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Inside Europe | Deutsche Welle
What drives people in Europe? How do Europeans lead their lives? What are their views, hopes and fears? Fokus Europa provides the answers: up close, exciting and balanced.
Europe at its best: from culture news to entertainment and glamor! Euromaxx – Lifestyle Europe is broadcast six times a week, bringing engaging insights into European culture and lifestyles to a global audience.
Rick Steves' Europe Video — a weekly podcast based on Rick's popular TV series — gives you a colorful look at the sights, people and history behind Europe's most interesting destinations. For more information on the Rick Steves' Europe TV series — including episode descriptions, scripts, participating stations, travel information on destinations and more — visit
Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Sunday Night.
Talk Eastern Europe is the exclusive podcast dedicated to debating the issues facing the region of Central and Eastern Europe.
The authoritative source for independent rigorous high-quality academic research on UK-EU relations#Brexit #Brexit2016 #Economy #Brexitfacts #politics #Europe #podcasts #Generalelection #TheUKinaChangingEurope #partypolitics #Brexitvote #Facts #BrexitBreakdown #Parliament #EuropeanUnion #Referendum2016 #Leave #Remain #impartial #news #UnitedKingdom #AnandMenon #SimonUsherwood #NorthernIreland #Brussels #JeremyCorbyn #TheresaMay #Evidence #Asktheexperts #Westminster #HardBorder #Brexitsecreta ...
Want to know how the European Union impacts your daily life? Find out what Europe does for you in our 60 SECONDS podcasts.
Talking Europe
Politicians, activists and researchers debate the issues facing the EU and a 'guest of the week' offers their insight in a long-format interview that gets to the heart of the matter. Saturday at 12.10 pm.
Inside Europe | Deutsche Welle
How to Access the Exceptional and Affordable Degree Programs in Europe
A monthly digest of news, interviews, reports, rides, readings, features… from the people behind If you think you might have something to contribute, please get in touch. Whether you’ve embarked on an epic ride or simply decided to to get back into cycling after a long break, we’d love to hear your story and broadcast it to the World!
Interviews and content that helps you building an income stream and find your purpose after reaching Financial Independence. The podcast helps you to work and invest wisely and live a meaninful live on your own terms.
Future Europe
Future Europe showcases the innovations that will shape your future. From environmental clean-ups to vaccines, superlasers and smart city tech. The episodes feature a project from each of the 28 European Union countries focusing on health, education, mobility, agriculture, urban development or science. Future Europe presents the projects through the voices of the people involved in them, set against the backdrop of sounds recorded on site. There’s no narrator to tell you what to think. It’s ...
SchmidtCast, Europe's number 1 EntrepreneurCast for business. A new episode every week! Giving as much value as possible is our passion. We want to help you build your business and have a better life. We share everything about business, marketing and life. Don't forget to subscribe and please leave a review. Questions or feedback Tweet to @Daan_Schmidt or @Schmidtcomm.
Explore Europe
Travel Tips & Local Secrets for U.S. Military Stationed In and Around Germany
A series of five documentaries featuring audio diaries kept by five Syrians as they try to lay down roots in their new countries of asylum. With diarists in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Turkey the series is intended to give an intimate insight into the day-to-day experience of trying to start life from scratch in an alien country, having left everything you know behind.
Podcast by Cisco Northern Europe Podcast
Reliv Monday night call from around Europe. Please visit our webpage for more information:
The Online Marketing Rockstars Podcast is Germany’s largest podcast on all things digital marketing, and whatever else that’s piqued our interest. OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer sits down with makers, experts and friends. It’s entertaining brain food guaranteed to cure the boredom of your drive-time commute.
The Power Vertical Podcast is a weekly program focusing on Russian affairs hosted by Brian Whitmore.
