Best Flat Earth podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Welcome to the Flat Earth Research Podcast, where we simply converse about our views on the shape of the planet, space and everything beyond. We do not appreciate negativity and encourage active light hearted discussion about the true shape of our beloved mother Earth. Peace and love to all.
LiJames The Chosen is a strong minded rapper. He’s someone you can’t listen to just once. His voice is captivating and he’s honest with who he is as a man. Why doesn’t he have his own radio station? HE’S TOO REAL! And in today’s time there is just too much politics to allow realism to spread. Flat Earth is the most important truth right now simply because we are living in our end of days. The earth will always be here. On this podcast we’ll be discussing a lot of information you have never h ...
Welcome to the Smoking & The Earth Is Flat & Morocco podcast, where amazing things happen.
Podcast in Space
Flat Earth Games
Resistance Rising
Researcher, author, speaker, soldier; Johnny Cirucci will astound you with who really controls your life and he'll give you the names, places and dates to verify it for yourself...but make sure you're ready to have your world rocked.
Earth in motion
Join host Kim Bertrand (“Dances with Wolves”, “Capote”, “Mario Lopez’s Pet Star”) as she fumbles through every dazzlingly bizarre segment of the creatively-titled Kim Bertrand Podcast. Featuring the improvisational talent of up-and-coming comics from all across the (flat) Earth. Not recommended for children, the elderly, middle-aged people, adults, young adults, teenagers, or pre-teens.
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
Did You See...?
Each week Dan and Max share Geek and Pop Culture news with each other. Everything from video games and movies to flat earth controversy.
Welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal, but take part ourselves. Follow us as we join religions, undergo alternative treatments, seek out the paranormal, and always find the humor in life’s biggest mysteries. We show up - so you don’t have to. Every month we share a new investigation, along with occasional bonus interviews and updates.
Discussing the Bizarre, Mysterious, & Unexplained
This is the Drunken Peasants podcast. Bringing you the latest in news, entertainment, politics from an altered perspective.
The Full 48
Howard Beck takes on the biggest topics and invites A-List guests along for a fast-moving NBA podcast from Bleacher Report that goes the full 48.
The official podcast for This podcast provides unbiased opinions and discussion on the occult, "Illuminati", symbolism, conspiracy theories, pop culture, music, film, politics, religion, news, & much more!
Big Picture Science: A smart and humorous take on emerging trends in science and technology. Tune in and make contact with science. We broadcast and podcast every week.
For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink cocktails, and talk security.
Those Conspiracy Guys is an Irish comedy podcast where we discuss all types and genres of conspiracy theories, paranormal happenings and true crime from Atlantean myths to Zapruder films; from ghosts and demons to alien abductions; from werewolves and vampires to CIA assassins and Russian spies. We have a big episode every two weeks, a True Crime show every other week and loads of other stuff every so often and you can head over to the website for details.Our aim is to cast a light into the ...
Exposing Lies † Sharing TruthFrom the political to the paranormal and economics to the esoteric, we cover it.Anti-Transhuman, Conscious Media & Alternative News, Occult Information, Truth Seeking Artist - Find Us On YouTube & SubscribeWebsite: FreedomsFaction@Gmail.comInstagram: @Freedom_Faction, @Freedoms_FactionFaceBook: @FreedomsFaction, @NoizceEraDonate: Ra ...
NonSequitur is a Podcast crafted by an uncommon philosophy, where bold Ideas are righteous, unique perspectives are gospel and where strong opinions are sacred. Kyle Curtis and Steve McRae's style of optimistic-sarcasm balances entertainment with information designed to open minds and provoke thought. Each episode features interviews with fascinating and inspirational guests that are making an impact within our social, political or religious culture. While most consider these issues taboo, N ...
Spiritual Warfare and stuff
Show audio from The Adam Jones Show, updated weekdays. Listen to Adam Jones and Christian Arcand live every weeknight on Boston's Home for Sports, 98.5 The Sports Hub.
The Awkward Human Survival Guide answers the uncomfortable questions everyone encounters on an unfortunately regular basis and talks to people around the world who embrace the stranger side of life. Got a question or comment? Visit for lots of options! Check out our Subreddit, too! If you love the show, please help us keep making them! (This does not require a financial contribution.) \*\*NSFW\*\* Hosted by Adam Dachis, Darren Herczeg, Erica Elson, and Richard Cardenas.
