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In less than 5 minutes per episode, listen to & explore topics on Judaism, Torah, holidays, and more! Views are not from a specific denomination of Judaism; the goal is to give a quick, easy, and educational lesson on a relevant subject for all to enjoy.
Madlik – Torah thoughts from a post-orthodox Jew with a life-long love and appreciation of Jewish texts and a fresh and sometimes heterodox perspective on their meaning, intent and practical (halachic) implications.
Lessons from Authentic Judaism | Torah is the Ultimate Source for Spiritual Development | Get Inspiration for Personal Growth | Jewish Torah Podcast by Rabbi Mitterhoff
Torah Talk, hosted by Senior Pastor Mark McLellan and presented by The Harvest (Kehilat T'nuvah), is a purposeful deliberation that challenges 2000 years of misunderstanding and neglect of the Torah in the Christian Church. The Harvest is a Messianic, Charismatic Congregation in Thornton, Colorado, just North of Downtown Denver. We believe that this podcast will give you a fresh perspective on your life and on the world you live in. Blessings and Shalom!
Israel Seen is a labor of love and is a portal to the other side of Israel. We provide content from a wonderful array of innovative, interesting, and dynamic Israelis. Our content is rich in vision, compassion, education and understanding of the human condition. We probe the depths of our psyche, soul and physical presence seeking out the questions and answers necessary to make the world a better place to live. We share a variety of views and opinions on Israel and its relationship with the ...
Collection of sermons, including High Holidays from Rabbi Adam Chalom. Rabbi Chalom is the rabbi of Kol Hadash Humanistic Congregation serving the greater Chicago area as well as the dean of the International Institute of Secular Humanistic Judaism.
JCast Network
Your Source for High Quality, Diverse On-Line Jewish Content
Welcome to the Online Radio home of Restoring Grace! Our lessons are available here and as always, free of charge. If you are interested in having Restoring Grace come to your church, retreat, seminar or Bible Study, please contact us at: Restoring Grace also houses the wisdom teachings of Rabbi Hilbrant. We proudly partner with Rabbi and look forward to his episodes.
Valley Beit Midrash (VBM) is a collaborative organization that brings new, exciting, and relevant Jewish programming to the Greater Phoenix Jewish community in a diverse, welcoming, engaging, and pluralistic setting.To learn more, go to
Podcast by Kol Metzuyan
Stories We Tell
Judaism has a deep and rich tradition of storytelling, passing down stories from one generation to the next. To carry on that tradition, Stories We Tell from will share a new story with you every Thursday. Whether you listen while driving to work, preparing Shabbat dinner, or taking your kids to school, each episode will give you a new story to reflect on and discuss with the people in your life. Stories We Tell is a project of the Union for Reform Judaism, a leading voice ...
Bad Jew Weekly
An irreverent, inclusive take on Judaism from the baddest Jewess around. Jewish and interested in learning more, but terrified of going to synagogue? Not Jewish and curious, but don't know where to begin? Somewhere in between? This is the podcast for you.
NWFSBS's podcast
Get to know Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies. There is a weekly "Discussion with the Director" and yearly week-long lectureship that can be found here.
I'm Talking To Jew
Who is a Jew? How did Judaism begin? What’s up with bagels? If you've ever asked these questions, then you've found the right podcast. In I’m Talking To Jew, Aaron Posner (the eponymous Jew) leads Cal McLean (the titular Gentile) on an ambitious journey to cure his ignorance of Judaism. In each episode they'll wade through stereotypes, breakdown traditions, and explore cultural/religious concepts. Is anything sacred? Let's find out.
Ziegler Torah
Ziegler Torah
Rabbi Tovia Singer is the founder and director of Outreach Judaism and hosts The Tovia Singer Show on Arutz Sheva’s Israel National News. He is the author of the acclaimed “Let’s Get Biblical” audio series and book which asks “Why doesn’t Judaism accept the Christian Messiah?”
Beyond Belief
Series exploring the place and nature of faith in today's world
This feed offers Messianic Jewish audio teachings, including Torah commentaries and concepts in Messianic Judaism.
Pardes Live
The best of Pardes classes by our faculty and guest speakers.
