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Harsh Reality
Broadcaster Sean Harshey putting the complicated nonsense of the world into plain English. Current events, cultural phenomena and anything else interesting. Politically incorrect, but still a gentleman. Mostly.
Life is Harsh
This is the Life is Harsh podcast where we discuss sex, religion and politics. I publish weekly conversations I have with various guests with a harsh story to tell.
Interviews with Noise Artists by Roman Leyva
Continuum Drag
The podcast exploring the forgotten and unloved sci-fi television franchises of yesterday. New episodes every Tuesday. Recorded at Astrolab Studios.
A weekly podcast for Bloggers & Digital marketers. Find tips and hacks on latest blogging techniques and listen to interview with industry experts with Harsh Agrawal
The struggles and harsh reality of dating in LA. The comedic, yet bittersweet point of view of two single girls trying to find the happy medium with their love and social lives. Picture the hilarious, raw, and uncut group-chat of your besties come to life on air. Where we discuss love, sex, dating and everything in between
Flash Forward
Flash Forward is a show about possible (and not so possible) future scenarios. What would the warranty on a sex robot look like? How would diplomacy work if we couldn’t lie? Could there ever be a fecal transplant black market? (Complicated, it wouldn’t, and yes, respectively, in case you’re curious.) Hosted and produced by award winning science journalist Rose Eveleth, each episode combines audio drama and journalism to go deep on potential tomorrows, and uncovers what those futures might re ...
We review low rated movies and ask if the critics were too harsh or spot on.
MS Dev Show
THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason and Carl talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the cloud and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.
Gothic Industrial Music - A Podcast featuring the best established and up and coming ebm, darkwave, synthpop, and industrial music bands, artists, and producers.Listen 24/7 at
Hope Arcane Work
Don't harsh my Silver And Gold Cherry Grove.
Hundreds of the years into the future, America has fallen to ruin and neglect. To cope with the harsh realities, the Overseers have made it possible to everyone to plug into their True Reality system, but when the Potreblat Corporation took over, only the rich and influential could stay plugged in.
Pop Culture Role Call is a podcast that is currently reviewing Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the main characters’ perspectives. Each week, our hosts watch from the viewpoint of Buffy, Xander, and Willow (with the occasional guest). They only watch scenes that their character is present in, leaving them with only part of the bigger picture.
Connecting. Growing. Serving.
Discussions about art, games and visual effects
Sermons by San Diego Central SDA
Coin ShakeDown
Adam and his buddy Brian discussing their views on various important topics.
Interviews with extraordinary people engaged in dynamic and inspirational pursuits. Bumper music from the title track of the CD "Pathfinder" by Will Clipman (Canyon Records)
Bay Hope Church
A collection of messages from Pastor Matthew Hartsfield and Bay Hope Church.
A growth mindset is the belief that you can do anything if you work for it.Your host Sam Harris finds remarkable individuals doing extraordinary things and breaks the processes down to show how anyone can achieve anything.He has launched several businesses and travelled the world on various pursuits in the spirit of curiosity and adventure.
FIFA Talk with Hathi will be a podcast that will primarily focus on post match analysis for the FIFA 🇷🇺 2018 World cup. Let's talk football, ehh? ⚽
E O S 1 0
Doctors in space, a deposed alien prince, a super gay space pirate and a fiery nurse who’ll help you win your bar fight. New season three episodes every week.
MindMine Podcast
Authentic and insightful perspectives about our western world.
New Hope Sermons
Pastor Kirby Williams
Dear Hank & John
Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios
EOS 10
Doctors in space, a deposed alien prince, a super gay space pirate and a fiery nurse who’ll help you win your bar fight. #audiodrama from @justinmclachlan.
Michael Manicotti
My name is Michael Manicotti and I am a career artist dedicated to sharing my process of creating music, podcasts, writing, etc. The goal of this podcast is to share my process with you so that you can become a better artist. This is reality based education. Subscribe today.
The insane ramblings of Charlie and his big brown friend Al, who happens to be a dummy. Listen to the Two musicians talk about life, comic books, movies, current events or whatever else grabs their attention. For two straight married guys, the topic of MEN comes up waaaaaaaaaay too often. If you have no tolerance, patience or understanding in regard to satire, criticism or abrasive wit then you should NOT tune into this PodCast.
