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Join us as we journey through the preaching ministry of Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon! (sermon audio)
Now Hear This Entertainment features interviews with guests who are having success in the entertainment business, with the content presented in a way that not only entertains fans of that guest and fans of good music interviews in general, but in a manner that educates musicians, singers, songwriters – entertainers who want to learn from those who are being interviewed each week by Bruce Wawrzyniak, president of Now Hear This, Inc. The guests come from a wide array of genres and locales.
This is Hear Me Out, the podcast where Winston Noel and Alden Ford, along with a special guest each episode, explore the songs we love, no matter what literally everyone else says. We are not music officials. We are not music critics or music snobs. We are unqualified on every level to provide any cogent analysis of why a song is good or bad. All we know is, there are songs we just can’t stop loving, even though the world passed its harsh judgment on them long ago. So every episode we sit do ...
Music is never done. It's always changing. And within music there are genres, subgenres, instruments, record companies, concerts, venues, streaming services and sounds that impact our lives in some way. We talk about it here.
Now Hear This is a night of people coming together to hear and tell stories. The stories can be funny, moving or silly, all in a few spellbinding minutes.
It's like Fresh Air for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. Find out what's going on in the world of Sherlock Holmes, including pop culture, Sherlock Holmes societies around the world, and a reflection on how this great character - from William Gillette to Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone to Benedict Cumberbatch - has inspired generations of dedicated literary and non-literary types alike. Entirely interview-based, IHOSE airs twice a month: on the 15th and 30th. Subscribe today - it’s elementary!
NPR: Hearing Voices
Hear Me This Book
I haven't read that book that you think everyone should read. I haven't read many books at all. I know HOW, I just read many other things and do other things and STOP JUDGING. So, I'll have guests tell me their favorite book and what happens and why I dumb for not reading it. Enjoy.
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Hear even more English at: English with 'Hear English', and the 'Full English Experience'. With our original, interesting and, above all, free English listening resources, learning English no longer has to be dull.
I Hear Voices
What's it really like to hear voices? Join Alice as she introduces you to the people in her mind. They all have names and personalities… and they’re not easy to ignore.
We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.
The God Zone Show trains you to live with God’s heart and in His power and authority as you help others to do the same. You’ll discover tips, methods, and wisdom from Paul's conversations with strategic influencers and people with compelling stories and actionable resources – these are ministry and business leaders, movers and shakers, heroes and heroines, persons of great bravery and those with great compassion. Topics include Family, Business, Community, and Ministry Leadership; Personal D ...
Hear Cincinnati
Hear journalists and reporters share the stories behind some of Cincinnati's biggest news stories. Hosted by WCPO Digital Content Manager Max Alter.
A Podcast for AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead TV Series
Must-Hear Music
Billboard staffers discuss new music from artists across a variety of genres.
We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.
We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.
We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.
We know it's impossible for you to come join us at the metaphorical office water cooler to hear what we talk about in the newsroom. That's why we created the program: Hear in Taiwan. Tune in every weekday for a panel discussion with the news team to learn about the stories that caught our attention but did not quite make their way into the nightly newscast.
Make more sales and earn higher commissions by learning directly from real estate's top performers! Counting more than three-million downloads from over 100 countries, Real Estate Rockstars is the industry’s most trusted, most popular podcast. With a new guest on each episode, you’ll learn from up-and-coming agents, seasoned brokers, real estate investors, and more. Robert Kiyosaki, Barbara Corcoran, and David Osborn are just a few of the many notable guests who have shared their industry ex ...
You Need To Hear This
"You Need To Hear This" is a weekly podcast from writer, artist, and researcher Leigh Peele that takes a new approach at teaching the lifestyle and art of "self-help."
A podcast that digs into the stories of a place, listens to the people who know it best, and goes places you ever expected.
Hear Nebraska
Hear Nebraska is a nonprofit cultural organization that cultivates the state's vibrant, fertile music and arts community. By providing resources and a voice for bands, artists and members of Nebraska’s creative class — as well as the businesses that support them — Hear Nebraska strives to make the state a globally recognized cultural destination.
