Best Doctor Who podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. All previous episodes are available on the iTunes feed, as well as the Radio Free Skaro homepage - Enjoy!
A Doctor Who review podcast featuring Kyle (The Nerdist, Doctor Who: The Writer's Room) and Steven (Radio Free Skaro, Lazy Doctor Who) and their immediate reactions to randomly selected Doctor Who stories.
A Doctor Who Podcast for Optimists
The Top Rated Doctor Who Podcast. One fan, One mic and an opinion. What more does anyone need? Daleks, TARDIS, Cybermen, Sontarans, Ood, Classic Series. Home of Whostrology and the Big Finish Retrospective.
A Doctor Who Fan Podcast
Doctor Who's Line, is it?...Anyway!
Strangers in Space: once a month, for sixty minutes*, J.R. Southall, Lee Rawlings, Simon Brett and Matt Barber talk about Doctor Who so you don't have to (*times may vary) Desert Planet Picks: once a week, a special guest chooses the eight items they'd take with them, if they were about to be marooned on a desert planet Film Club: once a month, the Strangers in Space review and contextualise a popular movie
Inspired by a show that can go anywhere and do anything, The Ood Cast is not your average Doctor Who podcast. We aim to express the joy, the chaos and the glory of our favourite show through laughter, rhyme and song.
The DWO WhoCast is one of the biggest, most popular and longest-running Doctor Who podcasts in the world, with up to 30,000+ listeners per week. Providing fans with discussion, reviews, interviews competitions and more, The DWO WhoCast is just what The Doctor ordered!
A Doctor Who Podcast
Two Whovians and one newbie are rewatching Doctor Who.
A fine site
No matter if you're new to Doctor Who or a longtime fan, Bigger on the Inside is the podcast for you! The two hosts - one a very knowledgeable fan, the other being new to the program - will examine every serial with keen eyes and an unending wit.
Flying through the entire history of Doctor Who. With Cake.
The delightfully eccentric Doctor Dolittle, rendered immortal on screen by the gifted Rex Harrison, has remained a firm favorite with generations of children ever since he made his debut in an earlier novel, The Story of Doctor Dolittle. In his second outing titledThe Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, the maverick physician takes on a new assistant, Tommy Stubbins. The story is structured as a first person account given by Tommy, who is now a very old man. The boy who was the son of the village co ...
Over 50 years of Doctor Who news, trivia and discussion on the Gallifrey Broadcasting System! Your main source of news on Time Lords and Ladies! Hosted by Jace and Shawn! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot about for whatever reason.
Junior Doctor's Corner is a podcast created by a resident medical officer who was surprised at how lacking the support can be for junior doctors in the work environment. This podcast aims to help medical students and junior doctors not only survive, but thrive in their careers. It covers topics and conversations that doctors seldom broach but wish they had. Junior Doctor's Corner hopes to provide some support, encouragement, and inspiration to fellow junior doctors who need it.www.juniordoct ...
Each week Theta takes a journey through the Whoniverse, working his way through New Who in The New Who Review and And Classic Who in the (wait for're gonna love this...) Classic Who Review ! As well as baiting the fans in Controversy Corner and answering your "Questions from the vault" Theta also reviews the odd Big Finish adventure and of course each episode of Doctor Who as it's broadcast. Theta Sigma's Doctor Who Podcast is available through ITunes, Facebook, Google plus and Twit ...
Each week on The Moment, I speak with a different guest about an individual moment in an episode of Doctor Who that means a lot to them: something that really had in impact on them, or that they had a strong reaction to, or that they think a lot about for whatever reason.
Doctor WHeasel is a long running series of comedic podcast and video adventures starring everyone’s favourite time-travelling mustelid. Created in 2007 as a sarcastic review series of Doctor Who episodes, since 2016 it evolved into a comedy-drama podcast adventure series, now into its 3rd season. Each episode, Doctor WHeasel hurtles through original narratives, meaning listeners can thrill and chuckle along as the Time-Weasel and his hapless companion, Advick Goose, careen from disaster to t ...
Smaller on the Outside is a TV Podcast primarily created for Doctor Who. However, when Doctor Who is on hiatus, we talk about other shows in the meantime.Shows talked about include:Doctor Who, Sherlock, 24, 24: Live Another Day, The X-Files, Smallville Become a supporter of this podcast:
We put Doctor Who on trial; every episode a different story with a different guest.
