Best Esports podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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BIG Esports Podcast
Learn about business in games from the best, covering multiple industries ranging from content creators to esports investors & professional gamers. This podcast focuses on content behind the curtain of the entire computer gaming scene.
This esports life
An esports-centric podcast hosted by esports personality, content creator, and color-commentator, Mohan Govindasamy.
On this podcast, your host DT gives his take on what happened in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive during the preceding week.
Varsity eSports
Professor at Boise State University teaching educational games, virtual worlds, eSports, and digital culture.
The greatest esports podcast this week. Join Brian and Seven for a twice-weekly look at what just happened and what is coming up in the world of esports.
Notify Esports
Discussing each result in the world of esports
Esports B.O.O.M.
Esports B.O.O.M. gives you your weekly dose of esports business news. Hosted by industry players Anton Ferraro and Maurice Eisenmann.
A daily, sub 10 minute podcast on the wins, losses, and challenges faced as I attempt to make a living from gaming.
The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone . Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl, William "Dills" Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett together host The Angry Chicken.
Hotline League
Call in show about League of Legends Esports hosted by Travis Gafford, Mark Zimmerman, and sometimes Kelby May.
Checkpoint XP is the first nationally syndicated radio show for esports and video games. The Checkpoint XP: Daily Podcast is the Monday - Friday recordings that comprise the national show - plus additional conversations every single day! Catch up on the latest esports and gaming news with Nate, Robbie, Norris and Joe.
The greatest esports podcast this week. Join Brian and Seven for a twice-weekly look at what just happened and what is coming up in the world of esports.
Join me in my journey in the Esports industry!Blog: Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network.
blisterguy plays Hearthstone while walking to work, so pull up a chair by the Hearth as he climbs the ladder and dodges traffic.
A business, finance ,gaming and technology podcast to keep you informed of the deals and changes going on in the day to day. No filler only actual news. Everything from media,retail, cryptocurrency, technology, endorsements, esports,,etc. Become a supporter of this podcast:
People Like Games
People Like Games is a series that offers colored commentary on the week in video games, esports, and gaming industry news. Commentary that also happens to be coming both literally and figuratively from your hosts Solo & Lilo. New episodes available every Wednesday.
Dota Alchemy
Building better gamers. How to get better at #dota2 gain MMR and rank up! #esports #dota #coach
Welcome! I'm Mark. Englishman living in NY. My content is mainly Street Fighter & FGC related atm, but steadily expanding my range. Check out my playlists, interviews, skits!IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT ME DIRECTLY.PAYPAL: markscochrane@gmail.comPATREON: simply LIKE my videos (this helps immensely), COMMENT, and definitely SUBSCRIBE! My ultimate goal is to grow financially secure enough to spend time producing videos every day. Cheers!Business Enquiries: Bo ...
Esports In-Depth
Exploring things within the world and ecosystem of esports
The Disrupt Gaming Podcast is your source for the business behind esports. Shows go up weekly with a new guest from around the esports industry.
BBC Radio 5 live’s technology and gaming podcast, discussing the world of video games and games culture. Plus your questions answered in 5 live's tech phone-in.
BloodShot Eyes & Sore Thumbs (B.E.S.T.) Podcast! Every week, Jacob (BestJacobAlive2), Scott (BestEagleAlive), and Brent (MisterDooDooMan) talk about gaming, digital culture, and all other reasons to stay up! Regular squares with jobs and responsibles share opinions and thoughts on modern gaming as a hobby. Low-Tech convos, everybody welcome!
Overwatch Recall connects you to other podcasts covering everything in the world of Overwatch, Overwatch League, and Path to Pro.
MTG Pro Talk
An esports site covering professional Magic: The Gathering players and teams.
Podcast by Guga Mafra
StarTalk Radio
Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Friday nights at 7pm ET.
Tank 'n Spank
A podcast from Rocket Punch dedicated to all things Blizzard! From World of Warcraft, to Heroes of the Storm, to Hearthstone, the team from Rocket Punch sit down each week to talk about the latest news, events, and stories from the games created by Blizzard Entertainment.
Welcome to The GaryVee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!
Bloom in Tech
I talk with (and about) smart, innovative people about where they and their companies are headed in tech, media, entertainment, VR/AR, esports, AI, blockchain and advertising. Become a supporter of this podcast:
1A is home to the national conversation. Joshua Johnson hosts with great guests and frames the best debate in ways to make you think, share and engage.
Above The Storm
Above The Storm will consist of Poadcast that talk about Esports/Gaming and Finance! Let’s build this project together and talk about dope stuff!
In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.
A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking, from politics to media to environmental sustainability.
