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Podden för dig som lever för börsen. Inget bolag är för stort eller för litet för att synas av Börspodden. Vi ger vår syn på aktuella bolagshändelser samt pratar om vår egen handel - högt och lågt!
Under min journalistiska karriär har jag granskat och uppmärksammat tusentals kriminalfall. Jag har mött förövare, utredare, vittnen, men framförallt har jag mött de som direkt eller indirekt utsatts för brotten. I poden "Fallen jag aldrig glömmer" kommer jag att berätta de historierna som har etsat sig fast hos mig. Vi kommer få möta de personer som varit centrala i dessa omskakande händelser.
The 401k Owner's Manual with George Huss. The one they couldn't put in your 401k enrollment packet. Profit from these tips on how to rank your 401k investment options; how to set up a portfolio; and, how to let your winners run and cut your losses short. ( The book is now available on Amazon ! Print on demand or Kindle! Grab your own copy now, at: )
Podcast by Hausa
Daily Hausa radio programs produced by Adventist World Radio
The place to find monthly 3LAU HAUS mixes
HUSS is a deep, nudisco and tech house DJ that plays dance floor tracks, hypnotic beats, and any style that completes a captivating session with amazing track selection and smooth transitions.
www.dopehaus.fmVancouver's underground urban radioCJSF 90.1FM - biweekly SAT 9-10pm PSTHosted by Chico Mendez
The hit NYC based character comedy show is back at it again with an all new Podcast, Haus of Mimosa: The Podcast! Join the boys behind the girls (Travis and Steven) as they talk about all your favorite pop culture topics, provide some hysterical sketch comedy with their Real Housewives of Queens segment, and Drag Talk all with their gal pal, Michelle Bessoir (BahShwah). Every show comes packed with "coochie poppin" music from our very own DJ Anita B. to keep you going through out your day. f ...
Schafer Haus
The Band Schafer Haus is original Rock and Roll Band from Chandler, AZ founded in 2012 by brothers Scott and Kyle Schafer. The two brothers created this podcast to showcase their songs while providing a platform for all the incredible art and music being made by their talented friends and fellow artists.
Guest HausMusic Discussion PodcastHighwaters, Deodorant Child, Change Boi (fka Beep Beep)
PEOPLE OF Sara Kauss
South Florida Photography Studio
Virgo Hause music
Welcome to the Virgo Hause music podcast, where amazing things happen and good music
Mixes and exclusive music by the Haus & Baum artists.
Dedicated to the art of DJing by SOL Vibes
Podcast by Sam Hauser
A selection of my finest tunes mixed together in a compilation for your listening desire.
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HAULG_AWRX_20180623_7By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180622_6By (AWR).
This mix features a diverse array of instrumental and rap hiphop music and is mixed by Haus & Baum's own khaderbai. There is no particular theme, but the groove that drives it. It assembles newly released as well as already older, established music. This particular mix has been originally recorded for the SMK Setblock on GDS.FM. SMK is an entic ...…
Our Twitch Moderator and previous guest Pyskee (Pyska, Pyskato, Psykato) stands in for Change Boi. We talk about Kids See Ghosts, the sPORTS, and stick to our newly printed agenda so you know it's a suuuuuper efficient podcast, beginning to end. Oh and we play fyyyyyyyyyyre* picks.Guest Haus is not affiliated with Ja Rule or the legendary shit ...…
HAULG_AWRX_20180621_5By (AWR).
Mostly Canadian house music from Vancouver based producer @kardanomusic.1.) Just Kiddin, DiRTY RADiO - My Life (Extended Mix)2.)taco Caniza - Dance (Original Mix)3.)Apollo- DISCO PARADISE (ft.... www.dopehaus.fmBy (Chanel Klein).
När resten av Sverige stänger ned för fotbolls VM så jobbar Börspodden ännu hårdare. Dels de självklara börsspaningarna där klädbolagen står i fokus. Afound, MQ, Kappahl, you name it och de har det i lager. Dessutom kommer Catena Medias VD Per Hellberg förbi kontoret på en halvspontanare.
HAULG_AWRX_20180620_4By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180619_3By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180618_2By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180617_1By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180616_7By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180615_6By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180614_5By (AWR).
The Original Schafer Haus Crew reconvenes for another session of hilarity as Hans Reverb and Chris Creamy make their triumphant returns! The Crew Reminisce and Discuss: Distilling Spirits, Astrology, Getting Shocked, Physical Therapy, Instagram, Lawn Darts and Crazy Berlin Nights!
I ett ovanligt optimistiskt avsnitt har Johan hittat två spännande sommarcase där botten nalkas. John spelar upp en radioteater av högsta kvalité som inte får missas. Atlas splitas i två och Börspodden benar ut vad som gäller. Dessutom har John hittat ett PE 1 köp. Missa inte!