This show is not for your happy go luck asses. This is real. This is harsh. It is also beautiful. I’m here to take Life on! You people are coming with me. Whether I am angry about the guy coming me off, excited about wrestling, bought another book that I will eventually read in two years, or even try out successful habits. Strap yo asses in.
This is NOT your average inspirational podcast! Get a daily dose of motivation, confidence and inspirational soundbites from Best Selling Author of the Self Help Addict – Daniel Gefen. Daniel candidly talks to you like a friend about his journey as a successful entrepreneur his personal development strategies and daily life lessons. Get ready to boost your confidence, take imperfect action and improve your overall wellness.
Sermons from Immanuel Lutheran in Story City, Iowa
Hello! I review everything belonging to Black Metal subgenre, whether it be an EP, a Demo, or an Album. I USUALLY review each Friday, always at night. For those of you which do not know, Black Metal is an extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal Music, characterized by harsh and screeching vocals, lo-fi production values, usually, but not restricted to, Satanic imagery, and a lot of controversy. Still, it's a very diverse and rich genre, and it personally captivates me a lot. I'll be expressing my op ...
The Vine Madison Podcasts
Ms p speaks
Welcome to Ms P speaks... a walk in my mind.
Ongoing struggle for podium placings, listen to me and my thoughts battling competitive OCR & the harsh reality that pushing on 40 brings with it!
Westminster's ministry extends to individuals and families living around the country and around the world. Our prayer is for our ministry resources to share and promote the Gospel, wherever the listeners may be. Whether you're a local who missed a sermon or a missionary in a remote location, you are welcome here!
Farming on Mars
This is Farming on Mars, a podcast that tells the stories of agriculture on the South Plains of Texas. // As someone who grew up on a cotton farm in the world's largest contiguous cotton producing region and as a college agronomy student, I love hearing stories and learning new things from the people who live in a harsh region that could be said to resemble the Red Planet itself. // New episodes weekly!
Goodman and Moynihan report each week on the people and places caught in the middle, the ones most directly affected by policy debates, war and social issues. The column breaks through the glib clichés, dogmatic language and overall static that has permeated mainstream media coverage. Goodman and Moynihan’s unrestrained commentary from the front lines resonates with a generation that has an uncanny ability to spot the inauthentic in any discourse. The energy and passion for the truth found i ...
You are dedicated and devoted to a life of developing new ideas and innovations. Willing to take calculated career risks achieving independent wealth and success. Then you are ready to experience…The Entrepreneur Effect. The Entrepreneur Effect will highlight opportunities for entrepreneurs in digital marketing through interesting, practical and thought-provoking interviews and monologues on strategic topics such as product, positioning, pricing, packaging and promotion. No matter the econom ...
Crafting Creatives
Everyday we have the power to reshape our world using our creative ability, a pen, a piece of paper, a monitor and a mouse. This podcast will motivate you to get off your ass and do something more AND you'll hear from industry professionals. Love you all, cheers!
Truth and Reconciliation is a forum for the people of Baltimore to discuss the challenges of law enforcement reform, alternative paths to improving communal safety, and how to hold power accountable.Through personal tales of triumph and tragedy, Truth and Reconciliation seeks new perspectives on how to improve the lives of the people of the city through activism, analysis, and actionable ideas.Hosted by Taya Graham, Sean Yoes, and Stephen Janis
100% family owned n operated rock n roll philanthropic quasi-religious borderline-cultish propaganda spreading group of suburban perma-teen mutants releasing rare to well-done records n tapes since 2007!!!
The Soundtrack Of Your Night - Wöchentlich mittwochs begleitet euch der Mitternachtsreigen durch die Nacht.
NOONer with Adam
NOONer with Adam is a comedy podcast that is hosted by a funny man-child. It is playfully dirty and more than a bit mean-spirited. But, it's all in good fun. Each show covers a unique variety of ridiculous topics and obscure current events, all delivered with witty-harsh commentary. And, that's not all... there's original comedy bits and segments too!! Check the show notes for an entire description of each episode. New episodes every Sunday afternoon!
