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Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.
This book is an early history of the Starved Rock Area in Northern Illinois. In the pre-Columbian era, the Starved Rock area was home to Native Americans, particularly the Kaskaskia who lived in the Grand Village of the Illinois across the river. Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette were the first Europeans recorded as exploring the region, and by 1683, the French had established Fort St. Louis on a large sandstone butte overlooking the river. According to a native legend, a group of Illinois ...
Where autism meets irreverence and charisma...
EFC of Eaton
Weekly audio brought to you by the Evangelical Free Church of Eaton, Colorado.
Mount Eaton Church
Welcome to the Mount Eaton Church podcast. Messages are taken from our Sunday morning services . For more information on our church visit
Eaton Church of God
This is the first of two travelogues published by Mary Roberts Rinehart (1876-1958). Both deal with Glacier National Park. (The other is entitled Tenting To-night, which also deals with the Cascade Mountains.). Rinehart wrote hundreds of short stories, poems, travelogues and articles, though she is most famous for her mystery stories. The region that became Glacier National Park was first inhabited by Native Americans and upon the arrival of European explorers, was dominated by the Blackfeet ...
Sermons from Eaton Church of the Brethren
Food enthusiast, Owner of Caplansky's Deli, and radio host of Let's Eat every Saturday at 11AM on NEWSTALK 1010 Toronto.
Find weekly sermons from our Sunday morning worship gatherings. For more information about our church, visit us at
Welcome to the Podcast feed for the Sunday Evening Services at the Oasis Christian Centre, Long Eaton. Please visit our website to find more information about our church -
Welcome to the Podcast feed for the Sunday Morning Services at the Oasis Christian Centre, Long Eaton. Please visit our website to find more information about our church -
Welcome to the Podcast feed for the Outreach Service at Sawley Baptist Church. Please visit our website to find more information about our church -
This is about a three-hundred mile trip across the Rocky Mountains on horseback with Howard Eaton. It is about fishing, and cool nights around a camp-fire, and long days on the trail. It is about a party of all sorts, from everywhere, of men and women, old and young, experienced folk and novices, who had yielded to a desire to belong to the sportsmen of the road. And it is by way of being advice also. Your true convert must always preach. (Introduction by Mary Roberts Rinehart quoted from th ...
Nick and Pat - the Fantasy World Order ( bring you great, entertaining fantasy baseball analysis and break down the game you love from all angles. Twitter - @patrickfwo and and
join me, a ~local okc food blogger~, La Croix connoisseur, and olive-hater as I invite my friends to sit around my kitchen table and talk about the things we eat. on The Spy FM podcast network.
Resonate Church non-denominational Christian Church in Bonney Lake, Washington which just outside Seattle. We are a new church plant that is just over 3 years old.
Chris Eaton from iBall Pythons discusses all things Ball Pythons!
Francisco Pizarro (1471 - 1541) was born into poverty, the illegitimate son of a Spanish soldier. After a brief career as a swineherd, he volunteered to join an expedition to the colony of Darien in Panama. He rose through the ranks to become right hand man of the governor. After hearing rumours of a rich country of gold to the south, he received permission from the king of Spain to lead an expedition to explore and attempt to conquer the Peruvian empire. This biography describes how, with a ...
Brooklyn GOP Radio
Brooklyn GOP Radio is an internet based radio show broadcasting live on BlogTalkRadio. It is sponsored by the Kings County Republican Committee in Brooklyn, NY. The show highlights local, citywide, statewide and national politics - with a little Brooklyn swagger thrown in. Guests from the world of politics - candidates, elected officials, journalists, authors, personalities, pundits and prognosticators - stop by to discuss current events. The show and blog are recognized as a legitimate sour ...
Sermons from Hope Community Church, Lawrenceburg-Frankfort, KY featuring Jeff Eaton and Drew Causey
An assorted mixture of the eclectic and techno
Pilot Tone Podcast
The guys from Pilot Tone get together to share what they've been up to.
