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The Dialog Box
Video game podcast starring game developer Gwen Frey (Bioshock Infinite/The Molasses Flood) and gaming personality Chris Slight (Devolver Digital/XSplit)
The Board Game Dialog podcast is a discussion of modern board gaming. Your host, Michael Schroeder, covers topics related to modern board games and shares game reviews.
Dialog Overseas
Dialog Overseas: Hear what living overseas is really like. We answer the morally ambiguous questions.
The Dialog Podcast
Podcast by The Dialog Podcast
Welcome to the digital dialog podcast! This podcast feed has been created to share recordings of discussions relating to the "Digital Dialog" parenting class which has started at First Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Oklahoma. The website has been created to share resources related to Internet Safety, appropriate Internet use, and FUN uses of the Internet.
RPGamer’s unedited audio interviews, talks, and discussions.
Each week Matthew Nelles the CEO and Creative Director of VoidWare Gaming, Desmond Jones, Jonathan Ure, and Tyler Cass get together and discuss what we have all been up to that week in relation to games as well as any news we find important that took place in the video game industry that week.
Integral Dialog
Dialoger der udforsker, hvordan man mestrer livet. Inden for en integral ramme vender vi forskellige aspekter af livet. Med udgangspunkt i vores studier og erfaringer med psykoterapi og coaching vender vi forskellige måder at tackle livet i al dets mangfoldighed.
Austin Lamont has his degree in Finance with economic concentrations. On this podcast, multiple, interesting areas are covered and discussed with guest speakers, enjoy!
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Live on Twitch for the first time Chris & Gwen discuss, social media and more!
Matt, Jonathan, and Desmond are back to bring you another week of games and news... who knew the new Assassin's Creed really would be THIS good?! And wait, what?! Quantum Break? isn't that the game that has an entire TV show in it? What even is this week?
We are back for another week, though news following E3 is often short, we finally bring in depth discussion of Divinity 2, while also conversing about some new Early Access games including Raft and Hot Lava! Be sure not to miss it!
The E3 has come and gone and we are here to inform you of all the big name announcements, but some of what you may have missed as well, in our own way of course.
Those random guys are back for another week to talk about video games, big surprise, E3 is real and is happening this week! I know, its amazing its still happening; what with all those alien invasions and all.
A goofy podcast where Chris and Gwen chat about humour in games. Why isn't there more of it? Why is comedy hard? They also discuss E3, leaks, BioShock, and why making sequels is soul crushing.
Another week another set of games, only this time...its the week before E3 2018...are you prepared?
In this episode of Board Game Dialog, I talk about my new publishing company, Puzzling Pixel Games, and our first project - The Abandons - labyrinth escape for 1 player. To learn more about The Abandons, check out ( and check out the work by the designer, Michael "Dmitri" Blascoe of @bluefoolgames. And please, if ...…
People are mad at Battlefield V and Chris is mad at people for being mad at Battlefield V, Gwen is shocked at how dark the internet can be. There is no information or game-dev talk in this podcast. It is just people being mad.
Another week has come and gone, and though we may have gained a remastering of Dark Souls, we lost some great people. Our hearts go out to John Bain's family/friends, you will live on forever in our memories and as an inspiration to all of us critics/reviewers and gamers...thank you for everything TotalBiscuit.…
With Fortnite taking over the world and Epic throwing crazy money in to e-sports let's chat about e-sports, streamers, and storefronts.
The whole group is back for another week of vidya game talk. As promised we have a list of new "game x" like descriptors for you all that Tyler has no idea about. Though off to a slow start (I was the only one to use them) Tyler doesn't yet know and we plan to see how long we can keep it going. So, for you all at home, here is that list: Metroi ...…
Let's speculate wildly about the future! With the wild success of Fortnite Gwen suggests a time where Epic take over digital distribution from Steam, and with changes in Microsoft as a whole Chris predicts a future with no Xbox! Get your tin foil hats, it's conspiracy time!
Back we rise from the depths as Cthulhu rises from his prison of R'lyeh; only instead of bringing the end of the world as we know it, we bring another weeks worth of video game discussion for your ear holes to absorb.
Another day another pod to cast into your ear-holes. We are back with another week and the Kratos has taken over. Be sure to check out this weeks episode for an in depth discussion about the new God of War as well as Rayman Legends and a few more!
Gwen talks to Chris about how a studio culture is created and what pitfalls there can be. They also get in to out sourcing work and how much strain this can initially put on a team.
This week marks the war of the gods. Greece clashes with Norse and a young boy is amidst it all, of course we are talking about God of War and the other new things we played this week so be sure to come by and check it out.
Lamont's Subliminal Dialog's first episode!!! In the episode we go through some of Nastradamus's 2018 predictions that were written in his "Les Propheties" book. Enjoy some drinks and get into some casual comedic talk, enjoy!
We talk about battle royales, Epic, and Fortnight. We talk about China. We talk about media molecule. Hot damn we have a lot to say today!
