Best Inclusive Design podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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The Design Better podcast delivers insights from the world’s most renowned design leaders, empowering teams to transform their practice and build remarkable products. This series is hosted by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery and brought to you by InVision, the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. Discover more best practices, research, and resources at
The Design Better podcast delivers insights from the world’s most renowned design leaders, empowering teams to transform their practice and build remarkable products. This series is hosted by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery and brought to you by InVision, the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. Discover more best practices, research, and resources at
Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices.
Revision Path
Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators. Produced by Glitch, Inc.
Wireframe reveals the stories behind user experience design, for UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and the design-curious. Hosted by Khoi Vinh, principal designer at Adobe and one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, the podcast explores unexpected ways that user experience design helps technology fit into our lives.
Design for Voice
Learn how to build quality voice experiences from industry leaders and pioneers with Design for Voice. The goal is to help designers, developers, and strategists with understanding what makes for good design practices and how to bring them to life. The show is hosted by Jeremy Wilken and includes guests from Google, Mule Design, VoiceFlow, Invoked Apps, Grand Studio and more. Support this podcast:
A podcast about the stories behind interaction design. For UX/UI designers, graphic designers, and the design curious. Hosted by Adobe principal designer Khoi Vinh. Brought to you by Adobe and Gimlet Creative.
Gamification design for business results
Design By Committee
Design By Committee is a live, call-in show answering your questions about UX, product design, content, research and anything else releated to tech, hosted by two industry veterans with two decades of experience designing, building and launching tech products.
The Huddle Show
This is Huddle's podcast about design, people, service design, strategic design, meaningful work, humanity and just a whole bunch of stuff we find interesting. Huddle is a strategic design firm founded in 2009 to do meaningful work and positively affect humanity.
A single question sparks a focused interview with a creative leader. Host and Graphic Designer Evan MacDonald invites a variety of creatives including designers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, photographers, and others who use creativity each day in their work. Each conversation sheds light on a small corner of the creative world. The show seeks to bring forward stories and insights relevant to all creative people in a spirit of inclusion and a belief that everyone has something to add to t ...
A podcast by SYPartners about designing a future that’s made for all of us—and the best in us.Design, at its heart, is an act of service. It’s the work of solving problems for the benefit of others.But the world’s most complex challenges require something more comprehensive than our existing design frameworks. Climate change, migration, food distribution. The future of work and education. Bigotry, tribalism, and inequality. How do we design for problems that exist on a global scale? Problems ...
This Anthro Life
This Anthro Life is a conversational and interview podcast exploring humanity's creative potential through culture, design and technology. Join anthropologist Adam Gamwell and friends as they venture into the countless possibilities encountered in everyday global life, from the designed world, future hopes, and myths of how things came to be. From Missing Link Studios in Boston, MA. Support this podcast:
Innovation Hub
Innovation Hub looks at how to reinvent our world – from medicine to education, relationships to time management. Great thinkers and great ideas, designed to make your life better.
Innovation For All
Innovation for All explores how diversity and inclusion are impacted by innovation and technology. Long form interviews with experts in tech, design, AI, and business.Is Facebook really a monopoly? How can remote work get more diversity in tech? What’s in the terms of service we usually ignore? How can we build inclusive, human-centered AI?Host Sheana Ahlqvist created Innovation For All to help technologists and entrepreneurs make more inclusive products and businesses and think more critica ...
Let us take you to the exciting space where science and technology meets art and design; where impossible dreams are shared, new role models are made and under-represented voices are heard. We’re talking about Inspirefest, the unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts with inclusion at its heart, which takes place annually over two days in Dublin, Ireland. Inspirefest: The Podcast lets you listen back to insights from the Inspirefest stage and hear behind-the- ...
On the Inside Intercom podcast you will hear the team from Intercom interview makers and do-ers from the worlds of product management, design, startups and marketing.
A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking, from politics to media to environmental sustainability.
