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After a two month hiatus In the Dark is back. On this episode David is joined by William Ramsey, who is the author of Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, now available on amazon.
Podcast by Hoard Illuminati
The Podcaster’s Illuminati Show is a show where many of the top podcasting pros come together to talk about the ups and downs of the business as well as different topics of today.
CHANGEGUILD helps individuals and organizations enhance their #changemanagement capabilities to navigate a complex and chaotic world.
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Adam, Gregg and Christel are joined by special guest John (OBDAOG) and Adam's feed is apparently running through Topps servers. Excitement over new cards and a new build are tempered by frustrating lag and a slow experience caused by......loading......loading......And John shares how he came to own a completely unique card in the SWCT app.13:45 ...…
Adam and Christel take advantage of Gregg who is recovering from eye surgery. He knows nothing like Jon Snow except not as good looking.2 - Hoard Updates6 - Marathons in a minutes10 - Quidd13 - Card Explorer15 - Terror Cards18 - F1TCG22 - Huddle27 - Star Wars Card Trader48 - Slam53 - Final Thoughts
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.......Adam, Gregg and Christel take a look at the all time lows (Quidd) and the all time highs (Star Wars Card Trader) in a truly memorable week in the digital card apps all around. Now with estimated time markers to find the discussion of your favorite apps easier!5 - marathons in a minute9 - ...…
Gregg, Adam and Special Guest Canadian Trevor share a really expensive card, A giant comic book, a game used hockey puck and a punk poster of love.
Adam, Gregg and Christel are joined by Trevor in the distant land of Canada from an especially wide ranging discussion! This week we cover the card apps as per usual then take a jaunt into the wildly popular world Pokemon Go to talk about what's happening there. Hey, it's digital and there is trading so it fits! We also hit Huddle and hockey Ha ...…
Adam returns from his vacation all sunburned and he still has the vacation beard. Gregg is covered with itchy wasp stings and Christel is tolerating all of it somehow. We cover all the week's events in the various Digital Card apps too
Adam is on vacation so Gregg and Christel go rogue and do their own show! Gregg gets stung half to death by wasps and doesn't gain any cool wasp powers. Total ripoff, man.
Adam,Gregg and Christel share treasured artifacts from their collections including some very cool exclusive Bounty Hunters and homemade lightsaber replicas.
Gregg has a cold now and blames Adam. Our special Guest John (OBDAOG) is not to blame but should expect to be sick by next week through the miracle of podcast technology. Christel is feeling fine.Typical.
Adam, Gregg and Christel are joined (briefly) by Adam's wife Jennifer and form the ultimate power couples in the universe of digital cards. Lightning shoots out of their fingers and stuff, it's crazy.Adam has a sore throat but soldiers onward for you, our loyal listeners. He cares that much.
Gregg, Christel and Adam are joined by our Special Guest Monkey (MonkeyVain) sharing Star Wars Pewter, Original Comic Art, A crusty old comic book and a Giant Star Wars Evolution card/poster!
Gregg, Adam and Christel are joined by special guest Monkey (MonkeyVain) all the way from South Africa for a special show where they basically do the same things they always do and it is in no way special except Monkey has a cool accent.
Hey man, you gonna finish that 6 year old Pepsi? Adam Shares a BIG Lego build, Gregg shares a favorite book and Christel shows off a collection of Pepsi cans and relates a tale of soft drink terror.
Our 20th Episode! Adam, Gregg and Christel discuss the week that was in digital card apps and throw rocks at the big kid's treehouse then ride bikes home as fast as they can and eat baloney sammiches and hope they don't get beaten up for it later.
Adam and Gregg are joined this week by special Guest Jennifer to share treasured collectibles from the world of Racing, Star Wars and....preschool toys? Trust us, it's more interesting that it sounds. The story is the thing, not the item.
Gregg, christel and Adam are joined by Special Guest Jennifer (JenLeo) for a weekly look at the wild world of digital card trading apps and Gregg lays out a crazy moon plan for world domination that Christel completely ruins.
Gregg and Christel share a multi year, multi signature Firefly Poster project and Adam shows off a HUGE Star Wars playset from their personal collections.
Adam, Gregg and Christel race through the week's events in digital cards and into a new app that is about racing cars.
Gregg, Adam, Christel and Special Guest Dan share items from their personal collections including Star Wars Film Cels, Signed comics and music memorabilia and mysterious original comic book art.Stay tuned after the credits for a stinger featuring Tony Stark and nick Fury. Or the Frog Evacuation Team.…
Adam, Gregg, Christel and special guest Dan Anderson go through another wild week in the digital card collecting apps and even make up a new one when they run out of ones that exist.
Adam met Elvis Costello and all he got was this lousy T-shirt.Signed by Elvis Costello!Christel had a thing for Captain Apollo and has the books to prove it and Gregg has rings made for children in a tiny coffin but it's not weird. We swear.
Gregg, Adam and Christel run through a wild week in the world of Digital card apps where nothing is permanent. not even your trades!
