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Scholars Strategy Network's No Jargon
No Jargon, the Scholars Strategy Network’s weekly podcast, presents interviews with top university scholars on the politics, policy problems, and social issues facing the nation. Powerful research, intriguing perspectives -- and no jargon. Find show notes and plain-language research briefs on hundreds of topics at
The F1 Strategy Report
Into F1 strategy? We talk F1 strategy
The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness and Goal Mastery Strategies
Motivation, tips, free resources, leadership, social media, confidence, focus, balance and real talk to to help you improve energy, balance, organization, health, fitness, diet, weight loss, relationships, focus, faith and happiness. Each episode is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself. Beachbody Celebrity Trainer, Multimillionaire, Mompreneur, online business consultant, creator of Turbo Fire, ...
Teacher Tactics: High school teaching strategies
Become a better high school teacher with strategies to stress less, save time, be creative, and feel more confident in your classroom. Teachers Colin Dodds and Michelle Davis take you through tactics including getting started in September, classroom management, games, activities, lesson planning, assessment, evaluation, tests, dealing with difficult students, working with colleagues and parents, and self-care.
GROWTH - Business Mentoring - Business Strategies - Executive Coaching
A BRITIL Growth Podcast by Terrence Brown, for business ideas, business mentoring, and executive coaching
Allied Strategies Magic the Gathering Podcast
A podcast about Magic: The Gathering
The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast
Jeff Coga from The Real Estate Strategy Lab reveals all of his online and offline strategies to generate seller and buyer leads, income sources and marketing tips and tricks so you can be ahead of the curve with your real estate business. Discover how you can create multiple passive streams of seller and buyer leads so that you can have the time and freedom to focus on serving your clients, investing, and do what you love. Although Jeff confesses he is not a billionaire (yet), he's been supp ...
IELTS Energy English Podcast | IELTS English Speaking Practice 7+ | IELTS Test Strategy | IELTS English Writing Tips
Do you want to get a band 7 on the IELTS exam? IELTS English exam preparation doesn’t have to be hard or boring! It can be fun! Lindsay and Jessica from All Ears English are back with a new way to help you achieve the IELTS score you need for the General or the Academic exam! We’ll give you IELTS strategies, practice, tips, tricks, and secrets using real English examples. We’ll show you how to take control of the IELTS Speaking Section by reducing anxiety, panic, and fear. You’ll learn what ...
Coaching for Leaders - Talent Management | Leadership Strategy | Communication | Productivity | Executive Development
Leaders are not born, they are made. This Monday show will give you access to the best thinkers, resources, and actions to grow your leadership skills. Produced weekly since 2011, host Dave Stachowiak brings you perspective from more than a decade of leadership at Dale Carnegie, helping you take immediate action to maximize results. Bestselling authors, expert guests, host commentary, and regular dialogue with the Coaching for Leaders community drive this show. Submit feedback for question a ...
The Most Accurate Podcast: Fantasy Football News & Strategy by 4for4
4for4 Fantasy Football's John Paulsen and Anthony Stalter digest, discuss and analyze the world of fantasy football throughout the year with conversation focused squarely on helping you win your league. From free agency to the NFL Draft to training camp battles, they'll help you prepare for your league's fantasy draft. Once the season begins, they'll discuss lineup strategy, weekly waiver wire pickups and sneaky starts. Paulsen finished in the Top 5 in rankings accuracy in 2010, 2011, 2012, ...
Doug Fabian’s ETF Strategies
Doug Fabian's ETF Strategies Podcast: Exchange Traded Funds, ETFs, Investing, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Retirement Planning, Income Strategies
The Advanced Selling Podcast: Sales Training | Leadership Coaching | B2B Sales Strategy | Prospecting Tips
Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale: B2B sales trainers for the past twenty years share their strategies, frameworks, tips and tricks to help you leverage your talent, grow your skills and create your own sales success. You'll discover how you can shift your mindset, win with prospects and build long-term relationships with your clients so you can thrive and advance in your career. Bill and Bryan's approach to sales is funny, often quirky and always real. Their work has allowed them to help sales pr ...