Big Ideas - ABC RN
Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues
Good Company
Good Company (@goodcompanyzine) is a weekly podcast about the intersection of creativity and business. Good Company provides motivation, inspiration, practical advice, and a vital sense of connection and community for creatives at every stage of life. Each episode of Good Company will focus on honest, open conversations about the ups and downs of creative life. (Theme song by Lame Drivers
We are bridging the cultural gap for careers in art + design. Our interview episodes dive deep into community, tactics, and mentorship. We share candid conversations with the best in Design about what it actually takes to have a seat at the table and see your ideas come to life. No fluff. No ambiguity. Mild cursing.So, whether you're knee deep in building your own design business or just a lover of fine art, this is a place where you can come to elevate your mindset and skillset as a designe ...
WARDROBE CRISIS is a sustainable fashion podcast from VOGUE's sustainability editor Clare Press. Join Clare and her guests as they decode the fashion system, and dig deep into its effects on people and planet. This show unzips the real issues that face the fashion industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity.
The McKinsey Podcast, our new flagship podcast series, takes you inside our global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations realize their most important goals. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.
Marketplace Tech
Hosted by Molly Wood, “Marketplace Tech” demystifies the digital economy. The daily show uncovers how tech influences our lives in unexpected ways and provides context for listeners who care about the impact of tech, business and the digital world.
Ladies on Ludlow
want to know what it's really like being a freelancer in ny... having a creative-mind... fighting for sustainability... going on that self-love journey... growing up in a different culture than all your friends... or battling with mental-health? or maybe you totally know what that's like and you are looking for people you can relate to? your host, Madelaine DeRose is a freelance art director and stylist, mothernature-loving, vagabond at heart, with a self proclaimed napoleon-complex, ever ch ...
Welcome to the Wise Women Podcast, designed to inspire by introducing you to creative women living abundantly. In this weekly podcast, we cover topics from entrepreneurship, to creativity, leadership, mindfulness, goal-crushing and everything in between. Most importantly we always share seeds of wisdom and thoughts on living abundantly in hopes that you'll recognize the wisdom within yourself.
TED Talks Business
Some of the world's greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, and business researchers share their stories and insights from the stage at TED conferences, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos for free from that features interactive English transcript, and subtitles in as many as 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Interviews with content strategy experts: enterprise, UX, product, content design, content marketing, etc.
Plastic Grass Square
Plastic Grass Square, brought to you by the team behind blueegg Experience Design, is a podcast about being human centred in our work practices and daily lives. We are, after all, not the user. Join us as we chat to folks about how they apply human centred approaches to their lives.
Stories and interviews from people on their coding journey.
Are you looking to better understand and apply innovation theories, methods and tools? Do you need to think about your business or industry in a different way? Join the Sherpas as they conduct spirited conversations and tell compelling stories to guide you along your innovation expedition. Get your gear ready! Business Model Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Strategic Partnerships @SherpaPod @HealthPodNet Music Credit: Aurus Audio
Empathy Podcast
Explore how seeing the world through different perspectives helps you effectively solve problems and live a better life. Designing your thinking with empathy at the center helps you connect with others, generate innovative ideas and facilitate successful outcomes – elevating the human experience. In each episode we talk with experts from diverse fields to explore how principles of empathy are put into practice. Join us and discover patterns of empathic engagement to improve your life.
Bloom and Grow Radio
Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla, a "plant killer turned plant lady" interviews different Plant People in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection an ...
How do you help all children thrive? Get in-depth discussions and insider tips with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak. Each episode gives access to real-world strategies and tools for dealing with high-stakes testing, pressures to “ready” children for Kindergarten, and move toward inclusive practices, which address the whole child. The host, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, has over 20 years of experience in teaching and supporting early educators. You, too can become a solutionary and re-imagine ea ...
Broad Science
Making science engaging, inclusive and intersectional through storytelling. #STEMdiversity #SciComm #STEMFemme
Coffee Pods is a podcast designed to fuel your difference by by opening up access to the insights, stories and experiences of remarkable people, who've marched to the beat of their own drum and created a positive butterfly effect in their wake. We believe that in the mere amount of time it takes to have a cup of coffee with someone we can learn from a lifetime of experience. So, come have a coffee break with us, and get the inspirational fuel and practical toolkit you need to be the change y ...
Talking Drupal
Talking Drupal is a weekly chat about web design and development by a group a guys with one thing in common, we love Drupal. With hosts Stephen Cross, John Picozzi and Nic Laflin.