Hear The Voice
A place to hear adult works from "The Voice" of niteflirt and myhottalk fame.
live radio and podcasts
Hear The Turtle
What’s up Terp fans? The Maryland Athletics Media Relations Department is excited to bring you “Hear the Turtle” a Maryland sponsored podcast covering all things Terps. We hope this podcast will give you an inside look at Maryland athletics, where we’ll share news, stories, results and insight on your favorite Maryland teams. In addition, we’ll have interviews with coaches, student-athletes, staff and Maryland personalities to provide you some behind-the-scenes coverage of the people that ma ...
Too Loud; Didn't Hear
There comes a time in life when a voice will be heard, uncovering the message of truth. Energy is the magical ingredient for all healing, moon magic, crystals, tarot, law of attraction and oh so much more! Come join me on my Quest for the Magic of Life ~ for there are magnificent hidden secrets to discover.
A show where 3 guys with absolutely zero authority to do so, talk about the unexplained, the very explained and the not quite totally explainable. In a way that will almost certainly convince you that you're not listening to 3 people with far reaching interest in the occult, alien abductions, true crime and all the things crazy people want you to think is true but probably isn't, speculating wildly.
You'll Hear It
Jazz musicians Peter Martin & Adam Maness give you daily tips on how to develop as a jazz player. Listen for a combo of actionable advice and occasional humor in just 10 minutes a day. From Open Studio.
Hear What Happened
Smart and sassy recaps of the Real Housewives. Currently recapping Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7.
Hear the Spear
Hear the Spear presented by NoleGameday.
I Am Hear
I Am Hear features interviews with people active in the RPG community. The people featured are podcasters, artists, musicians, game designers, crafters, and so much more.​ I Am Hear is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters, and what they want to see in the various RPG communities. I Am Hear is ME. It’s sa ...
Hear Her Sports
Female athletes share secrets to speak up, live with power & confidence, and do amazing things. Hear Her Sports podcast covers successes and challenges of exceptional women in sports.
Join Coach Nick Hauselman as he tackles the current issues in today's political climate as well as dives deep into the latest in culture. Think: movies, books, music, and more. Can You Hear Me Shaking My Head is a gesture that both expresses dismay and awe - be prepared for both.
Tips, tricks, advice, articles, and music lessons about playing by ear from musician extraordinaire and online teacher, Jermaine Griggs.
An ill-conceived podcast where you'll listen to Jer, Lindsey, and Wes discuss the things that matter to you most.
YA Hear Me?
A podcast dedicated to Young Adult Literature
www.areyouhearingthispod.comWe are a podcast featuring Jago M. and J. Smooth. Bringing you our take on Sports and Entertainment. Our conversation consists of NBA, NFL, college sports, music, and movie reviews. New pods drop every Monday & Friday! Always safe for work!
The Hearing – a legal podcast from Thomson Reuters – is a discussion about interesting things with interesting people. All those interesting people just happen to have a connection with the law. Hosted by lawyer and social media commentator Kevin Poulter, The Hearing lives up to its name by delving into anything and everything: telling the stories of trailblazers within the industry, uncovering the latest insights in legal innovation, and discussing the topics that matter to the people withi ...
Hear Ye
A muted 3 way conversation exposing a fuckboy turns into a 10 years + sisterhood.Join Be. and Tan as they discuss the good, the bad, the petty…and everything in between.
Hearing God:Developing a ConversationalRelationship with GodThe recordings below are from a conference led by Dallas Willard andBill HeatleyatSt. Peter's Anglican Church in Birmingham, ALAugust 5-6, 2011
New comedy theatre plays and serials recorded live before an audience.
This is a look at the world from an entertaining lesbian that lives in the midwest.
The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee works to educate policymakers on critical Internet policy issues. With funding and logistical support from the Internet Education Foundation, the Internet Caucus Advisory Committee hosts regular debates to discuss important Internet policy issues. Since its founding, the Internet Caucus Advisory Committee has built a membership of over 200 organizations from a broad cross-section of the public interest community and the Internet industry. ...
Now Hear This is a night of people coming together to hear and tell stories. The stories can be funny, moving or silly, all in a few spellbinding minutes.
