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Defensive Security is a weekly information security podcast which reviews recent high profile cyber security breaches, data breaches, malware infections and intrusions to identify lessons that we can learn and apply to the organizations we protect.
Military technology and defense industry trends, from the articles of National Defense Magazine.
Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Join my friends and I for a podcast celebrating everything botany.
Practical Defense
Alex Haddox brings a practical approach to staying safe in our increasingly dangerous urban environments. Discover simple strategies and everyday habits from that will help protect you and your loved ones from harm. Hear interviews with experts on the criminal mind and listen to stories directly from real victims. When you understand what a criminal looks for in a target, you can avoid taking on those characteristics and thus hopefully escape selection.
The Concealed Carry Podcast is a podcast produced and distributed by Concealed Carry Inc and hosted by Riley Bowman. The podcast focuses in on highly relevant topics for American gun owners and sheepdogs. Each segment includes a gear "pick of the week," relevant political and industry news and an example of a CCW permit holder acting in self-defense. Our goal is to empower or train 1 million sheepdogs by 2050 and this podcast is an important part of that endeavor. By subscribing and listenin ...
The Law of Self Defense Podcast is an occasional podcast hosted by Attorney Andrew F. Branca, an internationally-recognized expert in US self-defense law. Each week he will explore various interesting facets of the laws governing the use of force in self-defense, including illustrating key legal principles, examining recent self-defense statutory changes and court decisions, and answering audience questions. Feel free to propose topic suggestions at:
weekly reports and commentary on civilian self defense
In which our intrepid heroes (Hub and Cory) endeavor to read and discuss the entire New Teen Titans series AND the entire Defenders series. Using only their wits, Hub's comic book collection, and a not insignificant amount of alcohol, these brave men attempt the Sisyphean task of wringing coherence from the four color world of 70's/80's comics. Which is to say that my brother Cory and I get our swerve on and read some comics. Join us, won't you?
Cross Defense is a program of Christian apologetics, your weekly dose of knowing why you believe what you believe, so that you will be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks about the hope you have in the life, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Welcome to the Defense and Aerospace Business Report, our weekly podcast on the global defense and aerospace business sponsored by Bell, and hosted by Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian. Each week, we’ll bring you interviews with industry leaders and the business’ best analysts to put events in context, identify trends and keep an eye on what’s next in a fast-moving world. Defense & Aerospace Report is your global source for national security and aerospace news, thought leadersh ...
Defense Matters
Defense Matters is a podcast series on various national defense and foreign affairs topics produced by the National Defense University Foundation Inc. The National Defense University Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of raising awareness and funds in support of the mission and scholarship of the National Defense University.
Defensive Security is a weekly information security podcast which reviews recent high profile cyber security breaches, data breaches, malware infections and intrusions to identify lessons that we can learn and apply to the organizations we protect.
A new weekly podcast about the news, strategy, tech, and business trends defining the future of national security. It’s all the stuff we cover at Defense One, a property of Atlantic Media, whose mission is to inform, elevate and challenge the national discourse. Read more at
Defense and Security - Audio
Defensive Security is a weekly information security podcast which reviews recent high profile cyber security breaches, data breaches, malware infections and intrusions to identify lessons that we can learn and apply to the organizations we protect.
A podcast created and produced by the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (CDAM) for our members and other Michigan lawyers who practice criminal defense.
A one-hour weekly talk show dedicated to America's heroes. The National Defense brings to the forefront issues of vital importance to our country.
The National Defense is the ONLY nationally-syndicated talk radio show geared towards active-duty military, reserves and their families.
The Institute for Defense & Government Advancement (IDGA) is a non-partisan information-based organization dedicated to the promotion of innovative ideas and latest developments in public service and defense through highly-popular live training and networking events, as well as an online community portal. Since 2003, IDGA’s live events have included speaker panels and
2080 Baseball's Dave DeFreitas and Nick Faleris discuss baseball's stars of tomorrow through the lens of scouting and player development.
