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Cross Examining ideas against the truth and Christianity.
Reasonable Faith is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day.
Join Bishop Robert Barron for a weekly podcast on faith and culture. Find more episodes at and submit your questions at
Join the team behind RELEVANT Magazine every Tuesday and Friday. Tackling the intersection of faith and culture like no one else — all with a hilarious twist! Sometimes poignant, sometimes random, and sometimes a little bit secular. Each episode includes thought-provoking interviews with leaders, influencers, and artists you don't want to miss.
Knowing Faith
The Christian faith is not mindless or irrational. Knowing Faith is a podcast exploring how our faith is founded upon Scripture. We believe the Bible is for everyone and are committed to helping the Church understand where their faith is rooted. Hosted by Jen Wilkin, JT English and Kyle Worley, this podcast dives into Christian story, belief and practice in a way that is accessible to everyone.
Joel Osteen Podcast
Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is the author of five New York Times bestsellers. His books include The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing and public lectures ...
Top tips & practical steps for diet, fitness, organization, self improvement & more. Get healthy, balance your life, and improve relationships and productivity with New York Times Best Selling Author, Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Diet Debunker Chalene Johnson and guests. No BS. Chalene delivers straight talk and simple strategies (with a side of humor) so that every show delivers a return on your investment of time. The Chalene Show is life coaching, personal development, nutrition, exercise, ...
Faith in Kids
The Faith in Kids podcast is all about helping families open up the Bible together. Ed and Jam want to give you a glimpse of what that might look like or sound like. We’re not trying to give you the answers, but a few starting points. We hope and pray you’ll be inspired to give it a go. Every family can.
Mama Bear Apologetics is a podcast for mothers of biological, adopted, or spiritual children who want to learn about how to defend the Christian faith, help give their children reasons for faith, and understand the worldviews that challenge Christian faith in the first place.
Mid-faith Crisis
A podcast for every Christian who has ever asked ‘Is that it?’Mid-faith Crisis explores the Christian faith with honesty and humour. If you feel that you have more questions than answers, if you feel as though your faith is changing, if you feel that if the worship leader sings that chorus one more time you will strangle him with his own guitar strap, then this is the podcast for you. Warning. Contains traces of theology and occasional innuendo.
The Duck Commander and his sons are unashamed of their Christian faith and want to share the Gospel with everyone, from new believers to longtime followers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, and their special guests go beyond the four walls of the church to share God's Word and study the Bible with you. So pour a glass of tea, and experience fun and inspiring stories of faith and family, straight from West Monroe, Louisiana.
Commentary on Orthodox Living - The Very Rev. Fr. Tryphon, Abbot of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, provides meaningful support and authoritative guidance for a profitable spiritual life in today's world.
New York Times bestselling authors and former co-stars of the longest-running family reality television show in history, Jeremy & Audrey Roloff, go behind the scenes with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, tv personalities, and friends to talk about faith, work, and life.
Faith & Culture
Ogni settimana
Joseph Pearce, Editor of Faith & Culture magazine, has weekly interviews with well-known Catholic authors, speakers, and academics on a variety of topics related to Catholicism.
The Path Podcast
Daily scripture readings and commentary on the lectionary of the Orthodox Church.
Welcome to Come Let Us Reason Together, the podcast from Lenny Esposito and Come Reason Ministries. Here, we dig deeply into ways Christianity shows itself as an intelligent and rational faith. Episodes include topics about faith, ethics, worldview, and philosophy from a distinctly Christian perspective. Join us each week and see just how rational faith can be!
In his weekly Catholic Bible study podcast, Jeff shares faith tips and scripture truths to help you live as a modern-day disciple of Jesus Christ.
A podcast about life as a Catholic and a Dad.
Faith Matters
Faith Matters offers an expansive view of the Restored Gospel, thoughtful exploration of big and sometimes thorny questions, and a platform that encourages deeper engagement with our faith and our world.
The Babylon Bee
This is the official, authoritative, inspired podcast of the Babylon Bee. Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and writer/creative director Ethan Nicolle for a look at weekly highlights, discussing the spiciest topics of the times, the stories behind the stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of America's most trusted source for Christian news satire.
Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.
Fides et Ratio
We need to learn more about our Catholic Faith, and so here I have provided a means to discuss the faith intelligently and to study the rich tradition found in the Catholic Church.
A weekly show centered around discussing faith and it's intersection with life. Weekly interviews with Theologians, Pastors, Artists, and more. Let's find out...Can I Say This At Church?
What you need to know today at the intersection of faith and culture. Brought to you by the makers of RELEVANT Magazine and hosted by Cameron Strang. 10 minutes a day, five days a week.
Language of God
Sharing stories of people who have found a better way of understanding the harmony between science and Christian faith.
Faith and Finances provides Christ-focused financial teaching and approaches each financial topic with the premise, "What does the Bible say about that?"
