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Chronicling the adventures of the Justice League International era by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis! Hosted by The Irredeemable Shag and an ever-changing roster of guest hosts! Part of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK!
Casa de Haha Podcast
Comedian Daniel Reskin shines an ever-changing spotlight on funny humans. Live stand-up, interviews, travel, life.
Haha Eitan
Haha funnee
Hah hah giggle funneeeee laughs for days. 10/10, best felatsh I’ve ever experienced
free range of teens talking about whatever they want.
Hawaii's Comedy Home
Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller make you laugh hopefully. Bonus eps on Patreon.
Josh and a Lady
Host Writer Actor Ha Ha
AC/DC FANS.NET was introduced to the general public in 2009. The website is built and maintained by hard core AC/DC fans, and as such is an AC/DC tribute site promoting the rock music of AC/DC.Go even further and listen to the FANS.NET podcast!For Those About To Rock, We Salute You!
Funny women, Anna of HaHas for HooHas and Susannah of Whoa Susannah, share funny stories at our own expense. And maybe at the expense of our husbands. And kids. Whatever.
haha funny podcastBusiness inquiries:
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Two life long friends having a back and forth about life and bitches.
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A show about life by two guys who like living.
Stinky Shoes Show
The Stinky Shoes Show is a weekly podcast where Matt and Mike sit down and talk about anything from TV shows, to junk food, technology to pet peeves. Listen or else...
Vine length funny videos, jokes, rants, catch phrases and random humor from the sick minds at Hahaas Comedy Ringtones.
Top Alarms from Hahaas Comedy Ringtones. Search HAHAAS for free ringtone apps & 1000's more ringtones, alert tones & alarms.
Joke Of All Trades
A comedy podcast by 4 long-distance friends. Live music, funny news, & games. Mildly thought-provoking. Not worth your time.
! Ringtones
Joel Haas, a 20 year radio veteran and World renowned comedy producer shares his favorite ringtones from Hahaas Comedy Ringtones. Over 12,000 tones are available in iTunes & many are free! Search HAHAAS.
Crum Bum Podcast
Crum Bum podcast is 4 open micers trying to make it in the stand up game talking about sets they had in the past as well as in the present. Usually the show takes place at there favorite bar in Upland Ca Pualies Pizza Pub
The World's Funniest Original Ringtones from Hahaas Comedy. Over 10,000 tones are available on the iPhone in the iTunes Tones store. Search HAHAAS. Visit for more info.
Sassy isn't just a descriptor, it's a way of life. The SBC (Sassy Brunette Chronicles) is a short lil' mini podcast to supplement my ridiculous blog, On my blog I write about my life and observations, and tell you about some of my favorite (and not so favorite) things along the way. The SBC is where you will hear me talk about some of these things, but mostly just be really obnoxious.
Spontan, lässig und automatisch auch Unterhaltsam.... Hoffentlich
Mission IMPROVable
Mission IMPROVable is the touringest Improv Comedy group in the country. Come on in and hang out with us. So much video!
Without a doubt the funniest radio show around along with Curry and Cleverly Season 1
Episode 1 of PTMYC
Braeden Talks
Talking, Music, and having Fun
Just stuff I say..Mostly while high. Haha But seriously, narcissistic abuse survivors, you might like this.
Black Girl Nerds is a podcast and place where girls of our ilk can express themselves freely and embrace who they are. This is not a show exclusively for Black women, but it is a show exclusively for Nerds! Haha! The end of each episode provides information on each of our social networks and a preview to the next week's podcast topic.
A weekly podcast about MMOS and other stuff to do while waiting on cataclysm and stuff like that.
Welcome to Worst Thing Ever with Dylan and Drew! These two pals have been suffering through life for some 20-odd years. In their travels, they've realized that all things in existence can be sorted into two simple categories: Things that are 'The Best' and things that are 'The Worst.' Some people might say, "Actually I think there's some grey area between those two extremes." Those people are the worst.
Goon Talk
We talk, what about you?
One fine Saturday afternoon, two gentlemen discussed making a ridiculous news podcast and putting it on the internet. THIS is that podcast.
Pierce's Corner
A division of the Open Fly Network
Back That Pass Up
Tune in for a sports/comedy debate show that has a "about to punch your best friend in the face" kind of attitude. Talking about the topics that matter, sports or otherwise. With Josh and Sunny.
In The Bread
The Podcast of Family Vacations!
Join Dan and Danielle as they make fun of Disney sequels in a snarky fashion with lots of special guests. This group of episodes is from the first season. See Season 1-A for previous episodes.