Are you ready for a revolution in film criticism? Kevin Carr and hosts the syndicated radio program Fat Guys at the Movies, with podcasts of the show available through iTunes each week. Kevin gives a unique perspective on film beyond the snobby, pretentious art-house circles. Do you like big event films with lots of awesome explosions? Or maybe you like a standard chick flick. Of course, Kevin is always there to appreciate an exploitation movie with copious amounts of boobs. Hear an everyday ...
Unique Storytelling ASMR to Help You Relax and Sleep
Center Of Infinity
We gather weekly to discuss the strange and unexplained like old religions, mad scientists and everything in between.
Good Vexations
Remember when we only had small, frivolous problems? Join best buds Patrick Brennan and James Lynch as they spend 20 minutes every Wednesday on the little grievances they'd prefer to air rather than solve. Send us your vexations @goodvexations on twitter or to"Everything is Awful" by The Taxpayers (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
This is an RSS feed provided by for the DragonKing Dark and Thrash Metal Show Podcast plus occasional other specialty shows. DragonKing Dark is a podcast which covers science, the supernatural, and societal issues. The NoFriender Thrash Metal Show podcast is a docu-series covering the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music. Please visit for our other shows.
Mindless Babble-On
Two best friends set off on an offensive journey, turning over every controversial stone in their way.
Welcome to the FOBPODcast, where we speak on trillistic topics!
ASMR Station
🎬 Full Videos on Youtube: 📻 Download the Spreaker App:🤑 Support The Radio: show is about ASMR and relaxing sounds that will help you to relieve stress, anxiety and sleeping.
A Science Story
There are amazing stories behind almost all scientific discoveries that deserve to be told. By hearing the stories, we can also learn some of the cool science that made it all possible along the way. Science can be fun, interesting, and engaging!
Keith and Greg ditch structure to talk about whatever interests them while trying to amuse each other and you. Bizarre news, pop culture, flights of fancy -- it's always fun and always entertaining! Every episode is a great time to start listening!
A logical fallacy is an argument or claim that isn't logical. They typically either appeal to the audience's emotions or work to distract the audience from the facts of the matter. You probably use them to persuade people all the time without even realizing it. However, we're setting out to change that with Ad Hominem, a game made to teach logical fallacies with absurd examples. The creator of the game, Joel Holland, invites his friend, Austin on to play, and let you, the listeners, be the j ...
Experiments, challenges, and habits. Habits keep you connecting to creating on a regular basis. Experiments allow you to dive into the unknown while challenges push the boundaries of what you already do. You need all three to fully engage your creative potential and beyond. There is a practical side and a woo-woo side and the grey area in between is where you find magic. The podcast explores creative mastery by delving into the practical and woo-woo through interviews, books, blogs, epiphani ...
Are you drawn to the strange, unusual, and hilarious? Us too! Trust me, we have a lot to say about show pigeons (update: show chickens are a thing now!) Follow artists Kate and Rae on our rollercoaster ride of ever changing micro-interests, questionable retelling of our favorite books and shows (where we don't actually remember what happened), and what ever scary story that spooked us with this week.
Bits 4 you
Conversations about pop culture (movies, video games, TV, Wrestling, MMA) and everything else in life we find interesting.
May Contain Nuts
Four Scottish comedians tackle conspiracy theories and come to no real conclusions whatsoever. Adult humour and strong language.
Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur is a weekly podcast hosted by Mick and Chris. Two Irish guys, who met through jiu jitsu and became friends through lots of late night gaming sessions. Their ten year age gap and difference of opinion means they usually don’t see eye to eye and this is where the humour is created. Each week the guys pick a topic at random and then try their best to discuss it (expect roll play scenarios) but usually they go off topic and hilarity ensues.
Plane Truth
Comprehensive breakdown of the cosmological and spiritual ideologies of philosophers throughout our history
Welcome to the Couplecast podcast, where regular ramblings take place!
Comedy Shoeshine
Discussing recent events , politics , news social issuers and jokes in a reasonable way .
Co-hosts EK and GripGetIt take you along the ride with wild interviews and the latest sports & entertainment news.
Matter of Fact
Conspiracy theory and social media discussion podcast staring The Hood Chef , Kareem and OG retro
Weird stuff to make you think!
Fresh from being fired by a prestigious, worldwide news organisation, Stephen Edwards is on the comeback trail. He's got a podcast, some interesting guests, and a whole lot of amibtion. This is a very unstable mixture, it turns out.
Welcome to the Paranormal Directions podcast! Here we discuss any strange and unusual topic, from ghosts and spirits to bigfoot and aliens and everything else in between. Join Andrew and Dave as they take you on a journey into the paranormal
Welcome to the WeAreJuan podcast, where there is no filter everything is off the top pure unadulterated unfiltered content you may be offended so audio discretionary is advise
Mike White
This is DrinkTANK, where we drink our way through your favorite topics. Take everything we say with a grain of salt and a slice of lime- it tastes better that way.
