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The World Unpacked is a weekly foreign policy podcast, hosted by Jen Psaki, that breaks down the hottest global issues of today with experts, journalists, and policymakers who can explain what is happening, why it matters, and where we go from here. Tune in to get smart on foreign policy.
Peace Talk
Get the Free Course to learn the simplest way to dissolve stressful thinking: The Work of Byron Katie Peace Talk is a podcast dedicated to exploring human suffering....where we investigate misery, unhappiness, negativity, mental illness, addiction and other internal battles people experience that make life not-so-fun....and turn these experiences around!
Pearls From Peace
Podcast by Pastor Brad Schollenberg & Pastor Glenn Worcester
On Peace
Experts from the U.S. Institute of Peace tackle the latest foreign policy issues from around the world in this weekly podcast. Sponsored by USIP and Sirius XM.
Sermons from Peace Lutheran Church in North Mankato, Minnesota.
Kindness, Goodness, Beauty - Building a Global Community
Peace Devotions are Gospel centric devotions posted each Monday and Thursday.
Grace and Peace
Building the People Who Shape the World
Peaceful Anarchism
Just Do Good Things
We are a gathering of people learning to follow Jesus
Jesus's unconditional love and acceptance of you, His grace will go to work in your life transforming you into that same image of glory.
Peace Corps Volunteer Stories Podcast – Every volunteer has a story. Whats yours?
Peace Church
There's a completely different way to approach anxiety, panic attacks and stress that simply dissolves them at their very foundations. No techniques, no strategies, no tools. Simply listen and find a little peace of mind.
Conversations with Adventist peacemakers.
Peace With Endo
Naturally managing endometriosis through diet, lifestyle and mindful thinking.
Growing as disciples of Jesus Christ east of the river who love God and love their neighbors
There's a completely different way to approach anxiety, panic attacks and stress that simply dissolves them at their very foundations. No techniques, no strategies, no tools. Simply listen and find a little peace of mind.
Peace Church Sermons
Peace Church is committed to the celebration and proclamation of the gospel, the faithful preaching teaching of the Bible and practical, loving service in our community and around the world. Join us for worship this Sunday!
Welcome to the Peace Of Mind podcast, where we cover finance, branding, motivation, military transitioning and all life decisions on one station 🧡 Support this podcast:
Personal trainer, Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic coach, entrepreneur, and mom. Andrea discusses all things fitness, Ayurveda and habits related to making your goals a reality. Peaceful Power Podcast brings together Ayurveda with western science to blend the best from both worlds when it comes to reaching your health goals. Along with Andrea discussing her Peaceful Power Practices she sits down with guests on a bi-weekly basis to dive deeper into creating a fitness based lifestyle.
We are a broken people who believe there is grace from God, in Jesus Christ, for ourselves and for you. This is why we are here in South Philadelphia.
We are a Presbyterian church (PCA) in Saint Louis, Missouri. We come as broken people before a glorious, forgiving God, the Son who died for our sins, and the Spirit who renews us.
Sermons from Grace & Peace in Greenville, South Carolina. We are a new church for Greenville—seeking to glorify God in Greenville by proclaiming and embodying the gospel of Jesus Christ through worship, welcome, and wonder.
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Weekly Sermon
Peace on SermonAudio
The latest podcast feed searching 'Peace' on SermonAudio.
Listen to homilies from Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mandeville, LA.
Podcast by Prince of Peace Church
Grace & Peace Podcasts
Grace & Peace is a Presbyterian (PCA) congregation located in Bowling Green KY. This feed is an archive of sermons from weekly worship. For more information, visit
Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness riffs on ways to reduce stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness, live more joyfully & how to roll with peace in mind.
Nobel Peace Center
The Nobel Peace Center is the museum about the Nobel Peace Prize, and an arena for exhibitions, guided tours, debates and family activities. #VisitPeace #InspiredByPeace
Prince of Peace
Grow Deep. Reach Out. That's who we are. That's what we do. May this podcast remind you that you are a beloved child of God, and we have a lot of work to do together.
Listen to podcasts from Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Great Bend, KS.
An unofficial podcast for fans of Twilight Imperium and other strategy board games. Each episode is a humorous analysis of mechanics and strategies for new and experienced players alike!
POP Podcast
Burnsville, Minnesota
Culture of Peace
Creating a Culture of Peace.
Peace Lutheran Church is a church located in Aiken, South Carolina seeking to center the listener on Christ and Christ alone. He is real peace for real people.
Retire At Peace
Ogni settimana
Small changes, made over time, can produce significant results. Much like a high performance engine, or an entire orchestra, when even a small part is not doing what it is supposed to do, everything suffers. And the same is true of your finances. This show is dedicated to the small things that make a significant difference.
Grace & Peace PGH
Weekly sermons from Grace & Peace PCA in Pittsburgh, PA.
North Peace MB Church
Sunday sermons from North Peace MB Church in Fort St. John, BC
Circle of Peace Church is located in Peoria, Arizona. We're a hospitable church focused on Jesus, the Bible, and relationships. Inspired by Anabaptism, connected to the Church of the Brethren, and open to everyone.
