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Featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie's audio messages from Harvest Christian Fellowship and the Harvest Crusades.
Live recordings of the sermons preached at our regular services here at New Harvest Christian Fellowship Manchester UK. For more information visit our website at or email
Follow Ryan Lampers @sthealthyhunter and his wife, Dr. Hillary Lampers, on the Hunt Harvest Health (HHH) podcast. With more than 20 years together, they share their life as a modern family living a simpler lifestyle through hunting, backcountry travel, natural medicine, gardening, exercise, and relationships. They also interview people in the hunting, gardening, food, health, and relationship realms. Ryan hunts, Hillary doesn't, but together they have worked to combine their love for healthy ...
Welcome to City Harvest! Here you will find the audio version of the messages from the weekend services at CHC. We hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the message from God’s Word. If you have a testimony to share, write to us at
Magickal Harvest
Magickal Harvest Radio where life, gardening, eating, and all kinds of frugal and handy tips for life on the urban homestead, is sprinkled with a dash of Magick!
An audio Podcast sharing each weekends sermon at Harvest Bible Chapel in Oakville, ON Canada. Our mission is to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) in the spirit of the Great Commandment (Matt 22:37-39)
Harvest Men's Bible Fellowship is a ministry that has weekly meetings consisting of personal study with both small and large group fellowship (at Harvest Christian Fellowship, in Riverside, CA). Our theme this year is "Victories of God in the Life of Joshua." To download the PDF lessons that correspond to these audio messages visit
Will and Hawes, two long time friends, unite every week to talk about all things Star Wars.
The Podcast for World Harvest Church of Paducah in beautiful Paducah, Kentucky.
Unable to join us on Saturday mornings? Listen online! One of our goals is to spread to the nations, Torah teachings from a Messianic, Charismatic perspective. This podcast is one of the methods we are using to accomplish this. We have listeners in Bermuda, India, Kenya and other locations all over the world! We do ask that you please consider supporting our efforts as we spread God's word through the Internet.
messages and sermons from City Harvest Church
Messages from Harvest Fellowship church in Hamler, OH.
This podcast is for anyone desiring to learn more about the human process of traditional, ethical, economic and delicious livestock processing and eating. Brandon and Lauren Sheard, co-hosts and owners of Farmstead Meatsmith--their small-scale, custom processing and education business--talk all things meat related: from practical knowledge to the philosophical inspiration behind growing, harvesting and eating meat.
Weekly sermons from Harvest Christian Fellowship
We invite and encourage you to join the reading schedule that has so inspired the Jewish community since before the birth of “The Church.” At the same time, we challenge you to read the portions on your own, mining God’s rich, spiritual garden, gleaning the precious nuggets that lay in store for you. A Messianic commentary for each portion has been provided to assist you in your journey to become a more mature child of HaShem. May His Spirit richly bless you as you “Study to show thyself app ...
A Video Podcast sharing each weekend's sermon at Harvest Bible Chapel Oakville in Ontario, Canada. Our obedience to the Lord's command is revealed in our lives as we worship Christ, walk with and work for Him.
This is the Torah Observant "Shomer Mitzvot" series. In Judaism, safeguarding and keeping the Torah is central to performing the will of HaShem. Indeed, as properly understood from HaShem’s point of view, the whole of Torah was given to bring its followers to the "goal" of acquiring the kind of faith in HaShem that leads to placing one’s trusting faithfulness in the One and only Son of HaShem, Yeshua HaMashiach. To this end, the Torah has prophesied about him since as early as the book of Ge ...
Seeking to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), in the spirit of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-38).
The Harvest Eating podcast is devoted to sharing my love of food, family and much more. I talk about recipes, cooking methods, different dietary regimens I have tried.
Harvest Baptist Church is located at 313 Old NC 111 Hwy in Goldsboro, N.C. For more information, find us on facebook, or visit us online at
Get sermons, teachings and more from the Kloof Harvest Church Podcast
God is pouring out his Spirit upon all people (Joel 2:28). The Father is revealing His love though His Word with healing, freedom, and great blessings!
Weekly messages from CIty Harvest Church, OC by Pastor Derek Dunn, Pastor Susan Dunn or one of our amazing guest speakers. For more information on Pastor Derek or City Harvest Church, go to
These 100 podcast episodes represent the archive versions of the complete 54 Parashat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portions) as produced by Torah Teacher Ariel. You are encouraged to visit ( for information about new and upcoming versions of the Weekly Torah Portions. While you are there, we invite you to fill in your name and email address to subscribe to Ariel’s Weekly Messianic Newsletter to receive the written commentaries delivered to you by email, and ...
We invite and encourage you to join the reading schedule that has so inspired the Jewish community since before the birth of “The Church.” At the same time, we challenge you to read the portions on your own, mining God’s rich, spiritual garden, gleaning the precious nuggets that lay in store for you. A Messianic commentary for each portion has been provided to assist you in your journey to become a more mature child of HaShem. May His Spirit richly bless you as you “Study to show thyself app ...
