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Six Figure Sidegig with Dr. Mark Costes. Sign up for FREE video. Build a six figure part time business BEFORE you quit your day job. Entrepreneur business marketing tips for success.
Hang with the best drummers in the music industry. Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, Paramore, Carrie Underwood, TLC, NKOTB, Christina Aguilera, Thousand Foot Krutch, Lecrae, TobyMac and Jason Aldean are just some of the artists who have lent us their drummers. Wisdom, laughs and heartfelt moments are what you should expect to hear. The in's and out's of being a touring Drummer are the fundamentals of this podcast. Getting gigging with 180 Drums.
The Working Musicians’ Podcast
Get the Gigs Podcast
From websites to marketing to the stage, this podcast is all about helping speakers get more gigs.
A weekly round-up of country tours and concerts taking place in the UK. Around 90 seconds long, covering all the major US tours and some UK ones too. Find listings of all the gigs at
How I Got This Gig is a podcast about the paths creatives and technicians take to break into the mysterious media industry. Film, Television, Radio, Print, Internet - it’s not always a straight line to a career in these fields. And once you establish a career how do you go about sustaining one! If you’re considering a career in film, television, radio, or print – think twice and listen to this podcast.Hosted by Dean Rainey of the Video Twins, How I Got This Gig features conversations with es ...
This Must Be the Gig gives backstage access to passionate fans worldwide. Featuring conversations with headlining musicians, up-and-comers, and music industry personalities about the wild wild world of live music - as well as the latest news reports from the biggest tours and the festival scene.Music journalist and festival-globetrotter Lior Phillips captures the feeling of singing along with thousands of other fanatics, the lights flashing, the roar for an encore, the second the whole world ...
Guernsey Gigs
In this podcast we aim to interview local musicians and active members of the music community. We hope to air new music, showcase one off live performances and talk about upcoming local music events.
Another Gig
Two childhood best friends - a musician and a graphic designer/videographer - document the decay of the American Dream every week.
Health Gig
We cannot wait to have you listen in with Tricia Reilly Koch and Doro Bush Koch. Health Gig is a free-form conversation between leaders, writers and experts about health and wellness. You can expect insightful conversations about health and wellness, as well as stories about the personal and professional journeys our guests have taken. This podcast brings engaging conversations in health and wellness to audiences around the world. Listen and find out why so many people are igniting their liv ...
Konstiga Gig
Podcast by Konstiga Gig
Amazon, Shopify Product Research and Store Optimization Gigs, Services Provider
America's only daily morning talk show for creatives just like you. Sometimes educational, sometimes off topic but always entertaining! New Episodes Monday-Friday!
Get The Gig
The "Get the Gig" podcast is a deep dive into social media and marketing for DIY musicians.
Weirdest Gig Ever
A comedian and musician that are best friends bring their favorite artists to tell their weirdest gigs ever.
Aliya Bowles and Tiffany Stoker are NYC-based performers and best friends. This creative podcast talks making a living and pursuing your dreams. Every episode holds a new interview, with creatives ranging from Broadway to television to award-winning writers. Find out what artists do when their art isn't contracted.SEASON 2 IS IN THE WORKS!
Wits and Gigs
We know we can talk a lot, so we thought we may as well record it.
My First Gig
This podcast explores the world of classically-trained freelance musicians as well as how classical music is represented through pop-culture in a pastiche of comedic light-heartedness.
Gigs & Gigabytes
Berklee Technology News, Tutorials and Reviews
Sh*ts & Gigs
Just some people having a good time.
Geoff Garlock (Orchid, Panthers, The Year is One, UCB Theatre) and Mike Pace (Oxford Collapse, The Child Actors, Jungle Jesters) wallow in the crapulance of what it takes to be a musician, comedian, artiste in this world, with different guests sharing their own hilarious horror stories every week.
Host Jefferson Glassie, chief spiritual dude of the Planetary Gigs Society, talks with guests about the power of music and how we can create a better world through music.
A look into the world of live events from industry professionals.
DJ Zimmie interviews veteran DJs (and the occasional producer or performers) to get their story and hopefully familiarize younger DJs and the general public with DJs they should know about. Always good info about what to do in your career, what not to do and usually where to eat when you're out of town. A must-listen for any up-and-coming DJs.
Many people in kids music ("kindie") started off with it being their "other" gig. But they've got other obsessions, too. And I want to talk to them about those.