Almost Heretical
Two former pastors rethinking the so-called orthodoxy of the American evangelical theology they used to teach. The podcast is conversations on faith, the Bible, church, race, gender and more. (Email us:
A podcast about Faith and Work from Harbor Media
This podcast by Pastor Sean Cole of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Sterling, CO, seeks to encourage Christians in understanding our core beliefs as well as to engage skeptics with the claims of Christianity. For more information and resources visit
A weekly podcast that offers Christian perspectives on some of the most significant issues facing today's church and culture. In each episode, hosts Scott Rae and Sean McDowell — professors at Biola University's Talbot School of Theology — draw upon biblical wisdom and insights from guest experts as they explore how Christians can thoughtfully and faithfully engage with cultural trends and current events.
The 25 most recent podcast episodes on Ancient Faith Radio
Special features from Ancient Faith Radio - Interviews and special features from Ancient Faith Radio.
Audio sermons by Pastors David and Nicole Crank of Faith Church. Come join us in worship! Visit for details.
Joel Osteen Podcast
Join well-known theologian and author Edward Sri for weekly insights on understanding and living out the Catholic faith. Delve deeper into the Bible, prayer time, virtue, relationships, marriage and family and culture with practical reflections on all things Catholic. Don't just go through the motions. Live as an intentional Catholic, a disciple of Jesus Christ.
The Neighborly Faith Podcast, hosted by Kevin Singer, Amar Peterman, and Chris Stackaruk, features evangelical Christian leaders who are actively engaging people of other faiths as well as thought leaders from other religious traditions. Our hope is that listeners will be inspired by our guests to have neighborly faith in the contexts they find themselves in.
In whatever we’re doing—working, parenting, serving, suffering—it can be difficult sometimes to see through the fog of the circumstances of life and to know with confidence that God is there, that He’s working in us, and that He’s working through us. How do we live this life by faith? In "By Faith," author and blogger Christine Hoover asks this big picture question by getting into the details and daily lives of her guests: men and women who are walking forward by faith.
Q Ideas
with Gabe Lyons
The Areopagus
Historic Christianity Encounters Other Religious Traditions - This podcast is about the encounter of historic Christianity with other religious traditions.
A podcast that seeks to highlight and model thoughtful faith within Mormonism
WOFC Podcast
Messages available from Word Of Faith Church in Bismarck ND
Orthodoxy Live
Answering Pointed Questions About Orthodox Faith, Tradition, and Practice - Orthodoxy Live with Fr. Evan Armatas offers listeners an opportunity to ask pointed questions about the Orthodox Church. Perfect for seekers, converts, and cradle Orthodox Christian alike, this program is your chance to ask the tough questions about the Orthodox faith.
Faith Church
Sermons from Pastor Mark Kinman and invited guests on the bible and Jesus Christ, taking out religion and focusing in on how to grow our relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ.
Weekly messages from Blue Ocean Faith Ann Arbor's Sunday Celebrations
Faith Forward Online Business with Sara Anna Powers offers inspiration, motivation and specific strategies for online entrepreneurs who know that their FAITH is the foundation of their business. If you're currently running or have contemplated starting an online business, you know that there are specific and unique challenges you've got to overcome. There's a ton of talk these days about the "Universe" and "manifestation." Well, here's a show that focuses on the CREATOR of the Universe and h ...
Join host Brooke Snow in conversations that will encourage you to look forward with faith. Faith in yourself, faith in God, and faith in living your own divine mission and purpose.
Word of God Message
Faith Harvest
6310 Buttontown Rd. Greenville, IN 47124
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show series
Surveys show 61% of people sleep with their phones and 75% grab their phones as soon as they wake up. We’re addicted to our smartphones. In this episode, Bishop Barron reflects on this problem (including his own smartphone use), offering guidance from some of the greatest saints and spiritual masters in the Catholic tradition. A listener asks w ...…
Dr. Craig addresses critiques of his objections to John Walton's views on the early chapters of GenesisBy William Lane Craig.
What should every Catholic know about God? Theologian Elizabeth Klein, in conversation with Joseph Pearce, endeavours to answer this axiomatic question.By Joseph Pearce.
Nahum 1-3; Psalm 93:1·15; Proverbs 20:6·10; 2 Thessalonians 3By Ancient Faith Radio.
How Fundagelicalism Turned Scripture Into Something it was Never Meant to be, How to Get it Back and Manage Any Emotional Fall Out This is the fourth sermon in our membership renewal series, eXvangelicals: Beyond Toxic Religion. Learn more about Blue Ocean Faith, including service time and location, at…
Pastor Mark AveryBy Pastor Mark Avery.
Does it feel like there is something holding you back? Pastor David lays a foundation so we can get to the next level. We have to let go of our own convenience and lean into obedience. What are you willing to set aside to start building your future? Let’s set a strong foundation and see what God will do.…
The post “The Necessary Wastefulness of Love” – Luke 7:36-50 appeared first on Faith Reformed Church.By ryan wonsor.
