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The Amazon Seller Podcast is brought to you by multi million dollar private label sellers who share the information and experiences that they use every day. Join Andy Slamans and Liran Hirschkorn as they help you to become a better private label seller on Amazon.
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We hear from the founder of Wind Pouch coming up in this episode.
We team up with Stephen Peterson of to bring you this episode about private label selling on Amazon.
Today we break down how a valued Inner Circle member has already broken-- the $1 million sales mark this year. All while working an average of two to three hours on his business a day. He has mastered how to have time freedom. All coming up in this episode.
We're talking important lessons learned from Amazon seller, Kevin Rizer and his Amazon journey coming up in this episode.
The Amazon marketplace growth program, campaign manager, tariffs and tips all coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.
AMAZON SELLER PODCAST EXCLUSIVE discount on Viral Launch's Kinetic PPC tool with code 'LHKINETIC19'. We're talking Sponsored ads with special guest Casey Gauss of Viral Launch.
We’re talking sourcing in China, pricing strategies, and negotiating with your China suppliers. All coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.
Are you worried about patent issues for your new Amazon product? Or maybe you want to file your very own patent? We have what Amazon sellers need to know all coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.
We switched things up in this episode in here from special guest, Steve Howe and some of the lessons he's learned after making millions in his entrepreneurship journey. And then nearly losing it all. All coming up in this episode.
Are you doing everything in your power to become a sponsored genius? We're laying out how to get the blueprint to sponsored ads in this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast.
What are the advertising strategies you should be looking at in your Amazon business to maximize ranking and optimization to save money and get more sales? We’re talking Amazon PPC essentials with Liran, all coming up in this episode.
What are the takeaways Liran got from talking and listening to million dollar Amazon sellers and billion-dollar brand owners at the recent SellerCon event? All coming up in this episode.
The production process is one of the most crucial times during your physical product business, but why do so many sellers straight up fall asleep at the wheel? We have lots of great tips about this coming up in this episode!
In his solo episode, Liran's gives us the Amazon roundup and how you can best prepare for Prime Day.
We have five actionable customer service related tips to help you win over the Amazon competition. All coming up in this episode of the Amazon Seller.
We're talking recent Amazon updates and the current e-commerce opportunity as we witness the growing appetite for Amazon. All coming up in this episode.
We're talking with Liran about his recent experiences with seven, eight and nine-figure sellers, and some of the lessons he learned in this episode.
What are the challenges of having a successful Amazon brand or products? We're covering five of them in this episode.
We're covering 10 common mistakes that people make when they're outsourcing and hiring other people in their business, with special guest Nathan Hirsch from FreeeUp. All coming up in this episode.
In this episode of the Amazon Seller Podcast, Liran and Nathan discuss what may be causing sellers to get suspended recently as well as their experience from visiting the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China.
We're talking the takeaways you can learn from Jeff Bezos in his recent letter. And also how to apply it to your business. Coming up in this episode.
In this episode Andy & Nathan discuss what type of products they see working well for private label sellers in 2019.
Are you taking the right steps to outsource parts of your business and hire virtual assistants? We're covering 5 steps to do just that in this episode.
Casey Gauss, Founder and CEO of Viral Launch, joins us for a special guest podcast episode to explain some amazing new data reporting from Viral Launch.
We're talking about the Prosper Conference, ASD, Seller Fulfilled Prime and more coming up in this episode!
Pricing strategies for new private label products, and how to defend your existing PL business from price erosion.
What are some of the most common 5 myths about selling your Amazon brand? We cover these misconceptions that could cost you big money and much more coming up in this episode.
When it comes to your private label listings, you may want to consider optimizing them like an outsider. And we'll explain why, coming up in this episode.
Should you buy a brand on Facebook or a listing for sale that you see on Facebook? We often see people selling their brands or products on Facebook. So we're covering what to look out for if you're considering buying a brand this way. We cover what to watch out for on this episode.
Building an audience for your brand can have some major benefits. In this episode, we cover some specific strategies for creating a following and audience around your private label brand.
We're talking new data, some sellers are getting access to within seller central. And the account metrics you want to pay attention to all coming up in this episode.
We're talking PPC and the latest dynamic changes in strategies for sponsored ads. We're going to get into the latest changes to Campaign Manager of Seller Central and areas that you need to be looking at in your account. This is all coming up in this episode.
What are the major benefits of visiting China to source your next private label product? We cover those benefits coming up in this episode.
In this episode of we bring in sales tax expert, Paul Rafelson, to discuss Amazon sales tax and how it impacts us as Amazon sellers. We go over the changes that have been occurring in different states through the marketplace, along with the automatic collection of Amazon sales tax.
Our Private Label Blueprint course opens up in less than a week. Still not sure what the course will cover? We go over that and some Bonus offers in this episode! Make sure you are signed up by January 11 and get ready for the show!
What does Casey Gauss of Viral Launch have to say about recent search volume changes? And about ranking and launching new products on Amazon? You're about to find out in this Special Guest episode.
How can you get past the private label hurdles or get to the next level of your business? We'll cover what it means to be a part of a positive, high-level community of private label sellers. And how essential this can be to your success.
We're keeping you in the know with sponsored ads updates, and the most recent campaign manager features within seller central. How can you better understand how to best utilize them all? We'll show you.
Are you utilizing these two methods for finding new private label products? We're covering this along with some of the latest topics going through our own inner circle group, all coming up on this episode.
We talk about 3 REAL private label products that Andy and Liran have personally sold on Amazon. Listen to this episode to get an idea of some of the products we've done in the past. And some of the mistakes we've made along the way. Also, learn why launching new products on Amazon doesn't have to be hard!!…
Thanks for joining us for our 100th episode! We've had a lot of fun recording 100 episodes now of Amazon seller content. And we really appreciate all of you who have been listening to us for a while now. Those of you who have shared this with your friends and groups. And given us a lot of really encouraging feedback over almost the past two yea ...…
Happy Thanksgiving! While you're sitting around waiting for your turkey to brown up just right, we thought we could share with you our 2018 Amazing Freedom Top 10 Reasons Why We're Thankful To Sell on Amazon!!
Product display ads, product targeting campaigns. Do you have access? Are you using them? Don't miss out. We'll cover why in this episode.
We're talking about the nuts and bolts of your Amazon business in this episode. We're getting into the nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of your business. Some of the processes you need to put in place to avoid unnecessary costs leaking into your business and ruining what you are starting to build.
There are an incredible amount of product opportunities out there for Amazon, so how do you prioritize those opportunities to maximize your success? When you are doing product research and searching for suppliers on Alibaba, and especially after visiting suppliers in China, you need to prioritize your opportunities. Check out this episode where ...…
Andy and Liran recorded this episode straight from Hong Kong after speaking at the Global Sources Summit and attending the Canton Fair. After 2 weeks in China attending both Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Canton Fair and also the Global Sources Summit, Andy feels that he has moved his business forward 6-8 months+ from where it would be if he had not ...…
What do you do if you have a product that just isn't selling as fast as you were hoping. We're gonna go to our slow product checklist coming up in this episode so you can sell more on Amazon.
Amazon has recently come out with an update to their product review policy. We go over the updated TOS language involving reviews coming up in the episode.
Quality Control! It's crucial to your private label business and one of the biggest challenges for brands. Today we're giving you 7 best practices for quality control.
Headline Search Ads! Are you using them? Are you testing them the way you should be? And are you regularly optimizing them? We go over some actionable strategies for you to use in your business with a deep dive on Amazon headline ads.
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