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show series
Arcand and Tim McKone discussed the Bruins 5-0 win over the New York Islanders on Tuesday night.
Children are under attack: TRYS w/ Lexie (2019-03-20T01:46:55.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
Resurrected? A Debate on the Empty Tomb | D.M. Spence vs Steven Worthey Support The NonSequitur ShowBy Kyle Curtis.
Dudes are back with complaints. Arizona humor, ice machines, banks and signature nonsense. All the important stuff. Download Link The post CS217: We Demand Modest Improvements appeared first on Comedy Shoeshine.By Comedy Shoeshine.
Welcome to ASMR TirarADeguello. Today, you are visiting the Conversation Matters office, to fill a prescription from Doctor Andrew Michaels for a conversation about Regaining Trust in Humanity. If you are interested in additional ASMR content, you may view our library of videos at Please remember to subscribe if you ...…
Arcand and Tim McKone opened Tuesday's show discussing Mike Trout's historic contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels, and what it means for the Red Sox and Mookie Betts when he hits free agency after the 2020 season.
This week, we welcome Nick Galbreath, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Signal Sciences, to discuss the Intersection of Development and Security! In the Leadership and Communications segment, How Boeing Should Have Responded to the 737 Max Safety Crisis, Digital Transformation is Not About Technology, Gartner's Top 10 Security Projects ...…
This week, Zero-Days in Counter Strike client could be used to build a major botnet, huge aluminum plants hit by 'severe' ransomware attack, Myspace loses 50 million songs in server migration, wifi signals can reveal your password, and PuTTY in your hands: an SSH client gets patched after RSA key exchange memory vulnerability was spotted! Ralf ...…
There will be no escape from justice. (2019-03-19T16:42:21.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
Rae and Kate take a much needed moment to breath. Patreon: Youtubes: Email:
The Coach, David Thorpe, is back talking about his return to True Hoop, his new venture, The Pro Training Center, and lots of NBA action! David runs down his surprises (both good and bad) so far in the season, and they include the Milwaukee Bucks, the Indiana Pacers, and the Washington Wizards. He runs down "bust, not or too-soon-to-tell" on Ke ...…
Arcand and Sean Sylver gave their thoughts on the Celtics 114-105 loss to the Denver Nuggets at the Garden on Monday night.
[YouTube Video Version:] There have been a significant number of outstanding anomalies with this recent shooting at the Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand. We're joined by Laurie Alexander of The Underground Resistance Networkto talk about a handful of them. What's even more astounding is this apparent manifesto the ...…
Welcome back, friends and fans. This week Dan brings us news about Back 4 Blood the new zombie combat game from the people who brought you Left 4 Dead, Max brings us the news that American Gods will have a third season, but also has yet another new show runner. Then we dig in to probably the biggest in nerd news, the return of James Gunn to the ...…
Arcand and Sean Sylver discussed Isaiah Thomas' time in Boston, and his difficult road to playing again nearly 2 years after being traded.
DEBATE: How Atheism/Agnosticism Are & Should Be Used || Steve McRae VS The Duke Support The NonSequitur ShowBy Kyle Curtis.
Arcand and Sean Sylver opened Monday's show discussing the eastern conference standings, and whether the Celtics will ever move higher than the 5th seed.
This week, we welcome Peter Smith, Founder and CEO of Edgewise to talk about the evolution of Zero Trust! In the Security News, New WordPress flaw lets unauthenticated remote attackers hack sites, Tesla allegedly spied on and ran a smear campaign on a whistleblower, Facebook and Instagram suffer most severe outage ever, a man drives 3,300 miles ...…
Ricky Dearman has a secret (2019-03-18T17:21:49.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
Demolition (2019-03-18T14:52:42.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
Genetic editing is all over the news lately and many laymen are wondering what exactly is CRISPR? Is it some biblical monstrosity where man is now playing God? Is it a way to create supermen and women? Or is it the answer to all genetic problems and the future to the health and wellbeing of mankind? On this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl ...…
Remaining positive in a negative world. Just science fiction? Not so, say the guests on this edition of the Kim Bertrand Podcast. We’ll hear from John Toads Toes Tbsilli, David Avocado Wolfman, Positive Peter the Plunderer, a resentful Cuban, a sentient peanut, and many more. Featuring the improvisational talent of Rose Vineshank, Seth Rogers, ...…
The Heartbeat bill (2019-03-16T21:08:27.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
This week the guys talk myths.