Real life. Down to earth. Bible-focused. Listen to New Hope Chapel's podcast to hear what God is saying to our church community in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Subscribe for free today!
An in depth look into the life of one of the greatest ever composers and musicians. Mozart was truly a gifted individual and this is an interesting look at both his family life and his musical career. Summary by Michele Eaton
This is a collection of short stories by the Brothers Grimm, Aesop, Anderson, and more authors, turned into short children's plays by Augusta Stevenson. This collection has seventeen plays in which characters come together and form a classic children's story. (Summary by francesb) Cast list:mepreckel, Shakira, Onlam, silverquill, GardenerOfStars, LydiaCW, possum2364, ToddHW, Margaret, TriciaG, hallejk, HughGil, abendlied, jerrica, etel13, WoollyBee, Little_Tee, m8b1, aradlaw, arnaldo4455, Mr ...
An intriguing look at well known women in history from BC 500 to the mid 1800's. Each chapter is a brief overview of one woman's life. An interesting read. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
Journalist Mike Wendland investigates what happens when you exercise daily and eat only good for you food.
Ellen White said that one of the most delicate tasks in life was working with youthful minds. Teaching should be varied which can make it possible for the 'high and noble powers of the mind' to have a chance to progress. Educators of youth should be gentle and loving and have self control. Her idea of creating a Christian educational system is detailed in this book. - Summary by Michele Eaton
Practice Management Nuggets is a weekly interview series with practice managers, healthcare providers, or trusted vendors who support healthcare practices. Hosted by Jean Eaton, your Practice Management Mentor, of Information Managers Ltd.
This is a lovely collection of short stories and poems some well known others not so well known. Something to appeal to everyone. (Summary by Michele Eaton )
This is the story of a poor young lady Emily Hood who while working as a governess falls in love with Wilfrid Athel the son of her employer. They become engaged, however things do not run smoothly after a visit home to her parents and Emily has to make a heartbreaking choice. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
After reading and re-reading the book many time as a boy and wishing that Lewis Carroll would have written another Alice In Wonderland Book, John Rae began imagining what that girl would have gotten up to if he had done so. Telling these stories to his children over the years, where they were enthusiastically received, he finally decided to share them with the world. And here they are! The New Adventures of Alice (Summary by Phil Chenevert)Narrator: LydiaMother: Michele EatonBetsy, Alice's S ...
This has been said to be the first female development novel in English. Betsy leaves her emotionally and financially abusive husband Munden and experiences independence before she decides to marry again. The novel has marital advice told via quips from Lady Trusty. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
A collection of short stories written by the author of other literary greats such as The Railway Children, Five Children and It and The Phoenix and the Carpet. Many of her books have been made into television series or films. She wrote for both adults and children and also wrote non-fiction and poetry. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
Bad Sandwich
A very silly monthly comedy show by Dan Thompson and Jim Eaton.
This book is about the life of Queen Victoria (1819 to 1901). All nine of her children married into the royal houses of Europe. She became the longest reigning monarch and more. This book is a fascinating read about the woman behind the British Empire. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
WKLY Podcast
A weekly podcast with James Eaton exploring life, faith, and culture through meaningful conversation. This year on WKLY, I am having 50 conversations with 50 people from 50 states in the United States.
Clym Yeobright returns home to Egdon Heath, a scattered collection of houses on the isolated Wessex moors, and is caught up in a "love pentagon" which includes: his cousin, Thomasin Yeobright; the shadowy inn-keeper, Damon Wildeve; the controversial and romantic Eustacia Vye; and the mysterious reddleman, Diggory Venn, whose skin is stained completely red from his work. This work has all the well-known marks of Thomas Hardy: the Wessex landscape, a choice of lovers, a wedding gone wrong, a p ...
