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College football picks of the week and other odds and ins with our friends.
Noticias de Interés para la Iglesia Alrededor del Mundo. Noticias mundiales por Carolina Villamizar y Kenny Rivas.Noticias de salud por Patty Rivera.VozJoven es traido a ustedes por:UniVoz Radio / PCJovenes / Red Adventista
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Discussion about troubled relationships.
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Chuck and Dia have both had rough years with bets. So why not double down on championship week?
Dub returns to the podcast for the holiday week! We talk Heisman, Les Miles, and the dating scene in Starkville compared to Oxford. There is also some chatter on games this week.
Sally and Griff join Chuck and Dia this week to go over the great week 12 slate. Chuck switches up from his normal drink on the podcast and Sally decides to drink an entire box wine. Oh ya college football is also discussed
Week 11 is a good weekend, if your don't dig too deep. Chuck and Dia give picks of the week and discuss the 2nd playoff rankings
Sums hops on this week to get Chuck back in line and to tell send America a message on what to take away from the podcast every week.The first week of the college football committee ranks are discussed and another great weekend of football is previewed.
Week 9 of college football isn't for the light hearted college football fan. The CFB junkies and the gamblers will love it. Once you get through it, then you can get to a fantastic week 10.
We are joined this week by 2 ladies in our life to pick games of the week. They judge what QBs are hot or not.
Chuck and Dia are joined by Sally (for real this time). Sally discusses the things he hates about fall.
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