Doctor Who
We review your favorite shows and movies!
Doctor Who Discussion, Reviews, News and Commentary
In July 1887, Esperanto made its debut as a 40-page pamphlet from Warsaw, published in Russian, Polish, French and German: all written by a Polish eye-doctor under the pen-name of Dr. Esperanto (“one who hopes”). Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof (1859-1917) had a gift for languages, and a calling to help foster world amity: by a neutral “Internacia Lingvo” that anyone anywhere could readily use as a second language: neither forsaking a mother tongue, nor imposing it. In 1889 Zamenhof published an En ...
Fiction Paradox
Listen as three Doctor Who fans - Sasha, Brooke, and Skip - discuss the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures books! Episodes are released on the last day of the month.
My mental fitness strategies are for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, mental blocks, motivation, anger, low self esteem and confidence issues. As someone who struggled badly with anxiety I know how powerless and frustrating it can feel to have your life ruled by overwhelming thoughts and feelings. I desperately needed tools but no one seemed to know what to do and that set me off on a journey to find what I needed. Through the decades I have found some amazing tools, perspectives and ...
Doctor Hustle
Doctor Hustle by Bassam Zahid, MD features interviews with physicians and other health professionals who are changing the world, both in and outside of medicine, with their leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity. We attempt to dig into questions of leadership, motivation, risk, time-management, and, of course, the art of the hustle.
The strands woven together in Gustave Flaubert's famous, path breaking 1856 novel Madame Bovary include a provincial town in Normandy, France, a shy young doctor with an indifferent career and a lovely young woman who lives in a fantasy world based on the innumerable romantic novels she reads. Of course there is also the story of a dull marriage punctuated by passionate, adulterous love affairs. First published in serial form in a Parisian magazine and deemed to be the “perfect” novel, Flaub ...
Doctor Whom Cosplay Team Podcast.-We are a small group of six like minded individuals, fanatical about cosplaying TV and film characters from shows such as Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and many more.We hope you enjoy our podcasts were we try to provide fans with discussions, reviews, news and general entertainment.Even though we primarily look into the world of Doctor Who we do like to discuss and delve into other fandoms.-If you enjoy these podcasts please remember to tell you ...
Dr. Death
We’re at our most vulnerable when we go to our doctors. We trust the person at the other end of that scalpel. We trust the hospital. We trust the system. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Dallas. If you had back pain, and had tried everything else, Dr. Duntsch could give you the spine surgery that would take your pain away. But soon his patients started to experience complications, and the system failed to protect them. Which begs t ...
The Story Collider
Whether we wear a lab coat or haven't seen a test tube since grade school, science is shaping all of our lives. And that means we all have science stories to tell. Every year, we host dozens of live shows all over the country, featuring all kinds of storytellers - researchers, doctors, and engineers of course, but also patients, poets, comedians, cops, and more. Some of our stories are heartbreaking, others are hilarious, but they're all true and all very personal. Welcome to The Story Collider!
The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Podcast is a podcast about a a new and innovative model of healthcare. Once thought to be a practice only for the wealthy, DPC is now spreading across the country and becoming available to all as a more feasible, more sustainable and happier model of care delivery. By charging a low cost monthly fee to patients, doctors are able to take back the freedom that was taken from them decades ago, and patients are able to reap the rewards of a doctor they know and who ...
Time Ladies Talk
Two female Doctor Who fans pass judgement over the latest Who news, Classic Doctor Who, our many thoughts and opinions on characters, story lines and how women are represented in the show (among other things). Join us!
George Eliot's seventh and perhaps most famous novel almost didn't get written! It took birth as a short novella titled Miss Brooke but she was unhappy with its progress and finally in despair, she decided to put it aside for a couple of years. Meanwhile, personal problems intervened and when she took up the project again, it was with a renewed sense of creativity. Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life first appeared as an eight-part serial novel in 1871-72. In 1874, it was finally compile ...
The Migraine Miracle Moment is a podcast for migraine sufferers who want to find their path to migraine freedom without drugs. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Josh Turknett, a neurologist, migraine sufferer, and author of the book The Migraine Miracle. ** This podcast is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine, nursing or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice, and no doctor/patient relationship is formed. ...