This podcast is full of creative teaching strategies, classroom ideas, and inspiration for middle and high school English teachers. Betsy Potash from Spark Creativity presents new ideas for immediate classroom use, making it that much easier for teachers to stay creative in the midst of their busy lives. Show notes and further inspiration await at
The #womenintech Podcast is hosted by WeAreLATech's Espree Devora and features inspiring Women in Tech from Engineers, Female Founders, Investors, UX and UI Designers, Journalists all sharing their story how they got to where they are today. The purpose of the show is for every listener to walk away feeling 'If She Can Do It So Can I'. I call it "actionable empowerment". This month the #womenintech Show is powered by, Don’t just Learn to Code: Think Like a Software Engineer.S ...
Supporting entrepreneurs & inspiring innovation.
Play For Voices
Play for Voices is a podcast of international audio drama. Our show presents new productions of contemporary and classic audio plays from around the world, exploring their aesthetic, social, and political contexts through inventive, multilingual sound design and supplemental interviews with authors, translators, and other interesting people. We produce English-language plays and plays in English translation. Audio drama is a highly flexible dramatic form that encourages experimentation and e ...
Jewelry Navigator
Gems & Unique Jewelry for Shoppers Who Want to Stand Out Beyond Trends
Everyday MBA
Entrepreneur and business success techniques and tips that you don't learn in business school.
Bloom and Grow Radio is a weekly Podcast designed for the Urban Jungle Dweller, Houseplant Enthusiast and Succulent Killer alike. Maria Failla, a "plant killer turned plant lady" interviews different Plant People in the Urban Gardening community to source houseplant care tips, stories and lessons they’ve learned from caring for their plants along the way. Each episode has practical and spiritual tips and stories that empower and inspire the listener to have their own houseplant collection an ...
Resilient Campus
Amplifying the voices of college inclusion innovators in higher education. The Resilient Campus Podcast is a weekly source of resilience, created in response to college professionals experiencing burnout and exhaustion doing college inclusion and social justice work. Host, Dr. Saby Labor, will interview coaches and influencers to strengthen our daily mindset so that we can sustain this work collectively. Whether you have diversity and inclusion in your professional responsibilities or you wo ...
A series of late evening Podcast episodes featuring a wide range of topics; such as spirituality, education, HR, entrepreneurship, leadership/organizational development, healthcare, family, career, travels, coaching, humanitarian services, diversity & inclusion & much more. The episodes are designed as a sharing venue to shed light & to provide a unique perspective on every day topics. The personified messages aim to teach, inspire & encourage. We hope that you would listen to our bite size ...
The Office of Extramural Research (OER) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) presents conversations with NIH staff members. Designed for investigators, fellows, students, research administrators, and others, we provide insights on grant topics from those who live and breathe the information. In mp3 and updated monthly. 216139
Teach With Care
Join Adam Nemeroff (Dartmouth College), Kate Sonka (Michigan State University), and Jeremy Van Hof (Michigan State University) as they discuss how to make higher education teaching and learning environments more inclusive and accessible for all students. Come for the engaging conversations. Stay for the dad jokes.
Next Economy Now highlights the leaders that are taking a regenerative, bio-regional, democratic, transparent, and whole-systems approach to using business as a force for good. Popular guests include Winona LaDuke (White Earth), Rose Marcario (Patagonia), Daniel Goleman (author of "Emotional Intelligence"), Ed Whitfield (Southern Reparations Loan Fund), Charles Eisenstein (author of "Sacred Economics"), Kat Taylor (Beneficial State Bank), Nwamaka Agbo (Restorative Economics), Paul Hawken (au ...
How do we better create a culture of mutual aid, reciprocity, co-operation, and collaboration in our cities?How can more public social eating spaces be made and how can they be more inclusively designed? At a time when public services are increasingly under threat, can we create an entirely new one? Join members of the NFS as they chart the struggles and triumphs in the campaign to create a National Food Service.
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show series
Gerry Scullion (Human Centred Design Network) joins Dee Reddy (Intercom) to look at human centred design. They explore what it means, why designers should care and how design teams can be a force for good.
