Best Doctor Who podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Six smart women discussing Doctor Who
Join Tybee and Travis as they explore the world of Doctor Who! They'll rewatch the series, discuss show news, look in to what the series' actors are up to, and more. Now, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
The Doctor Who Audio Dramas is the world's longest running fan production of Doctor Who. Started in 1982, this series spans six Doctors, a host of companions, and over 190 stories. Thousands of episodes are downloaded every month. New episodes appear on iTunes four weeks after they premier on the main website. Note that, due to the age of some of the material, quality will vary.
Doctor Who Podcast by Eric Grissom and Dan Johnson reviewing the classic era. That’s right, this is the good stuff. Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davison, the other Baker, and McCoy. Maybe even McGann. Some say they do it because they ran over a magical drifter who cursed them. Others claim the show was willed to them by their long-lost British “Uncle”. Whatever the reason, the one thing you can count on is these two Americans really love Doctor Who.
Veggie Doctor Radio
Dr. Yami is a passionate plant-based board-certified pediatrician, health and wellness coach and Food For Life instructor. At Veggie Doctor Radio she explores diet and nutrition, healthy habit formation, behavior change and motivation. New episodes released each Sunday!
A Doctor Who podcast by a fan & her Da (no, a fan & his daughter).
A Doctor Who Fan Podcast
The Doctor Who Show
A Doctor Who podcast by fans, for fans. We don't want your money, just your ears. Add this URL to your podcatcher:
Doctor Who - Aimless Wanderings is a series of audio adventures following a handful of bizarre incarnations of the Doctor travelling through space and time.For more information, visit:
Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. All previous episodes are available on the iTunes feed, as well as the Radio Free Skaro homepage - Enjoy!
Doctor WHeasel is a long running series of comedic podcast and video adventures starring everyone’s favourite time-travelling mustelid. Created in 2007 as a sarcastic review series of Doctor Who episodes, since 2016 it evolved into a comedy-drama podcast adventure series, now into its 3rd season. Each episode, Doctor WHeasel hurtles through original narratives, meaning listeners can thrill and chuckle along as the Time-Weasel and his hapless companion, Advick Goose, careen from disaster to t ...
Over 50 years of Doctor Who news, trivia and discussion on the Gallifrey Broadcasting System! Your main source of news on Time Lords and Ladies! Hosted by Jace and Shawn! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Straight Outta Gallifrey is a Doctor Who podcast dedicated to episodes that feature other Time Ladies and Timelords other than the Doctor. We will discuss the mythos of Gallifrey and the Timelords.
Once a month, for two hours, J.R. Southall, Lee Rawlings, Simon Brett and Matt Barber talk about Doctor Who - and other things - so you don't have to.
Doctor What
The Doctor is a Slime Lord, who has all sorts of problems. He goes about time and space in a Device disguised as a port-o-potty. (Parody of Doctor Who, Comedy)
Join Natasha and Jaime of the UNspoiled! Podcast network as they explore the new Doctor Who series together! Natasha watches it for the very first time as Jaime (an experienced Whovian) guides her through this strange new world.
Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot about for whatever reason.
Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot about for whatever reason.
A Doctor Who Podcast
Fan-produced audio plays based on the popular hit BBC television series, Doctor Who.
We combine the worlds of DOCTOR WHO with quality PROG ROCK
Zeus Plug - a Doctor Who podcast series discussing each new episode of Doctor Who as it broadcasts, as well as special one-off episodes in between series. Made in New Zealand. Broadcast to the world.
Doctor Who On Target
Doctor Who Target novelisations and audiobooks- fan reviews, analysis and information
A monthly journey into Time And Space focusing on every incarnation of everybody's favorite Time Lord. Every Face, Every Personality. Every Doctor examined
Doctor Whodlums
Doctor Whodlums is a Doctor Who Podcast hosted by Chelsea Christer and Zen Zenith. Chelsea and Zen go through the new series episode by episode, reflecting on things that are awesome, terrible or terribly awesome. New episodes on Thursdays!
Keto Naturopath
Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.