2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of Blue Note Records, the most-respected and longest-running Jazz label in the world. Join Blue Note Records each month as we bring to life the history of this legendary Jazz label spotlighting one iconic artist at a time. The finest in Jazz since 1939 is available at
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It’s time for you to shed and emerge from the cocoon of old stories and past experiences that have held you back. Look back at your life, embrace the darkness of your past, find closure. Once you, and only you, can do this you’ll be able to spread your wings and fly. Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to contact me at ryan@gsdmediagroup.c ...…
On this week’s Cultural Frontline we explore how the LGBTQ+ community shape dance culture around the world. The Bassiani nightclub in Tbilisi has been a rare safe place for Georgia’s LGBTQ+ community to dance freely and express themselves but in May 2018 it was raided by armed police. Many Georgians saw the police raids as an attack on their fr ...…
MESSAGE SUMMARY: We can come before God on behalf ourselves and others -- intercessory prayer. You and I are given the privilege of following Moses example when he prayed to God on behalf of his people in Psalms 102:1-2: “Hear my prayer, O LORD; let my cry come to you! Do not hide your face from me in the day of my distress! Incline your ear to ...…
From fainting during his first dental extraction to becoming a widely recognized speaker, author, and dental leader, Dr. Tarun Agarwal has a great story to tell. Dr. Agarwal has blossomed into a leader in dentistry and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and News 14 Carolina. Dr. Danny Domingue and Dr. Justin Moody sat down with Dr. Agarwa ...…
This week's episode is an interview with Rebecca Shukla, who is one of the founding activists on Swing Left's team in Texas' 7th congressional district, where she is working to elect Democratic candidate Lizzie Pannill Fletcher. Swing Left is an organization seeking to help Democratic candidates in crucial swing districts around the country. In ...…
Membership in the family of God. Have you ever really stopped to think about the magnitude of that idea? We have become so used to hearing it that we risk taking it for granted. But Paul wanted the believers in Ephesus to understand just how radical a change had taken place in their lives. They were once enemies of God, deserving of His judgmen ...…
last week the crew put together a bit of a plan. This week they go forward to try and get the last bits of information to make their plan fly. Unfortunetally they run into a bit of an impossible to see complication. Also we are approaching our 6 month anniversary I would love to get some questions sent in that I could sit down with the cast and ...…
Thank you to everyone who is listening!!!! We are so grateful for each of you. We hear from many of you and it brings us such joy to see the positive impact we get to have on the children. Thank you for taking the time to let your children listen and hear God's word. Our prayer is that they begin to grasp just how much God loves them, that they ...…
TIME, PRODUCTIVITY and GOLDFISH: WHERE’S THE CONNECTION? Getting things done Key responsibilities of executives include setting priorities, investing resources wisely, making sure the organization has a culture of execution. Everyone is an executive of something—be it an entire farming operation, a team at work, my household, or just my own lif ...…
Learn Czech with! Our Czech vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we’ve made it even better! In each lesson, you’ll hear the Czech words and phrases from the Czech vocabulary lists. Join us for Czech Vocab Builder!In this lesson, you’ll learn the names for People Personality. Click here to make your own flashcards [...]…
Learn Mexican Spanish with ! Our Mexican Spanish vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we’ve made it even better! In each lesson, you’ll hear the Mexican Spanish words and phrases from the Mexican Spanish vocabulary lists. Join us for Mexican Spanish Vocab Builder!In this lesson, you’ll learn about Adjectives That C ...…
We’ve reached the Midsummer Classic as we’re more than halfway into the baseball season. A lot of todays’ chatter will swirl about what’s going on around the diamond in Major League Baseball. Manny Machado to the Yankees? Are the Bombers looking for an ace pitcher? Bullpen help? Will the Mets pull the trigger on trading Noah Syndergaard or Jaco ...…
Michael Alago shares stories about Metallica, Metal Church, the Dead Boys, Ether, Bill Aucion and more in our first interview. Then we hear from Andy Boulton of Tokyo Blade. The final interview is with Harrison Marcello from Tempt. Follow Talking Metal on Instagram and check out the website TalkingRock.Net. Thanks!…
Will Clarke of Poo~Pourri – a company making essential oil sprays to neutralize bathroom odors – gave the best speech you may ever hear about taking a dump… and how 1 video can lead to millions of sales... The post How One Profitable Ad Can Go Viral & Change Your Business Overnight w/ Will Clarke appeared first on Freedom Fast Lane.…
Angie and Mike kick off the week with a breakdown of the Trump-Putin meeting, including special analysis from former congressman John Laboutillier.To hear more from Angie and Mike's daily show, click this link.