This is the journey to making Krieg, a game friends can play together as a team. It's free to play so anyone can get started. It's competitive and big on eSports so there's going be huge seasonal competitions. It's going be crossplay so that your friends on their smartphones and consoles can play with you while you're on your desktop. It'll be something totally new, in an attempt to revolutionize gaming.And there's a story behind this game. It's of a young man overcoming adversities like pov ...
Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.
Eye of the Watchers
Giving you all the support and insight you need to get hyped about League of Legends Esports
TNW Conference
On May 24 & 25, we held our 13th edition of TNW Conference in Amsterdam. Experts on machine learning, blockchain, marketing, design, esports and more took the stage and shared their insights with 15,000 attendees. The talks are both available on TNW's YouTube channel and here, in this podcast.
Hey it's Gunson. I I'll be talking about the lastest in comics games,Esports, music (mostly hip hop) this is the SPOT if you pop culture news. This will be every Sunday so see you guys then BYE
Esports is accelerating and investors are taking notice and are looking for top quality founders. As the Founder of, an esports fundraising network, I'll share quick thoughts, insights, and reflections on what I'm seeing day to day.
RN Arts - ABC RN
Each week day RN Arts programs zoom in on a specific area of art and culture, brought to you by a specialist presenter. Subscribe to their podcasts separately by searching by name in your podcasting app.
Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction. Follow Into the Nexus on Twitter @ITNcast, catch the VODs on YouTube at, and email us at
Arcade Brigade
Your resource for commentary on esports, venture capital, and blockchain.Become a supporter and you'll gain exclusive access to non-published content and mastermind sessions. Meet with me and other like-minded people. If you play video games, that's even BETTER!Join the Discord channel: to be a guest? Email: pete@vesselmediagroup.comPast episodes found here: Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
A Fortnite Podcast. We talk about all things Fortnite from esports, patches, and how to get better at the game. This podcast is brought to you by PayDayGG, your social media and tournament platform for competition and Fortnite Tournaments
Interviews by Chris Till with researchers of all areas of digital culture and society.
The Morale Boost podcast: Your guide to Paladins. We look at and comment on all aspects of the game from patch notes to theory crafting, esports to community news. We cover it all. Episodes are released on a patch-by-patch basis
Breakin Bread
Everyday life in Baltimore City. My journey to make the NBA 2k esports league. Different interviews and convos on the latest topics in news sports and entertainment
W0@h! The podcast about literally Anything! It's usually things that make us say W0@h! And that can be anything. . . But mostly it's the latest in Video Games, Comics and music, pop culture and movies, and generally anything else we find interesting. Like space. Esports. Alternate dimensions and reality.... Plus we are Avid Cannabis Enthusiasts From the Northern California Bay Area (where the good stuff grows). JOIN US! as we indulge in all our favorite subject matter and games. Did we menti ...
... keeping in touch with the latest in iPhone gaming
My Passion
My website and Esports
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Man I miss the Wine Library days! Those of you who saw me on livestream last night know that my Rosé ships out this week and that this is a really exciting time for me. I’m so appreciative for everyone that has supported my Empathy Wines venture, something I’ve been dreaming of doing for a long long time. Today’s podcast is a throwback to my Wi ...…
Critics say that the proliferation of modern, wafer-thin skyscrapers are symbols of rising urban inequality. Also: Are levels of density in our cities making us ill? And what's the impact of short-term letting on urban affordability?
We talk about the biggest esports leagues including the NALCS, the OWL Stage 1 Play-offs and more. Plus, we ask our social media followers what video game soundtrack and score is the best.
Discussing the rest of the early Rise of Shadows preview cards, a surprise message from Hearthstone's Creative Director Ben Thompson, and playing EMEm's Top 8 Legend Spirit of the Dead Quest Priest! You can find the deck import link below the following contact links. Join our Discord community here or at You can follow me ...…
We try and wrap our wee heads around Google Stadia, and what MS might do in response come E3. Apex gets it's Battle Pass, and it's...kinda lame. Octain seems cool though. Epic says they are not in the porn business. Heroes dumps paid loot boxes. Wildlands, Warframe, Pandemic Legacy, and more!
In this episode, Chris talks Esports Liability and Insurance (with Paul Cowley, Director and Co-Founder, Thunder Insurance) Show Notes: Paul Cowley LinkedIn Thunder Insurance Website BIG Esports Links Podcast Episodes Discord Facebook Discussion Group Host:…
On this episode, AutoChess is all grown up, the Apex Legends pass is here, and it's...something, big changes coming to OWL in Stage 2, Call of Duty is coming to Mobile, and Artifact Esports aren't worth much. via Knit
On this episode, AutoChess is all grown up, the Apex Legends pass is here, and it's...something, big changes coming to OWL in Stage 2, Call of Duty is coming to Mobile, and Artifact Esports aren't worth much. via Knit
Comedian Mark Humphries joins the TV chat with Lauren Carroll Harris and Jason Di Rosso to talk about Ricky Gervais' new series After Life. Director Karyn Kusama discusses directing Nicole Kidman in edgy cop thriller Destroyer, and film curator Richard Sowada is in to talk Design on Film.