podcasts – Kenya Digital Marketing Strategies
Digital marketing, advertising and communication strategies
Marketing Strategy with Dorie Clark
Marketing strategy consultant Dorie Clark's podcast series will help you build your brand, enhance the image of your business, and increase sales. Learn more at
The Small Business Buzz: Legal | Marketing | Strategy | Entrepreneurship
Small business is different than big business. It's as much about relationships as it is about money. What works for big business is not what works for small business. We are interested in what works; today, tomorrow, and always. Small business owners work endlessly and invest so much of themselves into making their ventures grow. We honor that commitment and seek to improve the landscape for all those wonderful, tenacious, and inspired business owners who are making the world turn everyday. ...
Defeat the Drama at Work with Kirsten E. Ross | Work Drama | Life Strategies | Family Issues | Communication | Leadership Strategies
I help family businesses achieve success across generations! Feeling resigned, resentful and overwhelmed? Learn strategies you can implement immediately to impact your leadership and life. Kirsten's insights and illustrative stories will help you increase the value of your business, decrease family and employee drama, improve communication and productivity, drive great customer service, skyrocket business profits. Kirsten E. Ross, MLIR, SPHR reveals her proven strategies collected over more ...
Born To Influence: The Marketing Show | Daily interviews with super successful entrepreneurs | Marketing strategies that work!
Born To Influence is for those that want to build a legacy. Here, some of the best marketing minds on the planet share their strategies & tactics daily, Monday through Saturday. Each episode is full of actionable advice that works - so you can apply it in your business immediately. Join us for memorable stories & plain fun! And after you're done listening to your episode for the day, hop on over to for a quick re-cap and surprise goodies!
Chris LoCurto: Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Life Strategy, Blogger
The Chris LoCurto Show is about you! Chris shares vital information to help you grow your leadership, your business, and your life. Each weekly episode is packed with tools that cause you to look at leadership and life in a different way, and focus on what really matters: people. Chris teaches practical, easy insights that will help you improve your leadership...your team...your To dive into what I do, visit
Investment Strategy
Our investment committee meets every six weeks to formulate and refocus our asset allocation strategy. Here you can gain exclusive access to its conclusions and recommendations.
Pro Forex Trading Strategies
Pro Forex Trading Strategies is a video podcast for Traders who are committed to learn, share insights and experiences in Forex Trading. This podcast focuses on the Forex market, the trading principles and methods which can be applied to any of the financial markets and some are focused on Futures, Commodities, Bonds, and other instruments. Through the videos, many traders will be able to start reaching their goals of mastery and consistent profit in trading.
The Strategy Skills Podcast: Management Consulting | Strategy, Operations & Implementation | Critical Thinking
The Strategy Skills Podcast is the channel where strategy partners teach you the tools and techniques to solve mankind’s greatest problems. Learn all the skills of McKinsey and BCG consultants without having to work at a consulting firm. Each year we pick one consulting study and narrate the analyses, client interactions and recommendations so you can understand how the strategy is developed. Detailed videos and power-points to accompany the podcasts can be found on our website. The podcast ...
Happier Parenting Strategies
Vicki Hoefle helps parents raise responsible, respectful and resilient kids.
The Craft of Marketing: Content Marketing | Business Strategy | Entrepreneurship & Startups
A marketing podcast by people who do it for a living: Marketers, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs. Listen in for the tips, hacks and strategies that marketing professionals share with each other...but rarely share in public. The Craft of Marketing is about providing marketing insight and education for those thirsting to be a better marketer but just don't have time to think about it all day long. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, marketer in the trenches or someone who just wants ...
Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël
Successful Entrepreneurs share their hustle to get where they are today. Listen what led them to achieve their goals. Learn about who inspired them and how marketing works for them. Get all the strategies that are working for them right now. Hear them share great marketing resources. Be inspired by their words of wisdom and their vision of Success.
DFS MVP: Daily Fantasy Football Picks & Strategy
4for4 Fantasy Football's Chris Raybon & T.J. Hernandez break down weekly DFS strategy for the upcoming slate and discuss various DFS theory and strategy topics to help you profit!