HAPPY MONDAY MOTIVATION! Welcome back to the weekly podcast... NO MORE EXCUSES! I appreciate you listening & sharing this podcast as well as connecting with me on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the Insta! Last week I travelled from Indy to Seattle back-to-back days for a team building event. It was tough as I was up 21 hours on M ...…
David Portnowitz and Graham Potter are joined, in-studio, by Colin Johnston, industry expert and Executive Vice President of Strategic Channels at Star2Star. Colin details the history of his telecom experience from his start with voice systems, to owning his own interconnect company, and working a variety of sales channels at Star2Star. We keep ...…
Garth Trask is a highly innovative 1st grade teacher at Jeffers Elementary in Spring Lake, MI. In this episode, Erik talks with Garth about the idea of live broadcasting classroom activities for others to see. All K-12 teachers should hear and consider this incredible strategy to break down the classroom walls and invite families and others in! ...…
Exclusive interview part two with Mr Miles Brown of the HIT TV SHOW BLACKISH.. hear as we speak to him and our friends from the Disney Dream Academy. See why it is so important to have your child apart of this wonderful academy.
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px} This episode, my boy Jay Lovell came by the crib. He’s played with me in El Famous, as well as Red Novella and I Can Hear Myself Levitate, and is also a new dad. We chat about his upbringing in Hawaii ...…
Big Trey is here to stay!
How you start your day sets the tone for the day. Get a great start everyday.Website Coming soon!Www.howtoquitdrugsforever.comInstagram@howtoquitdrugsforeverEmail HowToQuitDrugsforever@gmail.comAll questions concerns,Im looking for individuals who are in recovery, work in the field or are professionals. Please message me and we can arrange a me ...…
Hey Listeners! Just wanted to give you a taste of what we've got on YouTube! It's called "Ten Minute Takes" where Cherrae and I let you know whether to pay full price for a movie or just wait for Redbox. So go to YouTube and search "TCAD", subscribe and join in! Can't wait to hear from you!!
How can you not get excited hearing this?
During Thursday's Strzok Hearing, Democrats were OUTRAGED when Louie Gohmert crossed the line from the professional into the personal by commenting on Strzok's adultery. My question is, why didn't they react the same way to EVERY SINGLE STRZOK TEXT? Strzok did the exact same thing! Where's the outrage? Senate Democrats are demanding promises of ...…
Hold on to your hype it is time for the latest episode of Not Enough Resources! Right now, we are in improvement mode, so we are asking you what you want to hear more of from us? Follow us on Twitter @NERPodcast, and send us your comments and suggestions! You can subscribe to Not Enough Resources on iTunes or Google Play. Now Playing – Dylan is ...… | In this debut episode, we’re talking about what it means to Get Real- Ready and Equipped for an Authentic Life of Victory. Join Amy Elaine as she talks about what it means to live a life of victory. Joshua 1:9 encourages us to be strong and courageous. Amy Elaine shows us some unlikely ways to victory using the D.A.R.T.S. ...…
COLUMBUS, Ohio — A second day of rallying and speeches on the Ohio Statehouse grounds by union members from across the Midwest, on Friday. The union workers are fighting to save their pensions, administered through the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, many of which are ...…
I was interviewed by Nika from the Young & Ambitious Podcast all about my entrepreneurial journey, overcoming fear & limiting beliefs as a young entrepreneur + finding the motivation to achieve your goals and go after your dreams! (& we also talked about lots more haha) Hope you love this episode! Young & Ambitious Podcast: ...…
“I’m Billie Jean, and I’m mad as hell!” Sometimes the cheap records are the best. Of course there had to be an answer record to MJ from BJ ala the Real Roxanne, and Lydia Murdock’s “Superstar” is everything we could want. Looks and kind of sounds as if it was done on a shoestring, but that’s okay, because she has a new Mercedes and a penthouse. ...…
This month Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers presents on 'Apologetics 101: Seven Truths of the Church You Must Know To Defend Your Faith'. Deacon Harold is a dynamic Catholic speaker, radio host, and best-selling author, making him one of the most sought-after speakers in the Church today. He is a powerful and passionate evangelist and preacher from t ...…
Today I learned that I need to suffer in silence. Looking back this summer I’m dissapointed in the way I went about raising money for my tuition. Though the intent was pure I would of did it differently. Walking up to people’s homes, knocking on their doors, and asking for money is extremely obnoxious. It’s poor behavior. And I won’t ever act l ...…
Hear all of those songs your gonna dance to tonightBy (DJ Fly).