In 1857, Lady Jane Franklin, the wife of Sir John Franklin, who went missing with his entire crew during his 1845 expedition to discover the Northwest Passage, commissioned Captain Francis McClintock to investigate what had happened to the expedition, and purchased for him the small steam yacht known as the 'Fox'. This is McClintock's own account of the two year voyage of the 'Fox'. Following an initially unsuccessful attempt to cross the Davis Strait, the 'Fox' was forced to spend the first ...
This collection includes ten one-act plays by David Belasco, Arnold Bennett, Hereward Carrington, Lewis Carroll, Lord Dunsany, John Galsworthy, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Maurice Maeterlinck, Anna Bird Stewart, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. The Book Coordinators for this collection were Charlotte Duckett, Michele Eaton, Elizabeth Klett, Loveday, Piotr Nater, Algy Pug, Eden Rea-Hedrick, Todd, and Chuck Williamson. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett)
This is a collection of stories of authors who have lost their fortunes and sometimes their lives after writing a book. The liberty of a person's conscience was unknown in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Why should a man be drawn and quartered for writing what we know is the truth? What must it have been like to have lived in that era. At the time it was dangerous to say that the earth went around the sun and many other theories were treated in the same way. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
A story of a young woman in love and the sacrifices she makes in order to save a man's life when he is accused of murder. Has she gone too far and risked too much? Will she ever find happiness again, or is she destined to live a life of secrecy? (Summary by Michele Eaton)Cast:Narrator: Michele EatonRandall Vaughan: Ernst PattynamaHyacinth Vaughan: Amanda FridayMillicent Holte: Amanda FridayLady Vaughan: CaprishaPageClare Brandon (Vaughan): Lynne ThompsonClaude Lennox: Hans-Christian EickSir ...
Amy Takes Pictures
Amy Eaton is a product photographer and educator teaching handmade sellers how to DIY their own p...
Annie Elfrida McLane lives in a little brown house of the South Dakota prairie, within sight of the Black Hills. Her father is a widower and prospects for gold there; Annie lives at home with her grandmother and the servants, Marthy Stubbs and Pete Pumpernickle. Annie has no neighbours, no other children to play with, and no school to attend; she is sometimes lonely and despondent. She is dependent for company on her black cat Silvertip, the farm animals around her, and creatures of the surr ...
Nickols Powers is in love with the beautiful Charlotte and desperate to marry her. Charlotte however, is independent and reluctant to accept his religious views as a good wife should. However, she may still be convinced by the charismatic preacher building a new church in her own backyard. Summary by Michele Eaton.
A show where you hear about everything, and learn about nothing. New fresh topic covered every Wednesday! Hosted by Quinn Eaton and DJ Pigg.
Sir Thomas More is a collaborative Elizabethan play by Anthony Munday and others depicting the life and death of Thomas More. It survives only in a single manuscript, now owned by the British Library. The manuscript is notable because three pages of it are considered to be in the hand of William Shakespeare and for the light it sheds on the collaborative nature of Elizabethan drama and the theatrical censorship of the era. The play dramatizes events in More's life, both real and legendary, i ...
The On Switch: Tech news with the personality turned on and all the way up.The Off Switch: Where cosmic squirrels dance to offline disco. Free entry for unicorns in sneakers every Thursday.A new double-sided site from well-known technology writers Kit Eaton and Addy Dugdale.
John Kendrick Bangs once again takes us on a journey with the loveable, but somewhat self-opinionated and irritating Mr Idiot. (Summary by Michele Eaton)
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Tom Hanks has long hair? Murder mystery in the Louvre? The guys tackle the 2006 box office blockbuster in today's episode!
Elijah doesn't know where to go from here, and he prays to God. God answers his prayers in turn and reveals a plan bigger than Elijah could see.
The guys discuss different fast food restaurants, what defines a fast food restaurant, and how they make you feel. At the end, they also give their personal top 3 favorite fast food restaurants! Its pretty good!