The premium podcast for men looking to date abroad, with an emphasis in Eastern Europe. Kyle is a veteran of dating in Eastern Europe and lives there while running multiple online businesses. Learn about Ukrainian women, Russian girls, Polish women, the Baltics, Balkans, and even other continents with guests. Thanks for tuning in to the Dating Abroad Podcast - make sure to subscribe and leave a review. New episodes go live every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am EST.
Majlis is RFE/RL's weekly podcast covering Central Asia.
The Power Vertical Podcast is a weekly program focusing on Russian affairs hosted by Brian Whitmore.
Advantech Co.,Ltd(TAIDEX:2395) is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support. We cooperate closely with our partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries. Our mission is enable an intelligent planet with Automation and Emb ...
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages
BEC Podcast
Podcast by Badminton Europe
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages
Twice a month, on Friends of Europe's Leading Views podcast, we take you beyond the Brussels Bubble and into the mind of a different type of leader. From politics to the arts, and from business to civil society, each guest offers an alternative and fresh view on how to make Europe better.
On the Horizon
“On the Horizon: Navigating the European and African Theaters,” Adm. James G. Foggo III, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa (CNE-CNA) and NATO Allied Joint Forces Command Naples outlined his five main focus areas in his area of responsibility or AOR.
"Interview" is a video podcasting offer from Deutsche Welle. It's THE place to find interviews on topical subjects every week. The guest list reads like a 'who's who' in Germany and Europe.
High Rollers DnD
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Episodes go live Mondays and Thursdays! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on or catch up on missed episodes on!
Brexit Brits Abroad raises awareness of the key issues facing Britons living elsewhere in Europe as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union. Hosted by Dr. Michaela Benson, it answers questions about who the British living and working in Europe are, what led to their migration, and the implications of Brexit for their everyday lives. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the negotiations, the series responds to issues as they unfold, providing up-to-date information and expert advi ...
Enfoque Europa
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages
Interviews with Scholars of Europe about their New Books
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages
EU Scream
The Podcast on Europe and its Political Extremes
Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. Written in an easy and light style, the author attempts to bring the pantheon of gods into a comprehensible format. H ...
The Age of Napoleon is a history podcast about the life and career of Napoleon Bonaparte as well as the general context of Europe between the early eighteenth and early nineteenth century. It is about big trends and the grand sweep of history, as well as the smaller, individual stories that bring them to life.
An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.
CREECA’s mission is to support research, teaching, and outreach on Russia, Eastern and Central Europe, and Central Asia. We approach this three-part mission by promoting faculty research across a range of disciplines; by supporting graduate and undergraduate teaching and training related to the region; and by serving as a community resource through outreach activities targeted to K-12 teachers and students, other institutions of higher education, and the general public. As a U.S. Department ...
Have your leftist friends become intolerant and dogmatic? Are your righty friends conspiratorial and irrational? Is your president a reality TV star? Have your experiences of global politics manifested in you a cynical perception of reality which induces existential panic and the deconstruction of the fragile framework which supports your conception of meaning and truth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right podcast. Join Adam and Jon as they bring you ...
Interviews with Scholars of Eastern Europe about their New Books
Way Up North
A podcast series interviewing the speakers of Way Up North, Europe's wedding photography
euromaxx - DW-TV's magazine show, bringing you the latest on lifestyle and entertainment in Europe.
Diana Bellerose is born and raised in Eastern Europe. She grew up in a working class family. As a little girl she spends most of her childhood with her grandparents. Presently, she lives with her husband, daughter and their two dogs and cat in Seattle, WA. She has finished Edmonds Community College in May 2004. Later on, she has found passion for writing about family and the obstacles they face in their lives.She enjoys gardening, photography, drawing, exploring other cultures, visiting inte ...
Ivan Gomez: DJ,Producer,Artist.Guareber Recordings Owner.● Instagram -● Facebook -● Soundcloud -● Mixcloud -● Beatport -● Beatport DJs -● Youtube -● Hearthis - contact:EUROPE: ivangomezdj@hotmail.comUS/ASIA/SOUTH AMERICA:jdgutierrez80@gmail.comBIO(English)Ivan Gomez, born in Barcelona, is one ...
