology Theatre 3000 on Shaunn’s pick of Tommy Dreamer vs Raven from WrestlePalooza 1997 — syn ...…
Data Privacy has gone from the sidelines to the front page - the revelations of Russion hackers influencing the US election, Facebook data being used to manipulate our voting patterns, and an endless parade of stories about yet another company being hacked. It is in that context that we talked to George Gerchow - the Chief Security Officer at S ...…
A GEEKS UNDER THE INFLUENCE weekly "Pre-Cap."The Bruce fills you in on must see TV shows and movies for the week of 05/21/18!_________________________________________________Come out for Off-The-Wall Movies at The Circuit 5/31!! Us Every 1st and 3rd Monday at Fallout, and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at ...…
How happy is the month of May? Spring officially arrives, the days are warmer and longer, and all the flowers and trees that have been dead through winter are finally coming to life! The boys have a feel-good look at what has been going on in the news today as well as have a talk about a beautiful vacation that Noob-Noob took to a wonderful pla ...…
Award-winning journalist Catherine Price joins us on the podcast for a conversation on smartphone addiction. A growing number of smartphone users are starting to notice their phone usage has evolved into something problematic. Price’s new book is a practical guide to help acknowledge addictive smartphone behavior and develop healthier relations ...…
There are plenty of guides available on how to protect your data, how to secure yourself online, and how to stop digital snoops from tracking you across the web and then profiting from that intrusion. (Sorry, “monetization”.) You should do these things. But if a cascading series of revelations this past week has taught us anything, it's that al ...…
Yanny or Laurel—could the secret to which word you hear be in your DNA? It’s a notion someone pitched at 23andMe headquarters Thursday, during the consumer genetics outfit’s annual Genome Research Day. (Spoiler: The company is not going to roll out a survey to see if the latest meme has a genetic component.…
Learn about what deep learning is, how it can benefit your science, and what Debbie Bard (who leads NERSC's Data Science Engagement Group) has in common with some of the biggest-name bands in the world!
Andy and Elton complete their journey From The Earth To The Moon as they review “Part Twelve – Le Voyage Dans La Luna”. The last manned Apollo mission to the moon is juxtaposed with Georges Méliès‘ filming of A Trip to the Moon (1902). We would like to thank each and every one of our listeners for joining us as we reviewed each episode of HBO’s ...…
Pastor Jesse Waggoner leads the congregation of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in this study looking at the deep and troubling questions of life and how to find peace with those things which remain a secret. We also are reminded that we are responsible for the things God has revealed to us. ...…
Sermon: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit Scripture: John 16:7-15 Series: Credo: A Study of the Apostles Creed Right Click Here To Download
If you ask any business owner, they'll tell you that their product or service is for everyone, wrong! It's important to know who's your target audience. Are they male or female, their race, household income, level of education, etc. This data makes it a whole lot easier for marketing agencies to create ads that will be the most effective. If yo ...…
“Jesus did not say, ‘Happy are those who serve the poor,’ but, ‘Happy are the poor.’ ” — Jean Venier ““The difference between Uncle Sam and Jesus Christ is that Uncle Sam won’t enlist you in his service unless you are healthy and Jesus won’t enlist you unless you are sick.” ” — John Piper Service Date: May 20, 2018 Worship Guide John 13:1-17 1 ...…
Nothing New: A Remake Podcast is hosted by Andrew Linde and Justin Quizon. Just about every month they will examine a film and its remake, discussing the differences and realizing that not every remake is created equal. 00:02:32 - Remake News 00:06:36 - Overboard (1987) 01:29:25 - Overboard (2018) Follow us on Twitter: Andrew - @PodcasterAndrew ...…
Sermon by Michael Bailey on May 20, 2018. LifeGroup Guide
On 5/20/2018, Pentecost Sunday, we had a “pastor swap” with Peace Mennonite Church. Pastor Matt Sturtevant preached in the Peace Mennonite pulpit (conveniently located in the FBC gym for the time being while PMC’s building is being renovated), and Pastor Joanna Harader of PMC preached for FBC’s service. Here’s Pastor Joanna’s sermon, “Speaking ...…