The Three Month Vacation Podcast: Online Small Business|Marketing Strategy Plan| Sean D'Souza | Psychotactics
The purpose of growing a business isn't just revenue. Revenue and profits run the business, but it's the ability to do what you want, when you want, and where you want. That's control. And that's what most small business owners never achieve. The Three-Month Vacation shows you how to create a powerful business, while still taking generous amounts of time to relax and unwind.
Get In The Door Podcast | Sales Prospecting Strategies & Tactics brought to you by Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert
Let's face it, nothing happens until you get in front of a prospect or client and that will never happen until you get their attention. This podcast is dedicated to helping you get in the door, close more sales and do your best work.
Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy
An irregular podcast looking at wargaming from Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Magazine.
Catalyst Sale Podcast: Sales Training | Sales Strategy | B2B | Selling | Marketing
Sales is a thinking process. The Catalyst Sale podcast with Mike Conner and Mike Simmons will help you learn what works in sales, hone your skills, and increase your success.
SalesFounders - Startup Sales Strategy, Venture Capital, Entrepreneur, and Sales Development
SalesFounders is a weekly podcast that focuses on sales growth and strategy for startups. We interview VC’s, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to discuss the strategies that will help founders bridge the sales gap and accelerate their most profitable channels of growth.
The Turkey Hunter Podcast with Andy Gagliano | Turkey Hunting Tips, Strategies, and Stories
Quick and Effective Turkey Hunting Tips for More Successful Turkey Hunts
Growing Your Firm | Strategies for Accountants, CPA's, Bookkeepers , and Tax Professionals
Growing Your Firm is the Top Podcast for Ambitious Firm Owners to find tips, tactics, and strategies on how to Grow their Firm (or practice!). In this podcast we'll be interviewing Top Thought Leaders in Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping, Practice Management, Marketing, Social Media, Succession Planning, Partner Relations, Pricing, and much more.
Inside Social Media: Small Business Social Media Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur
Small Business Social Media Strategies for Today’s Entrepreneur
The Marketing Genius Podcast: Real Estate Marketing | Digital Strategy | Technology | Leadership
Insights from the most brilliant minds in real estate.The Marketing Genius Podcast takes you behind the scenes with the most brilliant minds in real estate to uncover the latest digital marketing tools and strategies for your online arsenal. Together with the leading real estate brokers, technologists, executives, and coaches behind today’s most exciting brands, host Seth Price (marketing strategist, keynote speaker, host of “The Craft of Marketing”) explore what it takes to generate leads, ...
Case Interview Preparation & Management Consulting | Strategy | Critical Thinking
Firmsconsulting maintains a 80% success rate at placing clients within McKinsey, BCG and Bain. This is the highest in the industry and the rate is higher if we include other firms. We achieve this rate because we only use former partners from McKinsey, BCG et al to develop our clients. This makes us unique. We never use analysts, associates, engagement managers or associate principals. We also carefully select and develop clients on their communication, image, technical and case interview sk ...
Franchise Euphoria: Franchise Insights | Entrepreneurial Coaching | Business Training | Legal and Financial Strategy
: Josh Brown, Franchise Lawyer and Entrepreneur shares his insights, strategies, frameworks and best practices gained through more than 15 years of work within the franchise world. He helps entrepreneurs and business owners start, grow and build profitable businesses. In the Franchise Euphoria Podcast, you'll discover how to design the right business plan for you and your business, avoid the most common and costly mistakes, manage growth and achieve your business goals and dreams. You will h ...
Inspirational Business Women Show | Entrepreneurial Ideas |Womens Empowerment | Business Strategy
Entrepreneurial Ideas|Womens Empowerment|Business Strategy Examples| Each show provides you with "a Goldmine of Entrepreneurial Ideas, Tips, Strategies and Advice to grow your business to new Heights of Success from Inspirational Business Women in the Know.”Hear the inspired stories and personal struggles of these amazing women and learn how they rose to the top of their field while making a big impact on the lives of others.As your host, it is my deepest desire to uplift and inspire our "si ...