So if you like your undergound House music Deep and dirty playing you the freshest Deep ,Tech, Minimal House around also giving you the latest info on where you can catch me playing out live and my latest mixes or to book me at your event this is the place to be!
Minty provides his curated outlook of live music across all of the venues in Cardiff – no gig is too small!
Free Gig to Six Fig
Welcome to the Free Gig to Six Fig Podcast! Turn up the volume and kick off your shoes, as this is sure to quickly become your go-to business podcast! Every week, our new episodes will grant you a special peek behind the curtain with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and businesses and how they got where they are today! You will hear amazing, inspiring stories of trials and triumph. Tune in each week to hear another incredible story of our featured high-achiever for that week! Hear d ...
Gigging: Everything & The Sharing Economy.In the "Gigging: Everything & The Sharing Economy" podcast, mark anthony peterson (Ceyero Consulting founder and thought leader) breaks down global Sharing and Gig Economy trends, forecasts, news, and Gig companies' strategy. Thinking of starting a Gig or Sharing business? Thinking of investing in a Gig or Sharing startup? Are you a Gig worker? Do you expect to have a driverless car during your lifetime? If you answered “yes” to one or all of these q ...
Coming at you straight from the world of 1970s action movies and TV, it’s Spirit of 77: Heavy Gigs in Sea Side City! Join DJ Anton K and our players, John, Bob, Jason and Jim, as they embark on a story full of muscle cars and Magnums, kung-fu and car crashes, disco, detectives and destruction! Not your daddy’s D&D; this role playing game takes place in the 1970s that only existed in movies and TV of the time! Get ready for funky action and cool grooves!
Uttabull: is a "Pub chat" Talk show that discusses a variety of topics as you would when your sat in the pub with your buddies. Hosted by Liam, Jason, Becky and Chris. The Next Level Podcast: TNL Podcast saw the coming together of two guys who are into fitness. Liam the Podcast Host, and Geoff, a Beach Body Coach and LesMillsBodyPump Instructor.They Discuss all things fitness, They both know what its like to start from the very beginning, and are here to help you on your journey.Web. http:// ...
Marketing Musician
This podcast talks about how to get more fans, gigs, and music sales. It's by musicians, for musicians.
Here you will find full recordings of some of our gigs. All Podcasts are chaptered so that you can jump to any song in the podcast.
The Global Innovation Gathering (GIG), a sub-conference developed by re:publica, brings together innovation hub managers, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs from across the world. In the last four years GIG has become a central part of the conference programme, showcasing tech innovation and maker projects from Asia, Africa and Latin America. The GIG members have formed a strong community, exchanging information and expertise on innovation and maker issues throughout the year.
Call and share your gig problems, horror stories, or gear / instrument / gig questions, with gig expert hosts Matt Mottel & Kevin Shea.
Gaming podcast with a flip side. Over the hill best mates nerd-out about video games and then flip sides to recommend great music you may have otherwise missed. Podcast is delivered in a casual, conversational style by positive-minded co-hosts while enjoying a couple of craft beers together. They share what's in their pint glasses between the two sides.
Discover the awesomeness of your voice with Freya Casey, professional vocal coach and performing artist.
20/20 is the freshest hip-hop show on planet earth. The concept is simple: twenty minutes, every Wednesday. Five of the tightest tracks. Any country, any style, anybody - as long as the rhymes are tight and the beats are scorching. Totally free - no ads, no signup fees, just great music. It's hosted by Rob One, and in January 2010 the show celebrated its 100th Episode. To celebrate, we became a live radio show as well - broadcasting live on at 7pm GMT every Tuesday nig ...
Check 1-2! Wrap your ears around this monthly dose of awesome live music. Recorded exclusively by triple j, it stars the latest and greatest acts playing some of Australia's finest venues.
To The Future!
RocketJump is an digital movie studio that specializes in original web video content, TV shows, movies, and games.
International Superstar DJ John B with his Weekly Drum & Bass and ElectroTechno Podcasts - Live DJ mixes recorded at gigs all over the world.
Rise to Success
Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and business mentor Merideth Bisiker interviews expert guests who show you that it's possible to find success on your terms - and it usually has nothing to do with making money, though the money is nice. Learn from the pros about how to overcome challenges and create businesses and lives that you love. We show you how to make growing your business easier, even when you have family, a job, and all the other pressures that come with trying to balance it all. New ep ...
Twisted Audio
Melbourne's premier drum n bass events. Check out upcoming gigs, latest event photos, exclusive interviews and the Twisted Audio podcast.