Since 2007, Weird Medicine has been "the first and still only uncensored medical show in broadcast radio history" on the Opie and Anthony Channel on SiriusXM. Now, the same crew that continues to shock, horrify, entertain and inform the satellite airwaves is producing a weekly podcast! This is a medical show for people who would never listen to a medical show on the internet (or anywhere else). If you have a question you'd like answered on the show, call the voicemail line at 347 766 4323 (3 ...
+Beam Me Up
Smaller on the Outside is a TV Podcast primarily created for Doctor Who. However, when Doctor Who is on hiatus, we talk about other shows in the meantime.
New Who Podcast
The BEST fan podcast for the BBC series DOCTOR WHO
Ian Todd and guests talk all things Doctor Who From Classic Who to Matt Smith.We have a variety of guests from other podcasts including Radio Free Skaro,Radio Rassilon,Who's He Podcast,Waffle on and many more.Previous episodes include features on ACE,fandom,Matt Smith,John Pertwee etc
A 30+ year fan and a New Series fan reviewing every televised Doctor Who episode from 1963 and on.
Now featuring TIME FOR THIRTEEN, a fun, breezy look back at Doctor Who season by season from the Ninth Doctor on (never skip nine!), counting down to the arrival of Thirteen. What's better than being a fan? Being a fan and talking about it with other fans of course! Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Writers' Room
A podcast focusing on classic sci-fi, horror, and other genre television series via the writers and stories they wrote. Nerdist's Kyle Anderson and Doctor Who Book Club's Erik Stadnik are your hosts.
A Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Podcast
The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Podcast is a podcast about a a new and innovative model of healthcare. Once thought to be a practice only for the wealthy, DPC is now spreading across the country and becoming available to all as a more feasible, more sustainable and happier model of care delivery. By charging a low cost monthly fee to patients, doctors are able to take back the freedom that was taken from them decades ago, and patients are able to reap the rewards of a doctor they know and who ...
Join the Big Finish team on their regular adventures through time, space, Victorian London, Mars, the 1960s and Megacity One for witty banter (ahem), free stories, news, interviews and exclusive trailers. We are best known for our Doctor Who ranges of audio plays starring Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, as well as a world of spin off adventures with Jago and Litefoot, UNIT, Captain Jack Harkness among others. We also produce a wide range of audio drama fe ...
The ketogenic diet is a low carb high fat, LCHF, lifestyle and has been shown to be useful in helping the body heal from various conditions. From epilepsy to PCOS, Alzheimer's to diabetes. A favorite side effect is weight loss. Join Tracee Gluhaich, the High Energy Girl, while she chats with her keto guests and be inspired by their successes. Please share with a friend who could use this encouragement and help. Not to be a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your doctor.
A podcast covering all things geeky and nerdy, all from the female perspective. Some of fandoms include (but are not limited to): Disney, Marvel, Doctor Who, Once Upon A Time, Sailor Moon, The Librarians, and more!
Grandma Guignol
Welcome to the mysterious English seaside town of Whitby, where all the monsters and demons of old come to retire and live out the remainder of their spooky days and nights. There's a strange new landlady in town, opening a B&B by the harbour: a lady with a tall black beehive, nasty scars about her person and a very chequered past... An eight-part audio drama written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who), and starring Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax)
Join Rachel, Alex, and a few of their friends as they tackle the wide, wonderful world of the rebooted Doctor Who from the very beginning of Russell T. Davies run on the show. Along the way, they'll stumble into books, comics, Old Who episodes, audio dramas and more, celebrating all things Who. Every podcast is dedicated to one specific story and works its way through from beginning to end, full of commentary, jokes, and factoids. Come join us as we take on the adventure of a lifetime!
Talk EM
Join us at TALK EM as leading experts in emergency medicine talk about their experiences, case studies and hot topics. Ideal for the Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Doctor (MD,DO) that is interested in exploring cutting edge trends in acute care medicine. First-hand accounts and experiences from Advanced Practitioners in the trenches of emergency, urgent care and advanced emergency settings.