News and Views about the Jews from the Land of Israel
A show about Judaism and sexuality
Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe’s Torah Lectures
2 Jews Talking
When you're Jewish, everything you do and experience comes out Jew-ish. Each week, Josh Heller & Erika Brooks Adickman compare notes on pop culture, gender, politics & life.
Interview with Scholar of Judaism about their New Books
The Spirit of Things is an adventure into religion and spirituality. It explores contemporary values and beliefs as expressed through ritual, art, music, and sacred texts.
Nomad Podcast
Stumbling through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.
Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet is a deeply Chassidic Lapid Judaism radio program heard on Yeshiva Radio and ranks #1 in all of Hebrew Roots radio. Christopher teaches Torah and Messiah Yeshua through the eyes of Chassidic premises and thought patterns with an emphasis on marriage covenant, edification, leadership, and servitude through a gentle correction.
Jewish Geography
Podcast by Rabbi Eitan Levy on all things Jewy.
Rabbi Artson’s Podcast on Process Theology
Fully-automated luxury podcasting. 5 Jews, 1 opinion on capitalism. We were never really American. Twitter: theshondeh, democracyexpert, working_class_0, uraniumorr.
Nomad Podcast
Stumbling through the post-Christendom wilderness, looking for signs of hope.
News and Views about the Jews from the Land of Israel
Congregation Beth Am / Los Altos Hills, CA
How'd It Go?
Two best friends challenge each other to overcome their insecurities, and become better people.
Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe’s Lectures on Pirkei Avos (Chapters of the Fathers)
Rabbi Tovia Singer responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity and helps us to sort through the maze and mystery of all the confusion in the world today on who
Library Talks
Feed your brain every Sunday with the best live conversations from The New York Public Library. An eclectic mix of voices and perspectives, Library Talks features your favorite writers and the ones you’ll love next. Hosted by NYPL live event programmer, Aidan Flax-Clark.
In 70CE the Romans destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem. Second Temple Judaism, whose worship consisted of animal sacrifice permitted by biblical command only at the Temple, would have to reinvent itself as Rabbinic Judaism. Contemporaneously, the authors of the New Testament Gospels were writing about the Jewish apocalyptic prophet whom they believed was the awaited messiah. For both the rabbis and the gospel writers, for both ancient Jews and ancient Christians, the central authoritative text ...
Playground Rules
Two friends discuss basketball.
The Feast
The Feast presents delectable stories from the dining tables of history. Every two weeks, we immerse you in the sights, sounds, & tastes of a meal from the past. Make bread with medieval monks; share a martini with Churchill. Find out what wars were won & which kingdoms were lost, all for the sake of a good meal. Email suggestions for shows to
Derek Beres is the Director of Content at RChain Cooperative, a group fitness instructot at Equinox Fitness, and a columnist for Big Think and 24 Hour Fitness. In this podcast he discusses movement, neuroscience, psychology, mythology, technology, and music, sometimes alone, sometimes with guests. More info at
Follow the sermons, music, lectures and conversations of Rabbis Elliot Cosgrove, Neil Zuckerman and Ethan Witkovsky and Cantors Azi Schwartz, Shira Lissek and Rachel Brook. Park Avenue Synagogue seeks to inspire, educate, and support our membership and listeners towards living passion-filled Jewish lives. Through spirited prayer, study, observance and acts of kindness we aspire to foster deepconnections with each other, our Torah, our God, the people and State of Israel and our shared humani ...
The stories and people of North Carolina. Hosted by Frank Stasio. - Most Recent Classes
Welcome to the podcast of Shema Yisrael in Rochester, NY. We are a Messianic Jewish Congregation that loves Yeshua. The following are a list of the teachings that have been brought to the congregation during our weekly services at 10 a.m. If you happen to be in the area you should look us up.
(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts David Greene, Steve Inskeep, Noel King and Rachel Martin bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.
If you missed out on a Sunday morning, you can find all the Northplace Church messages here!
An in-depth study on the Holy Spirit from a Messianic Torah perspective.
Point of Inquiry
Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in science, religion, philosophy, and politics. Each episode takes on a specific issue and features lively discussion with leading scientists, researchers and writers. Point of Inquiry is produced at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, N.Y.