On our culinary journey around Europe we'll be meeting the farmers and fishermen who produce our food, looking over the shoulders of the continent's top chefs and dining at numerous award-winning gourmet temples.
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70 days until Brexit and the UK is doing its best to keep calm and carry on. This week the Commons rejected Theresa May's Brexit divorce deal by a record-breaking 230 votes, but the next day voted to keep May as PM. Does anyone know how they'll get out of this 'mother of all messes'? Manbij, in Syria, is subject to the first attack since Trump' ...…
In France, many charities have noticed a worrying drop in donations in recent years. The "Restos du Coeur" charity, known for distributing free meals, is one of them. Has the French public developed "charity fatigue", and if so, why? More and more, charities are looking to reach out to young people, but how can they attract youthful donors? Man ...…
France's Chartreuse mountain range is one of the most majestic places in the Alps. A thousand years ago, monks chose it to set up their order and made it their home. Today, 29 monks still live here and produce the famous Chartreuse liqueur, which supports the monastery. Its recipe is a closely guarded secret. As if immersed in an eternal winter ...…
In this edition, what happens when the manufacturer of razors decides to create an advertising campaign that challenges the worst of male behaviour while encouraging them to do better. We take a look at an innovative program for pre-schoolers in Iceland aimed at deconstructing gender stereotypes. Plus the Paris restauranteur who actively seeks ...…
Eight years after its revolution, Tunisia is facing a "brain drain". More and more graduates and skilled workers are leaving the country in search of better working conditions and salaries abroad. Some 10,000 engineers have left in the past three years, while the number of doctors uprooting to France, Germany or Gulf countries each year has dou ...…
From DNA analysis and IVF techniques to drones and acoustic sensors, we dig into all the ways in which technology can help curb poaching and preserve wildlife species. And in Test 24, we discover a simple yet useful gadget to improve the wellbeing of our pet cats.
His unsettling brand of supernatural horror has been keeping audiences on the edge of their seats since the 1999 blockbuster "The Sixth Sense". M. Night Shyamalan returns with the final film of his "Unbreakable" franchise, "Glass". France 24 headed to the red carpet première to catch up with its stars.…
A child born today will inevitably add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere throughout his or her life. But what might surprise you is that having a child could be one of the most carbon-intensive decisions you'll make in your whole life. In this edition of Down To Earth, we ask whether going child-free could help save the planet.…
For more than 10 years, Tom Catena, an American surgeon and Catholic missionary, has been treating patients at a hospital in Sudan's remote Nuba Mountains region. He tells us more about his work in the field, where he has chosen to stay and help locals, despite the hospital being targeted by the Sudanese air force. Dr. Catena also reacts to the ...…
In response to rising levels of anxiety across the globe, designers showing their latest menswear collections in Paris have outdone themselves when it comes to colour and silhouettes. Belgian creative Walter Van Beirendonck draws inspiration from the idea of a lone tribe who survived the worst, Japanese label Facetasm choose thundering punk roc ...…
In Japan, half a million people live isolated in their bedrooms, unable to face the outside world. These modern-day hermits are known as the hikikomori. Since April 2018, the Japanese government has been conducting a nationwide study in a bid to fully understand this strange phenomenon. Once limited to young people, it now affects the whole of ...…
Hosted by Chantelle Lewis, in this episode Michaela is in the hotseat the project team ask her their burning questions about Brexit and the project. Recorded before Christmas, Michaela reflects on the current state of play in respect to what Brexit means for British citizens living in Europe; how the project sits within the wider context of Bri ...…
World in Progress is a 30-minute radio show that connects the dots in a globalized era.