A series of unofficial audio dramas. Featuring "The Chronicles of Oz" (based on the works of L Frank Baum) and the "Doctor Who Crossover Adventures"
A show of darkness with a lot of heart, plenty of chuckles made both of metaphors and bad puns. As Dark Shadows lifted story lines from a zillion old books of the Gothic variety, what would it be like if they shared time with the current classics? And what if these newer characters could help them lift all the curses? (Contains intros delving into the writing process as well as information and commentary about the various programs and key players.)Essentially a condensed Re-write from a part ...
Talking Terror
In depth and often humorous discussions on horror films, interviews with industry guests and much more!
Medicine on Call w/ Dr. Elaina George offers real-world solutions in restoring the doctor patient relationship, cutting through the red tape of government.
Dr. Kahn fights for your health every week with his unique brand of eastern and western medicine focusing on wellness of mind, body and spirit. Each month he will interview a Health Hero and how their journey can help you find wellness, discuss with a leader in heart disease how to reverse heart disease, talk to leaders in the food movement for health, and review the science that can take you to a new level. He is known internationally as the heart doctor not afraid to take on the giants and ...
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show series
The PESA study in Madrid is publishing some of the most interesting findings on how common silent artery disease is, who has it, how to detect it and what causes it. On this edition of Heart Doc VIP Dr. Kahn dives into the PESA data with a look at studies in 2015, 2017 and just this week. The new data confirms the importance of striving for 7-8 ...…
Review of S11 New Year Special – ResolutionVisit for show notes & follow us @handwavium
Radio Free Skaro's Steven Schapansky chooses the eight items he'd take with him, if he was about to be marooned on a desert planet Opening theme: Jesus Couldn't Drum Theme arrangement: Richard Judge Steven's Twitter Radio Free Skaro
Welcome to the New Year, New Who event, hosted by Natasha and Jaime! Your dedicated hosts will be showing you how to improve your Who hair, get a snappier Who outfit, and grow a new Who hand or two to get things rolling in the new year! This episode was recorded over a week ago so forgive me for my lateness in getting it up; I was struck down b ...…
On this episode of Talking Terror, we're running for our lives! You see, we've been taken hostage by a sadistic game show host. and he expects us to run like hell while trying to survive savage stalkers like Sub Zero, Buzzsaw, Dynamo, and even Fireball! Will we win it all or pay the ultimate price? While we prepare for the run, tune in as we di ...…
How much self-pleasure is too much? What's this dang virus going around and how do we treat the symptoms at home (check with your primary care tho), a dude calling when otherwise indisposed, and more. PLEASE VISIT: (dr steve's favorite)…
Welcome to the inaugural voyage of the new podcast ‘The Discovery Log’. John Aitken is your host along with Progtor Who’s own, Suky Khakh. They will be joined by a token Red Shirt each week, to review episodes from season two of Star Trek Discovery. This weeks Red Shirt is Bob Fleming, also from Progtor Who. On the pilot episode, you will be ge ...…
In the 2nd part of their look at the recently completed season of Doctor Who, Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha rank this season's episodes from worst to best, look at what the US and British ratings say about the future of the show, discuss the fan response the changes this season, and then look forward to next season. The post W ...…
On the run from an unknown enemy, the Doctor (Riley Silverman) travels to a museum in Earth’s future where she meets Travis (Dan Peck), Millie (Melinda-Catherine Gross), and a social media influencer who’s about to ruin everyone’s day. Editing and Sound Design: David King Theme music arrangement: Drew Krassowski Producers: Melinda-Catherine Gro ...…
We start off our year of sevens with the first story in series 7a. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we discuss "Asylum of the Daleks". Sure there are Daleks, but there's relationship angst, and we really dig into that, which should surprise nobody. Have you (re)watched this story recently? Let us know what you think about it in the commen ...…
ALISON GANNETT is a self-sufficient farmer, World Champion Extreme FreeSkier, pro mountain biker, award-winning global cooling consultant, and founder of the multiple non-profits, including Save Our Snow. In addition to her busy careers as an athlete, athlete ambassador and keynote speaking, she runs her KEEN Rippin Chix Camps – women’s steep s ...…