You don't need to be a bad@$$ to defend yourself. And you don't need to live in fear. All you need are tips, tools, and practical techniques that you can practice, refine, and use when the time is right.
Join host Ray Starmann and his guests as they discuss national security and political topics with a conservative, politically incorrect viewpoint.
Based on a true story, Defense is a podcast that tells the story of two criminal defense lawyers, and the couple who entrusted them to represent their case. Facing charges of forgery, drug trafficking, operating an illegal chop shop, to having their newborn child taken away from protective services, it seems like it would have been an open and shut case. This extraordinary case told by the very people involved, is brought to you by Swell Story Media and the Law Offices of Adras and Altig.
Patriot Defense Radio
Guns freedom liberty 2nd amendment
A major emergency affecting a large number of people may occur anytime and anywhere. It may be a peacetime disaster such as a flood, tornado, fire, hurricane, blizzard or earthquake. It could be an enemy nuclear attack on the United States. In any type of general disaster, lives can be saved if people are prepared for the emergency, and know what actions to take when it occurs. This handbook, "In Time of Emergency" (1968), contains basic general information on both nuclear attack and major n ...
Defense and Security - Video
Finally you are not tied to a computer for your defensive driving course needs. has a new, mobile, wireless defensive driving course.
In Defense of Bull
Ice Traigh and Downstroyer defend the indefensible with indefensible defenses. There are two sides to every story, and we explore the side that no one wants to talk about, especially if it's too soon. If you were a victim of a heinous crime, you probably deserved it. (Satire)Visit to see when our next show will be airing!Send us your questions here or to
In Defense
Sometimes the life we live is unjust. In a world full of opinions, the things we love often fall by the wayside, all but forgotten by the culture at large...but not anymore. Join comedian Joey Bergren and his comedically minded friends as they defend their oddest, grossest and above all else, most passionately-loved topics. With so much negativity in the world, In Defense fights through the haters and focuses on the beloved and unique topics of its guests, such as zit-popping videos on YouTu ...
2080 Baseball's Dave DeFreitas and Nick Faleris discuss baseball's stars of tomorrow through the lens of scouting and player development.
Plants are everything. They are also incredibly interesting. From the smallest duckweed to the tallest redwood, the botanical world is full of wonder. Join my friends and I for a podcast celebrating everything botany.
Join hosts Sam Bowen, Loren Bowen, Bobby Mattern, and Laura King as we watch movies that are generally regarded as bad, but at least one of us actually enjoys and defends the movie to the others.
Lady's N Defense
Informative/Descriptive/Step by Step instructions for self-defense,business and life.
Find out what you need to know in order to keep your family safe at home or on the go. Listen in as nationally recognized police trainer Dave Young discusses the real-world proven tactics that can protect your home, family and property.This Podcast will give you tips on the proper use of pepper spray, preventing and surviving home invasions, ways to keep your kids safe at home and in public and explaining how having a pre-planned practiced response can save lives in emergencies such as loosi ...
The latest feed from Institute of Biblical Defense on
Your Best Defense Podcast is hosted by Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney Jacquelyn Ford. Your best defense is a good offense. Jacqui Ford, not afraid of a fight and always fighting for what is right! Find out more at or call 405-604-3200.
Personal Defense Talk
Personal Defense Talk, a podcast created to inform and educate citizens who are concerned about Personal Defense. The hosts, Ben Turner and Evan Carson, emphasize a multidisciplinary approach when discussing Personal Defense. Each week the show will cover different topics and will have special guests to discuss their area of expertise. We believe Personal Defense encompasses multiple aspects and do not recommend a singular tool or method. Our main goal is to provide information to help educa ...
The weekly national defense, national security, and military radio program
Legal Defense
Attorney Kirk Obear knows the law and YOUR rights. He also knows how to make the law easy to understand - not to mention entertaining. Get his analysis and opinions on news breaking legal topics, issues, and current events.
Two sisters, Judith and Leah, talk about musicals they love, and try to defend a musical to someone who hates it.
