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Unorthodox is the world’s leading Jewish podcast - but you don’t have to be Jewish to love it! Hosted by Mark Oppenheimer, Stephanie Butnick, and Liel Leibovitz of Tablet Magazine, each episode we bring you interesting guests, News of the Jews, and so much more.
Binah features creative voices from the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. In this series, we bring you remarkable artists and thinkers who’ve come to speak at the JCCSF as part of their Arts & Ideas program.
Meaningful People

Meaningful People

Yaakov Langer & Nachi Gordon

There are so many Jewish personalities and big people in the world. They all have a story on how they became who they are today. Deep, unboundedly interesting, fun and uplifting, Meaningful People Podcast is a weekly opportunity for Nachi & Yaakov to talk to the Jewish world's meaningful people.
Judaism Unbound

Judaism Unbound

Institute for the Next Jewish Future

Listen in as Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg analyze pressing issues for 21st century American Judaism. Mixing their own analysis with interviews of leading thinkers, practitioners, and even "regular Jews," Dan and Lex look to push past the bounds of what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century. You can support Judaism Unbound at
You have probably heard about Kabbalah either as a Hollywood phenomenon or something that is beyond the world that we live in. Kabbalah actually has incredible secrets that can transform your daily life. This is your chance to connect to this incredible ancient wisdom and change your life for the better. Support this podcast:
Shnayim Mikra provides a verse-by-verse review of the parsha in seven weekly installments, corresponding to the seven aliyos. Insights and commentary are provided by master educators familiar from the OU's Nach Yomi, including Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Rabbi Menachen Leibtag, Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom, Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein, and others.
From ancient history to current events, take yourself on a journey through the story of the Jewish People, from someone who has led hundreds of Jewish young professionals on trips throughout Israel. From the beginning of creation to modern Israel, each short episode is geared to appeal both to someone looking for the Jewish 101, as well as to those looking to go a bit beyond the basic story they already know. Check out the website at Enjoy!
As Jews around the world engage in a seven-and-a-half year cycle of Daf Yomi, reading the entire Talmud one page per day, Tablet Magazine's new podcast, Take One, will offer a brief and evocative daily read of the daf, in just about 10 minutes. New episodes will be released daily Monday through Friday.
To help support this podcast, please consider giving a tax deductible contribution here: --- Rabbi Dovid Katz, PhD is lauded for his extensive knowledge of Jewish History, his engaging and insightful lecture series, and eye opening historical international tours. Follow him weekly. New content released each week, including Personalities in Jewish History, Insights into Tefillah and Perspectives on the Haftarah and Parshah. Spons ...
A podcast dedicated to sharing inspirational Jewish stories that teach valuable and vital lessons from the Torah. Listeners will be moved by a daily story of spirituality. Featuring Jewish stories from the sages, the chassidic masters, and contemporary Jewish storytellers.
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R' Dovid Goldwasser 🎥 Video 🎙 Audio 👀 More videos from this speaker For more stories, please visit To listen to our hotline, please call 718-400-7145 To purchase our new book, please visit Please take a moment to subscribe, rate and review our podcast…
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (1948-2020) was one of the great figures of recent Jewish history. As Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth from 1991-2013, he was the great spokesman for both British Jewry as well as on the larger Jewish stage. Sponsored in tribute to one of the generation's inspiring Torah luminaries - join …
Check out our merch store!***At the age of 12, he ran away from home after his family was evicted from their home in the Amona settlement in the West Bank. It was then he was drawn to a life of right-wing nationalist extremism. He joined the hilltop youth, an informal group of settlers responsible for incessant attacks on Palestinians…
This month we’re joined by guest host Miriam Steinberg-Egeth. Among Miriam’s many claims to fame are her Jewish advice column in the Exponent, and her forthcoming book, Warm and Welcoming: How the Jewish Community Can Become Truly Diverse and Inclusive in the 21st Century which she co-edited with Warren Hoffman and which is coming out […] The post …
Rav Shlomo Katz joins us in a wide-ranging conversation to discuss music, his community in Efrat, the Shlomo Katz Project, and much more. Rav Shlomo Katz can be found at:…
In this special Israel Briefing number 3, Jonny Gould’s Jewish State Israel Correspondent, James Marlow joins us to talk about the race to become the Jewish Agency’s next chair.The Jewish Agency is the bridge between the diaspora and Israel.You’ll hear the latest news from James as the race hots up and from two frontrunners for Israel’s most import…
The Hasidic community in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn is famously one of the most separatist, intensely religious, and politically savvy groups of people in the entire United States. Less known is how the community survived in one of the toughest parts of New York City during an era of steep decline, only to later resist and also participat…
Moed Katan 17a A wasp came and stung the ostracized scholar on his penis and he died. Because he was a great Torah scholar, they took him into the caves in which the pious are interred in order to bury him there, but the caves did not accept him. A snake stood at the entrance of the caves and did not let them pass. They then took him into the caves…
Join our community on Facebook | Join our mailing list Eliana Adler joins us to talk about Polish Jews who fled to the Soviet Union in 1939, and who subsequently survived the Second World War and the Holocaust in Siberia and Central Asia. Listen in as we discuss her book Survival on the Margins: Polish Jewish Refugees in the Wartime Soviet Union, a…
To receive source sheets for any of Rabbi Glatstein’s shiurim, please email Shiur provided courtesy of Torah Anytime The post 3 Cheshvan – Insights on the Parsha L’chvod the Yahrtzeit of Maran Rav Ovadiah Yosef appeared first on Jewish Holidays.By Rabbi Daniel Glatstein
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