The Dragget Show
Alkali and Xander, a couple of crazy furs, bring the haha and wax chaotic about anything and everything in a comedic fashion. Listen...IF YOU DARE!!!CHECK OUT OUR FORUMDragget Show Forum
Hey there! My name is Jordan and this is a podcast where I sit down with someone new every 2 weeks and ask "What's News With You?" It's that simple! And the answer can be about anything. It can be what's in the news or what's going on in their world. It can be silly or serious or all of the above. (Yay, no compartmentalizing!)
My name is Jenn Swanson and this is my NEWLY re-branded show called Careers by Jenn (formerly The Communication Diva Podcast.) I started podcasting as a hobby in 2012 on the broad topic of communication. At the time, I was teaching Human Relation Skills to college students in the healthcare field, and realized that what used to be "common sense" is not really all that common anymore, because communication skills are not intentionally taught much anymore. I didn't have enough class time to co ...
Welcome to ilove me podcast, hope you guys love it. Haha love y'all ❤
This One's For The Muggles is a Harry Potter based podcast where we ALWAYS (ha ha ha) dream, believe, and wonder.
Just guys being dudes and dudes being guys. Haha! Just trying to make my fans laugh!
This Life
This is a podcast about everything and anything, and possibly nothing.....haha
TinHatTre Time!
Conspiracies and spirituality it's all under this roof! I'm pretty random and loveable haha
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Age Discrimination is real. It would be nice to think people don’t discriminate in any way in a job search, but in reality, they do. So what happens if you are no longer in your 20’s or 30’s and are looking for a job or to change careers? How can you minimize the possibility of ageism in your search? We’re going to talk about that in this episo ...…
David will be suing for defamation in the next couple of months.Snapchat Videos: us on Snapchat!: chavidvsworldSupport the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also av ...…
Our freedom is more than a gift, but what are you going to do with it? Anna & Susannah discuss how to not take it for granted, but multiply it in your life and in others. Enjoy the show!
This is the first episode so more of a trial show for what will hopefully better, Edson AKA king Crum Bum, Frank, Doc Brown, and Josh Karry Garcia sitting at Pulies pizza pub discussing how they got into comedy, why they wanted to do stand up, and basically shoot the shit from there.
Just poop sock it.The Grinch: Shark: the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also available on iTunes and SoundCloud!iTunes - ...…
Feeling stuck in a rut or bored? Looking for ways to improve your performance or even just to get some energy? This podcast will give you 13 ways you can boost your career and open up doors to new things.
Trying to impress people is exhausting and never ending. Man uses things like status to create hierarchies of control, but to God - all of that is meaningless. It doesn't matter how many famous people you name drop, your connections, your title, your status or whether or not you're dating a Kardashian (especially that last part). You're free fr ...…
Cardigans? Nice! Today we talk about Monopoly, the World, and Funko Pops. Today's music was Twin Size Mattress by The Front Bottoms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow us on Facebook: Write to us at: or message us on Facebook!By (I Forgot My Videos Inc.).
You've sent in your resume or had a great job interview, and then you hear nothing. Nada. Crickets. What should you do? When is it ok to follow up and how can you do it without being a pest? Find out in this episode.
In today's episode, we are talking reedom in Christ and what that really means to us as believers. One - we’re free from the POWER of sin - free from shame and guilt. We are no longer condemned God constantly gives us these epic, unconditional love, do-overs - and what we decide to do with those do-overs is what will inevitably give us the wond ...…
Josh and Howard are back in a brand new episode of Cardigans! It has been awhile, but that's because this one's so darn good. In this episode, they resolve an old conflict, talk about Black Panther, and reap the benefits of cryptocurrency! Oh boy! Today's music was Chinese Translation by M Ward ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow u ...…
Tina's a gal I'd like to bring to prom.David vomiting: the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also available on iTunes and Sound ...…
Go to and enter the promo code TINYMEAT to get 15% off your entire order Watch Cody and his mate discuss the Hannah Stocking V Sauce beef. Listen to our new song Stay Safe: CODY NOEL ...…
Is independent work for you? The satisfaction of the side-hustle, the extra income, the nurturing of the creative part of you: these are all reasons to begin some independent work these days. Join me and guest Stephen Warley to have the conversation about why starting something on your own might be the new normal.…
This week we had flooding that went under our floors and seeped into our walls. A crew came out and placed huge utility fans all throughout the basement and turned them on. It’s so loud, I actually thought it couldn’t be happening. I was upstairs in my kitchen and felt like I was guiding a Boeing 757 to its terminal without head gear. Then, the ...…
The dastardly creative Luke Daab joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss Justice League International #20 (Dec 1988)! Big Barda and the JLI finally locate Mister Miracle... on Apokolips!! And while the team is trying to rescue Scott, they also need to save themselves from Darkseid's minions! All this AND the debut of Ty Templeton as regular penc ...…
Customer Retention... how can you - as a sales person or a business owner - make sure that you keep your customers? What makes your service exceptional? Find out in this episode of the podcast when guest expert, author and high end portrait photographer Jeffrey Shaw shares his strategies around attracting and keeping clients.…
How can our body be well when our soul is in turmoil? It can't, and we're kidding ourselves when we think we can live in fear, worry, stress, anger, self-loathing and [fill in the blank with our own terrible word] and expect ourselves to manage healthy bodies. Whenever I hear the song "All Must Be Well" from Liz Vice, my eyes well with tears. I ...…
WE won E3.Support the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also available on iTunes and SoundCloud!iTunes - SoundCloud - @pstpodcastRating us on iTunes is extremely helpful fo ...…
We start this one real dark and wander for a while then pull a heater from right between our butt cheeks in the 4th quarter. Hell yeah. Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL ...…
Does the technology in your job search... make you want to scream? Those forms to upload your resume into, the automated tracking systems that weed out applicants...all of this makes for a sometimes stressful experience. Steve Acho wants to change that Guest Steve Acho joins me in this episode to talk about how to get around the technology in y ...…
In this episode, we talk about the Ilvermorny Houses and who founded them! This episode is only a sneak peak so stay tuned for more!