Thinks Out Loud: E-commerce and Digital Strategy
A weekly podcast exploring how e-commerce and digital trends shape your business and marketing strategy
Strategy Soundbites poker podcast
Originally created for the 2+2 PokerCast, these 60 seconds long nuggets of poker strategy offer some very helpful tipsCheck out poker strategy podcasts at
UI Breakfast: UI/UX Design and Product Strategy
Join us for exciting conversations about UI/UX design, SaaS products, marketing, and so much more. My awesome guests are industry experts who share actionable knowledge — so that you can apply it in your business today.
Peak Performers | Tools, Strategies & Psychology to Get Things Done
#1 Podcast on how to get things done. Learn from Peak Performers in all areas of life and Business. Do you know what to do but can't figure out why you are not executing what you already know? If so, this Podcast will give you the tools, strategies and psychology to not only break through the choke point but to truly become a Peak Performer. Thor will be sharing his tools and strategies as well as interviewing inspiring Peak Performers that are Entrepreneur's, Professional Athletes, Business ...
The F1 Strategy Report
Into F1 strategy? We talk F1 strategy
The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast | Podcast Strategy | Podcasting Tips | Media Hosting
A podcasting community driven show focused on growing your audience, getting more listeners, promoting your podcast through social media, creating a podcast strategy and talking to industry experts PLUS insight into Libsyn the premier company that provides everything for your podcast needs: publishing tools, media hosting and delivery, RSS for iTunes, a Web Site, Stats, Advertising Programs, Premium Content and Apps for Apple, Android and Windows 8. Dive deep into what Libsyn and the podcast ...
Design and Convert: Conversion Optimization Strategies for Bloggers
Getting traffic to your website isn't enough. We need to convert visitors from strangers to subscribers to paying customers and clients. This podcast will go into the strategies that are working today to get people to take action on our websites. We'll cover topics like conversion optimization, landing pages, sales pages, calls to action, marketing funnels and even human psychology. If you're a blogger or entrepreneur looking to get the most out of the traffic coming to your website, this po ...
Strategy, Design, Development | Lullabot
Strategy, Design, Development | Lullabot
The UX Blog: User Experience Design, Research & Strategy
Every week on The UX Blog Podcast, Nicholas Tenhue interviews user experience professionals about current trends, hot topics, and their careers. Learn about user-centered design, information architecture, user research, UX strategy, and interaction design. Nicholas interviews UXers at different stages in their career, from interns to executives. Find out more:
The Happy Lawyer Project | Inspiration, Advice & Lifestyle Strategies for Young Lawyers
Candid conversations on the truth behind finding happiness, purpose and success in life with a law degree.
U - Mobile strategy and tactics (audio) | Pervasive Computing | Internet of things is the most comprehensive look into the back rooms and boardrooms of the most innovative mobile and pervasive computing companies and experts on the planet. Each episode helps you bring mobile into your business with the goal of increasing revenue.
Sports Motivation Podcast by I'm Not You | Mindset | Strategies | Habits | Psychology | Athlete Development | Host Niyi Sobo
Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin aka Niyi Sobo, and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. ...
The Goal Digger Podcast - Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding
Jenna Kutcher hosts the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Jenna interviews industry leaders on topics including: social media strategy, launching your next big idea, online marketing made easy, where to invest in your business, and how to grow your dreams into a profitable, sustainable, authentic business. The Goal Digger Podcast includes inspired conversati ...