Peace City Church is a multicultural, Jesus-following church in Riverdale, MD. Vision: Family for Strangers. Refuge for the Broken. Peace for our City. Listen to our sermons from our Sunday Worship Services.
This is the podcast of WAR ROOM, the official online journal of the U.S. Army War College. Join us for provocative discussions about U.S. national security and defense, featuring prominent national security and military professionals.
Often quiet as kept, so it's common to mistake his demeanor a being quiet or shy. However, Greg Lacy is far from that. No longer are the days of sitting by idly while culture vultures and the misinformed speak on topics or broadcast information about the voiceless with no regard. I am the 'voiceless' and I got something to say, so allow me to Speak My Peace.
PeaceCast is a podcast produced in Washington by Americans for Peace Now, the sister-organization of Israel’s preeminent peace movement, exploring issues and trends relating to peace and security for Israel, focusing on Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and efforts to resolve it. If you care about Israel, about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, about Israel’s future as a democracy and a Jewish state, this podcast is for you. Episodes feature experts, activists, advocates and scholars w ...
Weekly sermons from Grace and Peace, a PCA church located in Austin, Texas. Grace and Peace exists to be a Gospel-formed family for the city of Austin. Please visit for more information.
Events at USIP
Listen to a collection of USIP's most compelling events without having to leave your home or office.
Peace Church is a welcoming evangelical church in the West MI area that loves God, believes the Bible and wants people to have a real relationship with Jesus. Our vision is to become a Biblically–centered community of faith where everyone, empowered through prayer, is equipped to know Christ, grow in Christ, worship Christ, serve Christ and share Christ.
Transcend with Nat
Discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.
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A new MP3 sermon from Reformed Presbytery in North America GM is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Micah #10 The Millennial Glory of the Church #2 Subtitle: Micah Speaker: Rev. Greg Price Broadcaster: Reformed Presbytery in North America GM Event: Sunday Service Date: 10/12/2019 Bible: Micah 4:2-5; Isaiah 2:2-4 Len ...…
Lecture by the Chair of the Nobel Committee Berit Reiss-Andersen about The Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. Abiy Ahmed Ali receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbour ...…
Andrea is going to do a month by month break down of pregnancy what nutrition, workouts and mindfulness would be suggested based on what's going on with the body.Where to connect with AndreaInstagram- andreaclaassen.comFacebook- Day Ayurvedic Toolkit- https://andreaclaas ...…
Sign up for the free 7-day course: How to do The Work with Grace. Enroll here. Peace Talk is a podcast dedicated to spiritual enlightenment for the rest of us. Learn practical tips and tools for questioning and ending suffering. Your host, Grace Bell is an educator who has been helping people change their minds and find peace for over 20 years.…
Congress is proposing some big changes to Independent Retirement Accounts. What are some of these changes? How might they impact you? What is a Stretch IRA and how does it function? This episodes looks at all of these questions and more.By Gerald G Ginwright.
Our students come with a professional ethos and a professional mindset of being apolitical and fundamentally the decisions... we're talking about often are happening in the political realm.In a rather momentous occasion, our Editor-In-Chief Jacqueline Whitt turns over the reins of podcast production to our new Editor of A BETTER PEACE, Ron Gran ...…
What is the purpose of this podcast? Well, let me explain....What2Watch: Living Undocumented Raising Dion (both on Netflix)Best Kept Gem:Blessings - Nipsey HussleBy Greg Lacy.
God is at work in the world preparing people’s hearts to believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls. They just need someone who knows and loves Jesus to come an speak to them about His love. Who will that be? This is the mission of the Church.By Pastor Brad Schollenberg & Pastor Glenn Worcester.
Annie thought she had found a solution for anxiety in the form of alcohol. This quickly spiralled into an ongoing addiction and then panic attacks. In today's podcast we discuss: That the principles behind life are always in operation whether we know about them or not What happens when we give up trying to fix ourselves Why it's a mistake to th ...… “Maybe you would benefit to learn about how to grow your own food rather than being grateful you don’t have to think about it.” One of the miracles of the modern economy is that of specialization. One is able to focus on working and producing in the ...…
Influencers Making an impact that matters. Our heart is to point people to experience life as it was meant to be. Full. Vibrant. Meaningful. Brother Lawrence said “For me the time of business is no different than the time of prayer.“ In this message we look at his life and learn about where true peace comes from.…
A week and a half after Afghan presidential polls, the results remain unclear. But, we do know that turnout was historically low, largely due to dire security conditions. Meanwhile, with the peace process stalled, USIP’s Scott Worden says the upsurge in U.S. military operations against the Taliban is a “pressure tactic, not a victory strategy.”…
The post Walt Healy – Renewing the Mind pt. 2 appeared first on Grace and Peace.By admin.
