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I'd Hit That
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PlusThis! Show
Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch Co-Host a weekly Vodcast and when they found out that 67% of American women are a size 14 or above, they're here to help media, entertainment and fashion catch the eff UP!
We all have to let go of who we think we are to become who we want to be. This podcast is about sharing the stories of who have changed what they thought was possible for their relationships, career and life. Join me as I show that it is easier than you think to live on your own terms.
Multi award-winning songwriter, Brian Muni, now hosts Live Song Radio, a monthly New York area AM radio show that is streamed and downloaded for worldwide audiences. Recent guests have included 7 string guitar master, Bucky Pizzarelli; children's music star, Laurie Berkner; The Bacon Brothers Band, Jen Chapin & the Chapin Sisters, etc. Log onto the first Monday of every month, 8pm EST. For inquiries, email: Keepin' It Live! (tm) Brian
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Taylor is a remote career coach who helps people find and land remote jobs with skills and experience they already have. Founder of Remote Like Me, she’s helped tons of remote hopefuls turn their virtual career dreams into a reality. We talk about what to do before even begin applying to jobs, how to avoid common mistakes and the wonders of hav ...…
Coming onto the show for the second time after getting a double mastectomy, Laith holds nothing back as we get into the work that goes into going from a girl to a guy into today's world and changing your entire identity along the way. How does society treat each gender differently? What does dating and sex look like? How do you tell friends and ...…
The Classic Interview from 2013
Joe Deitch is a rare breed: a lifelong advocate and student of eastern philosophy and spirituality as well as being an American business executive, philanthropist, and the author of Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life. He is the founder and Chairman of Commonwealth Financial Network, the largest privately owned independent broker/dealer-RIA in ...…
Drummer John Tempesta has worked with Testament, Exodus, White Zombie and The Cult, among many other artists and bands. Recorded in Los Angeles, 2018
5th appearance for Mr Danziger. Recorded in Hollywood, December 2018
Drummer Sterling Campbell talks working w/ David Bowie, The B-52's, Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper, Soul Asylum and a lot more. recorded in Hollywood, 2018
Sly & The Family Stone, Weather Report, David Bowie and more - Drummer Greg Errico. Recorded in Los Angeles, 2018
Drummer Mark Stepro. Recorded "a while ago" 2018
Doobie Brothers Drummer Ed Toth. Recorded in Los Angeles, 2018
Bassist Kevin Scott. Recorded in NYC 2018
Keys player/Vocalist Rachel Eckroth talks working on a daytime talk show, working w/ Chris Botti, Rufus Wainright, her new album When It Falls (produced by Tim Lefebvre), and a lot more. Recorded in Hollywood, October 2018
Alex Strenger walked into city council with a wrestler belt on that read "mayor" and officially put his name on the ballot for the November election. What he does in trolling behavior he makes up for by bringing to light actual issues that are impacting the city. He is the epitome of getting after it without regard to what other people think of ...…
Dr. Linda Bacon, scientist and author, chats with Co-Hosts Eva & Kathy about her journey to being an iconic supporter of the Fat Community with her expertise in weight regulation science. Dr. Bacon even gives them a teaser about what book she's writing next!
Producer Jon Joseph, recorded in North Hollywood, CA 2018
Co-hosts Eva Tingley and Kathy Deitch are back to wrap up Season 3 after a short hiatus. Announcements are made about the future of PlusThis! Show, and the ladies discuss everything that's been happening since they took a break at the end of July 2018.
Recorded in Hollywood, 2018 2nd visit for Mister Nistor. Stevie talks working w Sparks, Daniel Lanois - and there's even a cameo from Jordan Peterson
After 10 months in my first "9-5" job, I realized I never wanted to do it again. About 8 weeks ago I did a few things to get myself out of that situation and am now recording this podcast from the Philippines with a job that gives me the flexibility to run my side business and travel. It can happen that QUICKLY. I am going to lay out some steps ...…
Randy Schrager has played drums with The Scissor Sisters, Jesse Malin and more. Recorded in Hollywood in the Mobile Recording Unit "a while ago"
Sophie is the founder & CEO of Love Intently which focuses on empowering relationships to thrive. We get into the trenches of what holds us all back from creating the types of connections we want and how to change that. Catch Sophie on her newly launched podcast "Love Intently with Sophie Kwok".She can also be found on IG @loveintently and @sop ...…
Dave tells some great Steve Jordan stories and more. Third time's the charm for Mr Elitch. Recorded in the Mobile Recording Unit, a while a go, Los Angeles, 2018
Bassist for Ozzy, Jimmy Page, Billy Idol & More. Recorded in Los Angeles, 2018
Who we think we are gets reflected back to us by the people around us which makes us act in a way that reinforces our initial story and identity about ourselves....if we created the story, can't we change it? I go into a personal story here and how a script I had been following that wasn't true almost cost me one of the best things in my life.…
Talking on the front lawn in a hot Texas night with their refurbished van behind us, Sam and Manuella go through the backstory and the steps it took to get them to go on an adventure of a lifetime. Their small van "Raul" is taking them across the border as they head south to their eventual destination of Brazil. Follow them on IG @expeditionkin ...…
Soulful sounds of the Bobby Deitch Band, sharing live and fresh grooves from this songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and educator's new album “Grateful.” Also report from 2018 SongHallofFame highlighting James "JT" Taylor with call-in from Kool and the Gang singer, Walt Anderson. And world music from NYU's Translucent Borders with Andy ...…
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch discuss with Xicana Queer Fat Femme, Laura Luna about all things queer and fat.