Today's guest in Perspective is Colombe Cahen-Salvador. She co-founded Volt, a pan-European, progressive movement that is bringing a grassroots approach to politics in the European Union. Amid Brexit uncertainty and rising populism in the EU, she says Europe needs a wake-up call.
Will we end up with a people's vote? Are we likely to extend #Article50? If we do extend Article 50 how long for and how would this impact a second referendum? Anand Menon shares his thoughts on what the possible outcomes could be.
In the US, many students rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to attend the school of their dreams. But some young athletes manage to obtain a full scholarship to pay their way. Now, parents across America's richest neighbourhoods are looking at new ways to give their kids the best possible start in professional sports by building actua ...…
What can the lives of journalists under Hitler and Adenauer reveal? How did they navigate the Third Reich as "internal emigrants"? How did the emerging Cold War shape new tensions with their government and publishers? Volker Berghahn examines the lives and careers of three media giants with his latest book Journalists between Hitler and Adenaue ...…
The White House has announced that the US will not send a delegation to next week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It's the latest in a series of high-profile cancellations - French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May are also skipping the summit as they grapple with domestic issues. Plus, Nissan and Mi ...…
IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Friday, January 18: We look at the French media's coverage of police brutality and excessive use of force during the Yellow Vest protests. We also look at reactions after the African Union called on DR Congo to suspend the release of presidential election results due to voting irregularities. Finally, we turn to the United ...…
Could we be witnessing the end of international justice as we know it? The acquittal of Ivory Coast's former president Laurent Gbagbo on crimes against humanity charges is just the latest blow for the International Criminal Court. As prosecutors mount an appeal against the ruling that cleared Gbagbo and his former youth wing leader Charles Blé ...…
There's no better way to see the sights of Andalusia than aboard the Tren Al Andalus. In old-school style, the train passes through the beautiful countryside with stops for wine tasting and much more.
The restaurant was opened in 1725 by French cook Jean Botín and his wife. Later, a nephew took over the restaurant, giving it its present name Sobrino de Botín - nephew of Botin.
Away from the usual tourist spots, Spain’s capital has plenty more to offer. Location scout Rafael del Vigo shows the locals’ favorite places, which are worth a detour.
In tonight's edition: a Ghanaian undercover journalist who helped expose corruption in African football has been gunned down in Accra. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, pastor and activist Evan Mawarire has been charged with subverting the government. And security forces in Sudan fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Khartoum as anti-governme ...…
Can British PM Theresa May scrape together a new compromise Brexit deal? — Macron's 'Great Debate' on the 'Yellow Vest' crisis — Poland mourns the murder of popular opposition politician Pawel Adamowicz — Israeli divers to search for human remains in Hungary's Danube River — A journalist's journey through insanity after a yellow-fever vaccinati ...…
Can British PM Theresa May scrape together a new compromise Brexit deal? — Macron's 'Great Debate' on the 'Yellow Vest' crisis — Poland mourns the murder of popular opposition politician Pawel Adamowicz — Israeli divers to search for human remains in Hungary's Danube River — A journalist's journey through insanity after a yellow-fever vaccinati ...…
The Sicilian capital, Palermo, is lively, colorful and diverse. Tour through the city and see historic buildings, traffic chaos, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.
The colosseum and Trevi Fountain are must-sees for anyone visiting Rome for the first time. But the Italian capital has lots of other sights to offer, such as the Coppedè district. Two cookery book writers show you their favorite haunts.
French people love comic books, les bandes dessinées. That means the "BD" industry is booming. Comics books are such an important part of French culture that there are several festivals around the country, including the prestigious Angoulême International Comics Festival. In the past couple of years, the place of women in the comic book world h ...…
Anand Menon talks to Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 live on how MP perceptions have changed towards #Brexit, the release of the Common Market 2.0 cross party report, the Irish border and whether Theresa May will get her deal through parliament.