DWI Defense Podcast
Learn the laws, consequences, and defenses of a DWI charge in MN.
TCPA Defense Force
Formed by attorneys on the front lines of the challenges created by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the TCPA Defense Force helps companies balance compliance with the critical objective of communicating with their customers.
Ballistic Missile Defense HD
yes, we know there is originally only 1 L in the word Nickel...tune in to see why we spelled it this way. Why the Giants are the best team ever (Todd is still on the fence), keeping up with Fantasy Football, hilarious stories, and so much more. "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants" - Isaac Newtonis a quote that has nothing to do with this podcast
Lady's N Defense
The Shooter's Story is a collection of interviews of shooters - just like you. Competitive, tactical, defensive, recreational, pros, newbies and everyone in between. We share our stories to build a community of like minded shooters sharing our passion (or hobby!) to spread the word and grow the sports.
Aviation Week's editors discuss defense, space, commercial aviation and safety every Friday on the Check 6 podcast.
The Apology of the Augsburg Confession was written by Philip Melanchthon during and after the 1530 Diet of Augsburg as a response to the Pontifical Confutation of the Augsburg Confession, Charles V's commissioned official Roman Catholic response to the Lutheran Augsburg Confession of June 25, 1530. It was intended to be a defense of the Augsburg Confession and a refutation of the Confutation. It was signed as a confession of faith by leading Lutheran magnates and clergy at the meeting of the ...
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Home Defense! Host: Micheal Kline "Reality Check" on American Preppers Radio! Fridays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 6:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: A famous line from a movie once quoted, “This is my house. I have to defend it.” Well folks, it’s time we circle the wagons and develop a battle plan for defending our h ...…
Delta-V This episode Timestamps [5:03] News [8:02] Episode Recap [15:58] Feedback [None Book Discussion I want to hear from you! Send me your feedback at 1-805-910-7656 or This week we discuss season 3 of The Expanse with the seventh episode titled “Delta-V”. In this week’s podcast after sharing some news from The Exp ...…
GameEnthus Podcast ep344: Visual Novelty or meant life This week Pam(@Jasyla_) from @_MediaMavens and Youtube(CannotBeTamed1) joins Tiny(@Tiny415) and Aaron(@Ind1fference) to talk about: Retroware, Cartridge Club, Bioshock, Overwatch, Aquaman, Orm, Justice League, Deadpool 2, Solo A Star Wars Story, Movie Pass, Boss Key, Law Breakers, Ra ...…
LIVE: The Rivalry Show | Shemy Schembechler, Doug A Worthington and Jake Smith | Charles Woodson's take on The Rivalry, evaluating Ohio State's defense, and recruiting updates. #GoBucks #GoBlue
Roman Catholics and evangelicals, two Christian groups that have had overlapping political priorities in the past, find their agendas diverging in the era of President Trump and Pope Francis. Tensions between the two faith traditions are hardly new. As fierce adversaries, they once cast doubt on each other’s legitimacy as heirs to the church of ...…
There is one particular thing about the celebration of Memorial day that doesn't sit well with me. Would you like to guess what that is?For all of its flaws, Social Media has given me a gift that I treasure. And on this Memorial Day, that gift seems even more important to me.The Congress of The United States quietly, without fanfare or real deb ...…
Dan Bernstein and Connor McKnight are joined by Jonah Keri of CBS Sports to talk about an admission by Major League Baseball about baseballs being changed, an apparent improvement in Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber's defense and more. (5/25/18)
Dan Bernstein and Connor McKnight are joined by Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber to discuss the work he put in during the offseason to improve his defense, game-to-game adjustments on his swing and more. (5/25/18)
On this episode of McKay and the Doctor discover: Is the Flu shot effective? How to protect yourself against the flu. Taking Vitamin C & Vitamin D to boost your own defenses against the flu.