You’ve been waiting for this announcement for almost a year now. Okay, not THAT announcement. Man, every time I want to announce stuff on this show, you all freak out and start yelling “expansion” at me. This ain’t that! No, this is a 2020 SCPT Patreon Tournament! Some would argue that’s BETTER than a possible expansion, and we’re incredibly ex ...…
Take a listen to episode 48 of the Peace with Endo Podcast with Dr. Andrew Cook, a top endometriosis specialist with an integrative approach to treatment. The post PWE48: Integrative Treatment of Endometriosis with Dr. Andrew Cook, M.D. appeared first on Peace With Endo.By Aubree Deimler.
Photos from Sharelle’s Service Sharelle’s Peace Corps Story Where and when did you serve? What did you do? Ghana, 2010-2012. Primary Assignment was Biology Teacher – also ended up being head of the ICT department at my school and training new PCVs on PEPFAR grant project implementation. What is one of your favorite Peace Corps memories? So many ...…
October 6, 2019 Pastor Jonn Teaches on Exodus 20:12 Main Idea: If we love people, we will honor our parents.By Joshua Rystedt.
In this message, he will talk about the ways in which our relationship with finances says a lot about our hearts. Matthew 6, especially Matthew 6:21
အရာရာ၌ ေကာင္းစားေသာသူ6 October 2019SAYAR SHWE Oo
Parochial Vicar, Father Jared Rodrigue, delivers the homily for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time.
James 2:14-26 Pastor Eddie Anderson Peace Fellowship Church.
Series: John Speaker: Jonathan Olsen Sermon Text: John 1:6–8 [6] There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. [7] He came as a witness, to bear witness about the light, that all might believe through him. [8] He was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light.By Grace & Peace Community Church.
The apostle Paul would not have done well on Twitter. He is often so wordy that translators have trouble figuring out where to put punctuation. But this passage is an exception. Each verse is Twitter worthy, self-contained little truth bomb. Let’s just see if we find what Paul calls the “good treasure!” Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:1-14, Luke 17:5-10 ...…
New Vision: The Man on the Red Horse (A Sermon Based on Zechariah 1:7-17) This sermon lays the ground work for an entire forth coming sermon series which will walk through the visions that Zechariah, the prophet, received from the Lord. This sermon spends its time working to understand the identity of the man on the red horse and what he means ...…
This week we continued in our study of The Apostles' Creed. Sunday's sermon was on one of the more debated lines of the creed: "...who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary." Hear the full sermon here.
Message from Pastoral Intern Christina Johnson on October 6, 2019By Prince of Peace.
In this sermon, Pastor Andrew walks through the end of Joel chapter 2. In this passage, God promises that one day he will send his Holy Spirit, a promise that was fulfilled in Acts 2. Why was the Holy Spirit given and what is his role in our lives?By Andrew Eby.
Listen to our podcast Shownotes 702 Podcast for Peace wants to thank for their contributions: Steven Forrest for years of ground breaking wisdom and knowledge Cyber PR for all the great help and support over the years of our Peace Practice. Jamendo Music for a great source of podsafe musicians. Luke Davids for Better Days The Sugar Lids for Pre ...…
With a global upsurge in violent conflict, environmental degradation, great power competition, and technological change, the challenges facing the peacebuilding community have never been greater or more urgent. In response to these challenges, USIP is pleased to partner with the Alliance for Peacebuilding to host the largest annual gathering of ...…
How much do you have in your bank account? It's important to know how much money you have but it is inappropriate to make that your focus. What should we focus on instead? Join us for some time in the Word this morning. If you find benefit from these devotions we'd encourage you to support our ministry. Find out more at https://peacedevotions.c ...…
She begins by quoting the Persian poet Rumi, "live life as if everything is rigged in your favor..." Welcome to episode 10 of Roll With Peace, In Mind featuring another installment of 'Are You On The Right Train? Riding On The Urge' featuring folks who have chosen to follow their hearts, dreams and passions. They did not and do not listen to th ...…
Accept and perfect your position so that God can promote you 🙂 IG: @TheSoulKoach, @Your_PeaceOfMind & @PeaceOfMindWithTSK --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
Hey all! Another episode where I appeared on someone else’s podcast this time. With the launch of the Indiegogo campaign for Dummy Corporation, I’ve had my hands full! Still, this is not one to miss! Jay has previously been a guest on my show, and I went on his program as one of his first guests to talk about Culture of Peace. Jay’s businesses ...…
Nathan Brown, Lisa Diller, and Jeff Boyd discuss Lesson 13 of the SDA Quarterly—A Community of Servants (Sept 21–27, 2019). This episode concludes our 13-part series following the Adventist Quarterly (July–September). We would like to thank ADRA, Signs Publishing, and Adventi ...…
This episode features a presentation that Nizar Farsakh and Ori Nir gave at Ithaca College on September 17th. The talk was an attempt to make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more accessible to young people by weaving personal narratives of an Israeli-American and a Palestinian-American into the collective national narratives of Israelis and Pa ...…
Peace Church exists to bring God glory by fulfilling the mission of His church. The post Let Go and Let God appeared first on Peace Church.By admin.
A message from Terry Dykstra on Acts 8 at Grace and Peace Church in Austin, TexasBy Grace + Peace Austin.
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