HAULG_AWRX_20180613_4By (AWR).
Historical market data has identified a number of tradable investment strategies. Get a quick market update and discover what’s working now. Remember, there is hope. Don’t miss episode 267 of The 401k Owner's Manual !
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HAULG_AWRX_20180610_1By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180609_7By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180608_6By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180607_5By (AWR).
I veckans avsnitt tar Johan tempen på konjunkturen inför kommande rapportperiod och funderar också på hur den senaste värmeböljan kan komma att påverka siffrorna. John går igenom sin flygplansteori och applicerar den på preffarna och berättar dessutom om hur hans affärer gått på slutet. Lyssna!
HAULG_AWRX_20180606_4By (AWR).
@latenitelovin joins us in episode 17, and it's our most technically advanced/complicated stream yet! We play the picks, plan for our Mr. Musk collab, and of about Drake and Pusha T.Check us out on our next stream at and follow us on instagram for clips n snippets: @guesthausltd…
Another Twitch streamed recording! Ricardo the intern starts his first day, Change Boi get's an HP sponsorship, Deoderant Child reveals Grimes' true identity, and Highwaters discusses Ikay Gundogan's Cliff Curtis mustache. Catch us on the stream next time and follow us at
This got left on the hard drive, halfway edited....but it's here now!
Beep Beep still hasn't watched Stranger Things 2 yet, the boiz reminisce about Trunk or Treat, and the episode's extra SPOOOOOOKY cuz this was recorded on Halloween!!!!....last year!
Guest Haus 013 by guesthausltd
Guest Haus 012 by guesthausltd
This could be the best or the worst episode ever, we don't know. Highwaters gets greedy for the last pick and pays the silver price (tequila). There's also a name change! Cuz we're outta the room and in the HAAAUUUSS!!
HIP HOP GUEST ROOM!!! Ok like 80% Hip Hop, thanks to our guest/host Pyskee (we recorded in his living room so like he was the host that was the guest, and we were..the guests, hosting....). We talk about Flatbush artists, Better Caul Saul vs Breaking Bad, and Pyskee's pet snake Kung Fu Kenny. TEN EPISODES!!!Follow us on Twitter, and Instagram @ ...…
Instagram #fujiframez master E.T. joins us in the Guest Room. We have a long discussion about the Feel It Coming music video by Warren Fu, what makes the Gorillaz so great, aaand of course FIRE PICKS *HYHYHYHYPE HOOORRRN*E.T. Instagram: @etrav
008 ft Content for the Cultured is now up! Our guest brings the #unddeephaus, supporting Spotify for some reason and we all make awkward jokes followed by awkward silences (cuz it's 6:30am). And there's PRIZES!!!Follow the IG @shhGuestRoom to see the PREMIUM PRIZES!!
Sleepy time in the Guest Room! But fire picks to keep us awake. Yet another night of Bar Smith rooftop dancing and 4am podcasting. Shh, we live with our parents.Check out our Instagram and Twitter, for pictures and future streams: @guesthausltd
This week we got special guest Pomo in the Guest Room! Not the Canadian Pomo, our friend Pomo...not saying we wouldn't be friends with Canadian Pom-anyways, music is played, a real question gets asked, not a real answer is given, and Beep Beep Is Russian!
Beep Beep gets a new name, while his picks cut out. Highwaters has the hiccups, and well everybody talks about how much they LOOOOOOOOOVVVEE the CHAINSMOKERRRSSSS!!! BWAH BWAH BWAAAAAHHH! Oh, and music is played.
SCAHTTSDALE!! It's sleepy time in the Guest Room, after Dancin Ourselves Clean, and street tacos, the squad records it's latest Guest Room ever. Enjoy the picks.
Ayo Mystic! It's the Tan Hüt Boiz uncovered from about...4 months ago. Team Valor gets bashed, most coveted artist pick goes to Gavin Turek, and there's just constant audience appreciation. Squaw.
The hipsters recover from a funky ass Breakbot show and an entire day of Jose Cuervo, Rollercoasters, and dangerously large pizzas. Dropping their cards, who's got the most FIRE!!!??? Also Highwaters interrupts everybody.
Guest Room 001 - 4:27am
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HAULG_AWRX_20180604_2By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180603_1By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180602_7By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180601_6By (AWR).
HAULG_AWRX_20180531_5By (AWR).
Schafer Haus chats with Best Selling Author and Fitness Guru, Nate Palmer III. NP3 shares some of his hilarious stories traveling in Central America and gives us his refreshing takes on: The Ketogenic Diet, effective fitness routines, the proper way to hydrate when drinking and how to stay in shape wherever you are! Instagram/Twitter @n8trainin ...…
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