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show series
Key Takeaways: - How to secure a property...and why. - Go to real estate networking events and talk to people. - Find out how much home are worth and repair costs. It doesn't have to be trial and error. - How to find out what kind of neighbourhood it is. - Why real estate 'gurus' may not be good for you. - Figure out the pitfalls ahead of time. ...…
Happy November 20, 2017! I hope you enjoy this encore performance of Career Callings Radio from November 14, 2016. God bless! – Robbie Romeiser David DeWitt has a held a variety of sales and management positions across three industries, and he currently uses his successful experiences to help business owners build strong, healthy businesses thr ...…
Marketing and strategy specializing in the female consumer… Kathleen Griffith, Founder/CEO of Grayce & Co (an agency working with general market brands to future-proof strategy by considering women in their narrative, and female-equity brands to go further, faster with women) joins Lisa Berger, Edward Hertzman and Dalia Strum in the MouthMedia ...…
Defensive Strategy Recap
Defensive Strategy Recap
In this special #qldvotes2017 episode of Living The Dream Jon (@jonpiccini) and Dave (@withsobersenses) engage in all the froth and illusion of electoral politics. We chat about the broader situation in Queensland and the impact of the slowdown of capital accumulation and the rise in state debt and the general degeneration of all the major part ...…
Join Matt (the Historical Gamer) & Jean (The Strategy Wargamer) as they wade into a pair of new Strategy & Wargames in Episode 19. In this episode our fearless leaders will give their first impressions of the new Matrix/Slitherine Wargame, Field of Glory II as well as the new crew management strategy game, Bomber Crew.…
Finances. A word that makes most people cave in on themselves with fear and hesitance. Keeping your metaphorical ducks all in a row can be hard when it comes to the world of accounting, bookkeeping, and finances. Lucky for us, this week’s guest has a solution to the way small business owners are handling their money. SaaS Sales Strategy Joshua ...…
Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores
Gabe Thayn joins us again this week for another episode on local paid search strategies that will help retailers increase their traffic and grow their businesses. He has worked for paid search marketing technology for most of his career and has expanded his knowledge and expertise on the subject. This is the second part of the conversation wher ...…
Marketing Your Business | Marketing strategies for growing your business and generating more recurring revenue
If you want to get results way faster than you currently are, you’ve got to get outside help. I’ll tell you who I’m hiring and what I’m hiring them to help me with in this episode. Get access to the full show notes by visiting:
Charlie Mike Podcast
Courageous Champion of Veterans Dwayne Paro welcomes Dan Frank to today’s podcast, as part of our Courageous Champions of Veterans series. As the CEO of Three Wire Systems, LLC, Dan Frank oversees the operations and strategic direction for the company. In 2007, the company created the VetAdvisor® program to provide proactive preventative care t ...…
Are you an entrepreneur or a CEO of a growing business? Do you work for one? You must listen to my interview with Lisa Perrine about how this accomplished CEO is growing her business by leaps and bounds, continuously adapting it for changing times. Her lessons-learned could really help you grow yours in today's business environment. Don't miss ...…
Client Attraction for Online Entrepreneurs
Building a business and maximizing your sales is all about the follow up. There is a myth that has been created around the concealed truth most digital marketers refuse to talk about. They portray online marketing and sales processes as some one step closing process. That might have worked 3 years ago. But in a saturated marketplace where the b ...…
Jason Falls CEO & Founder of the Conversation Research Institute About Jason Jason Falls has been helping brands connect with online audiences for 25 years. A thought leader in the social media and digital marketing space, Falls leads digital and social strategy for Cornett, a full-service advertising agency based in Lexington, Ky. He is a dyna ...…
This week, Jeff Krushell is joined by Dr. Jackie Whittaker, Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Alberta and the Research Director at the Glen Sather Sport Medicine Clinic, to discuss their research project on injury prevention. Many of the injuries we are seeing are avoidable through proper preparation ...…
This week, Jeff Krushell is joined by Dr. Jackie Whittaker, Assistant Professor and Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Alberta and the Research Director at the Glen Sather Sport Medicine Clinic, to discuss their research project on injury prevention. Many of the injuries we are seeing are avoidable through proper preparation ...…
Published on 21 Jun 2017. The resurgence of analog products in our digital advisor world has profound implications for both consumers and businesses, which author David Sax details in his new book, “The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter.” As financial advisors get caught up in trying to “digital advisor everything,” it’s import ...…
Shownotes: Today's podcast will look at writer's block and what can be done to significantly reduce this challenge for bloggers, writers and podcasters by as much as 99%. Interested? Listen to the podcast to learn how you too can have an ocean of content for your blog.Writer's Block Be Gone!Alvern: Hello ladies. Alvern here. Today we're going t ...…
Seller Sessions - Amazon FBA & Private Label Marketing Podcast.
