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Theology Refresh
Theology Refresh is a podcast for Christian leaders hosted by David Mathis, executive editor for John Piper and Desiring God. The podcast aims to refresh and sharpen spiritual leaders on key aspects of Christian theology for application to everyday ministry.
Popcorn Theology
Popcorn Theology is a podcast where entertainment and theology meet. We look at film and TV, both new and old from a Biblical perspective, enjoying the arts to the glory of God. Join in on the conversation!
Theology Gals
Theology Gals is a podcast by women, for women. Coleen and Ashley bring a biblical, reformed Christian perspective to the table. They discuss theology, studying God’s word and the importance of applying it to the Christian life.
Brief Musings On Eternal Matters From A Reformed Perspective
Theology on the Go
Theology on the Go is a brief conversation on eternal truths with Jonathan Master, Executive Editor of, a voice of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Each program features a pastor/theologian discussing key biblical doctrines in thoughtful and accessible ways. Theology on the Go will help you better understand the finer points of theology, while showing how relevant and important theology truly is for Christians today.
Life-transforming Catholic Biblical Theology
Reformed Theological Resources
A podcast feed for Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology audio.
"And now, by God's grace, I shall become myself." (Kierkegaard)
On Theology in the Raw, Preston takes a fresh look at what the Bible really says, as he challenges opinions and traditions--yes, even his own. Homosexuality, sex, porn, drinking, immigration, racial tensions, violence, ISIS, Trump, guns, patriotism, you name it. If it's of interest, you can expect Preston to address it. Think of it as theology for the rest of us. If you have any questions you'd like him to address on the show, email them to Hate mail and tirades wi ...
Confessing Christ to an Unbelieving World
Emerson Eggerichs, PhD, pastor, best-selling author, acclaimed speaker, and president of Love and Respect Ministries, alongside his son, Jonathan Eggerichs, PsyD, talk about Love and Respect — a Relationship Secret Hidden in Plain Sight — a simple principle connecting theology and psychology. This podcast highlights discussions between pastor and clinical psychologist, father and son, that is certain to serve and encourage males and females alike. No one and no relationship, whether inside o ...
Queer Theology
Resources & Inspiration for LGBTQ Christians, Church Leaders, and Allies
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's Podcast consists of chapel and conference messages, devotionals and promotional information in both audio and video format. Southeastern hopes you will find this information instructive and encouraging in your walk with Jesus Christ as world renowned pastors, preachers and professors teach God's Word and discuss important biblical topics related to the church and our culture. You can learn more about Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary by vis ...
Biblical Theology
Biblical Theology
The Theology Nerd podcast is a chance for Tripp Fuller, host of the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast, to answer questions, talk to his friends, and nerd out without the confines of an interview. Enjoy.
Systematic Theology I
The latest feed from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary on
For those longing to connect theology and mission, we are talking about God and everything else. Broadcasting from NORTHERN SEMINARY, in partnership with Missio Alliance, David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw bring their experiences as pastors and professors to bear on issues of mission and church.Pull up a chair or take them and their guests with you around town.
In this podcasts, three guys who studied philosophy and taught at a classical Christian school in Idaho, discuss their way through the history of Christian theology beginning with writers immediately after the writing of the New Testament. Please visit us at
Theology Live
Once a month, the 20s and 30s community of Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church gathers over food and drinks to engage Memphis' most compelling theological minds. Join us as we wrestle with life's most important and unsettling questions.
Theology Unplugged
Theology Unplugged is a weekly broadcast of Reclaiming The Mind Ministries
Theology of Business helps marketplace Christians to partner with God in business to transform the marketplace and make an impact in eternity. If you want to learn more about how to do business for the glory of God, this show is for you. This is a podcast by Christian business leaders for Christian business leaders. | Entrepreneurship | Marketing | Nonprofit | Church | Author | Startups | Marketplace | Ministry | Business as Mission | Faith and Work | Faith | Success | Leadership | www.Theol ...
Deeper Theology
Lectures from our men's study of Systematic Theology.