Live with a wonderful audience at PodCon in Seattle, Ross and Carrie share their local tour of spooky spots with Haunted Seattle. They learn the hidden history of the area, including who died where and why they won't leave. They test the electromagnetic field of a local bar, listen to recordings that are definitely ghosts coughing, and learn s ...…
How i overcame fear (2019-03-16T14:56:04.000Z)By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
This week, we interview Gururaj Pandurangi, Founder and CEO at Cloudneeti, to discuss Continuous Cloud Assurance! Gururaj Pandurangi is a founder and CEO of Cloudneeti, a software-as-a-service company focused on continuous cloud security, data privacy and compliance assurance. Gururaj has 20 years of professional experience, a good portion of i ...…
This Week: Kevin kicks off the show with a few more thought on Bohemian Rhapsody and the Oscars, then he gives his thoughts on the college admission scandal. Then, he looks at new trailers for Aladdin and Late Night. Next up is movie reviews of Captive State, Wonder Park, Five Feet Apart, Ruben Brandt Collector and Climax. Finally, Kevin looks ...…
Hear the best sounds of the show for Friday 3-15.
Tonight, Christian brings us 3 stories revolving around Russell Westbrook, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Zuckerberg.
tonight, Jones and Arcand play the Game of Jones - Fill in the Blank. Jones has to answers 5 questions about sports and entertainment.
Platforming Controversy: Why Discussion is Better than Dismissal Support The NonSequitur ShowBy Kyle Curtis.
Jason Mastrodonato joins Jones and they talk about Major League Baseball and Rule changes. The guys debate which are good for the game and the ones they dislike.
Christopher Price of the Boston Sports Journal joined Jones and discussed the Patriots draft needs and who can challenge the Pats in the AFC East.
Jones and Arcand discuss if we should feel any better about the Celtics after their comeback victory over the Kings.
On today's episode we cover the saga of wildly schizophrenic serial killer Joseph Kallinger, aka The Shoemaker. Join us as we explore how Joseph Kallinger's delusions about God instructing him to save mankind through orthopedics eventually led to three murders. Go to to protect your home and family today! Start a free ...…
Jones and Arcand debate if last years off-season was worse than this years off-season for the Patriots
This week, Keith and Paul discuss the structure and experiences of 2019's RSA Conference! In the Application Security News, WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018, Japanese police charge 13-year-old for sharing 'unclosable popup' prank online, Facebook exploit – Confirm website visitor identities, NSA's top policy ad ...…
Tonight, we are joined by Hannibal & Monty, we discussed Smollett being indicted, we watch Manafort go to prison, we discuss all the drama regarding Michael Jackson, and more!#Smollett #Manafort #MichaelJackson►BRAVE BROWSER:►UNDERHAVEN: the strangest corners of the internet, here to b ...…
Tonight we talk about some scary and mysterious deep sea creatures of the world. 540FoodieChick brings an amazing narwahl cake for us to enjoy. In weird news: a guy gets Pinnochio’d, elect the goat, Kentucky Fried Hot Tub Time Machine, and the beer diet.
Hey everyone this is an old trailer but many have not seen it,By (Jared Chrestman & Thomas Dunn).
Jones and Arcand discussed Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum's recent appearance on a podcast hosted by Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles in Thursday's edition of Celtics @ 7.
Jones and Arcand opened Thursday's show discussing the latest exciting free agent signings the Patriots made through out the afternoon.
The Impact of Slavery | JF Gariepy vs Sykopathiest Support The NonSequitur ShowBy Kyle Curtis.
Jason Lloyd, the Editor-In-Chief of The Athletic in Cleveland, joins to talk about the disaster that has become LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. How did things break down so quickly, and can anything be done to salvage the season? How much of this rests on the Lakers rookie front office (Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka)? Who can they pote ...…
Ben and Henry break down this week's true crime news: the Momo Challenge, samurai sword-wielding girlfriends, AND MORE. TRIPLE L.
We hit on a couple of quick topics that have been on my agenda for a few weeks now. As the title indicates, we'll get into Illuminati cartel, frankenfoods, the end of the world, and other updates!Show Topics: Leaving Neverland feedback, El Chapo, Pink Slime- Who's in the Big Food Illuminati?, 2019 Grammys- Cardi B and the Mark of Abaddon, Moon ...…
Tonight you will hear the best sounds of the show in The Reset.
Tonight, Christian Arcand brings us ICYMI. He highlights a few stories including one on Operation Varsity Blues and Le'veon Bell’s new rap album.
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