Ranking Amazon products is something Dan knows a lot about. Living in Sweden Dan has been running Amazon Businesses for 4 yrs with 4 brands over that period, one of which he sold. He continues with the 3 brands, ten products and many variations and sizes. So he knows a little about ranking Amazon products. Product Selection strategy Uses Jungle ...…
Legal action is a serious, but once it is in process it is already too late. In this episode host, Andy Imholte, is joined by returning guest Mike Brandly to discuss where auction lawsuits come from. Mike presents the top 5 Auction Law Questions he gets, and how he responds. Subscribe on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher Today’s SponsorsGlobal Au ...…
Matt Albrizio is the Vice President of Sales at Forever Fierce. Matt is passionate about working along side other small businesses. His focus is working with CrossFit owners to maximize their revenue selling original and branded apparel. His clients have made thousands of extra dollars per implementing his go-to strategies. Forever Fierce is a ...…
Your Family, Your Money
Tips for saving money on your household bills – the resources and strategies that will truly make the difference.
Featuring Drs. Lynn Cohick and Ed Stetzer, with guest Leah Samuelson In this episode of Theology for Life, Lynn and Ed talk with Leah Samuelson about community art–what is means and how it benefits the community and those participating. How are relationships built while doing art? Samuelson shares that when you work shoulder-to-shoulder and sol ...…
Christopher Scott Show
It dawned on me, looking over the news over the past 2 weeks that there's an all-out war on white men going on. 2 weeks ago the DNC announced 8 new job openings and get this, the literally said white men need not apply. That's not racist. Not one bit. But, let's face it 2 weeks ago in today's universe is like an eternity. 2 weeks ago might as w ...…
Are you leveraging Digital Presenting to grow your business? I have 4 Digital Presenting Strategies brought to you by digitalpresenting.comThis is strategy #3
burkhartpm on Narro
Is the The Benedict Option a dirty book? A professor says yes it was my commenting on an essay he had published in Slate, defending intolerance. be praised by colleagues his recent Los Angeles Review of Books piece The Benedict Option polemical article ...…
King's Centre Sermons
Darryl looks at Joshua as he follows God’s strategy to overcome the walls of Jericho. Joshua 6:1-16 The post The Wall appeared first on King's Centre.
From a Department of Defense computer job to technology trainer to influencer and public speaker, Brian, the Economist’s 2014 Social Business Leader award recipient, is passionate about “connecting great people with great people to do great things.” Today’s influencers must take their message to the platforms where their audience hangs out.…
New York City Pinball Podcast
in which a dude runs down local competitive results, reviews Pioneer's as a pinball venue and talks about looking one level deeper in rules set based strategies.
Our great time of tribulation and strife grinds onward, so hold onto your buddy and we'll get through this thing together! Caulifla and Kale enact their strategy to defeat Goku in Dragon Ball Super, mobsters face a little street justice in Inuyashiki, brains are burglarised in Blood Blockade Battlefront and Magical Circle Guru Guru is unusually ...…
For the first time in months Chris has Zah and Marc back on the podcast for an absolute belter of a podcast!The boys delve in to the importance of building your personal brand, a strategy to knowing what skills to outsource, a breakdown of the business2 event, A small content marketing strategy, The power of story based selling, Getting the sma ...…
Evergreen Christian Community
THE BIG IDEA: The power for continuity in your life comes from the awesome combination of Grace and Truth. Matthew 22:1-14 (p.691)The secret sauce of your freedom is GRACE AND TRUTHThe key is to always remain WELL DRESSEDMatthew 22:11-14 (p.691)Strategies for the Seasons of Life:We have AMAZING seasons and DIFFICULT seasons. Matthew 16:15-20 (p ...…
Grace Church STL
Satan is lord of the dark kingdom, and he’s got a plan for your life…to keep you separated from God, trembling in your boots, disengaged from the kingdom of light and your purpose in this life. Fear is his #1 strategy. This weekend Ron’s taking us into Scripture to see how God has equipped us in Christ with everything we need to stay free from ...…
A war rages around us. It is being waged by an unseen, yet very real enemy. This war is a spiritual war. In a physical war, many lives are lost. In a spiritual war, the stakes are higher. This battle is being waged for the souls of men. What are the enemy's tactics? What are the strategies we should use to fight this battle? Join us as we sound ...…