Everyday Theology
Enriching Selections from the Eagle River Institute for the Practical Orthodox Christian in American Society - Since 1995, many well-known Orthodox scholars and pastors have presented lectures at The Eagle River Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies related to Orthodox theology and history. These lectures are designed for lay people serious about their Christian faith.
NT133: Biblical Theology
The Deeper Breath of the Entire Body of the Church - Dr. Philip Kariatlis explores the doctrines of the Church and their significance for everyday living.
The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ.
The EFCA Theology Podcast encourages pastors and church leaders to stay passionate about the gospel and faithful to the Scriptures. Episodes help listeners understand, share and live out our most important beliefs.You can look forward to new episodes from a number of different categories, including:- Past and upcoming EFCA Theology Conferences - Past and upcoming EFCA One Conferences - Audiobook chapters of Evangelical Convictions - New content created specifically for the podcastEmail us a ...
The Theology of Work (TOW) Project exists to help people explore what the Bible and the Christian faith can contribute to ordinary work.
As the podcast of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Confessing Our Hope provides biblically Reformed theological content from a distinctively confessional Presbyterian perspective.
Entertainment Is Not Mindless
Considering God as He is revealed in Scripture.
Doxology & Theology
The Doxology & Theology Podcast exists to promote, encourage, and equip gospel-centered worship. Find us online and check out the blog at
Audio presentations of the society's bible conferences and symposia
Podcast by Russ Shaw
A Unitarian pastor (Lewis) and a Church of England vicar (Barney) chat about all things futurology and theology. Join us as we discuss the impact of technology, artificial intelligence, the Singularity, penguins, transhumanism, politics, and more. Future proofing Christians and the Church!
Join Master Bruce as he creates systematic theology audiobooks, 20-30 mins at a time. Starting with Geerhardus Vos' "Reformed Dogmatics" and moving on to others after that, listen as Calvinist Batman reads the wealth of knowledge that the master theologians of the past have left us. If you like this, also listen to the original podcast "Calvinist Batman & Friends".
Theology of Ministry
Theology of Ministry
Theology of Urban Mission
Pentecostal Theological Seminary
The course will survey the successive biblical covenants from a redemptive historical perspective as well as examine the bi-covenantal structure of creation and redemption. Consideration will be given to issues such as the relation of the Old and New Testaments, the significance of the covenants for the doctrine of the atonement, for understanding sacramental theology, the implications of Covenant Theology for Reformed hermeneutics and more. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the Biblica ...
Carnivore Theology
Passionately dedicated to helping you find the tools and inspiration you need to pursue a deeper, consistent and more meaningful relationship with God.
Founded in 1812, Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve as faithful Christian leaders in the church, the academy, and the world.
Introduction to Pastoral and Theological Studies
Pub Theology LIVE
Beer, Conversation, and God. People have been gathering in pubs and public spaces for ages, talking about life, philosophy, faith, and deep questions of meaning. Now we're bring the conversation to the interwebs. Watch our live recording Tuesdays 9pm at
Punk Theology
The loud, encouragingly troublesome, rebellious, colorful artistry of what one really, actually believes. In a world of people addicted to some piece of certainty on "faith-based" reason. Punk Theology exists to explore some hopeful, uncomfortable questions on growth, peace, well-being, recovering what's lost, understanding the shit of "the other", faith, fear and being alive. An examination of the misfit's awakening spirit. So, how do we refine of what really is meaning, beauty and truth?
The Daily Theology Podcast features conversations about the craft and vocation of theology. We speak with theologians from a variety of disciplines and traditions
Theology & Life
Discussions about various theological topics and how we can apply them to our daily Christian life.