Today we are going to be talking about all of the underappreciated characters in the HP Universe!
Let me tell you a story. There was a time in my life when I knew I was ready to move forward and do great, big, wonderful things. But I just couldn't get my crap together. One minute I'd be focused with a plan. The next minute I'd be lost, confused and like, "Wait, what am I doing again?" I was doing bizarre things, completely out of character ...…
Search HAHAAS in iTunes for 20,000 Ringtones many FREE!
Listen to us beat this horse to death. Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL
Outside Your Comfort Zone... is a little scary! We all settle in to where we are comfortable, but then sometimes, we get stuck. In order to succeed in career and in life, stepping outside your comfort zone can bring amazing new opportunities....but how exactly can you do it? How to take the leap? In this show, guest expert Andy Molinsky helps t ...…
Grab the younger women in your life and listen to this episode together. Objectification attacks the soul. We aren't meant to be objects for someone else's pleasure. We're meant for greatness. The only solution is the objectification cure. Enjoy today's episode.
You will remember this.Support the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also available on iTunes and SoundCloud!iTunes - SoundCloud - @pstpodcastRating us on iTunes is extreme ...…
We made a new god damn dinger for you all. Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL
How do you choose between two really great career opportunities? How do you choose between two really great opportunities in general? What do you have to weigh, and how what might you win or lose when you finally do decide? Use the principles of Improv In this show, our guest uses the principles of improv theatre to help you to figure out HOW t ...…
We will be talking about the Founders of Hogwarts! And some games at the end!
1 Corinthians 6:19-21 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. It’s that time of year. Time to expose the bat wings and the legs that are in a desperate need of a shave. When we put on shorts and get a ...…
Join me Miami and all together let us move to the sounds of this podcast. Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL…
Interview mistakes can be prevented, IF you know what exactly to prevent! Join Jenn and guest author Thea Kelley in this episode to learn what interview mistakes smart people make and how to avoid them.
It’s time. It’s time to move on. To let it go. It’s time, sister. Get over it. And I say that with so, so much love. It’s been too long. And the weight of it is too heavy. Much, much too heavy. You can’t take it with you where you’re going anyway. I’ve learned the biggest reason we struggle to get over something is because we refuse to change t ...…
Episode 31 available now on our Patreon: Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL…
File recovery date: 5/12/2018, 22:46.Support the podcast and David on Patreon: Bundle Monthly: Bundle: also available on iTunes and SoundCloud!iTunes - SoundCloud - @pstpodcastRating us on iTu ...…
Being Sexually Harassed? When someone says or does something to you - on purpose or inadvertently - that crosses the can be hard to know how to respond. In this important episode, guest expert and author Alicia Dunams shares her exact script of what to say so that both you and the person who has offended can move forward with dignity.…
After the storm, after the healing - it's time to move on up to what God has for you. Even if it looks like a set back or a downsize - with God, all things are worked out for our good. Get ready for a breakthrough!
Professional comic book writer David Gallaher (The Only Living Boy, High Moon, Convergence Green Lantern Corps, and much more) joins The Irredeemable Shag to discuss Justice League International #19 (Nov 1988)! The one true Guy Gardner is back, and it's time for a beat-down with Lobo! Then new members join the JLI! Plus David and Shag cover wha ...…
Tips on how to get cheated on! Episode 30 available now on our Patreon: Bangers & Ass EP: CODY NOEL ...…
Ever find yourself wishing you had a "do-over" as far as your career goes? Does career regret weigh you down? Today's episode looks at some of the top career regrets and how you can turn regret into opportunity.
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