America's boys have it tough. They're less likely to finish high school, more likely to drop out of college and many are socialized to be aggressive and impulsive. How do we rethink masculinity, and raise today's boys to be 21st-century men? Want to support 1A? Give to your local public radio station and subscribe to this podcast. Have question ...…
Melissa Lucashenko's Stella-shortlisted novel started its life as a project about 'Aboriginal hillbillies'.
Jamie Marina Lau started writing her debut novel when she was 19, by the time she was 21, it was published.
Little Gods features 12 year old Olive who thinks of herself as clever, brave and sure and is constantly unsatisfied by the explanations of adults.
Enza Gandolfo's Stella-shortlisted novel was inspired by the real-life West Gate Bridge disaster, which killed 35 people in 1970s Melbourne.
The Stella judges say Tumarkin's book "pushes the boundaries of non-fiction so far out that they will never recover".
The Division 2 has hit the hard drives this week, and the Bird Gang dive in! It's also that time of year....we do our E3 predictions HELLA early so as to stay and sound true when we shoot our shots, and we get them on the table for E3 2019! Find our social media @EdgyStances and share some of your predictions/hopes too! While on the subject of ...…
Why does everyone think trust is earned? To me, that process seems slow and egotistical. I believe that if you give your employees trust in the upfront, you’ll be blown away by the results. In this podcast I focus on how CEOs can empower their team’s to facilitate scale, as well as the benefits of having a meaningful relationship with each of y ...…
Joe brings us the biggest headlines from the gaming and esports world. Plus, Google unveils one of it's most ambitious projects to date with Stadia. It promises to revolutionize the way we play games.
Chris Heysen and NGV curator Angela Hesson on important 20th-century Australian painters, father and daughter artists Hans and Nora Heysen, vale Edmund Capon in Arts News, Fiona Gruber visits Melbourne's Lyon Housemuseum on the opening of a new public gallery next door, and Bendigo Art Gallery's Tansy Curtin and London's National Portrait Galle ...…
The new expansion has been announced, so it’s time for Garrett, Dills, and Joce to talk about Rise of Shadows! They’ve got all your announcement info, as well as a look at the new cards, and details on Patch 13.4. Looking to support The Angry Chicken? The best way is by becoming a Patron at Thanks for the support! Today’ ...…
Playlist do episódio:Spotify: nesta edição a nova série do Gugacas ...…
Cleansers. Creams. Serums. Sheet masks. It can be hard to know what works, what's legitimate and whether all the effort is worth it. What does it mean that so many of us pay top-dollar to put our best face forward? And what should you be using to take care of your skin? Want to support 1A? Give to your local public radio station and subscribe t ...…
People overthink their businesses - who they hire, how they market and what they spend their money on. If you're a start-up, I firmly believe you can make real noise with a small, scrappy team of three or four people. You just have to know what you need. Regardless of your industry, documenting the journey is the best way to show potential cust ...…
Sam Loveridge, GamesRadar's new editor joins Adam to look at the 2019 Games BAFTAs nominations and to give The Division 2's bumps a feel. No Kirk McKeands were harmed in the making of this podcast.
The Checkpoint crew is joined by Hungrybox, one of the Smash Gods to talk about Melee not being included at EVO 2019 and the differences between Ultimate and Melee. We also talk about the recent episodes of The Simpsons “E My Sports” and what we did over the weekend, Plus, we start this years Checkpoint High Score Hall of Fame contest!…
Acclaimed Australian playwright Patricia Cornelius has been awarded the Windham-Campbell Prize for drama, US playwright Clare Barron's Dance Nation follows a group of teens in the throes of adolescence finding their place in a hyper-sexualised and competitive world of dance, and we speak with playwright and performer Nakkiah Lui about her new s ...…
With Richard away Seth and Crim discuss the 2019 Challenger Decks and a bunch of Modern tournaments.
The massacre in New Zealand tells us a lot about online extremism — the role tech companies play in regulating or banning fringe users, and the role each of us plays in creating the online ecosystem where hate can thrive. How do we reckon with online hate? What consequences should there be for the bigots who promote acts of violence? Want to su ...…
From our office in London, this episode is all about Europe's investing environment, including how investors are preparing for possible Brexit scenarios, drivers of the region's economic slowdown and where clients are finding alpha. "The number one issue that clients in Europe are facing is how do we get returns," says Andrew Wilson, CEO of Gol ...…
#overwatch adds division teams, #beatsaber is coming to #Oculus #vr headset,Fis to acquire worldpay,#lyft tries to raise money before going public and more #business #tech #gaming #news #investing #entrepreneur #stockmarket Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor…
Launders actually eats a cauliflower pizza. THIS JUST IN: Apex Legends is on the decline! We acquire a new target; boneless wings, Counter-Strike update discussion, platform exclusives and consoles' place in the gaming ecosystem, and Squeex hates skins.