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Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Theology Nerd Podcast with the Dr. Tripp Fuller. This is a shorter Q&A episode, where your friendly, local internet theologian answers questions submitted by you. Today Tripp is joined by Scott Paeth, professor and ethicist at DePaul University, to help answer your questions, including: what is gained b ...…
This week, James and David team up to take on Ant-Man and the Wasp. We took a Goliath level look at the MCU and its pattern of balancing weight with levity, then we shrink down for some (quantum) analysis of the finer themes, including pride, foolishness, pain, salvation, and loving your enemies. If you like what you are hearing and want to hel ...…
Welcome to a special bonus episode of the Theology Nerd Podcast with the Dr. Tripp Fuller. This is a shorter Q&A episode, where your friendly, local internet theologian answers questions submitted by you. Today Tripp is joined by Scott Paeth, professor and ethicist at DePaul University, to help answer your questions, including: how would you ma ...…
Ever hear of “The Victorious Christian Life?” Should Christians expect their lives to gradually improve over time? How do we measure this improvement? How is this perspective dangerous to Christians? The post #137 Triumphalism appeared first on Theocast - Reformed Theology.
We’re on summer vacation! The Queer Theology podcast has been “on air” for 4 years and over 200 episodes. All summer long, we’re releasing a throwback episode that looks at the upcoming week’s lectionary. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and inside of Sanctuary Collective. We’ll see you with new episodes in Septe ...…
On this episode of Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob continue their discussion on the doctrine of the atonement with a focus on the atonement through the covenant. Jesus says, “…this is the new covenant in my blood….” We’ll explore this statement and many more. Participants: Rob McKenzie, Robert Tarullo…
When studying the history of the Church, we tend to jump from the apostolic era right to the third century and beyond, where theological controversies were taking shape and ecumenical councils were being called. What about the second century? Was anything significant happening then? Michael Kruger has written Christianity at the Crossroads: How ...…
Jeremiah 23:1–16 Psalms 23:1–6 Ephesians 2:13–18 Mark 6:30–34 As the Twelve return from their first missionary journey in today’s Gospel, our readings continue to reflect on the authority and mission of the Church. Jeremiah says in the First Reading that Israel’s leaders, through godlessness and fanciful teachings, had misled and scattered God’ ...…
Jeremías 23, 1-6 Salmo 23, 1-6 Efesios 2, 13-18 Marcos 6, 30-34 Mientras el evangelio de hoy nos muestra a los Doce regresando de su primer viaje misionero, el conjunto de las lecturas nos invita a seguir reflexionando sobre la autoridad y misión de la Iglesia. El profeta Jeremías dice, en la primera lectura, que los líderes de Israel extraviar ...…
On this week’s episode of Theology Gals Coleen and Angela discuss presuppositional apologetics with Tyler Vela. Episode Resources: The Mentionables Freed Thinker Podcast Calvin and Servetus with Tyler Vela Theology Gals podcast Women can join our Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and Encouragement Follow us: On Facebook On ...…
On episode #680 of Theology in the Raw Preston talks about some books he has recently read and is currently reading. Below you will find a list of the books talked about on the podcast. Why Gender Matters (2nd Edition) by Leonard Sax Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality by Nancy Pearcey The Bible and the Transgender ...…
On this episode of Rewind: It is borderline criminal there has not been a podcast episode on The Princess Bride, a movie universally loved within the Reel World Theology staff and contributors. Reel World staff members David Atwell and Josh Crabb band together to right this wrong with an overview of what makes Rob Reiner's 1987 a classic. They ...…
Baptizing and Circumcizing Part 7 Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier Download audio file (Baptism-and-Circumcision-Part-7.mp3) In this lecture, we conclude our discussion on circumcision and baptism. Download this lecture by clicking on the link below: Baptism-and-Circumcision-Part-7
So tell me do you wanna know... what James and David thought of The Greatest Showman? Besides the amazing production quality, the film explores the highs and lows of chasing your dreams and gives some great imagery for discipleship and taking ownership of mockery. When it comes to this movie, this podcast is everything you ever want; it's every ...…
