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The G-Infinity Media Project is a project of the Pittsburgh Independent Media center which aims to bring together grassroots voices to cover issues related to the policies of the G-20 from a people's perspective.
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The Allegheny County District Attorney dropped all charges againstElliot Madison and Michael Wallschlaeger, the famed G20 Twitterers whowere arrested during the Pittsburgh Summit in late September of thisyear. The two activists were arrested and charged with numerousfelonies for setting up a communications network that allowed people totweet ab ...…
In the wake of a brutal G20 summit in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato announces he is running for governor of Pennsylvania. But his rally is marred by a diversity of protesters, including What Happened at Pitt (WHAP), a group of students and community members affected by the violence particularly in the police occupation of O ...…
They remained peaceful even after the previous days multiple police attacks on non-violent demonstratorsmusic by keny arkana
Dam Free Radio is a super cool low-tech station out of rural Northern California. This is DJ ChiMeDong's G-20 special...enjoy. Warning: some songs contain explicit lyrics. Its about 1 hour.
Press conference regarding the violation of the rights of Journalists and activists during and before the G20 summit in Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh resident Frank Smith was beaten and arrested by police on the night of September 24. He gives this account of the assault while standing outside the jail, holding a candle and waiting for the release of other protesters.
The song, "For Real", by Okkervil River. This video contains footage of College students being tear gassed and arrested. -Cornelius
A university student, who now has nerve damage in her thumbs from being ziptied too tightly, describes her experience of mass arrest at Schenley Plaza on Friday night, September 25, 2009. Interview recorded Monday, September 28.
Saturday September 26 2009: Three undercover officers attempt to infiltrate a March Against Police Brutality at the University of Pittsburgh, but fail miserably due to their horrendous disguise attempts. During the march, one of them breaks a photographer's camera. This is just one example of a larger pattern of attempts to silence the media du ...…
After two nights of police brutality on the Pitt University campus, Pitt students engage in a spontaneous protest march down Forbes Avenue. Two nights prior, swarms of riot police had shot and teargassed students who were peacefully assembled on their own campus to observe a nearby anti-G20 political demonstration. The following night, students ...…
Interview with Twin Cities Independent Media Center reporter, Melissa Hill. Melissa was arrested on Friday 25th September 2009 while covering police actions against students, pedestrians, and journalists in the area of the University of Pittsburgh, on Day 2 of the G-20. Interview by Twin Cities Indymedia reporter Nigel Parry on 26 September 2009.…
This young man talks about the actions of the police on the night of 9/25/09 in Oakland (the University nieghborhood of Pittsburgh).
Indypgh interviews a young man who was attacked by police and whose friend was arrested.
Indypgh spoke with 2 more students who were caught up in the clashes with police Friday night.
Indypgh Reporter speaks with three Pitt students who were on the streets during the Friday night conflict with the police.
A reporter describes the public reaction to the police presence in the area as they try to carry out their everyday activities. He then gives an example of a young man who was pepper sprayed and then arrested without having any chance to move out of the way.
Called in live via phone to the live G-infinity radio broadcast, we get a summary of the evening's events in Oakland, following the G20 summit.
9/25/09 Recording of our live call from the streets of Oakland as police move in on protesters.
Friday Sep 25 at Fifth and South Bouquet: Police arrest a bystander and cameraman, fire chemical and "less lethal" weapons. Prior to this the police had failed to give a warning to disperse. In previous "crowd control" measures by police we had been informed we would be safe if we stuck to the sidewalks - not so in this case.…
"OPERATION HAMMER & ANVIL"Police ironically attack students at a Rally Against Police Brutality on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, during the G20 Summit, on September 25th, 2009. The students remained peaceful in the face of state terror.
Schenley Park G20 Friday -- The blood in the park across from Anarchist & student roundup. The riot cops advanced. Who knows what will come?
As the G20 Summit wrapsup in Pittsburgh, thousands of demonstrators continue to voice theiropposition to the economic policies promoted by the world’s leadingcountries. From Pittsburgh, Carlin Christy reports for FSRN.