Have you ever wondered what the big draw is to the Bible? Or what the draw is to Jesus? When all that we experience is cold religious exercise, God seems at best like a made up concept. But when we actually meet the God of the universe and see Him rock our world, that is when our faith begins to wake up.Welcome to the teaching ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel Peoria.
Torah Talk, hosted by Senior Pastor Mark McLellan and presented by The Harvest (Kehilat T'nuvah), is a purposeful deliberation that challenges 2000 years of misunderstanding and neglect of the Torah in the Christian Church. The Harvest is a Messianic, Charismatic Congregation in Thornton, Colorado, just North of Downtown Denver. We believe that this podcast will give you a fresh perspective on your life and on the world you live in. Blessings and Shalom!
Harvest Church is a multi-site church in Montana and Wyoming.
I have not stopped thanking God for you. I pray for you constantly,asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of God. - Ephesians 1:16-17
City Harvest Church
Here are the weekend messages from City Harvest Church.
We hope you are encouraged and blessed by the teaching of the Word!
Belong Believe Become Build
Welcome to the Harvest New Beginnings Audio Podcast. A new podcast will be added every week. "Subscribe" to stay up to date with the latest message from Pastor Scott Poling or one of our guest speakers. Visit, for additional information about our church.
Bishop Colin Nyathi is the founder of Harvest House International Church which has over 300 churches with a vision for 1000 churches by 2020.
Harvest Recruitment’s Seeds for Success Show is designed to help proactive managers, attract, select and retain the right people for their organisations. Gain insights from employers about their employment experiences and hear from experts in recruitment and human resources to help you grow and manage your business.
The Harvest Time audio podcast offers relevant messages for living in the world today, brought to you by Lead Pastor Marty Sloan.
Welcome to the Astral Harvest Podcast!The podcast is the epitome of eclecticism featuring a series of interviews with individuals who are or have been involved with the festival in some way. Discussion topics include music production, spirituality, health, yoga, DJing, diet, art, poetry, shamanism, performance art and all things festival culture! As far as interviewees go, we like ‘em weird and brilliant, just like our Harvesters! Happy listening, folks!
In my opinion as one who embraces both Yeshua as Messiah as well as the Torah of Moshe as a practical guidebook for everyday living, I believe historically, the book of Galatians has misled Christian commentators due largely to the technical discussions of biblical topics ranging from circumcision, to the Torah, to freedom in Christ. Rav Sha'ul (a.k.a. Paul or Saul) uses quite a number of technical phrases and words in this letter and these terms, when removed from their original 1st century ...
Harvest Bible Chapel Philadelphia sermons
Weekly sermon from the Lead Pastors at Harvest Bible Chapel. Current series, verse-by-verse through Colossians - Satisfied : Christ for Empty Hearts.
The latest feed from Harvest Bible Church on
You can listen to HCM's sermons (Madison, Wisconsin). Every Sunday services and other special occasions are recorded and uploaded on our website http:// and on itunes.
Preaching audio brought to you by Harvest Bible Chapel St. Louis - St. Louis MO
This is the official podcast for JC Harvest Investments!! Much Love. Hope you enjoy.
Harvest Podcast
Harvest exists to glorify God by equipping Christ - Centered leaders to transform the world.Harvest is the English Congregation of Vision Church16796 Davenport RoadWinter Garden, Florida 34787Phone: 407.654.3908Fax: 407.641.9132
The Feasts of ADONAI are dress rehearsals of Messianic Redemption. Our LORD Yeshua has literally and prophetically fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23; it is my belief that the Torah teaches that he will, likewise, literally and prophetically fulfill the final three at his soon to be second arrival. As the children of Avraham willingly and faithfully lived out HaShem’s yearly cycle of “mo-eydeem,” the Spirit of the Holy One graciously opened their hearts to ...
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Today's 2-minute sound-bite with Pastor Greg Laurie.By (Greg Laurie).
On this week's episode of The Awful and Awesome Entertainment Wrap, hosts Rajyasree Sen and Abhinandan Sekhri cover the Patriot Act episode by Hasan Minhaj on India's elections, Netflix shows Delhi Crime and Cricket Fever, a short film, and a lot more. Holding the conversation baton, Abhinandan kicks off with a rant on the quality of short film ...…
We all like the "3 easy steps to this" and the "4 simple steps to that." We like practical. Well, Pastor Greg Laurie brings us the steps to spiritual failure. . . and how to AVOID them! We'll look at the downfall of Simon Peter, and how to escape his fate.By (Greg Laurie).
For some believers, it may be just enough for them to experience the presence of God when they are at church. But for some, they cannot get enough of the presence of God—they want to dwell in His presence perpetually. Which category of believers do you belong to? Once we have a foretaste and an encounter with the very presence of God, we will n ...…
Today's 2-minute sound-bite with Pastor Greg Laurie.By (Greg Laurie).