Welcome to a question of gamification. My name is An Coppens. I’m your show host and the chief game changer and CEO at Gamification Nation. And this is the second installment in our series inclusive by design. When it comes to inclusion, the big question is, how do I know I am being inclusive? How do I know I’m not excluding certain people by b ...…
In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with comedian Darah Willey about how sadness inspires comedy, female facial hair, and believing that what our heart tells us is right. Journaling Prompts from Episode 55 Episode 55 Notes: Sponsor: Triad Local First Join us in our Yoke and Abundance Facebook Group -> Watch today’s unedited podcast here ...…
One of the best things about Revision Path is that it allows our audience the opportunity to learn about so many great designers and their work, and Randall Wilson is a prime example of that. Randall is the UX design lead for the digital messaging team at Capital One, but he's also making major strides in the design community as one of the co-f ...…
We’re taking our climate tech series, “How We Survive,” to the epicenter of technology: Silicon Valley. It’s not just a metaphor for the tech industry, it’s a real place. Cities, businesses and people are surrounded by a rising sea and are at risk from increasingly extreme weather. This all comes to a head on Stevens Creek Trail, a popular comm ...…
If Britain leaves the EU, where does that leave us? It may be an opportunity to strengthen our relationship. The European Union’s our second largest trading partner and trade-wise, we might score a better deal. We also have a common interest in a rules-based international order and regional security.…
What happens to your body as you age and can you turn back the clock? Biochemists are unlocking the secrets of ageing which drive the increased risk of chronic disease. We now have a better understanding of why diet and exercise works.By ABC Radio National.
Police officers in many western countries now dress like paramilitaries. Special police units are being trained and organised along military lines and issued with military-grade weapons. Is this creeping “militarisation” justified and what are the future implications for the effectiveness of policing in democratic societies?…
Many voters are angry or frustrated about what’s happening at every level of government. But their disaffection doesn’t erupt in major street protests but leads to disinterest and cynicism. So, do voters see through the spin? Are they gullible or plain stupid?By ABC Radio National.
Episode 218 - Rich Horwath discusses his book StrategyMan vs. the Anti-Strategy Squad and ways to use strategic thinking to defeat bad strategy. Rich is is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of seven books, including Elevate: The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking, Strategy for You: Building a Bridge to th ...…
The post E975: Machine Zone CEO Kristen Dumont on growing her mobile gaming unicorn, journey from advisor to COO to CEO, iterating to the best business model, creating exciting content for a global market, attracting celebrity talent, & optimizing for employee productivity at the highest level appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
This week, attorneys general from 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico announced they’re joining forces to investigate whether Google has engaged in anti-competitive behavior. Some of those AGs are also part of another investigation into similar questions about Facebook.By Marketplace / Molly Wood.
On this week’s show, we explore efforts to remake public education in North Dakota and beyond with Governor Burgum, Cory Steiner, the superintendent of Northern Cass School District where By next school year, grade levels are expected to be a thing of the past and students will chart their own course to high school graduation, at their own pace ...…
Access to the internet is prized across the world. Payal Arora, author of The Next Billion Users: Digital Life Beyond The West, says that young people, in non-Western countries, will make up the bulk of the next billion online users. Western aid groups often make assumptions about what these new users want from technology, but they are frequent ...…
The car is a prime context for voice experiences, but it also comes with a number of unique challenges. Guest Shyamlala Prayaga shares a lot of key insights into the way to design for the car, including concepts around cognitive load requirements, regulation concerns, and design decisions. --- Send in a voice message: ...…
CircuitPython is a programming language designed to simplify experimenting and learning to code on low-cost microcontroller boards. The history of CircuitPython begins with MicroPython, a Python interpreter written from scratch for embedded systems by Damien George starting in 2013. Three years later, Adafruit hired Shawcroft to port MicroPytho ...…
Growing up, Genevieve Clay-Smith had a feeling of ‘otherness’ that has fuelled a sense of destiny and driven her to align her creative talent with social justice. Leveraging her experience in acting and directing, Gen pursued the film industry as a force for good, making a decision that instead of striving for recognition as an actress herself, ...…
Digital technology is transforming how we work, play and communicate. It's a battle to retain any privacy with dollar signs attached to all our data. Can we pushback and change the daily ritual of using the internet and social media?By ABC Radio National.