Shelby Sieg, the executive chef of The Pritchard joins me to talk about the one dish she always puts on the menu, what it's like to work in a Michelin Star Restaurant, and what restaurants in OKC she loves! Thanks Shelby, for coming on the show!
When life has you down, where can you run? Where do you run? Elijah seems to be wondering in the desert ready to die, but I think there is more than meets the eye...
SPECIAL FOURTH OF JULY EPISODE FEATURING The Ice Shop OKC! We talk about the business of running a snow cone stand, what the deal is with pickle juice snow cones, and the nutritional information of a blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse.
Elijah returns to Israel for a confrontation with King Ahab. Who is God? Is it Our God? Or Baal? Elijah pushes the people (and us) to make a decision as to who is God.
Sign up for weekly reminders about upcoming guest interviews, here: How to Use Audit Logs to Improve the Security of Health Information In Your Healthcare Practice When was the last time that you reviewed your access logs in your healthcare practice? In our policies, procedures, risk assessments, and p ...…
The shoes of Summer! Listen to the guys discuss this freeing footwear in this 31st installment of AYN2K! Its pretty pretty good!
NEW EPISODE! Tom and Kacy from The Tasty Escape come on the podcast to talk tacos, traveling and more! Make sure to tune in for my NEW segment, where I look a restaurant up on and judge it before it even opens!
Why does Elijah go to a widow in a foreign country? Why is this story, outside of the miraculous events, included in the Bible?
Did you ever think Darius Rucker said he had spaghetti hands in his song Alright? Well, if you did, here's a song built around that idea!
The guys answer four very important questions, and there's a song at the end that you won't want to miss, listen now!
Today, we began our sermon series on Elijah the prophet, found in 1 Kings. Not much is given as background to this prophet. But the world that he finds himself in, isn't much different than ours...
Join Chris Eaton… the Fatman… for some bullshitting on the Ball Python Industry, iBall Pythons, and all the behind the scenes fuck-tardery that keeps the reptile business running! And some cool personal stories and bad ass music! Episode 17 brings us Mr. Daniel Allison of Constriction Addiction and ReptiChip East. Learn how he quit the competit ...…
Is it the most wonderful time of the year? Sweepstakes winner Keagen Watkins joins in with the guys to discuss the topic of Summer!
NEWEST EPISODE IS LIVE! Maddie Gregory with Thirst Wine Merchants joins me to talk wine, food news, the best dinners for counting macros, and more. this was such a fun episode that also featured BREAKFAST WINE! (shoutout to my favorite murder).
In our last lie, we look at a lie that challenges many of us today, particularly women: Body Image. How does this lie affect your heart? We were excited to have our Family Life Pastor Becca Rankin speak on this!
There's so much to talk about when it comes to camping, and as Isaac Bayer fills in for DJ Pigg once again, the two guys do an adequate job of discussing this American pastime!
The original lie of the serpent was that we could be like God. Most of us would scoff at that, but do we try to control things like God? Do we attempt to have certain areas completely perfect? Are you sure you aren't believing the lie?
It's the question that literally everyone is asking...will books go extinct? The guys answer that question numerous times throughout the show and its a little redundant!
Are you insecure about yourself? We've all been there. We don't always have confidence. However, there is a dark side that becomes sin. Don't let the lie that you aren't valuable run your life. Check out the truth of Scripture in today's sermon.
The guys cover the topic of haircuts...and some other stuff. They apologize for the other stuff!
New episode with Jessica of Shop hello rae! We talk about Weight Watchers vs Counting Macros (MyoBrain), doing public math, the WW instagram community, inclusive fashion and more. If you'll listen to the end of the episode there's a 15% off discount code to Shop hello rae for the listeners of OKC OVER EASY! This is a good one, y'all.…
Where does your happiness come from? Job? CHildren? Hobbies? But is our desire ever fully satisfied? As we continue looking at lies we tell ourselves, let's see where true happiness comes from...
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