We never want to see a good tale come to an end, though we know that even "The Neverending Story" had to roll credits at some point. We live in a time when sequels, prequels, and extended universe content is more the norm than the novelty, and with our television programming, countless networks and distribution sources, we expect hit programs t ...…
This episode is the first in a series of conversations directed towards lawyers, legal professionals, and law students. In this series, North Carolina Attorney Bill Powers digs into personal issues, patterns, personalities, unspoken truths, realities, and the lifestyle of being a lawyer. In this episode, Bill Powers sits down with Mecklenburg C ...…
Movie producer Harvey Weinstein will surrender to the New York Police Department on Friday in Lower Manhattan, a source familiar with the matter tells NPR’s Rose Friedman. He’s expected to turn himself in around 8 a.m. to be arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault, reporter Benjamin Mueller of The New York Times told NPR’s All Things Con ...…
Top Links How to create an Angular 6 app with Visual Studio 2017 (Talking Dotnet) The Boring Flutter Development Show [Pilot Episode] (Andrew & Filip) Snapshots on Exceptions while debugging with IntelliTrace (Deborah Chen) Hot Extensions | Visual Studio Toolbox (Robert Green) Web & Cloud Development Introducing New Angular Tree View Component ...…
The law surrounding domestic violence in North Carolina is deceptively complex. In this episode, North Carolina Attorney Bill Powers answers the questions that matter to you when you when you or a loved one is involved in a domestic violence matter, including: What constitutes domestic violence? What is the difference between 50B and 50C restra ...…
By Lance Smith, Editor Wednesday night, on the last day of the regular season, Russell Westbrook needed 16 rebounds to average a triple double on the season. He ended up with 20, completing a late season mad-dash to get his rebounding numbers up so he could achieve the feat ...…
Harry and Ron discover the truth about their Defense Against the Dark Arts professor! Special Guests: Lexi and Tim Garcia! You can find us at or Email us at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Or join our Facebook Group: Harry Potter Minute and the Listener’s Army If you’d like to show y ...…
This week, on Episode 15 of the After Action Project, we’re bringing you into the student’s seat of Clint Smith’s Defensive Handgun and Rifle Course. For more information about Clint Smith and Thunder Ranch, please visit
The Rockets had another stellar defensive effort and are just one win away from the NBA Finals. Chris and Alex break down the miscues by the Warriors in the 4th quarter.
Spencer goes on the defensive, Hunter receives a "dis track", and Squawpbart calls the Flub. It's the return of environmental-economics-major-turned-Spencer's lawyer, Brian Flint!#cuesoundeffect[Special Guest: Jefferson Fosbender]
5 ways to tell if the guy you're dating is emotionally unavailable and won't commit. Okay, I've kinda vowed to always keep people I've dated fairly elusive. Giving just enough detail to subtly hint at the obvious, without naming names. But this one? It was too good not to. His name was Casper (I can't make this up). Late last year, I made an un ...…
San Francisco Giants executive VP of baseball operations Brian Sabean joins John & Tom to talk about the Giants pitching and defensive struggles and how the front office is preparing for the upcoming MLB Draft.
San Francisco Giants executive VP of baseball operations Brian Sabean joins John & Tom to talk about the Giants pitching and defensive struggles and how the front office is preparing for the upcoming MLB Draft.
In Defefense of a Nation is a weekly round table discussion group covering prophecy, politics and the culture war. In today's message we cover the falling away in the church.
NBA TalkCavs, Rockets, Casey to Detroit?, Doc gets Extension with Clippers, Melo over Korver, WNBA, All Defensive Teams,
Steve and Todd are joined by Ottawa Redblacks defensive back Antoine Pruneau to talk about the first 5 days of training camp, his off-season and the outlook for the season for himself and the team.
It is Thursday, which means it is mailbag podcast day. Thanks to those of you who submitted questions. We could not do it without out. On today's show we look at whether Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater could emerge as the top two quarterbacks on the depth chart, what evidence suggests McCown will be a quality coach once his playing career end ...…
Lots of baseball talk this week since we’ve got a full episode dedicated to basketball with Steve Wright. We cover the rise of the “opener” and what the Tampa Bay Rays have been doing with Sergio Romo, a home run king who is vacating his throne and a new fireballer clocking in at 105. All of that and coverage of the new rules the NFL is install ...…
Basketball expert Steve Wright joins us to go over how he thinks the rest of the Conference Finals will play out, which players are destined to win MVP and a bit on coaching prospects around the league.