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SODA LILIES"Lazy Susan"Love Cemetery TapesBurger / Wallflower Records (2018)LP OUT NOW:
ENJOY"Small Car With Big Wheels"Small Car Big Wheels Burger Records (2018)LP/CD/CS OUT NOW:
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We talk with Bettina Heim about quantum computing and Q#. Fun with browser console messages. And Google patented an idea from an interview, but they've probably canceled the product already. News I love little easter eggs hidden in console messages, so I made a website about them Company Tried to Patent My Work After a Job Intervie ...…
What should I do about the accordion player outside? Should I take a trip to a strange city by myself? How do I get in the secular Christmas spirit? And more! There are still perks available on the Project for Awesome Indiegogo! Get yours at If you're in need of dubious advice, email us at! Ch ...…
Determine your end game goal Commit to the daily practice Eliminate distractions Grind through the hard task You know how to sell Focus Go Deep Measure your success Hang around other great people Insist on excellence Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes: Visit my website http ...…
[Today on Entrepreneur Effect we are joined by Craig Handley, the author of Hired To Quit Inspired To Stay. Craig structured his company, ListenTrust, with a culture that honors personal values, giving back, and allowing everyone to pursue their own dreams. With his book, Craig can help everyone do the same. In Hired to Quit, Inspired to Stay, ...…
#2 in an Advent Series: Prophecies of the MessiahBy (Rev. Christopher Walker).
Zach Nielsen preaches from Matthew 1:1-17 on A Royal Lineage. Sun, Dec 09 2018.
Time is running out for workers to claim a valuable tax refund they may be entitled to. There is a four-year limit on how far back you can claim tax refunds - and so this New Year's Eve marks the last day that you can claim any tax relief you're entitled to for 2014.
Q Could you tell me what cardiac, orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures co-payments typically arise on? My husband and I are both in our fifties and our children are in their teens. We are currently all insured under VHI's Health Plus Extra plan. To save money, I'm considering moving the family onto VHI's cheaper One Plan Family plan - but I'm ...…
Economic uncertainty can influence saving behaviour and right now Brexit represents a key risk for the domestic economy. However, so far Brexit doesn't seem to be driving stronger precautionary saving. In April 2018, only 4pc of Irish people were saving more as a direct result of Brexit, according to the Bank of Ireland/ESRI savings and investm ...…
David Brophy is one of Ireland's top conductors. He has performed with numerous Irish and international artists including the British tenor Anthony Rolfe Johnson; the late Irish uilleann piper, Liam O'Flynn; Riverdance; and U2.
The head of one of the country's main health insurance providers has criticised public hospitals for "harassing" patients with private health insurance because they view them as "revenue-raising" opportunities.
Forecourt retailer Maxol has been given the go-ahead to knock down one of its petrol stations and an adjoining car dealership in south Dublin and replace it with a five-storey apartment block.
#4 in a Series: In Christ AloneBy (Dr. Michael Rogers).
Have you ever been confused, frustrated, or disappointed with God. Do you ever wonder why your prayers are not getting answered. Check out this message in Week #2 of JesusIn20. Pastor Matthew will help us all grow in our faith by unpacking the angel Gabriel's wild visit to Zechariah.
PEARL AND THE OYSTERS"Kid Manatee"Canned MusicBurger Records (2018) winning a free trip to the ★Ostreoid Asteroid Resort★ (from whence came their name) on the back of a dehydrated cereal box, a joyous society of galactic gleaners began making music together un ...…
The good news is that 2018 didn't see the same spike in abandoned pups as previous years, but that's down to the 'Paws for Thought' campaign which Dogs Trust ran after Christmas last year, says the organisation's Ciara Byrne.
Limits on the height of buildings have been abolished in all cities and large towns in a radical redrawing of our planning laws.