Sharing Your Faith in a Post-Christian World #2: Talking Faith without Fighting (Part 2) Sharing one’s faith is becoming more and more difficult as our culture moves away from its traditionally religious roots. Passionate discussions can sometimes lead to angry words or hurt feelings. But this isn’t the way we should spread the Gospel; it’s unl ...…
How good is the moral argument? A retired attorney wrote Frank asserting that we don’t need God for objective morality. Some of his challenges can be summarized in the following questions: Does the moral argument depend on everyone agreeing on right and wrong? Can human beings construct an objective moral standard independent of God? Couldn’t [ ...…
Ruth is the Global Advocacy and Influencing Director with Tearfund – a job title which makes Nick and Joe quite jealous. She talks about her work as an environmental campaigner, the Christian response to climate change and the single most important thing we can do to make a difference (hint: it involves eating fewer sausages). Ruth’s Blog L is ...…
In this episode, Sara Anna shares the ONE thing you need to retain clients. Plus she gives you actionable tips and strategies for cultivating long-term client relationships that yield the best results for your clients. Check out the episode today and commit to implementing at least one of Sara Anna’s strategies within the next 5 business days. ...…
Ed and Jam are back and talking about Halloween. A bit. But also about being transformed! Plus Ed ends up in a submarine at one point. See if you can spot it. For more information on Faith in Kids, go to Email us at and let us know what you think of the show. Or just tell us stuff, or the place where you ...…
"I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10:10 We've heard many opinions and interpretations of this verse. If we think that this verse means that Jesus wants us to have an abundance of money to spend on ourselves, and live large with an abundance of possessions, we are heading toward misery. In T ...…
Progress in the development and application of artificial intelligence is coming at a rapid pace today, and is challenging not only our view of work in the future, but also our view of human persons. Can machines have consciousness like a person does? How about rationality? Moral reasoning? Creativity? Join us for this fascinating discussion wi ...…
Sometimes we picture our lives going one way, until we encounter impossible choices and painful struggles we never saw coming. But no matter your past, your pain, or your mistakes, when we give our stories over to God, He can write a new ending for us—one filled with potential and purpose. On today’s episode, author and activist Cyntoia Brown-L ...…
In this episode, Kyle, Jen, and JT are back to looking at the book of Acts, specifically Acts 3-5. They discuss what happens after Pentecost as we begin to see miraculous healings and the central role of Peter making connections between Christ and the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Through their discussion, they talk about the early Church—i ...…
Why would one be religious but not spiritual? What are some obstacles that stand in the way of faith? Terryl Givens and Rosalynde Welch have written and spoken on these questions, and each of them bring interesting perspectives to the discussion. Conversations with Terryl Givens are special podcast and videocast episodes of the Faith Matters Po ...…
Christine talks with Alia Joy, author of the book, Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We Lack. Alia wonders if weakness is her spiritual gift. You’ll understand what she means when you listen to this conversation. Alia shares about growing up in poverty and how that formed her. She also shares about the day in her teenage years when she ...…
While trusting in God is an act of justice toward Him, it is not always easy to do so when we witness so much evil in our world. We lean on our own experience and understanding, and as a result fail to keep in mind that God sees things without the tunnel vision that naturally exists as a finite creature. Can we let go of our own understanding, ...…
What kind of claim does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have to the proposition that they are a faithful continuation of the church Joseph established? What kind of character was Brigham Young anyway? What did he really want with a church and a people? Dr David Mason is the author of Brigham Young: Sovereign in America and he jo ...…
Faith is in the times we don't see it yet.By Pastor Tim Davidson.
Ashley Hales holds a PhD in English from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She’s a writer, speaker, and hosts The Finding Holy Podcast. Ashley’s married to a church planter in the southern California suburbs and the mother to 4. Her writing has been featured in such places as The Gospel Coalition, Books & Culture, and Christianity Today. H ...…
In Romans 4, Paul gives an extended illustration of Abraham whom God saved by grace alone through faith alone. We are not saved by works, but God justifies the ungodly through faith. What is saving faith and how did Abraham exemplify it? Dr. Sean Cole explores these themes and more in this teaching from Romans.…
Bobby Maddex interviews Dn. Nicholas Kotar, Maria Sheehan, and Benedict Sheehan about the Artefact Institute, a new endeavor aimed at helping communities craft an immersive experience that includes the thinking and talking about and the doing of the components of Christian Culture.By Ancient Faith Radio.
Part 10 of the series Rest by Pastor Mark Kinman. What is the true biblical meaning of ‘rest’? Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV) 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my ...…
Growing in faith is difficult in our fast-paced, distraction-heavy lives. Jeff Cavins slows things down to help us focus on prayer and Jesus. Snippet from the Show “The pace of a disciple is not hurried. As we look at the saints, we see people who spent a lot of time with Jesus.” Ways We Can Slow Down Our Lives Prayer Read the Bible and learn a ...…
This week Kevin talks with Rev. Angela Denker, author of the new book Red State Christians: Understanding the Voters Who Elected Donald Trump. Kevin and Angela talk about her transition from sports journalism to writing about Trump voters, and her journey through ministry across the country.By Neighborly Faith.
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