Gregg, Adam and Christel roll out some items from their personal collections that are actually made of matter and atoms and stuff. This week we look at the Expanded universe series of action figures, a Shrine to Devo and a series of collectible Pins from Her Universe.
Adam Christel and Gregg catch up on what's been going on in the card apps for the last couple weeks. Gregg drank too much coffee. Christel laughs at the boys and their backpacks.
Adam, Gregg, Christel, Dan and special call in Guest Ric Bors share items from their collections and tell spooky stories while eating smores and drinking sodie pops. Total sugar rush man.
Adam, Gregg and Christel are joined by Dan (Dsigil) for a wide ranging, discussion about Star Wars card Trader Discovery Card Quest, Terror Cards and the catastrophic week in Quidd.
Gregg, Adam, Christel and Rich play show and tell with items from thjeir personal collections. All the items discussed can be seen @hoardcast on twitter!
Adam and Gregg are joined by Rich E (Kasper11) for a wide ranging discussion of all things digital cards until Gregg turns into a total rage monster.
This week we look at cools stuff from the collections of Gregg, Christel, Alan and Adam. Real stuff that you can touch! (please don't actually touch our stuff)
In this episode Adam, Alan, Christel and Gregg talk about Terror Cards, Quidd, Huddle, Bunt and Star Wars. Then they all turn into werewolves and it's done with really cool special effects by Rick Baker.
On June 1st, 2018, the Minnesota Change Management Network transitioned to its 5th board of directors. To commemorate this epic event, CHANGEGUILD’s Dan Olson sat down with their outgoing and incoming Presidents Stacey Ferguson and Scott Yager, to pick their brains on a wide range of topics.In this unfiltered conversation, Stacey and Scott they ...…
Super size catch up episode with everything from NeonMob and Quidd to Terror Cards, Slam, NHL and beyond! If they make a digital card for it we probably at least brushed the surface on it this week! Sponsored this week by Goober Ride Service and Now that's What I call Podracing! #36
We are joined by Kasper11 for a solid hour of digital card talk and the last 35 minutes are all about Solo: A Star Wars Story. Spoilers aplenty so be warned. Solo talk starts at the 1 hour 3 minute mark.
Gregg christel Adam and Alan go through a HUGE week in the world of digital cards from Star Wars card Trader, terror Cards, Discovery Card Quest and all the Topps Apps except UFC because that straight up suuuuucks.
ObDaOG joins us on a turbulent Vintage Thursday where nothing much happened. nothing much according to plan that is!
Kasper11 joins Adam and Gregg for a look at this week in the various digital card apps, then Padme1138 drops in to scare Gregg with Abandoned Asylums.
We Discuss the week in digital cards and are joined by an actual woman of Star Wars( Padme1138 ) to talk about the new Women of Star Wars Marathon.
We are joined by special Guest Alan (TatooineDawn)for a wide ranging discussion of the week's events in SWCT, Terror Cards, Quidd, Discovery card quest and we even mentioned Kitten cards of all things!
Adam, Gregg and Dan talk hoarding, Swap shops. Solo Premiere, Jar Jar concept, Heritage foul ups bleeps and blunders. Quidd, Discovery card Quest and even a Funny joke in Terror cards.
Adam and Gregg are joined by DanXanJo and discuss Bunt, Quidd, NeonMob, Discovery Card Quest and Terror Cards. Oh and Star Wars Card Trader. Yeah, mostly that.
Podcast #2 covering Lightning week in Quidd, Melds in Star Wars card trader and Discovery Card quest and guest host John OBDAOG talks Bunt but refuses to do so in an Italian accent.
Trial Run at a Podcast with Adam and Gregg talking Star Wars card Trader and the secret to cooking organic free range Porgs to the perfect golden brown.
Episode 4 Kinte & Yardley talk with a panel of podcasters and ask them why they do what they do? 9/20/17HostsKinte Fergerson @KinteFYardley @militant_marker GuestsKeenan Higgs Gene Turnbow from Krypton RadioPatrick Voss
With the onslaught of fake news and Internet trolls, it’s nice to know there’s a champion for good out there - someone who advocates leveraging social media for learning, and is actively creating an authentic and trustworthy voice for the Change profession. Today on the Change Illuminati Podcast, I get to talk to this champion, Paul Thoresen. F ...…
In a world of specialization and focus, David Quimby stands out as a voice in the wilderness for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. In my opinion, his deep and diverse background in multiple domains, as well as his success as an entrepreneur and thought leader, makes him not only the world’s most interesting man but also the world’ ...…
After a two month hiatus In the Dark is back. On this episode David is joined by William Ramsey, who is the author of Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order, now available on amazon.
I don't know what to say, here's the new podcast, geezy drops by, honey badgers, squid, super tasty rooster. oh and some music stuff.Dyl Thomas - Hat Down, Sweater OnDOS4GW - ChatterLukey Cage & Aoi - Journal of RorschachMr.DNA - Smashed (Yes/No/Maybe remix)(chit chat)Aoi - Arts RoughageYes/No/Maybe - ComaDust Storm Jogger - Road RagingX in O - ...…
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