First Love Church
Inspirational input from the ministry of First Love Church
Anyone Can Play Guitar podcast - the show which gives you, the listener, a series of hints and pointers on your journey as a musical artist, via some great interviews with a wide range of people from the world of music. Interviews cover established artists, publicists, radio DJ’s, academics, promoters, and many more as we delve behind the scenes of making music. Along with our own experiences, Ben and James shine some light on the many pitfalls and opportunities that being a musician has to ...
How to Sell More Music, Get More People to Your Shows, and Make More Money in the Music Business...
What Now?
Recently graduated with a music degree, but haven't landed the big gig or got your dream job? Still in school and wondering what options there may be for you once you graduate? What Now? is an interview podcast dedicated to learning about what kinds of artistic jobs people are doing and finding out how musicians have become successful. What steps did they take to get where they are today? Let's find out together!
Red On Red
Red on Red is a weekly podcast series hosted by Mike McGrath-Bryan dedicated to new music and culture in Cork City. Picking up where Green on Red leaves off weekly, the show explores Cork's seemingly endless array of leftfield music, via the city's gigs, festivals & other events, digging into the sounds of the city with extended interviews & premiere listens.
Certain Songs
Welcome to Certain Songs, a weekly music podcast presented by Sam Unsted and John Doree.
God Is Great
On God is Great Samuel, Danny, and Sue gather twice a month as they go through the bible discussing the scriptures from genesis through revelation, focusing on the key points and principles, and how they apply to our lives as believers. No matter what they talk about the one thing that is certain is God is Great!
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SJC’s Graphic Designer With a Front-Row Seat to Industry Disruption For many of today’s professionals, it’s easy to remember life without cell phones or the Internet. Many remember wrestling with dot matrix printers in their early jobs, or waiting for the computer to dial up when it was time to check email. SJC’s graphic designer, remembers tho ...…
Hosts Tom Elwes and Ali Woods are joined by comedian and podcaster Francis Foster to discuss his life's biggest failures. Which include terrible gigs and what the 80s were like.
“If I think back about every conversation I’ve had with HR people and they say to me that, “We only hire culture fit,” then I would like to challenge that. If you only hire culture fit, do you usually hire people who are just like you? And if you hire people who are just like you, it’s really great to find agreeable people, but does that take y ...…
Open Mics give you an amazing opportunity to practice and crowd test songs, but more importantly they give you a chance to get your foot in the door at new venues. A great Open Mic performance could make all of the difference, so play as many as you can!
Dustin talks about his journey from a golf scholarship to studying to be a surgeon and the bartending gig that pushed him into music.
Hear Luke Williams talk about his first house gig playing guitar at Tootsies in Nashville. Also hear his latest song "Curse of a Drifter". If your not already a Luke Williams fan you will be after listening to this episode!
Episode 30: Summer is here and this episode of StreetWyse Sessions will get you right in the swing for all those gigs and festivals! New music on Who's Afraid Of 138?, Future Sound Of Egypt, RazNitzanMusic, Kearnage, and that label that has came from the shadows and is on fire at the moment, Vibrate Audio! Check it out! 1) UCast & Kamelon - Wea ...…
a http://SocialBuzzONAIR.comMy guest this week is Illusionist, Benji Bruce. Benji and I met a few years back at a gig in San Diego and stayed connected. Benji is an accomplished Speaker and Professional Entertainer who started at the young age of 11 years old.Benji has launched an online solution called that helps K ...…
East Coast Radio — Maskhandi hip hop originator, actor, and presenter Zulu Boy joins East Coast Drive to talk about his latest acting gig on 'Uzalo'.
In this Episode we discuss new opportunities, past gigs, and stuff we've learned from other podcasts. Hit us up at !
EPISODE 003 (Switcher Studio)Popular Mobile Live Video Production App with VP of Sales and Business Development Marc GawithWelcome to Episode 003 of the Livestream Deals podcast, I’m Ross Brand. Coming up, you’ll hear from Marc Gawith about the latest developments with Switcher Studio — the new features in Switcher Studio and how Marc is pionee ...…
Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! This we are joined by our friend and local comic Will Hoyer. He tells us about how hot everyone is in Europe and we talk about some upcoming gigs as well as performing for a more…reluctant audience. We also drink shots of tequila and lose an entire segment. Plus, (drum roll) No more infamous glass top t ...…
Ar Sioe Gymraeg Nos Lun y 9fed o Orffennaf, cefais gwmni 'Bwca', neu Steff Rees i gael sgwrs am ei drac newydd; 'Pawb di Mynd i Gaerdydd'. Yn ogystal, cawsom glywed am ei brofiadau yn cyfansoddi, recordio a pherfformio, a newyddion am leinyp gigs 'Gigs Cantre'r Gwaelod' y flwyddyn yma!