This week, the House of Representatives passed a new proposed tax bill. I’ll cover what the new bill changes about taxes, as well as covering some new rule changes to reverse mortgages and why you probably shouldn’t consider using a reverse mortgage as part of your retirement planning. Make It Last with Victor Medina is hosted by Victor J. Medi ...…
Published on 04 Jan 2016. Bonni Stachowiak Teaching in Higher Ed Question from Maurice Are there any resources out there on energy and leadership? With that I don’t mean the energy which seeps out you as you struggle through the day, but rather the energy which you project in any given situation. I volunteered at a dog shelter for a [...]…
In this episode, Devi chats with Michele PW about Love-Based Copywriting for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the "Love-Based Business" series of books that share how to sell more with love and build a solid, profitable business on a foundation of love. In addition, she owns a copywriting and mark ...…
Today's guest is a high energy and highly motivated individual. He is an Air Force Veteran and also a fellow Associate Instructor at FourBlock that is passionate about helping Veterans. He is the Founder & Principal Consultant CEO of CIGRIE. I would like to welcome Jason Smith. ----more---- Hi this is Pete Blum bringing you another episode of t ...…
Tom Vooris/Choices To You Let Choices To You bring the restaurant to you! If you live in the North Fulton or Gwinnett County area of Atlanta, they re about to make your life a whole lot easier! If you ever ask yourself, Where s the best restaurant delivery near me? , they have got you covered. Try their food delivery service today! […]…
On this episode of Real Estate 2020 we take you to Where Jeff discusses, PENNS, Discusses Video Marketing Strategies, Lead Group and Lead Conversions for Internet Leads at Orange Tree Golf Club.
In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, we’re digging into the truth in information. Alex Sakaguchi, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, interviews Jyothi Swaroop, Director, Solutions Marketing, Veritas. Alex and Jyothi discuss their recent travels to Latin America for Vision Solution Days in Brazil. They discuss advice for accelerating a multi-clo ...…
Redefining Fitness
Build your strategy for success to finish out the year strong moving toward your goals! Today we covered expectations, holiday hacks, and we also dove into overcoming "people pleasing." We hope you enjoy! If you have direct questions, please reach out to Thanks for listening!
Garter Toss; Toy Hall of Fame; $20 Pyramid; Angel Tree Debate; Weight Loss Strategy; Distracted Driving
Garter Toss; Toy Hall of Fame; $20 Pyramid; Angel Tree Debate; Weight Loss Strategy; Distracted Driving
Jeff Koser is the spirited CEO and founder of Selling to Zebras, a sales tools Software company Jeff is an award-winning co-author of Selling to Zebras, HOW to CLOSE 90% of the BUSINESS YOU PURSUE FASTER, MORE EASILY, and MORE PROFITABLY. In 2010, Jeff was recognized as one of the best sales authors of all time in Andre ...…
This is Marketing Podcast
It’s the holidays, and for some of you, it’s the most busiest time of the year! Black Friday is right around the corner and your marketing should already be firing on all cylinders. However, it’s not just your black Friday marketing we have to worry about, there is now Small Business Saturday marketing and Cyber Monday marketing that are just a ...…
The Red Wing Oil and Gas Health, Safety and Environmental Podcast took a road trip to College Station, Texas, home of Texas A&M University’s Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. On the show today is Dr. Thomas Ferris, Assistant Professor in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. Dr. Ferris is working on some very interesti ...…
Luxury Listing Specialist - Dominate High End Listings In Any Market
What does an agent need in order to get into the luxury side of real estate? Why is it so crucial as an agent to be able to “own your numbers”? On this episode CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, Dan Conn, shares the biggest market trends in luxury real estate, and gives insights on why real estate remains a stable investment. If you o ...…
In this episode we are talking about how Cardi B this regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx Activated her Massive Brand. We talked about her boldly confident brand moves, how she was able to package her greatness, and how she monetized her hustle and became a three-time platinum-selling recording artist. Come join the conversation at ww ...…
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