In this episode we Invite one of the Co-founders of Integrity Professional Services--a company designed to help people and businesses keep track of their taxes and finances mainly concentrated in tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and other administrative assistance. Larissa Ponce talks to us about our concerns and questions regarding the Ta ...…
In this episode we Invite one of the Co-founders of Integrity Professional Services--a company designed to help people and businesses keep track of their taxes and finances mainly concentrated in tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and other administrative assistance. Larissa Ponce talks to us about our concerns and questions regarding the Ta ...…
Dallas comedians Wes Corwin, Tom Smith, and James Doyle were in the studio for a recording of Dr Heckle, when conversation took a surprising turn towards the origins of life itself and the theory of evolution. Could this be Dr Heckle's first conversion? Follow Wes Corwin on facebook Listen to Wes' podcast about Rob Schneider's ill fated comedy ...…
Arena – Scars IQ – The Wake (Live) Twelfth Night – The Poet Sniffs A Flower (Live) UFO – Doctor Doctor (Live) Thin Lizzy – Cowboy Song (Live) Genesis – Behind The Lines (Live) Kavus Torabi – Slow Movements Leap Day – Half Man Half Machine Deep Purple – Stormbringer (Live) Pharnal – Limbes (Part 1) Mystery Jets – Radio America Awooga – Bandit Ba ...…
Ken Davenport Encore May 21, 2018 Ken Davenport is an Award-Winning producer of over a dozen Broadway shows, including: Deaf West Theatre’s Spring Awakening, The Visit, Mothers and Sons, Speed the Plow, Godspell, The Bridges of Madison County, Allegiance, Chinglish, Oleanna, Macbeth, Will Ferrell's You're Welcome America, Once on This Island, a ...…
Graduate Sunday 2018. | Do You Ginosko ------------------------------------------- Come Worship with us! We meet every Sunday at 9:45am & 11:15am. For more information, visit our website. We hope to see you soon! Location: Navo Middle School | 1701 Navo Rd, Aubrey, TX 76227 Click Here for Directions Website: Facebook: https: ...…
Larry Snow with the Secure Transportation and Executive Protection News for Monday, May 21st, 2018. In Executive Protection News From CBS News Nannies Now Being Trained in Counter-Terrorism For more than a century, Britain's Norland College has been training professional nannies. But now, in addition to childcare, students are learning about te ...…
Champion fighter, trainer, actor, commentator (with Snoop Dogg!) health and wellness advocate! Lincoln's Urijah Faber has a lot going on and some great stories to shareBy Kat Maudru.
Six months ago, Melissa Nichols brought her baby girl, Arlo, home from the hospital. And she immediately had a secret. “I just felt guilty and like I didn’t want to tell anyone,” says Nichols, who lives in San Francisco. “It feels like you’re a bad mom. The mom guilt starts early, I guess.” Across town, first-time mom Candyce Hubbell has the sa ...…
Iodine deficiency is a major barrier to fertility and increases risk of miscarriage 4 fold. Also decreases IQ, increases rates of ADHD and leads to poor pregnancy and delivery outcomes. We can agree that iodine is essential to health but what has become hotly debated is how does one assess if they are iodine deficient and what dosage is appropr ...…
In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation abou ...…
Recently released data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests that now is a great time to sell your home. The concept of ‘supply & demand’ reveals that the best price for an item is realized when the supply of that item is low and the demand for that item is high. Let’s see how this applies to the current residential real esta ...…
In this week's episode of Analytics Neat, we take a look at why marketers struggle with personalization and how to move beyond the common roadblocks to build a proper personalization strategy. What grade do marketers give for their personalization efforts? What role does data and technology play? What framework can you use to drive success in y ...…
From the beginning, followers of Jesus were intended to thrive in community. Following Jesus has never exclusively revolved around an individualized faith or even a personal decision. While these have their place, followers of Jesus were always meant to live in community and fellowship with one another. This is why our DNA as a church includes ...…
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