A lot of companies are going to go out of business over the next decade for one main reason: Humans don’t like change. If you’re plan to be in business for the long term and you’re holding “what worked” in the past on a pedestal, I really hope this podcast changes the way you look at things. This is a keynote I gave in Vegas at the Internationa ...…
Stella prize winning author Carrie Tiffany on her latest Exploded View, Gerald Murnane on the release of A Season on Earth in full and the book to film adaptation of The Big Sleep.
We talk about BatmanvsTMNT and End game and my take on milo murphy's law This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
To celebrate making it to 500 episodes, I invited the Discord community to submit questions, and Slovmo uses them to interview me as we walk around the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Join our Discord community here or at You can follow me on twitter @blisterguy. You can follow the podcast on twitter @walktoworkHS Or on fac ...…
Entrepreneurship today really needs to be more grounded in practicality. Really implore you all to either start saving cash or invest your cash back into your business — the economy isn’t going to be good forever, and when things get slow, people aren’t going to talk about things like “passive income” the same way they do today. 0:00 - I worked ...…
Voice-activated speakers are mostly being used to listen to music and check the weather. The Reuters Institute’s, Nic Newman, thinks that’s about to change. Also, have we just entered the “golden age” of podcasts?
I’m so desperate to to get you all to the point where you’re executing on your ambitions. It’s why I put out so much content, spitting the same truth in different ways until something “breaks through.” In this podcast, I talk about how to start and some mindset shifts to get past some of those common fears in the beginning. 1:45 - the fear of l ...…
2:52 - Pulling with a weak core 7:11 - When to jungle as a carry 16:34 - When to push a tower as mid laner 19:31 - Supporting in a bad lane 30:50 - How to play when you get heavily countered in draft 35:13 - What role is best for me? 36:00 - How to communicate better 37:00 - How to go high ground vs better team fight 45:00 - Should I stop playi ...…
As tons of news breaks just before the weekend, Joe brings us a another full news update. Plus, Norris runs down Final Round for us.
This week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show includes a whole bunch of fanning out both over Hand Circus and the upcoming Rolando remake. We re-live the genesis of ngmoco, talk about some of their original games, ponder whether or not they’d hold up today, and get into how Freeverse got throw into the mix. From there we take a jog through the va ...…
Neil deGrasse Tyson, filmmaker Ron Howard, astrophysicist Janna Levin, and comic co-host Harrison Greenbaum celebrate and explore the life of Albert Einstein, including his path to scientific enlightenment and the impact of his genius on the world. NOTE: StarTalk All-Access subscribers can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free ...…
A bad week for Boeing. Beto joins the race for the White House. And a bribery scandal hits some of the nation's elite colleges. Around the world, America withdraws its diplomatic staff from Venezuela. Wonder Woman calls out Israel's Prime Minister. And the Brits prepare to check out of the EU anytime they like — but can they ever leave? Want to ...…
Facts about #lyft and #uber and factors you should consider when it comes to #investing in either. #news #nyse #nasdaq #stock #shares #entrepreneur #financialgoals Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
If you’re 25, you could literally die and live an entirely new life up to this point, and you’d still barely be at “halftime.” That’s why I tell so many 18, 22, 25, and 30 year olds to just put their head down and grind for a decade - if they have the ambition to build something for the rest of their lives. In this podcast with Pencils of Promi ...…
On today's show: we'll check in with Joe at the news desk to get the latest headlines from the world of gaming and esports. The Checkpoint crew sits down with oFAB, starting Point Gaurd for CLTX Gaming about the coming season of NBA 2k League. And Aldi, yes the food company Aldi, has formed a video game hit squad you can sick on your kids.…
Into the Nexus returns to form with a full episode of updates with Garrett and Kyle. Rexxar has claimed the top spot and Garrett’s here to sing the praises. Kyle has some puzzles to solve in his own league, brought on by an influx of returning players? Seems so. Next we call out Ana and Li Li for their interesting design choices and wonder what ...…
Comedian Ronny Chieng tries to fill in for Benjamin Law and introduces us to a haunting video of a fish eating a bird, the world wide web turns 30 and documentary maker Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore on her efforts to crew her music video shoots almost entirely with women.
In case you missed this episode on the Playing with Science channel…. NASCAR or Formula 1? Which one do you choose? Our hosts Chuck Nice and Gary O’Reilly sit down with science communicator Diandra Leslie-Pelecky, PhD, to try and determine who takes the checkered flag.
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