Wednesday 11th July saw Craig K talking to a brand new North Wales singer song writer in the Sound Radio Wales, Sound Lounge. Dan Peace traveled down to the studio all the way from Buckley, Flintshire to talk about his life in the world of music. Dan spoke about his music inspirations such as Bryan Adams, being locked out on his first gig, how ...…
Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I am back doing my first love Music again, and also doing live DJ gigs and this is my brand spanking new podcast. Full of lots of hot new tracks with some great new artists to keep an eye on. I hope you all enjoy Rise Again, and it's great to be back. Please like on iTunes and please make comments if you do ...…
For this episode I spoke with Laurie Ruettimann, a writer, speaker and consultant specializing in Human Resources and general workforce issues. We discussed the various ways most workplaces are broken and how to fix them, why she felt she could only change the system from the outside and not while on the inside, and how the gig economy is an ab ...…
The old saying goes, it’s not where you start but where you finish. Chris Rose's first job out of college was a $4.85 part-time gig at a Cincinnati TV station. Now, twenty-five years later, he hosts shows on the MLB and NFL Networks, and is living out his dreams every day. A Shaker Heights, OH-native, Chris transferred in to Miami and immediate ...…
Mistah Wilson talks Pro Dishwashing, Being Back in the Pit, and Finding the right gig! Music by Gabriel Teodros "Outside Looking In" Bing Bing "Luv 4 Me" Bones "The Foundation"
Veteran journalist Krystal Paco's life lately has seen her be ONE BUSY REPORTER. She joins Jason Salas to talk about the less-than-perfect stuff you didn't see in her episode of Cruisin' with KUAM, what it's like to interview the head of Guam's Catholic church, being part of a musical supergroup, being an on-air wife to Jason (and now Nick) and ...…
If you look at the crowd of a venue, often you will find that the people that play there also socialize there. They spent time in the venue, built relationships and established trust.
Co-hosts Andrew James (@OneWhoSeesDimly) and Eric D. (@HopSnobbery) launch Episode 008 of Riff On off talking about what's been keeping them busy over the last five months. Eric D. blames Andrew on his gigging schedule with The Owl Stars. One of the last shows that The Owl Stars performed was at Stone Corral Brewery in Richmond, Vermont. Stone ...…
Robert Lighthouse remembers listening to the Beatles when he was very young, got a guitar when he was 12, and loved Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix. He played on the streets of his home town in Sweden, then moved to the U.S. He says that any kind of art, like music, makes you think. A musician can "put feeling into a note and it goes straight to ...…
Listen to week 24 as I talk about the new assistant gig and it’s effect on me both positive and negative.
Questions from #AskSkylerLive 19:1. Jake Syreini on Facebook: I've been booked as a speaker at a LinkedIn Local event in September and I would really like to leverage it into more speaking gigs. Any advice?2. How do you keep relationships with influencers who aren't in your daily life and aren't in your geographical area?3. How can I come up wi ...…
I'm so fucking over it at this point honestly. This is the third time I've tried uploading this. I'm wasted, and I'm on the clock for this corporate gig, so I really don't give a fuck anymore.****The Staves - Mexico****None of the artists' views are portrayed through this podcast.
In the music business, survival is the ultimate success. Here are the best gigs you could score to keep you free to pursue your passion of full-time industry professional while paying your bills.
Here is the second part of our conversation with Jarron Vosburg and Colin Pigott. We discuss side gigs, how changes in your personal life can change your professional path and much more. Take a listen!
Sarah and Irma talk to Kelly Chakerian - designer, blogger and mom of 4 boys, striving to live a purposeful life under chaos. In this episode, Kelly tells about how she became a mom of four children in just three years! - The surprise Dr. appointment and the technician who couldn't hide his discovery - Identical twins and why her Dr. told her n ...…
What is the Gig Economy? Who is in the Gig Economy? Why should I care? Well, this week’s episode will answer all those questions and hopefully a bit more. With the rise of online apps such as Deliveroo, Uber and Upwork, more and more people are able to gain flexible employment that suits their lifestyle. However, is this a good thing for everyo ...…
In this episode I speak on being versatile and how that can bring more gigs.