With less than three months to go, we still don't know what Britain's exit from the European Union will look like. Stephen Carroll speaks to the CEO of Paris's stock exchange operator, Euronext, about how they're preparing for Brexit. Also in this programme, Kate Moody explains why the controversial reform of France's wealth tax has become a li ...…
If Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs, or Diyanet, gets its way, imam Ahmet Muhsin Tüzer will be forbidden from preaching in his small mosque because of his second love: Turkish rock music. Singing breaks a taboo.
Hunting has long been a popular pastime in France. But a spate of deadly accidents has many French people calling for the sport to be banned. Around a dozen people were killed during the last hunting season alone.
Masses of snow have brought life to a standstill in parts of Bavaria and Austria. Entire villages have been cut off from the outside world and the threat of avalanches grows with every snowfall. Many districts have declared a state of emergency.
Preppers are people who actively prepare for disasters like nuclear accidents or war. Now some survivalists in the UK are readying themselves for what they view as an imminent catastrophe: Brexit.
Who is to blame for the current #Brexit mess we are in? Professor #AnandMenon speaks to Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine on who may be to blame for the current Brexit shambles, why it is tough to negotiate a deal that will please all sides, and why Jeremy Corbyn's ambiguity over Brexit is a clever strategic plan.…
In Burning Down the Haus: Punk Rock, Revolution, and the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Algonquin Books, 2018), Tim Mohr examines East Germany punk rock and its role in the collapse of the East German dictatorship. Starting in the late 1970s, a small group of East Berlin teens started listening to the Sex Pistols through British military radio broadc ...…
Cazar es en Francia una afición popular pero, tras varios accidentes mortales, muchos exigen más limitaciones. Tan solo en la última temporada murieron trece personas.
Las masas de nieve, el hielo, el temporal y los árboles caídos paralizan la vida en Baviera y Austria. Pueblos enteros quedaron aislados. Cada hora que pasa aumenta el riesgo de aludes. Se activó la alerta de desastre.
The team make the most out of Kallie's Rest and finally get some long sought after answers! D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Create your FREE account now and start digitising your campaigns here: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound…
Join us for the latest twists and turns in the Brexit saga as PM Theresa May survives to dance another day.
Anna Eskamani is an American-Iranian national who was driven to politics because of Donald Trump. Despite a mudslinging match during her campaign and against all odds, Eskamani has become a State House Representative in Florida. The 28-year-old is the first Iranian-American elected to the post. She spoke to us on Middle East Matters.…
The world's largest airport, an gigantic bridge, an new canal: ambitous infrastructure projects are supposed to make Istanbul a major international logistics hub. But there's also criticism about these mega projects // The freedom of two wheels and a powerful engine: Women Bikers in India
Blenheim Palace is Rick's pick for the number-one stately home in Britain. As a sightseeing experience and for simple visual grandeur, Blenheim is among Europe's finest. This clip comes from "The Heart of England," a brand new episode of Rick Steves' Europe Season 10. Check your local public television station for this new episode or watch it o ...…
Charles de Gaulle is one of the greatest figures of twentieth century history. If Sir Winston Churchill was (in the words of Harold Macmillan) the "greatest Englishman In history", then Charles de Gaulle was without a doubt, the greatest Frenchman since Napoleon Bonaparte. Why so? In the early summer of 1940, when France was overrun by German t ...…
Today we talk to Jons from the Netherlands who is currently living and working in China. He runs an IT agency in Hong Kong and is involved in a company based in Estonia, using both to manage his investments and legally reduce taxes 💁. We also talk about: The advantages of the e-Residency program of Estonia compared to other countries Using comp ...…
Today we talk to Jons from the Netherlands who is currently living and working in China. He runs an IT agency in Hong Kong and is involved in a company based in Estonia, using both to manage his investments and legally reduce taxes 💁. We also talk about: The advantages of the e-Residency program of Estonia compared to other countries Using comp ...…
BEC Podcast (E36) Marvin Seidel & Linda Efler by Badminton Europe
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