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In what could be the first parent-child sex talk on record, Rav Hisda gives his daughters advice about how to increase their husband’s desire during sex. Or is it the benefits of being modest? We discuss the different interpretations of this cryptic text and the continued relevance of its lessons. The post Rav Hisda’s Seduction Advice to His Da ...…
Search teams have a grim duty as the Camp Fire death toll rises. In Florida, it's the deadline to end counting ballots in 3 races. Britain's Brexit secretary resigns, casting doubt on the latest plan.
Bangladesh's long-planned repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar is in motion. Myanmar says it will accept the refugees but many say they fear for their lives if they return to Myanmar.
CNN is calling the action unconstitutional. However, the White House argues that a president gets to select chose who interviews him and that a news conference is just "an interview with 100 people."
Steve Inskeep talks to Lotta Nymann-Lindegren, a former Finnish diplomat who was involved in Brexit negotiations, about British Prime Minister Theresa May securing backing of a draft deal.
California Rep. Maxine Waters has been a favorite target of President Trump and his supporters. Now she's in line to chair the House Financial Services Committee, where she could slow his agenda.
At the beginning of time, the Earth was wild and full of darkness—and then, in a moment, a voice shocked through the darkness: “Let there be light.” Shira Kline retells the story. For a written version of this story, see The Shattering of the Vessels and The Gathering of the Sparks, in “The Jewish Story Finder” by Sharon Barcan Elswit.…
Inside the cupboard, he found a metal box stuffed with notes worth $107,000. Rather than keep it, he insisted on finding the owner, who gratefully gave a reward.
The U.S. publishing industry honored its stars Wednesday night in New York City at the National Book Awards. The lifetime achievement award went to Isabel Allende.
Pulled from the headlines, a new Showtime series features sexual liaisons between two inmates and a prison worker (Patricia Arquette) and a comedic actor (Ben Stiller) in the serious director's chair.
Counties face a deadline for machine recounts in three statewide races. The U.S. Senate race between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott is likely to go to a hand recount into the weekend.
Pilots accuse Boeing of downplaying changes to a critical system made in the newest version of the popular 737, which may have played a role in last month's fatal crash in Indonesia.
Rights groups estimate as many as 1 million Uighurs are detained in Chinese camps, with the aim of stripping away their ethnic identity, suppressing their Muslim faith and ensuring loyalty to China.
David Greene talks to Holly Harris of the Justice Action Network about Trump endorsing legislation that could shorten sentences for some drug offenders and help inmates adjust to life after prison.
Global health experts warn the Ebola epidemic in Democratic Republic of the Congo could soon enter a new phase. Ongoing conflict there prevents health workers from wiping out the disease.
David Greene joins one of the many search-and-rescue teams in Paradise, Calif., looking for those still unaccounted for in the Camp Fire in the northern part of the state.
Jake and Amber Garcia planned to ride to their reception in a vintage car. After it broke down, the wedding party came to their rescue. The photographer snapped shots of them on the side of the road.
Teachers and students in grades five through 12 will have the opportunity to turn their classrooms into production studios and their ideas into sound. Contest entries open on Jan. 1, 2019.
Wildfires are burning more intensely than ever in California and that's prompting state and local officials to rethink strategies to mitigate the scale of future destruction.
As thousands of troops arrive to reinforce security at the U.S.-Mexico border, Arizona officials worry migrants will try to storm the border.
Saudi Arabia is seeking the death penalty for five suspects in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The Washington Post contributor was last seen walking into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
Hours after Theresa May announced a tentative deal charting the U.K.'s exit from the EU and assuring the public that her Cabinet supported it, two key officials quit her government in protest.
Herbert Cohen presents his lecture "Mussar and Film: Movies That Help Us Grow!" before a roundtable audience at Temple Chai ( in Phoenix, AZ.ABOUT THIS LECTURE: Movies are not simply entertainment. They also can serve as vehicles for self-discovery. Rabbi Cohen identifies films that have something important to say about the ...…
Samuel C. Heilman - The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in AmericaProfessor Samuel C. Heilman, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Queen College, presents his lecture "The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America" before a roundtable audience at Temple Chai ( in Phoenix, AZ.DONATE: THIS LECTURE: The ...…
Professor Samuel C. Heilman, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Queen College, before a VIP audience at Temple Chai ( in Phoenix, AZ.DONATE: more info, please visit: "They Sa ...…
The Yetzer Hara is the villain of our life. It’s other names are the “satan” and the “angel of death”. It seeks to undermine us and inhibit us from accomplishing our life’s mission. thankfully, the Sages of the Talmud offered us a multitude of strategies and tactics to combat and resist this deadly force. In […]…
The death toll climbs to 48 in Calif. wildfires. Britain's prime minister presents a Brexit plan to her cabinet Wednesday. And a look at China's growing repression of mostly Muslim minorities.