What does it take to achieve a successful AND satisfying life? Colin Beavan is a author and activist who has appeared on the Colbert Report and created the documentary "No Impact Man."Re-examine your standard life approach and experiment with life choices that are true to your purpose, values and passions.Find Colin at…
Lots of spicy opinions fly on this episode as Megan Kimberling jumps in to co-host as Kathy is away.... and she brings Intersectional Storyteller Jordan Daniels with her.
Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch learn more about the Olympics and what it was like for Dawn at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. She schools us on all things Hammer Throw, and how she's aspiring to be a Plus Model!!
Eva & Kathy catch up with previous guest Trina Dong about her new short she's filming, and all other things fat!
Recorded in Hollywood June 2018
Conner is the host of The Realness podcast, a strength and fitness coach and is on a mission to live authentically and help others design their life. He is also one of the most interesting dudes I have had on and we get into about every topic imaginable while having some laughs outside under a big ol' tree. Hope y'all enjoy. Find Conner on IG @ ...…
Shea was addicted to alcohol & heroin and was quickly sliding away from his potential into a life he never wanted. From that despair came his greatest triumphs and created the man he is today...hear the story of one man's redemption in this fresh episode. Find Shea on IG @SheaBoland
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch rap with High-Fashion Model, Creative Director & Activist Megan Kimberling about all the crazy things she's up to, and how beautiful her Instagram @megankimberling is.
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch chat with dynamo Jennifer Kumiyama about being in Disney's Aladdin for 13 years, and how UnderCover Boss with Idina Menzel impacted her life.
I have seen terrible leaders, decent leaders, good leaders and great leaders. One of my best friends was a great leader and I was lucky enough to fight fires with him for 3 years and see exactly what he was doing that made him so effective at rallying people to a cause or mission. This podcast will do a quick rundown of what makes the great one ...…
MARIANNE OSIEL & SAFRAH LEVITAN, gifted singer/songwriters/multi-instrumentalists join Brian Muni’s Live Song Radio with their original, heartfelt grooves. From be-bop to classical, pop, rock, country and blues, MARIANNE OSIEL & SAFRAH LEVITAN do it all. Brought to you by Theraplay LLC using music to help special needs children do what was thou ...…
Ben is the founder of Apex Real Estate Network in Tucson, AZ. He started sweeping the dusty floors of construction sites and now owns a company with 30 employees...all before he turned 30 years old. He is a motivating dude and if you are anything like me, this episode will inspire you to start getting the mindset and bank account together so yo ...…
The Master Himself. Recorded in Ventura, CA May 2018
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch discuss fat life, fat dating, and fat hot topics with TEDx speaker and UBC Professor Victoria Welsby of BamPowLife.
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch get deep with France's @chicwithcurves about all things Fat.
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch dish with fierce young dancer Amanda LaCount about her path to dancing with Ellen, and what she's going to wear to prom!!
"Rewrite Your Day" is a new project where I share insights learned from previous guests, books or my life to give actionable tips to help you live on your own terms in the best way possible. All under 10 minutes. Wow. Incredible. In this first episode I do a recap of a panel I attended with amazing entrepreneurs and the co-founder of Reddit. Yo ...…
John Mayer, James Taylor, many more. Master keys player. Recorded in April 2018
The Wild Honey Pie is dedicated to bringing community back to music. Through private dinners, intimate events and an adult summer camp, they let the artists listeners connect the old-fashioned way. Check out Welcome Campers for a crazy festival-style weekend without the headache.
21 years after his tragic drowning, a celebration of Jeff Buckley, 90’s music icon, with author Dave Lory, Jeff’s manager and friend, breaking his silence and reading from the new memoir, “Jeff Buckley – From Hallelujah to the Last Goodbye”. For info: Visit/like us at Brought to you by ...…
Co-Hosts Eva Tingley & Kathy Deitch rap with Actress, Melanie Field from Paramount Network's Heather's that premieres on July 10, 2018. We discussed all sorts of wacky topics, including why there are no fat girls on Broadway!
John Legend & Kneebody bassist Kaveh Rastegar. Recorded in Hollywood April 2018
Host Eva Tingley and guest Co-host Rosa Graziano chat with Chef Arnold Myint about his new house, his restaurants in Nashville, his new teaching job and HOT TOPICS!
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