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This is Party Masters... Giving you your monthly music fix! Chunky Dip are the Party Masters.For track listings, show dates or to get in touch with Chunky Dip go to:
Join host Kira Gowan and a guest as they remember and revisit pop culture from the past.
When We Dip Radio
When We Dip Radio //The When We Dip Radio Show: Live on Ibiza Sonica FM every Monday from 6-7pm CET with our host, Dexter CroweBody’s Up Radio Show: Live on Data Transmission Radio every third Thursday of the month from midnight to 2AM with our resident artist, Mayfie.Staff picks from our When We Dip Mix Series.
Air Mail From Dip
Dorance "Dip" Alquist sent letters home during the entirety of WWII. They are now going to arrive in real-time over the next 4 1/2 years.
Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing discussion brought to you by Matthew Wells & Kendrick Johnson.
Dip Chowdhury
Have you ever wondered what happens when four Radio Broadcasting students discuss random topics and then eventually review a mediocre movie? Well, here it is anyway...Available on Soundcloud and iTunes
Dip Çizgi
Her hafta EuroLeague, NBA ve yeri gelince Basketball CL ve BSL konuşuyoruz. Efecan Yavaşgel, Togan Karataş ve Orçun Onat Demiröz ile dolu dolu basketbol.Facebook: /dipcizgi Twitter: @dipcizgitr
CiTR -- Chips n Dip
Dip in every Thursday afternoon with host Hanna Fazio for the freshest local indie pop tracks and upcoming shows
Ripples Dip
Fan Podcasts brought to you by "Seattle Jimmy", one of the Dharmalars.
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Barstool's newest hire Large takes Chaps and Kate around his old stomping grounds in Brooklyn, showing them all the best places to eat. He also teaches them how to properly pronounce all the foods they've been mispronouncing their entire lives. Fuhgeddaboudit!
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This is the first podcast from a series of seven which covers the TGO Challenge 2018, where some 350 participants walk the 200 miles from West to East Coast of Scotland. It was to be the tenth crossing for both Andy and I and we decided to produce the last podcast series relating to the topic. After all there are only so many questions and conv ...…
On this episode, Kendrick & Matt are joined by UFC Flyweight Mark De La Rosa and Sherdog's Anthony Walker. Mark (1:29) makes his second appearance the show to discuss his spectacular rear-naked choke finish at UFC Boise and making the change from 135 to 125 pounds.Anthony (13:32) joins the show to talk how he got started podcasting and writing ...…
Meet the Tanners. They are our guest podcasters on this episode and although they are brand new to the Lifestyle, they courageously decided to plunge right in to the sexy waters of Desire Pearl and explore and define their sexual boundaries together. This episode is geared towards those that are thinking about booking a trip to a clothing optio ...…
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Talking all things Roe V Wade, Tomi Lahren, Ben Shapiro and winning issues for Conservatives, Scarlett Johansson’s latest SJW blunder, Stormy Daniels in hot water, Andrew Cuomo’s new lawsuit and more. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Stefan Molyneux and YouTube gamer, Daithi De Nogla stop by!By (Steven Crowder).
Today's Topics Kylie Jenner is loaded! The Biebs got engaged to a hottie The Thai cave rescue is being made into two movies Is Beyonce preggo? Superman, Henry Cavill, backtracks #MeToo comments The Emmy nominations Cardi B gives birth The Handmaid's Tale's marketing backfires big time FOLLOW US!!! Twitter: @NickAdamsTweets & @PartTimeJustin Ins ...…
"Sometimes we do want to leverage our higher cognitive selves over these (intuitions)...But sometimes we need to get out of the way and trust them, because they're very, very good at making sense of, and flitering down, highly complex systems. As long as we're applying the right rules of thumb." Glenn Murphy talks with health and wellness guru ...…
It's Trin's birthday and it's Friendshipping Live! Raw! Uncut! Sweaty! Listen as we down cocktails and discuss gift-giving etiquette, group plans, and how to change up your social life when you feel like you're a boring person. Hint: you are not boring. And you have great taste in podcasts. Thank you to Dynasty Podcasts for having us and our fr ...…
Sunday July 12, 1942 Dear Folks: Hello! Did you have a nice vacation & catch a lot of fish? You were going to send a card from the lake but as yet I haven’t received it, so naturally I’m anxious to hear all about the good time you must have had. I spose fishing was the order of the day as usual, & cards the order of the night. I just wonder if ...…
Nintendo is talking about launching 20-30 Switch games a week, Blizzard raised a ton of money for charity, Fast Start lets you play your Game Pass games sooner, ever wonder what the top 10 games are on Steam, Nathan Drake is just super lucky and PUBG bans top streamer for cheating.Plus, questions from Vinny, Joe Coleslaw and TommyToInches, chea ...…
Chaps and Kate recap the goofin they did at Coney Island. If you're bummed that England got bounced from the World Cup, make sure to listen all the way to the end. We'll cheer you up, pal.
Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Tantsui launched his project in 2013 and since then has found a home at No Passport Records and released music with a number of other great labels like Kindisch, Get Physical Music and Highway Records. His sound combines elements of a plethora of different styles of music from micro and minimal house to breakbeat to ...…
Just had a really great date, but does he wants to go on another one? Plus, Nick's man card has been taken away again and more! FOLLOW US!!! Twitter: @NickAdamsTweets & @PartTimeJustin Insta: NickAdamsPics & PartTimeJustin Snap: NickAdamsSnaps & MJustinCh
We have been on a little break as our Steve was in the throws of Staten Island with Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale filming a major motion picture. We recap, rehash, get into Candi's dating life, childhood dreams and what we're taking to the afterlife. Fun fact: Not a swiss army knife!
A mystery sauce is delivered to Emily's Russian hotel room and turns out it's a game changer. It's all about Ajika on this episode. And while you probably don't know what it is, buckle up. we've got a story to tell about sheep farmers/shepherds, Doncaster and sanctions! Plus, the World Cup makes a cameo. Kinda.…
Chaps recaps his early morning trip from San Antonio to NYC. Then they play two truths and a lie. 3 statements, but one of them is false! Incredible!
On this episode, Kendrick is live from Las Vegas after International Fight Week while Matt holds down the fort back home in Texas to bring on two friends of the show: UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber & World-class trainer and Glory Kickboxing matchmaker Steven "The Warman" Wright.First, Urijah Faber (14:28) recaps International Fight Week with th ...…
"Famous and original" or "especial?" We try both as we head to Trudy's and reveal that there is nothing riding on this podcast.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
July 8, 1942 10:45 p.m. Hello Dippy – Hope you caught the sweet musical tone in my writing. All’s forgiven. You can come home now. I was previously warned that you were slow in writing Dippy, (nope, promised I wouldn’t tattle) so I was prepared. But--------------- Oh my trip to California was wonderful, but the excitement and glamour has worn o ...…
Government Policy has played a huge role in 2018 including tax reform, regulation reform, and trade wars. Chris talks to Brian about how to make sense of it all and where to find opportunities.
Did you miss out on Netflix? iQIYI is often called the Netflix of China and some say this is a second chance at one of the greatest investments in the last decade.
Brad Thomas is a highly respect REIT analyst, in today's show he talks to Brian about why Tanger Factory Outlets is his favorite investment opportunity.
Bloomberg predicts electric vehicle sales will grow 54x by the year 2040. Brian and Matt discuss how we get there and how investors can capitalize.
"The fight is not just about the fistfight. It's about how you perform, how you prepare, what are your feelings before you start the game - the psychological aspects." Short conversation with martial artist, master coach, bodyguard and combat tactics trainer, Andrey Patenko. A lifelong athlete, Andrey came to the USA from Russia more than 25 ye ...…
Once again our European correspondent Roman Ackl visited the show for us and gave us a complete round up of items he thought would be of interest. Roman is a keen lightweight backpacker and has visited the show with us and for us, for many years. Things are changing next year as the organisers of Outdoor who hire the venue are moving it to Muni ...…
Our askers have questions about going to concerts! One wants to ignore their friends at concerts, and one has a Cool and Famous Friend and doesn't know how to be chill about it. We're deeply sorry to Beatles fans for the entire first two minutes of this episode, and we're equally sorry for the secret last question, in which we divulge just how ...…
Chaps is having a no-good, very-bad day as his honey-do list keeps getting larger and larger. Two truths and a lie about Ben Franklin. It gets weird. Worst hangover stories are exchanged. It gets weirder.
Today we talked about Halo getting it's own TV series, Fallout 76 sounds better all the time, Fortnite is cracking up, Overwatch has a new (adorable!) hero, you might want to hold off on that video card purchase and Google might be making a game console!Plus, great questions from Vinny, Colby, Jacob, Joe Coleslaw, Josh, Jjames and Mansocks, plu ...…
July 4, 1942 Regt’l Hdqts. Dear Mom: It’s 4 A.M. & I’m half asleep – on C.Q. I only have 1 more hour of my shift left & this is the first letter I’ve written. I worked from 5 P.M. last night until midnight on my job here – I’m busier than ever these days. Am now the no 1 man in the Officers Section here. Sgt. Hebert was sent out on a secret shi ...…
iQIYI is often referred to as the "Netflix of China." Is that an accurate depiction and can they withstand the growing threat of Tencent?
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Celebrating the first birthday of Body’s Up! For the 12th installment of the radioshow we feature Brazilian producer and DJ Vinicius Honorio. The Drumcode titan delivered a sublime 60 minute mix for you guys. As the tradition goes your host Mayfie, jumps in for the second part of the show, and you’d better sit tight for this one. The Frenchman ...…
Monoplay is a Moscow based artist who began his journey as a singing DJ and producer back in 2005. He has since found a home in @NoPassportRecords and also released music on the likes of @PokerflatRecordings, where his debut album will be released later in the year.
On the first ever Hi Haters Triviacast, Chaps quizzes Kate on some 4th of July facts. In part 2, he quizzes Kate on how much of different types of food she would need to eat to stay on a sumo wrestler's diet. Keep your ears perked for today's secret song and reach out to us on Twitter @hihatersshow when you find it!…
3M has generated annual returns of 12.3% for 30 years and is expected to do the same for the next decade. Brian and Dividend Sensei discuss the greatness that is 3M.
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