On his last album, 'Are You Serious', the always inventive Andrew Bird drew inspiration from monumental moments in his own personal life, including getting married and having a son. And now, on 'My Finest Work Yet', Bird zooms way out on humanity across history's timeline, seeking insight about our current age, in a way he hopes "stays above th ...…
When life takes an unexpected turn, or we've just made the biggest mistake of our lives, we're left wondering what our future will hold. Pastor Greg Laurie offers some important encouragement for those uncertain times of life. It's a good reminder to trust our merciful God.By (Greg Laurie).
How do you stay sane when there's so much heavy new around?
This episode is chalk full of great information on PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma for regeneration of tissues of the body. We talk about a number of topics related to skin, sexual function, hair regeneration and orthopedics. To learn more about PRP and how it can help you follow some of the links below. There's some sensitive info here- forewarning. ...…
Today's 2-minute sound-bite with Pastor Greg Laurie.By (Greg Laurie).
This week, a plan to spray antibiotics onto orange trees, and is it time to retire statistical significance?
Are you facing some stress today? Are doubts or worries or fears at the forefront of your mind? Pastor Greg Laurie helps us see it's never a mistake trust an unknown future to a known God. Get help for your situation right here.By (Greg Laurie).
The truth and accuracy of the Bible is often called into question by those yet to believe, including scholars. By strictly looking at the facts, Josh McDowell, author of the bestseller Evidence That Demands A Verdict, reveals the foundation of the Bible and shows why the Old and New Testaments are even more accurate than popular classic texts f ...…
Today's 2-minute sound-bite with Pastor Greg Laurie.By (Greg Laurie).
To read this answer on, follow this link:
At some point, we all come to a moment where we have to make a decision to get to the place God wants us to be. In today's message, The Crossing, Pastor Kareem Singleton gives us a gut check into the harsh reality that we all must have the courage and conviction to get over our own personal hump in the road. Joshua 7:10-13.…
Was Judas really a betrayer or just. . . misunderstood? Pastor Greg Laurie investigates the interesting downfall of Judas Iscariot, and helps us learn some practical lessons. Listen online to find out more.By (Greg Laurie).
A marine biologist has pulled 16 rice sacks out of a whale's stomach in the Philippines.
A go-to argument for many critics of Christianity is "How can an intelligent person believe that Jesus was raised from the dead?" Renowned apologist Josh McDowell demonstrates how he challenges such a question with an invitation to refute the resurrection of Jesus and to document their findings. Listen to this sermon and find out how everything ...…
Acts 4:32-37Acts 5:1-1103.17.19
Today's 2-minute sound-bite with Pastor Greg Laurie.By (Greg Laurie).
In a continuation of our current series "Ethos" pastor Bud Beverly talks about the ethos of Generosity - a characteristic of God that can flow out of us into the culture. Visit us at Harvest Community Church in Kingsport, TN as we continue the series next week at 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am.
Ask anyone in Dublin to recommend a pub with traditional Irish music, and you're likely to hear about The Cobblestone. For our last World Cafe dispatch from Ireland, we pop into the cozy spot in Smithfield and can immediately see why this place is beloved by locals, tourists and musicians from far and wide. It's warm and welcoming with a big, l ...…
There's something extra special about going to visit an artist in the place where it all began. On our recent trip to Dublin, Paul Noonan, lead singer of beloved Irish band Bell X1, took us on a walking city tour to show us some of the spots that have been important to the band over its 20-year career. We started off on Clarendon Market where t ...…
To the world, living a life dedicated to God may seem like a waste of energy. But to those of us who walk that path, we know it's the most fulfilling life there is! Pastor Greg Laurie shows us the dedication of one woman who made an extravagant gesture of worship toward the Lord. We'll learn from her example.…
What are we doing to curb far-right terrorists in Australia?
Harvest Community Church, a Community of Worshipers, Committed to Christ, Commissioned to Serve & Called to Pray without Ceasing!
The Gospel of John John 8:12-29 Harvest is a church where we love to worship God together, where the transforming message of the Gospel is preached weekly, where authentic community can be found, and where we are intentional about making disciples of Jesus Christ. We’d love for you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. or 10:45 a.m. For mo ...…
Philippians 2:19-30 1) Successful ministry is pursuing the interests of Christ. a) Demonstrating the mind and love of Christ. b) Unity in Christ. c) Making disciples of Christ. d) Witnessing for Christ. e) Abiding in Christ. 2) Successful...
Dan Saladino travels from Brixham to Tokyo in search of Bluefin tuna. In recent months there have been more sightings of the endangered fish in British waters but does that mean we can eat them?The Bluefin is the rarest, most valuable and at risk of the seven tuna species found around the world. Found in three main stocks around the world, in t ...…
Weekly Service - Audio Only Weekly Service - Video Civil Governments and officials that tread on the religious rights of God’s people usually live to regret it
2019 review of ElvisIverson Podcast and looking forward to future Podcasts in 2020 & 2021 & 2022 & 2023 Supplication International Ministries
Learn about coming wealth and financials...
Praying Apostolic Prayers for the Church with Elvis Iverson Apostolic Prayer Cast Episode One
Learn about teachings, Ministries, missionary life of Apostle Elvis Iverson
Learn about your fellowship with the Trinity....
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