The U.S. has been pressured to respond forcefully to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Members Of Congress urge sanctions against Saudi Arabia.
As student debt increases, counselors, parents and students hesitate to take out loans for college. But a new study shows that for students in community college, borrowing money can be a good thing.
Dozens of Democrats are preparing to run for president in 2020. Advisers to some say that the Thanksgiving holiday next week begins a short window for potential candidates to make decisions.
Amazon's hometown, Seattle, has lessons to teach about what happens when the tech giant sets up shop in your town.
A woman in Texas didn't just decide to mark her divorce with a party and burning her dress, she took it a step further embedding her dress in 20 pounds of explosives and then shot it.
The Trump administration hopes the sanctions will force Iran to negotiate a new nuclear deal. But analysts point out there are overt and covert activities to avoid the penalties.
NPR's David Greene speaks with The Atlantic magazine writer Kate Julian about her cover story titled "The Sex Recession," which says young Americans are retreating from intimacy.
Most of the town of Paradise is now homeless. What happens to the town and what happens to the 27,000 without homes in northern California?
The story of one Kazakh woman who Chinese authorities forced to undergo an abortion and then assigned local government "minders" who were with her 24/7 as she attempted to escape China to Kazakhstan.
Steve Inskeep speaks with Paul Lux, the supervisor of elections in Okaloosa County, Fla., about the recount in the state and how the process will work.
Early Sunday morning, Jemel Roberson detained an alleged shooter at the Chicago-area nightclub where he worked as a security officer, when police arrived, they shot and killed Roberson.
Prime Minister May meets her cabinet in a special session Wednesday to discuss the draft agreement reached in Brussels that lays out how Britain will leave the EU.
The party of the incoming president introduced a bill to lift the country's prohibition on weed, and it controls both houses of Congress.
Officials at Guinness World Records confirmed that thousands of women, all dressed the same, set the record for most Rosies ever in one spot.
Commentator Cokie Roberts answers listener questions about the history of women in Congress.
Steve Inskeep talks to Representative-elect Jim Hagedorn of southern Minnesota about what he hopes to see from his first term in Congress. Hagedorn, a Republican, capture a Democratic seat.
Installment plans and refunds for treatments that don't work are two options getting more attention as ultra-expensive therapies become more common. The financial strains will only grow.
Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Philippine ambassador to the U.S. meet in Wyoming Wednesday to begin the process of returning the bells that were taken more than 100 years ago.
Rampant school shootings, recent mail bomb threats and a massacre at a synagogue give the impression that Americans are angry. And a quick flick through the news provides ample examples of leaders spouting angry rhetoric and encouraging violence. So, are Americans getting angrier?By (Dana Terry).
The book and film “ Hidden Figures ” tells the story of African-American women at NASA in the 1960s who worked as human computers and helped to open outer space to astronauts. And North Carolina has its own “hidden figure” to claim: Christine Darden .By (Amanda Magnus).
Toronto Holocaust Lecture: This lecture was presented at the Petach Tikvah shul in Toronto, on Tuesday, 28 Cheshvan, 5779, November 6, 2018, in honor of Holocaust Education Week in Toronto. The lecture was dedicated in the memory of Shmuel (Sam) ben Chaviv Buzaglo, who passed away on Hoshnah Rabah 5779, by his family. Prefacing remarks were del ...…
California wildfires' death toll climbs to 44. Arizona elected a Democratic U.S. senator for the first time in 30 years. Amazon is on the verge of announcing its second headquarters location.
David Greene talks to Nicole Hong, a reporter with The Wall Street Journal, about the trial of Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera — better known as El Chapo.
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