In 2016, EFCA pastors and church leaders gathered in Des Moines, Iowa, for the annual Theology Conference. The focus of the postconference was on the theme, “The Ministry of the Gospel and Gender Dysphoria.” On this episode of the podcast, we share the second message from Mark Yarhouse, “Gender Dysphoria: Scientific – Biological, Psychological ...…
The Boys pull another one of their favorites from the vault: How Covenant Theology helps our understanding of the law/gospel distinction. Fun interview with Pat Abendroth. Recommended Resources: Sacred Bond: Covenant Theology Explored (Michael Brown and Zach Keele) Introducing Covenant Theology (Michael Horton) Top Ten Blessings of Covenant The ...…
We’re on summer vacation! The Queer Theology podcast has been “on air” for 4 years and over 200 episodes. All summer long, we’re releasing a throwback episode that looks at the upcoming week’s lectionary. Here’s your first one! This week Brian and Fr. Shay tackle a short (and rather random) passage from the book of Amos. What does Amos’s respon ...…
On this episode of the podcast: We take a second to ask, "Didn't we really say all we needed to say in Jurassic World?" What keeps people coming back to this franchise even when it sometimes feels like the filmmakers are phoning it in? Does Fallen Kingdom offer us anything new to chew on? Regardless, we find some new angles to talk about dinosa ...…
John Murray writes that the nature of union with Christ is both spiritual and mystical and that it is “the central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation.” If this is the case, how is it so? How does the atonement, the cross of Christ, relate to this “central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation”? Rob and Bob discuss these things and more ...…
Baptizing and Circumcizing Part 6 Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier Download audio file (Baptism-and-Circumcision-Part-6.mp3) In this lecture, we discuss circumcision and baptism. Download this lecture by clicking on the link below: Baptism-and-Circumcision-Part-6
This week only Tom and Chad could get together for the conversation on the letter to Ablabius from Gregory of Nyssa. It is our last podcast for some time which will be devoted to the Trinity. Starting next week, we will begin with the Confessions.
On episode #679 Preston has a conversation with Brian Zahnd. Brian is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Brian and his wife, Peri, founded the church in 1981. Brian is also the author of several books, including, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, Water t ...…
Readings: Amos 7:12-15 Psalms 85:9-14 Ephesians 1:3-14 Mark 6:7-13 In commissioning the apostles in today's Gospel, Jesus gives them, and us, a preview of His Church's mission after the resurrection. His instructions to the Twelve echo those of God to the twelve tribes of Israel on the eve of their exodus from Egypt. The Israelites likewise wer ...…
Lecturas: Amós 7, 12-15 Salmo 85, 9-14 Efesios 1, 3-14 Marcos 6, 7-13 Comentemos primero el evangelio de hoy. En el encargo que hace Cristo a sus apóstoles, les da (y a nosotros también) un bosquejo de lo que será la misión de la Iglesia después de la resurrección. Sus instrucciones a los Doce nos recuerdan aquellas que Yahvé dio a las doce tri ...…
On this week’s episode of Theology Gals, Coleen and Angela talk with Aimee Byrd about her new book Why Can’t We Be Friends? Episode Resources: Women and the Church with Aimee Byrd Theology Gals podcast Mortification of Spin podcast Housewife Theologian Women can join Theology Gals Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and Enco ...… mp3 NotesBy Tim.
“Karl Barth, Charles Taylor, and the Malaise of Pastoral Identity” plenary session from the 2018 Barth Pastors ConferenceSpeaker: Andrew Root, Carrie Olson Baalson Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary
S02E02 Go Protest our Church! With Ben Wheeler! by Russ Shaw
Benjamin Wheeler and his friend Daniel will join Derek, Steve and Russ on the PT podcast. If an atheist is going to come protest your church I couldn’t think of a better person to do it. In our punk little hearts we are so proud of this guy. Yes, come protest our church!By
The Boys interview Byron about his new educational series, “From Here To There: Learning Church History Backwards.” You can learn more about the course HERE. The post #135 Learning Church History Backwards appeared first on Theocast - Reformed Theology.