Now featuring TIME FOR THIRTEEN, a fun, breezy look back at Doctor Who season by season from the Ninth Doctor on (never skip nine!), counting down to the arrival of Thirteen. What's better than being a fan? Being a fan and talking about it with other fans of course! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Going Through Who
What's your passion?
Shifting between Earth and Mars, Badge of Infamy focuses on the gripping tale of a former doctor who becomes a pariah due to being temporarily governed by emotion and compassion, rather than complying with the highly regarded rules established by the Medical Lobby. Furthermore, the novel covers numerous topics including justice, brutality, betrayal, ethics, political control, and lobbying. Set in the year 2100, the novel begins with the introduction of its protagonist, Daniel Feldman, an eth ...
A DAILY mini-podcast mash-up of science fiction and real space history, only from!
Grandma Guignol
Welcome to the mysterious English seaside town of Whitby, where all the monsters and demons of old come to retire and live out the remainder of their spooky days and nights. There's a strange new landlady in town, opening a B&B by the harbour: a lady with a tall black beehive, nasty scars about her person and a very chequered past... An eight-part audio drama written by Paul Magrs (Doctor Who), and starring Anne Reid (Last Tango in Halifax)
Why are teens shoplifting makeup and posting their hauls to Tumblr? How can a blind man run a marathon through the desert with just an iPhone? And what happens to your social media profiles after you die? Week on week we answer questions just like these on our digital culture podcast, Chips with Everything.
Anne’s House of Dreams is the fifth book in the Anne of Green Gables series, which features the culmination of an epic love story. The installment chronicles the lives of Anne and Gilbert as they experience life as a newlywed couple and build the foundation of their future together. A tale uniting the much-loved characters also brings a farewell to Anne Shirley and officially welcomes Anne Blythe. The novel begins with the preparations for the wedding between Anne and her one true love Gilbe ...
Welcome to the Beard Stroking Bullsh*t Podcast! We're here to talk about all of our favorite things, from Comics and Video Games to TVs and Movies. We bring on special guests when we can and try to ask as many questions we think fans of that guests would ask. We rant and rave and criticism but we are FAR from professionals, so download an episode and take a listen, who knows we oculd be your new favorite podcast.
NPR's top daily news about world events, politics, economy and culture. Download the World Story of the Day podcast.
Two Kiwi Doctor Who fans ramble about this and other universes. We're not always regular, or particularly on topic, but please feel free to join us for the ride...
Geek Philosophy
Geek Philosophy is a discussion-based podcast from the directors of Grey Havens Group, Inc., a non-profit organization that hosts philosophical discussions for people of all ages. We start each episode with a geeky topic, but we never know where we’re going to go! It could be Middle-earth, or Magrathea, or somewhere completely new. Along the way, we’ll take you through our unique “Geek Philosophy” method for exploring big ideas through literature and popular culture. We’ll also hear from gee ...
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As a sign that the High Council of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society have short memories, they have once again …Continue reading → [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Series 3, Episode 40 of Doctor Who: The Memory Cheats! And the episode we will be reviewing today is... Visit our website at Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Support us on Patreon:…
With a fistful of sticky bike reflectors, we head into the Fourth Doctor and Leela's second adventure, an Agatha Christie-meets-Isaac Asimov murder mystery with Leninist overtones. (Oh, and sand!).
In today’s Escape Pod, a day that left the fourth Doctor falling and Farscape fans frothing. (4:27) AudioPlayer.setup("", { width: 290 }); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_5741", {soundFile: "", t ...…
More great books at
More great books at
The 10th Doctor story 42 is your basic run-around-like-mad adventure which is good fun, but is also current showrunner Chris Chibnall's first Doctor episode. Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss the story's lighter elements and deeper layers. The post WHO117: 42 appeared first on…
@TinDogPodcast reviews Synopsis This title was released in March 2019. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until April 30th 2019, and on general sale after this date. Once upon a time, a people of great artistry and great knowledge ruled the planet Mekalion: the Kamille. For a thousand years, they prospered peace ...…
@TinDogPodcast reviews Synopsis This title was released in February 2019. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until April 30th 2019, and on general sale after this date. 6.5 Flight 405 by Lou Morgan Flight 405 went missing over 60 years ago, but tonight the plane finally lands. Norton Folgate’s a Torchwood agent ...…
Kashmir, disputed between India and Pakistan, is the site of a decades-long insurgency. It is also a winter sports haven. During recent airstrikes and shelling, a ski station remained open.