The Frankfurt Motor Show opened this week in Germany, and automakers are showcasing their hot, new electric vehicles. As always, prices for many of the electric cars run well above the means of a humble public radio employee. You’ve got your Porsche, your Mercedes-Benz, your BMW. But in Europe, there are also a lot of other offerings with price ...…
How does the future look to you? Worried machines will take your job? For workers in developing countries, the digital revolution could make life even more precarious. Join an urban sociologist as he travels along the backroads to observe the impact of artificial intelligence.By ABC Radio National.
How will artificial intelligence transform developing countries and are we taming digital disruption?By ABC Radio National.
Infographics make an ideal project for your high school ELA classroom. Students combine personal interest and authentic audience in this research-based design thinking project, honing their writing, editing, and artistic skills all at once in a highly real-world relevant way. In this episode, learn how to introduce and complete a design thinkin ...…
Nayla Shami Shares Life’s Experiences Through Her Jewelry Designs In last week’s episode, I mentioned a few jewelry destinations for upcoming podcast stories. Today’s jewelry designer’s story is influenced by traditional hand fabrication methods passed down from generation to generation of Lebanese goldsmiths and jewelers. Nayla Shami is a deli ...…
The post E974: The Next Unicorns: Grove Collaborative CEO & Co-founder Stuart Landesberg grew his natural household goods startup to $100M+ in revenue as a B Corp, brings natural products to underserved markets, successfully competes against Amazon as a first-time founder – E2 of 10-ep miniseries appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
How does colonialism play out in fashion? And how can we encourage the fashion industry in general, and retail in particular, to be more inclusive? And when will fashion finally wake up to cultural appropriation and do better? Join me and Sara Ali, a London-based luxury fashion consultant who focuses on Arabia and Africa, as we decode this sens ...…
Chris Chancey is the founder of Amplio Recruiting, a company that helps companies hire people from the refugee and immigrant communities. How does Chris help refute and calm the fears potential employers? How does he ensure that vulnerable people aren’t being taken advantage of? And what has made his business so successful? Find out with Sheana ...…
What3words is a company that has divvied Earth into 57 trillion squares, each with its own unique string of three identifying words. Anyone with the company’s app or website can translate locations from those words.By Marketplace / Molly Wood.
Children's authors are now writing about dark, complex and controversial issues. But is that what children should be reading? Join children’s author Morris Gleitzman as he talks taboos with a librarian and a teacher-educator. You might have second thoughts about those fairytales.By ABC Radio National.
The post E973: Webflow CEO & Co-founder Vlad Magdalin shares insights on growing his no-code startup to $20M in revenue, securing recent $72M round, maintaining profitability while scaling, & pioneering the “Pegasus” movement of startups that skip funding rounds thanks to massive growth appeared first on This Week In Startups.…
For smaller cities outside of the epicenters of tech, developing as a hub is a long process with a lot of things that must go right. Jed Kim speaks with Jim Biggs, who worked in Silicon Valley for years before moving to Knoxville, Tennessee, where he’s an executive director of the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, a business accelerator. He laid o ...…
On their own communities in the Pacific can’t protect their ocean from overfishing, pollution and coastal erosion. It’s a global problem and doesn’t only affect the environment on a big scale, but also the economy.By ABC Radio National.
Electronic health records aren’t just cumbersome and time-consuming, they’re actually damaging the doctor-patient relationship. How can UX designers help?By Adobe / Gimlet Creative.