What can The Karate Kid help us think through as it relates to mentoring and discipleship, committing to important projects/training/etc, and being able to trust the Lord even when we can't see how His plan is working out for our good (as is promised)? If you like what you are hearing and want to help support our show, consider dropping a few d ...…
This passage, where Jesus tells his followers to leave and shake the dust of their sandals if they encounter towns unwilling to listen to their message is one that we’ve talked about a few times in podcasts episodes and articles over the years. But there’s still new insight to be found which is why we’re talking about it again! In this episode, ...…
“We Have Seen the Lord!” plenary session at the 2018 Barth Pastors Conference Speaker: Nibs Stroupe, pastor and authorDue to a technical error, several minutes of this session were not recorded. View the complete text online at
“The Roaring Lion” extended teaching session from the 2018 Barth Pastors Speaker: Christian Andrews, Lead Pastor, Renaissance Church
“The Living One Who Makes Alive” plenary session from the 2018 Barth Pastors ConferenceSpeaker: Rev. Fleming Rutledge, preacher, teacher, and author
“Using Barth ‘to Justify Doing Nothing’: James Cone’s Unanswered Critique of Barth Studies, 50 Years On” lecture from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: David Clough, Professor of Theological Ethics, University of Chester
"Political Apostasy, Black Nihilism, and Barth” from 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Andrea White, Associate Professor of Theology and Culture, Union Theological Seminary
“Using Barth ‘to Justify Doing Nothing’: James Cone’s Unanswered Critique of Barth Studies, 50 Years On” from the 2018 Annual Barth ConferenceSpeaker: David Clough, Professor of Theological Ethics, University of Chester
“Theolonius Monk - Icon of the Eschaton: Karl Barth, James Cone, and the ‘Impossible Possibility’ of a Theology of Freedom” lecture from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Raymond Carr, Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics in Religion and Philosophy Division, Pepperdine University
“Gender and the Morphological Imaginary in Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics” lecture from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth Conference Speaker: Faye Bodley-Dangelo, Managing Editor, Harvard Theological Review
“Liberation Theology After Charlottesville” from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Paul Dafydd Jones, Associate Professor; Co-Director, The Project of Religion and its Publics, University of Virginia
“Liberation Theology: Does Karl Barth Have Anything to Offer Here?” lecture from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Graham Ward, Regius Professor of Divinity at Christ Church College, University of Oxford
"‘Clothed in Flesh’: The Artist, Liberation, and the Future of Barthian Theology” from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Brian Bantum, Associate Professor of Theology, Seattle Pacific University
“Another Knowledge of God is Possible: Barth Among Post-Colonial Epistemologists” from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Willie James Jennings, Associate Professor Systematic Theology and Africana Studies, Yale Divinity School
"The Other Question between Projection, Colonial Imagination, and Liberation” from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth Conference.Speaker: Hanna Reichel, Associate Professor of Reformed Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary
“Karl Barth and the origins of Liberation Theology" opening lecture from the 2018 Annual Karl Barth ConferenceSpeaker: Luis Rivera-Pagán, Henry Winters Luce Professor in Ecumenics Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
This week on Theology Simply Profound, Rob and Bob once again discuss the doctrine of the atonement with emphasis upon the relationship between the atonement and adoption. What does adoption have to do with the atonement? Participants: Rob McKenzie, Robert Tarullo
In this edition of the podcast, Rev. Scott Cook discusses the 214th Stated Meeting of the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, held June 5-6, 2017.
On this week’s episode of Theology Gals, Coleen and Angela talk with Carrie Anderson about Mormonism. Carrie shares her story of coming out of Mormonism. She also talks about Mormonism and sharing the gospel with Mormons. (Coleen’s mic broke right before taping this episode, so we apologize for the audio quality) Episode Resources: Secret Cerem ...…
As we’ve walked with the apostles in the Gospels in recent weeks, we’ve witnessed Jesus command the wind and sea, and order a little girl to arise from the dead. But He seems to meet His match in His hometown of Nazareth. Today’s Gospel is blunt: “He was not able to perform any mighty deed there.” Why not? Because of the people’s lack of faith. ...…
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