When people ask who has the greatest experience with working with the people on a low carb diet, there is only one answer. That’s Dr. Eric Westman. He was only person to actually conduct studies on the approach and methods that Dr. Robert Atkins employed to treat people with a low carb diet...that resulted incredibly reproducible outcomes. At a ...…
Outro Music: Sound of Silver by LCD Soundsystem
Ruth and Darrin, from the RAD Network, Jordan the Librarian, and Ashford discuss Doctor Who series 11, staring Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. Write to us what you think at or on Twitter at @sogallifrey
It may be 2019, but we're going to take a moment to look back at some of the notable and noteworthy events and pieces of news in fandom in 2018. Plus a very light news week, but we still have tangents for you! Our blog: Twitter: @fiveishfangirls Email: Become a supporter on Patreon: http:/ ...…
Nathan Bottomley from Flight Through Entirety chooses the eight items he'd take with him, if he was about to be marooned on a desert planet Opening theme: Jesus Couldn't Drum Theme arrangement: Richard Judge Flight Through Entirety Twitter
Here we go! A new year and a new season. Erik and Kyle are embarking on their journey into the 1960s sci-fi anthology series The Outer Limits, which ran for 49 episodes on ABC TV in the United States and has since been reappraised time and again. We know a thing or two about series that began in 1963 that have gone on to longevity. To begin, we ...…
If you work in acute care medicine in any form (ED, urgent care, office or hospital) you need to know the bugs and drugs.
Announcing THE GAME OF RASSILON, a Doctor Who Roleplaying Game podcast. Unique Doctor Who adventures, one roll at a time. The adventure begins January 16th. Theme music arrangement: Drew Krassowski Producers: Melinda-Catherine Gross, Michael Nixon, and Ben Paddon
Have you ever wanted to see block transfer computation on the big screen? Your time has come as “Logopolis” hits theatres this March in the US and the BFI in February in advance of the release of the Doctor Who Season 18 box set! And as if that isn’t enough deep dive craziness, Big Finish is going to fill your summer with stories of the War Mas ...…
Daleks can regenerate, teleport and snatch bodies now. We discuss the 2019 New Year's Special and take a look back at The Thirteenth Doctor's first season of Doctor Who.
We're back and we're talking about the Doctor Who New Year's special Resolution. Enjoy and tell a friend!
Nick and Benji are here with all the latest news on all the audiobooks and audio drama coming from Big Finish this month. Drama Tease: Doctor Who - Devil in the Mist .
The Federal Government has no problem violating the Constitution. Today Krisanne Hall joins Dr. George to discuss the Affordable Care Act & the Bill of Rights.
“Once upon a time, there was a world divided. By day, it was just like your world. The residents woke up, they went to work, their children went to school. They walked the streets and played in the parks, and everyone was safe. But come sundown, they retreated into their homes, and locked their doors, and went to sleep, and tried not to think a ...…
It is January and everyone is focused on a new commitment to health. How about Standuary? Taking 10-15 minutes and hour, or 5 mins every half hour, and get up, stand, move, shake, walk? It's called NEAT and Dr. Kahn talks about it this week. If you want to advance to a new level, consider a standing desk at home and in your office. They are stu ...…
The Doctor (What) meets his future self (WHAT?!) You heard me!By
Anthony Benedettini, future sommelier, has been a health seeker since he was 21 years old.Certified in teaching human nutrition in the application of behavior change. He currently works at Perfect Keto where he manages professional relationships. AB, as friends call him, calls himself "Experience engineer. Coffee Cultivator. Keto specialist. Ca ...…
Scrotal calcifications, bioenergy fields (such as they are), the carnivore diet (such as it is), irritable bowel syndrome, and more! PLEASE VISIT: (offer code FLUID)
On this episode of Talking Terror, we're just TCB baby! The King of Horror Andy G is taking the boys down to a rest home in the middle of nowhere Texas. There's a rumor that Elvis Presley and JFK are alive and relatively well out that way and the King of Horror wants to meet the King of Rock and Roll! On the way, your favorite horror podcast ho ...…
Doc Whom of the Diddly Dum Podcast chooses the eight items he'd take with him, if he was about to be stranded on a desert planet Opening theme: Jesus Couldn't Drum Theme arrangement: Richard Judge Diddly Dum: Twitter:
Please join us for ep 126 of PROGTOR WHO... :)
The Doctor Who Show's David Kitchen chooses the eight items he'd take with him, if he was about to be stranded on a desert planet Theme arrangement: Richard Judge Opening theme: Jesus Couldn't Drum The Doctor Who Show:
Now that Season 11 is complete, Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha look back on this Doctor Who season and their own hopes for it and come to conclusions about how good it was. This is the first part of a two-part conversation. The post WHO107: Looking Back at Season 11, Part 1 appeared first on…
Happy New Year! We're back after the holiday break with a packed episode for you. We discuss and review the Doctor Who New Year's Day special 'Resolution'. Rachel gives her recap of Pop Con Fort Wayne, and includes her interview with actor Barry Bostwick (Rock Horror Picture Show, Spin City). Plus news, which includes several tangents and mini- ...…
As we embark on our 7th year of Verity! we've devised an appropriate theme. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we talk about all things "7". We have so many ways we can make that number relate to Doctor Who, and we're going to subject you to lots of them! What do you think of what we've got planned for 2019? Let us know in the comments! ^E ...…
What we accomplished in 2018, our purpose, and what we want to do in 2019. A look at what happen 100 years ago in 1919 and what really hasn’t changed much at all. Our Facebook Group
Peter, Dave and special guest Jono from Zeus Plug take a look at the best and only episode of Doctor Who in 2019 – Resolution, as well as a roundup of thoughts for Season 11.By sofageddon.
The Wright On Network presents the 100th episode of Straight Outta Gallifrey, where the Irredeemable Shag, Siskoid, and Ashford discuss the series 9 opener, The Magician's Apprentice by Steven Moffat. Missy and Clara team up against Davros and the Daleks in order to save The Doctor. #Anachronisms.
Don’t think for one minute that a lack of Doctor Who is going to stop us from examining the viewing figures for “Resolution” in staggering (some would say pointless) detail, along with the surprising return of Doctor Who to Twitch, new Gallifrey One guests (including RFS favourites like directors Wayne Yip and Rachel Talalay), and most importan ...…
A review of Brian De Palma's 1976 film Carrie, and an overview of the director's career Opening theme by Dudley Simpson Theme arrangement by Richard Judge
A review of the New Year's Special, plus the results of our listeners' votes on Series Eleven Theme arrangement by Richard Judge Support us!
Happy New Year! Doctor Who is back for a special episode to ring in the new year with an old friend. It's always sad to see the show leave us for an extended period, but Resolution is the perfect episode to leave us waiting!
Happy New Year! Doctor Who is back for a special episode to ring in the new year with an old friend. It's always sad to see the show leave us for an extended period, but Resolution is the perfect episode to leave us waiting!
Nick and Benji present the last of their holiday specials. Tom Baker , Louise Jameson , John Leeson and David Richardson reflecting on their experiences of New Years. Drama tease: Energy of the Daleks.
A New Year and a new Special! Jace and Shawn go in-depth on the return of the Daleks, as well as how they felt about the first ever New Year's Special! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Technology is moving so fast that it is changing everything in our day-to-day lives. Today Professor Nicholas Giordano joins Dr. George to discuss the power of technology.
This is one of Dr. Kahn's favorite discussions: who made the list, who got bruised and beaten and what are the differences? This annual tradition from the US News and World Report was just published. Who was on the panel? How did they evaluate the contenders? Which diets came in last? Which came in the top of their classes? For heart disease? D ...…
We've come to the end of the season! A hideous face from the past returns! A character goes out of character!! And one of the hosts says the word "Whoopsie-doodle"!!! Listen as we discuss the less-than-shocking season finale The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos!!!! Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Miriam and Chris Bair started Keto Chow in 2015 as a way to get great tasting, simple, and complete meals to make it easier to succeed with keto. They also have a line of concentrated electrolytes: "Fasting Drops" and "Mag Drops" that have no flavor, no sweetener, just pure electrolytes. Their most recent venture is introducing a keto/low carb ...…
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