Twilight causes a lot of trouble this time, but only because they have placed all their faith in their new best buddy Debilika. And Torrin and Virt are completely, and totally alright with it. But mysteries await our intrepid characters as they find themselves in Balderdash. Will they be able to solve Debilika's Wight problems? And what's the t ...…
Conservative media is merging or going out of business, Nigel Farage resigned from UKIP and the left is moaning about Bush 41 (who they hated) being the end of the age go civility. Those days are over;Tumblr & Craigslist have had to change because they're being held responsible for bad things others do;Kid Rock kicked out of a Christmas parade, ...…
On the blessed Meat Shoppe-Eve, step inside us, DEEP inside us and discuss a variety of completely unimportant issues! George HWLMNOP Bush's death, our opening at the meat shoppe strategies, the XFL, so much more and of course.....Charlie's fall while playing with Dee Snider this past weekend (he didn't miss a note, and he won't shut up about it).…
The Holiday CalendarBy (Nico Bell).
the dates"any other nite"ask again laterburger records (2019)
Health insurance customers will catch a break this Christmas after Laya Healthcare announced its second reduction in premiums in six months.
By Amy Goodman & Denis MoynihanIn a windswept miners union cemetery north of Mount Olive, Illinois, stands a large monument, marking the burial site of Mary Harris Jones. Mother Jones, as she was popularly known, was a legendary labor activist from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She devoted herself to the cause of workers, from coal mi ...…
Two former directors of Tesco were acquitted on Thursday of fraud and false accounting at Britain's biggest retailer following a 2014 scandal.
Upgrading the national housing stock to make it more energy-efficient and help drive down emissions will cost up to €50bn, Climate Action Minister Richard Bruton has revealed.
Qudos Insurance, a Danish business providing insurance to 50,000 Irish customers, has gone into liquidation. Here's what you need to know next.
Welcome to season 5 episode 13, where lies abound and the truth hurts. Remember that little plot device of "Dawn showing up out of absolutely nowhere"? Turns out she isn't just a true-blue american teenager, she is also a key. key.. for a god? Or, something? That isn't all flushed out yet. What's important is that Buffy didn't jump ...…
Ach, tatsächlich, schon so lange her? Ist No More's "Suicide Commando" wirklich schon 1981 herausgekommen? Und es war ehrlich im Jahre 1983, als wir das erste Mal "Proximity Switch (Accidents In Paradise)" von den Informatics hörten? Waren Depeche Mode wahrhaftig im November 1985 im Studio, um "Black Celebration" aufzunehmen? Ernsthaft? Dabei f ...…
The first in a two part series, we examine the controversy surrounding the fear that a serial killer was preying upon women in Northwest Baltimore.
Latest episode of Ms p speaks
THE FLYTRAPS"Cha Cha Heels For Christmas"Burger Records (2018)
Hosts Jordan and Luke dive into the universe of The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy (or The Osiris Chronicles, depending who you ask) which borrows liberally from Star Trek and Star Wars before it finally finds what its got going for it: A huge gross blob monster.
What happens when the Rio Grande dries up? The river is often overshadowed, at least in the US, by the Colorado River. But the Rio Grande creates the border between US and Mexico, and the water that flows through it is at the center of a looming geopolitical crisis. So what happens when towns, farms and cities on both sides of the border start ...…
Irish Life said it is to cut prices for most health plans in January compared with a year ago, although its customers will see price rises versus December.
FAT EARTHERS"Letter Bomb"Three Chords And The TruthBurger Records (2018)
Creator Series - Interview with Ryan Burke, writer/creator of Coronary comic book We dive into the graphic novel process, working with artists as a writer, how to share your creative works with your audience and much more! About Coronary: "Plastic surgery is free. London is gripped by madness, dominated by cosmetic surgeons, lifestyle coaches a ...…
Why are human babies so useless? What's with Ohio's salad crackers? Why can't I use an umbrella in the snow? And more! If you're in need of dubious advice, email us at! Check out our other podcasts in the WNYC Studios network, SciShow Tangents and The Anthropocene Reviewed. Join us for monthly livestreams and an exclusive ...…
My grandfather taught me how to create miracles. At the age of 13 he was kidnapped and became a slave to the German Nazis. The post 95: How to Create Miracles appeared first on Daniel Gefen.
[Mark C. Perna is the founder and CEO of TFS in Cleveland, Ohio, a full-service strategic consulting firm whose mission is to share and support every client’s passion for making a difference. Mark, a graduate of John Carroll University, has many years of experience addressing industry leaders on the topic of expanding their reach in an increasi ...…
Revealing the timeless characteristics and methods of the persecutors of God's people.
#1 in an Advent Series: Prophecies of the MessiahBy (Dr. John Light).
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