Back for another week we come at you with the newest of news and our opinions of games.
Gwen returns from GDC with tales and Chris is back from Santa Fe where he co-hosted Score Wars, the Galaga World Championship!
Welcome back for another great week of podcasting and video games! The whole group is together and we played some unexpected games this week so tune in!
We return for another week to bring you all the latest news and review discussion of the games we played this week. For those of you who celebrate, hope you had a good Easter, and for those who don't hope you had a great long weekend. To help you ease back into your work week we bring you another video game discussion.…
Hey back for another week I see, would you like to listen to another podcast or watch a new video? What? You're here for another podcast? Alright that's good because that is exactly what this is. That said, we have videos in the works too so be sure to come back to check those out soon. :)
Hello all and welcome back to the next installment of Linear Dialog we are all back for another week, and though we played a lot I have to say this week becomes consumed by the chaos so i hope you all can have fun with that xP.
Gwen has been looking at Steam Spy again and we need to talk about why someone would stay indie in 2018 vs going to a AAA developer.
Hello everyone, welcome back to another week of Linear Dialog. Sorry about the delay with this episode, had some internet issues for 2 weeks there, but things seem to be sorted out now. Another episode should be coming this week and we will be back on track.
Chris Lum of Monomi Park joins us this week to discuss Slime Rancher, tips for your first GDC, getting in to the games industry and more!
Hello again all, welcome back for another week of casting this pod type thing that we do. We are back to talk about video games, though as usual idk how well we will keep on track for that.
A upbeat talk about communication in video games, user generated content, and how technology will change how we interact in the future.
Chris is back to talk with Gwen about eating many doughnuts, going on holiday, who watches the watched and more!
In this episode I sat down with Alex Stewart the Student Association’s director of equity and Casa Loma campus director Jasmyn St. Hilaire who are members of the Black Student Success Network also known as the BSSN. We talked about what does black excellence means to them and why is black history month important.…
What the heck happened last episode? Questionable comments, insulting crew members, geez! Well, anyways we are back for another week who knows what chaos will ensue as we discuss whats new in gaming this week and more Monster Hunter!
After our best games of all time list we are back this week to continue to divert your expectations with another week of video game discussion.
Hello and welcome back! It's the new year, 2018 is here so lets get these podcasts started!
In this episode of The Dialog Podcast we talk with Aprille Deus, a George Brown women's basketball player, who shares what it's like to be a student athlete and why it's important to follow your passionHosted and produced by Manseeb KhanTheme Music: Barbarian by Pierlo
Chris is back from PAX South to tell tales of the convention. They then go super deep with just how nerdy Gwen and Chris were as kids. (There's a bunch of Stargate: SG1 chat in here.)
Gwen and Chris look at the Steam end of year sales figures, discuss big publisher indie labels, open world single player games not suffering in 2017, tech animation being on point this year and the crazy VR/AR future.
Day 3, the day of reckoning is upon us and the Game of the Year must be chosen! The grand time has come once again, we reach the end of the year and with that we have the Game of the Year (GOTY) deliberations and awards.
The grand time has come once again, we reach the end of the year and with that we have the Game of the Year (GOTY) deliberations and awards. With that, let us begin Day 2.
The grand time has come once again, we reach the end of the year and with that we have the Game of the Year (GOTY) deliberations and awards. With that, let us begin Day 1.
Chris lists his Game of the Year contenders, honourable mentions and winner, Gwen looks forward to making more games.
In this episode of The Dialog Podcast we talk Francis Torres. The recent George Brown graduate talks about how he balanced being a student, St. James campus director and starting his own clothing company Motif Co.Hosted and produced by Manseeb Khan.Theme Music: Barbarian by: Pierlo
Real talk. Gwen talks about the mental fatigue of shipping a title, recovering from an "okay" indie game launch, and the struggle of figuring out the second project for a studio.
Today: Esports are weird. Using a pre-built game engine does not stop you from developing new tech. And wtf is going on in China?
A light conversation about heavy topics: When is fan art theft? What can indies do to protect themselves from real theft? Why is Discord terrible? Are people more depressed today, or are we just on the internet more? Also, pie!
The last Pre GOTY 2017 podcast is here! That's right, the next podcast you get from us will be the start of our game of the year podcasts, so be sure to check it out now to get all your news updates from us before the end of the year approaches.
In this episode of The Dialog Podcast we talk about stress that students have going back to school after the strike by college faculty. We spoke with Tenniel Rock, manager of counselling and student well-being at George Brown College and Tiffany White, the director of education for the Student Association of George Brown College.Hosted and prod ...…
Another week in gaming has come and gone, EA gets some of the biggest hate the gamers have dished out in a while, but the industry has also shown some love this week, and we will talk about it all right here!
Loot Boxes, or the discussion of them, is here to stay and Gwen and Chris somehow have more opinions on them! The Videogames Awards, the rise of China in the games industry, history and politics in games and more are discussed!
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