This week we discuss Trey Gowdy's collapsing head at Peter Strzok's congressional hearing; meanwhile the President goes overseas to drive our once closest allies even further away than ever before.
At long last...The wait is over...Episode 305 of The Artist Connection Podcast is here! My guest today is musician Jason Klahr. We have been friends & brothers for 36 years and I am so excited to share his story with you. We start at the very beginning and discuss his earliest musical influences, his time in the US Navy, the places that he has ...…
“I cannot wait for [Viserys] to take on Khal Drogo, because he is gonna eat shit and die.” Tyrion I – Ned II In this brand new Game of Thrones podcast from Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop in New Orleans, host Candice Huber discusses the Song of Ice and Fire series along with her mom, Gail, who is reading it for the first time and has absolutel ...…
Theater critic Michael Bourne says he enjoyed the return of a show off-Broadway, he just doesn’t know what it is. Click above to hear Michael's review of Mummenschanz.By (ddoyle).
Subscribe, rate, and review on Itunes!The husband and wife team of Shane and Anastasia sit back and talk about how crazy their week was of trying to adult and also raise 3 young kids.Follow us on Facebook. We want to hear from you!…
The multi-award winning Josie Show welcomes special edition guest Heidi Parton. Tune in to hear an interview with Heidi by multi-award winning host Josie Passantino. On this special night you will also hear a couple songs from Heidi's new album. Josie and Heidi will also chat about her upcoming special performance at the 2018 Josie Music Awards ...…
JayLand Radio Show 024 with Missy JayWelcome to this edition of JayLand, a weekly Radio Show presented by Female DJ Missy Jay.If you wanna hear your tracks on JayLand Radio Show send your demos/promos at #HappyPeople Here we goo! XTracklist is not available for this episode.
In this episode of Awaken the Guardian, Gerritt is joined by his wife Melissa. The couple have a real and raw conversation, as they recount what has led them to this point in their marriage. Hearing both sides of the journey through losing trust, connection, and their relationship, can be illuminating. It is time to take action and realize that ...…
FEEL THE RHYTHM! Rawle Dee stops by the studio to crack jokes and talk about his life - from Trinidad & Tobago to stand up and his life in films. Listen to Rawle tell stories of growing up and getting beat up in America, bombing on stage and his experience in movies with Kevin Spacey. Oh, and Rawle was one of the stars of a little movie called ...…
MPR #7 - Top Secret This one may not be that funny, but one things for sure... It's got classified information on it. Well, maybe not. Aaron just sort of told some stories that really no one needed to hear about. Interesting regardless. Enjoy this episode of MPR and share it with your low life friends. Subscribe…
Yeah...sometimes, times can be a little tough. After a crazy 2 weeks we're back! Probably could have used one of the practitioners mentioned in this weeks show. But ive only got 2 nephews. It would end up being too close to a Sophie's Choice sitch that I would just give up.
New Life Worship Church in Dallas, TX Speaker: Pastor J Kyle Perry
Alright, guys, I have to confess something that you have probably never expected to hear from me:UPWORK SUCKS.Whaaaaaaat? Did Matt Laker just say that? The guy who is talking about how you can make a lot of money on Upwork in every second video?Yes. I did. But I have my reasons for it.First of all just to clarify that: You CAN build a business ...…
“I have the best job in the world. If I’m unhappy, it’s a failure of imagination.” - Anthony Bourdain *This episode follows up on the audio essay released Thursday July 11, 2018* Show Notes: This week #atctshow takes an honest, personal look at just exactly it means when a filmmaker tells other filmmakers to take risks. Combining personal stori ...…
Snap-on associates in Algona, Iowa are proud of their work manufacturing the highest quality tool storage units. Hear about the history, experience and commitment our associates have for creating Snap-on tool storage masterpieces.
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