In December 2017, investigative reporting and declassification revealed that US Government has had several instances where experienced military pilots encounter strange aircraft they cannot explain. Our story tonight is about a secret Department of Defense program that investigated advanced aerial threats - and found some. Join us, won't you?…
In this episode, Don and Shawn talk about the last 3 shooting cases, which all happened in residences, and all ended up with felony convictions. Kaarma, Smith and Wafer are all currently serving prison sentences. Don and Shawn talk about the series and give more insight on the cases, and what could have been done to avoid convictions.…
Hari and Adam talk NBA Conference Finals as they watch Cavs Celitcs game 5. They shoutout the all-defense teams, Oladipo, KAT, JJ Redick and more. The Royal Wedding comes up, and how Lebron should announce his next "Decision".
The energy of the past can come pounding to the surface of my mind, heart, and body whenever I retell my bipolar story.It recently came roaring to the fore in a most unexpected fashion just yesterday.I met a counselor, in passing, who I'd been hoping to bump into at some point. I wanted her inner circle opinion on how to make a real world move ...…
Join us as we chat with Tammy Taylor, the Chief Operating Officer at PNNL. We talk about mentors she had, ideas on integrity, listening and so much more! BIO: Tammy P. Taylor is the Chief Operating Officer of the National Security Directorate at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Tammy leads the mission execution, capability deve ...…
The 2018 NFL Draft is over and, believe it or not, there’s lots to talk about heading into a big week of offseason news for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Take a look at the rundown for the latest episode of the new show “Steelers News”: OTAs in full swingBen Roethlisebrger praises Mas RudolphDon’t forget James ConnerNew Steelers getting comfortable ...…
Defense Missile Radar in Hawaii; Navy Disaster Preparedness; The Long View; Kauai Chorale at Lincoln CenterBy (Hawaii Public Radio).
Defense Missile Radar in Hawaii; Navy Disaster Preparedness; The Long View; Kauai Chorale at Lincoln CenterBy (akhan).
Western &eastern conference finals and review first &second team all defense recaps
Harry Kazianis, the D.C. based Director of Defense Studies at the Center for the National Interest, looks at President Trump holding a summit with South Korea’s President Moon as well as North Korea dismantling their nuclear weapons testing facility soon... could this all be true?
8To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit; 9 not returning evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing. 10 For, “The one who desires life, to love and see good days, Must keep his tongue from ev ...…
Dan Schneier of 247 Sports joins Giants Guys host John Fennelly for an insightful look at the New York Giants and their prospects for the 2018 season. Dan dicsusses the team's new schemes and strategies on offense, defense and special teams as well as outlines who will play where and who will make an impact on the team this season.…
Finally 3 pts, the Galaxy break the four game losing streak and bring home a W from Montreal. Kamara scores again, Defense was shaky again, Sigi keeps eating and forgets to coach, and Zlatan slaps the shit out of defender! The post Episode 27 – 3 pts Makes You Want to Slap Your mama 🖐🏼 appeared first on Straight from the Stands.…
Newsmaker Ep. 827 Jessica Tierney, Women's Self-Defense (5/23/2018) by Radio on the Go
This week we run through the more interesting and notable games of the week that included plenty of red cards, added time, and silly defensive errors.
On this episode, I speak with Lauren Ruffin, who is Vice President of External Relations for Fractured Atlas, a national organization which empowers artists by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression. This past fall, she spearheaded the Artist’s Campaign School - an intensive training for artists to gain the skills and knowledge n ...…
A High School Perspective Dealing with parent expectations in high school Man or zone? How do you try to score against zone defense? What is missing in today’s high school game?
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