You probably thought the songs were over. You probably thought we wouldn't sing about snakes and frogs. Well, you're wrong. We have another episode chock full of crazy musical madness from Tinder and Furtive Tuesday. 00:00 Image: View Image
This one doesn't have a great fan reputation. We're here to reassess it for you.
In today’s Escape Pod, Spock sings, Einstein gets it right, and the Odyssey2 shuts down. (4:01) AudioPlayer.setup("", { width: 290 }); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_6764", {soundFile: "", title ...…
More great books at
More great books at
Canada is under pressure from the two rival powers over the Meng Wanzhou extradition case.
For the most part, the sixth season of Smallville can be attributed as The One with the Phantoms, or The One with Level 33.1, as those are the most important storylines that affect a majority of the characters - but there's plenty of other things going on this season too. A new power, and someone else discovers Clark's secret! Listen now! Becom ...…
In Episode 75, Dr Roussel interviews Jacob Irving, lawyer, in-house counsel for Ilera Holistic, and lobbyist for medical marijuana legalization. In the interview, they discuss the status of medical marijuana across the 50 states, in terms of Federal law, and steps doctors can take to remain compliant should they decide to recommend medical mari ...…
In today’s Escape Pod, to err is human, but to really frell things up you need Farscape. (3:36) AudioPlayer.setup("", { width: 290 }); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_4661", {soundFile: "", title ...…
More great books at
More great books at
More great books at
To celebrate 60 years of Barbie, Jordan Erica Webber looks back at some of the key moments in the history of the world-famous doll, and examines how Barbie became a representative of the tech world. Help support our independent journalism at
In today’s Escape Pod, the first spacewalk and the Rangers’ return. (4:19) AudioPlayer.setup("", { width: 290 }); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_5922", {soundFile: "", titles: " ...…
More great books at
More great books at
More great books at
Irish cuisine has more to offer than just corned beef and cabbage. Award-winning Irish Chef and food writer Darina Allen shared a few of her favorite recipes.
A new set of shiny Blu-ray discs stuffed with Doctor Who content is on its way to store shelves in the form of the Season 18 box set, the third such season set from BBC Studios. So we decided to talk again to Russell Minton, executive producer of the whole range for BBC Studios, about the Season 18 set, and about the future of the range in gene ...…
With Sasha's sabbatical nearing an end, Brooke and Skip tackle two final Short Trips: "The People's Temple" by Paul Leonard (no Jim Jones here) and Trevor Baxendale's "The Queen of Eros" (with some storge too). This is surely the first time Harlequin Romance novels have been mentioned in our show. It also features even more debate on the poor, ...…
On this episode the crew covers Frontios with a rearrange of a hat rack, a crucial moment in history, a annoying leader, the hat rack has other uses, Turlough gets to shine, and a blocking of signal saves the day. On this episode the crew covers Frontios Tofind previous episodes go to: Tosubscribe to this podcast put this link in yo ...…
Harry clambers into clam city and everyone’s a war criminal!
This week, for the first time in ages, Todd, Nathan, James and Richard arrive on an exotic yet strangely familiar alien planet, where they meet some old friends and a terrifying new enemy. Oh, okay, it’s cats. Welcome to 2006, and welcome to New Earth. Notes and links Listeners alarmed by Richard’s reference to the Big Chief 12-inch dolly of Bi ...…
Synopsis This title was released in February 2019. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until April 30th 2019, and on general sale after this date. Missy... alone, unleashed and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around? Well, Missy has a plan. And to carry it out, she’s going to have to bre ...…
In today’s Escape Pod, a scramble to set a new legal precedent for copyrighting video games. (3:37) AudioPlayer.setup("", { width: 290 }); AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_2139", {soundFile: "", t ...…
Hello and welcome to episode 257 of the TSDWP. This week on the show, Women, Whales and Wives as we bring you this week’s Doctor Who News, a review of The Beast Below and take a critical look at the season 11 TARDIS interior. So, Choose the “listen” button not the “delete” button, and activate your custard cream dispenser, As you listen to Thet ...…
More great books at
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