I’m so excited to welcome Joe Lamp'l of back on the show today! You might remember him from our episode on Living Christmas trees, but he is my outdoor gardening guru who is going to walk us through some fun things for us to do in our outdoor gardens this Fall. Joe Lamp’l is the creator, Executive Producer and Host of the Emmy-a ...…
I’m so excited to welcome Joe Lamp'l of back on the show today! You might remember him from our episode on Living Christmas trees, but he is my outdoor gardening guru who is going to walk us through some fun things for us to do in our outdoor gardens this Fall. Joe Lamp’l is the creator, Executive Producer and Host of the Emmy-a ...…
Diego Rodriguez has had a remarkable career at the intersection of design, business, and education. He has served as Global Managing Director of design firm IDEO, founding faculty member of Stanford’s, and is currently Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Design Officer at Intuit. In this episode, we discuss how design can influ ...…
Diego Rodriguez has had a remarkable career at the intersection of design, business, and education. He has served as Global Managing Director of design firm IDEO, founding faculty member of Stanford’s, and is currently Executive Vice President, Chief Product and Design Officer at Intuit. In this episode, we discuss how design can influ ...…
Structured problem solving can be used to address almost any complex challenge in business or public policy. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 25:53) >
How much do you factor accessibility into your work? If the answer isn't "a lot", then hopefully this week's interview with Erin Newby will give you some insight. Erin has recently struck out on her own, and she brings years of product design experience with her to help clients and companies provide the best experiences to their customers. Erin ...…
In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with Jada Monica Drew about the upcoming Bloom Inclusion Seminar. GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! Earn a ticket to the upcoming Bloom Inclusion Seminar on Thursday October 3rd by popping onto the Yoke and Abundance Facebook page either Tuesday September 10th or 17th at 8pm and hear from other people involved with bl ...…
Marketplace’s Jed Kim spoke with Daniel Willingham, who’s a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and researches how we learn. He said balancing tech’s promises and its realities has been a learning experience of its own. (9/9/2019)By Marketplace / Molly Wood.
When adversity strikes, it is often out of the blue. A day like any other, then a bolt from the blue, and everything changes. How do you bounce back from trauma and tragedy?By ABC Radio National.
A tale of two media environments: in the US, journalistic freedom is increasingly under threat from demonising rhetoric and the violent personal targeting of reporters; while in Ethiopia, the country’s new leader has opened the gate to press freedom. What can we learn from both experiences?By ABC Radio National.
Episode 217 - Erin Pheil, founder of The MindFix Group, discusses ways to recognize and overcome the roadblocks and mental barriers that get in the way of success. It’s only by identifying and eliminating the hidden root causes of problem patterns like self-sabotage and “imposter syndrome” that we can reach our maximum potential. Listen for thr ...…
The post E972: “Robbed of Equity”: Toptal denies any shares to employees & investors. Amir Efrati of The Information on breaking the story, founder Taso Du Val’s stock hoarding, unusual tactics & changing landscape of startup-investor relations; then former employee Scott Ritter on his ~8-year tenure, not receiving earned share worth $2m & life ...…
Even though it’s small, jewelry carries big meaning and represents connections from our past, into our present, and future. In this episode of Jewelry Navigator Podcast, I talk about showing your school spirit with jewelry, and I shared how I wear color and theme relevant jewelry to the Penn State football games with pieces by CRASH Jewelry, Em ...…
The USS Fitzgerald collided with a Phillipine container ship in June 2017, killing seven sailors. Then, just two months later, the USS John S. McCain collided with a Liberian merchant vessel, killing 10 sailors. Megan Eckstein, deputy editor for USNI News, part of the U.S. Naval Institute, told me the National Transportation Safety Board found ...…
In the midst of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt campaigned on a platform that would bring radical change to America: a package of policies he called the New Deal. The New Deal completely reinvented our infrastructure and central government, according to Eric Rauchway, a professor of history at the University of California, Davis ...…
When Carter Bryant invented Bratz dolls, Mattel (the makers of Barbie) took its former employee to court, claiming he had come up with his ideas on the company’s time. Bratz were the first dolls to successfully compete and - in some places - outsell Barbie. Orly Lobel, a law professor at the University of San Diego, has written about the length ...…
Another in-depth look at building a SaaS product from the ground up, week by week. This week, we chat about a new annotations feature we're working on, and kick around a few ways it could work. We also discuss comparing assets, taxonomy (What is a 'version'? What is an 'option'?), product roadmapping methods, and just how critical the product/m ...…
Welcome to the 700th episode of Hanselminutes! Doing this many episodes wouldn't be possible without the support of my Wife Mo, so she's my guest on this special episode! We're in a mixed marriage - she's not a computer person - so we'll talk about how we get along and how we've done it for 20 years! ...…
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