This being the only permitted action in dissent of the G20 Summitin Pittsburgh; it is, of course, full of great speeches and fun signs.Video by Flux Rostrum
On September 25th, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) held a press conference and feeder march to the People's Uprising March. There goal was to connect the dots between the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economic policies of the G20 nations. The group created a living memorial, made of mud and sidewalk chalk. IVAW explains "The ...…
Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace speak out against corporate war profiteering in front of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in Oakland- Rustbelt Radio
Members of Rochester Indymedia were interviewing Ethan Cohen (spelling might be off)--a student at the University of Pittsburgh--on Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh during the G20 when police demanded that the three of us go inside and get off the streets. Mr. Cohen had earlier been shoved by police back into the foyer of his apparent building when ...…
Riot police attack and arrest dozens of people after a Queer Bash Back action in Oakland.
Police used teargas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets against University of Pittsburgh students last night. Many of the students were not part of any demonstration but bystanders; curious to find a mass of armed riot police on their campus. Others were pepper sprayed as they left college bars or as they walked down the sidewalk.…
Policeused teargas pepper spray and rubber bullets against University of Pittsburghstudents last night. Many of the students were not part of any demonstrationbut bystanders, curious to find a mass of armed riot police on their campus.
A young couple is violently assaulted by riot police at Pittsburgh University on the night of Thursday September 24, 2009.
Police fire rubber bullets, orange tear gas, windows were smashed at the Boston Market across the streetRitters Diner on Baum Blvd!
The LRAD was used for the first time in the USA during the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh
Tibetans from the East Coast took the opportunity of the G20 Summit to voice their concerns regarding China's policies towards Tibet. We bring you some of the voices from the march.
During my afternoon of running from ear drum piercing sonic weapons andtear gas canisters while being chased in circles by dog and batonwielding cops in working class neighborhoods miles from the conventioncenter I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of locals. Video by Flux Rostrum
Leaders of the world’s richest countries are converging in Pittsburghtoday for the G20 Summit. While Pittsburgh’s business leaders andgovernment officials have welcomed the G20 with open arms, thousandshave gathered to challenge the economic model promoted by these worldleaders. FSRN’s Andalusia Knoll has the story.…
This dynamic living suit can survive virtually any climate catastrophe.
After the Clean Jobs Now Rally in Point State Park, marchers took to the streets accompanied by a lively marching band all the way through downtown Pittsburgh. To the cops credit, they left most everybody alone.
The Peoples Caravan was a grassroots network from across the state ofPennsylvania who traveled together to the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh.Along the way they meet with local organizations and got tours of localresistance projects. This was an incredible opportunity for statewidemovement building. And these are the stories collected along the way.…
Many local businesses have been so scared by the police and media that they have begun boarding up windows as if preparing for a hurricane...but the only violent storm brewing in the city tonight is the police states plan to terrorize dissent.
Members of Rochester Indy Media are in Pittsburgh covering the G-20 economic summit. The G-20 consists of finance ministers and government officials from the 19 wealthiest countries and the EU. At the summit they will discuss the international economy or basically how to keep the rich, rich and to hell with the masses.Video coverage includes go ...…
Interview with Steve, a legal observer for the ACLU, outside of the G20 Resistance Project Convergence Space after more attempts of harassment and intimidation by the Pittsburgh Police.
On Wednesday night, Rustbelt Radio interviewed two homeless men on the streets of downtown Pittsburgh about the police presence in the area. Many of the area's homeless population have been displaced from the downtown area by the G-20 summit. Though authorities have set up a system to deal with possible arrests of homeless individuals who faile ...…
We spoke with Pittsburgh resident Albert Petrarcha at the Rally and Concert for Clean Energy Jobs hosted by the United Steel Workers at Point State Park on Sep. 23rd. He shares his thoughts on the G20 Summit.
We spoke with Tyler of The Beehive Design Collective, an all volunteer art collective located in rural Maine. Their mission is "to cross-pollinate the grassroots, by creating collaborative, anti-copyright images that can be used as educational and organizing tools. ". You can find more information on how to bring The Beehive Collective to your ...…
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