We interview Nilsa's childhood friend and “Sextra” from the movie “Shortbus" Janie Martinez @MartinezJanie 01:44 "Can anyone truly know Janie Martinez?” No. 03:34 How Nilsa and Janie met 06:15 And almost destroyed their high school 12:30 Chicago suburbanites marvel at the well funded and versed South Texas hi ...…
Her stage name is Stephie James, but friends and family here in Michigan know her best as Stephanie Hamood. The Nashville based singer-songwriter got her start playing gigs at a coffee shop her family opened near Detroit. Now, after years of touring with big name bands, James is getting ready to release her debut album later this year.…
On the list of cushy jobs in sports, big-time college athletic director is right near the top.Millions of dollars and the finest facilities are yours to command. You get to fly in private jets and eat the best food and on someone else’s dime to boot.Athletic directors also get the power to hire and fire coaches as well as the ability to change ...…
On this week’s episode, we interview Ahyiana Angel, from Switch, Pivot or Quit. Ahyiana shares her story on how she worked from the NBA in PR and decided to make a pivot and switch the direction of her career. Take a listen, as you will be inspired on pivoting when life steers you in a new direction.…
Episode 17 Reid and Stefan talk with lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America (Peaches, Lump) about how the Presidents came together, song writing, and his present gig as children's author and song writer Caspar Babypants. We also chat with Bernard Robichaud who plays Cyrus on Trailer Park Boys. YouTube sensation Bear Vasqu ...…
As you graduate to bigger and bigger venues, they will expect you to bring your own cabling. This may seem like something small, but when it's 10-minutes to showtime this could be a HUGE problem. I see this all of the time, it's the number one thing I see catch musicians off guard when they play a new venue.…
David reveals his valuable insights on new kinds of economic actors called decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) where communities of distributed actors/workers who bring a new form of labor and value to the market- very similar to what we see in hackathons. This is forming the discourse around the second wave of the future of work- fir ...…
Rhett Thompson spends Sunday afternoon at the library. Security Guard side-eye. Excited little kids. Day Job resume. High school employment quest. First job. Library gig. Bill.Email: IG: @TheSkirt IG: @YoPhatGirl Facebook: Blackanese Chick
Saturday 7th July was ALMOST the day that I saw The Strokes for the first time, but it was definitely the day that I met Louise of fame. There was a real rollercoaster of emotions felt at Dingwalls on this sweltering morning, and I just so happened to record the whole thing as it happened. So in this episode, inbetween t ...…
Sheelagh Dempsey has news of a unique collaboration with the Drogheda Orchestral Collective, a bilingual show celebrating Irish song, the upcoming Ye Vagabonds tour and the recipients of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Musicians-in-Residence 2018.
This week DW sits down with actor, comedian, producer and director, Chad Ridgely. Chad Skypes in from LA before one one of his standup gigs. They chat how Chad went from police officer to comedian, actor and director/producer. They recap how they met and their love for sandwiches....oh those sandwiches.Apologize for some audio hiccups. The wond ...…
[My Recent Speaking Gig Fail] It's behind the scenes Saturday and I want to tell you about my most recent speak gig fail... it was epic on all sides, but mainly my fault... ughs. Stay updated: Subscribe and listen: iTunes, Podbean, Google Play Watch the show LIVE: Facebook, Instagram --------------------------------- ...…
On this episode the crew wraps up Joshua with the last two chapters, Joshua gives a look back at what has happened thus far, a look at bad things happening in the world, a few famous phrases pop up, then it’s Gods turn to say a few words. To find previous episodes go to To subscribe to this podcast put this link in your favorite pod ...…
On today's Daily Rant, I talk about the importance of working WITH the sound guy, instead of battling them.
Episode 55 previews some of the great Mckenzie Tapes coming up for the month of July. Tune in to hear live tracks from Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Angry Samoans, Flaming Lips, Meat Puppets, Superchunk, The Replacements, and Boss Hog. These acts played some great gigs spanning from 1987-2000 at legendary venues including Maxwell's, The Stone Pony, Bro ...…
Local news from Chester, including Baby murder suspect from COCH arrested and bailed, Success for massage product rejected by Dragon's Den, Gary Barlow's Forest gig was emotional for him, University graduates open restaurant in garden. (Duration: 46:01)
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