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Join seven time Emmy Award winning host Jim Williams as he talks politics with some of the biggest stars in Washington, Hollywood and the world.
Politically Incorrect 🥃 Will Bring You A Variety Of Things! We Will Be Discussing Current New Entertainment, Sports And Everything in between so Tune In Subscribe Now 🤵🏿🎤!
Current Events, thoughts and a soap box for ideas involving Independent American values and Constitutional principles
Message me for collabs or to be a guest on the podcast.
The Core Podcasts
Podcasts from The Core.
Join host Ray Starmann and his guests as they discuss national security and political topics with a conservative, politically incorrect viewpoint.
Shock The World
"Shock The World" is a Podcast dedicated to University Of Houston Sports. Rightously Opinionated, Politically Incorrect Smack Talk At Its Finest
Welcome to Hospitality Incorrect, where our insiders discuss and dissect the hospitality industry from the perspective of owners, operators, employees and customers. Popular topics include tipping, minimum wage, craft cocktails, food trends, bars and restaurants. WILLIAM "BILLY-O" ORILIO has been an owner, operator, professional speaker and educator for 38 plus years. He was the publisher of HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY REPORT a monthly newsletter for 20 years, taught Restaurant and Hotel Management ...
Two best friends set off on an offensive journey, turning over every controversial stone in their way.
Is It Just Me?
The team who brought you Glamour’s Hey, It’s OK... proudly present Is It Just Me? Each week Jo Elvin, James Williams and a celebrity guest debate the funniest, weirdest and most pressing dilemmas: from social media to mental health, to, erm… bra washing. Are you alone in your strong opinions on trivial stuff? Tune in and find out!
So you want me to cast my pods? The least you can do is subscribe to them. What’ll you get? Interesting conversations that veer toward the politically incorrect the same way a Phil Mickelson tee shot veers toward a hospitality tent. That said, my approach to interviewing is simple: “I have guests not victims and the only stupid question is the one that’s not asked. (Unless you count the idiotic queries Gary McCord texts me on a regular basis.) Go ahead and subscribe. It’s free and I guarante ...
In the year 2017, 139 people were exonerated for crimes they did not commit in the United. When the land free and the home of the brave steal people's freedom - the system flawed. Demarchoe Carpenter lost 22 years of his life for something he didn't - through examining his story we hope to discover and end the flaws collapsing our system of justice.
A bunch of New England goyz discuss Alt Right and other politically incorrect topics over some fine cigars every week! Politics, Vidya, Religion, Culture, News, and everything in between! Oh and one more thing... we record most of our episodes..... IN PUBLIC! ;D Email: Ofgoyzovercigarz@gmail.comFB: OfGoyzOverCigarz Become a supporter of this podcast:https://an ...
Time To Vent
This is for the politically incorrect because what you need to say need to be said Become a supporter of this podcast:
Mickey's Minute
This is the Mickey's Minute Podcast! Straight Forward & Honest Discussions about Life, Business, and Everything Else! Occasionally, I or/we may say a curse word, be politically incorrect, and just have some plain ole' fun, so consider this your warning.
Mapping the universe, one playlist at a time
TALES OF. . . MY DEAD HEROES is the second season of podcasts from Josh Alan Friedman. But DEAD is a politically incorrect term. Their songs and books and records resonate everywhere, and if you haven’t heard their actual voices, pull up a chair and listen. Novelist Mario Puzo, songwriters Jerry Leiber (Leiber & Stoller) and Doc Pomus, Broadway composer Cy Coleman, original Thunderbirds bassist Keith Ferguson, Atlantic Records producer Joel Dorn, Tiny Tim. . . . And check out TALES OF TIMES ...
Real Nerd Hours
Podcast by Denzel Walkes & Chet Brown
A book that won the Newberry Prize in 1921 for an Outstanding Contribution in Children's Literature, The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik van Loon is indeed a classic that has been enjoyed by generations of children and adults. The book is an engagingly written work, dedicated to the author Hendrik van Loon's two young son's Hansje and Willem. It was created to convey the history of the human race to young people in a way that was interesting, memorable and would spur them onto further research ...
The Institute of World Politics is a graduate school of national security and international affairs, dedicated to developing leaders with a sound understanding of international realities and the ethical conduct of statecraft, based on knowledge and appreciation of the principles of the American political economy and the Western moral tradition.**Please note that the views expressed by our guest lecturers do not necessarily reflect the views of The Institute of World Politics.**
Maximize The 5 M’s of Manhood
Never mess with a girl and her podcast. Hello And welcome to the Strongest online army, The Cupped Commuters! Ya okay lets get real we all know if you watch my podcast you probably know more about me than my own podcast. But hey atleast I try. But honestly this feels like trying to write a desc. For tinder so lets do that. I like long walks from my studio to my fridge, I love to cuddle. And by that i like to cuddle up under a blanket and eat ice cream and watch the office. Welp that all I go ...
The aggregate feed for all the LRR podcasts. If you just want one feed, or simple love everything we do, this is your feed. Podcasts include (but are not limited to) The LRRcast, TapTapConcede, Corrector's Commentary and Temple of the Lava Bears.
Creators from all walks of life discuss their craft together. Listen in as artists interview artists on technique, process, evolution, etc. For those who forge their own fashion, the rules will be broken on The TRANSGRESSION Podcast. Hosted by Menton J. Matthews III, Damien Echols and David Stoupakis.
A Podcast about Achieving Your Aviation Career Goals
Join your host, Felice Gerwitz as she takes a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of special guests as well as the Show Hosts of the Ultimate Homeschool Network.
A black pastor and a white pastor, Tyler St. Clair and Noah Filipiak, discuss a theological topic and a race relations topic. Our podcast name has a dual meaning:Some theological topics are black and white. They are either correct or incorrect based on what the Bible says. There are other theological topics that are grey areas. In fact, the Bible tells us that some things will be grey areas. The importance is in using Scripture appropriately to tell the black and white from the grey. Most th ...
MiX SeSSions
The best of the rest. Brand new and old mix tapes pinched from Soundcloud, Mixcloud and iTunes all in one place for your listening pleasure. Not to be missed. Subscribe for your fix of quality unreleased, cutting edge and classic tunes and don't miss out.
Truth Serum Series
Truth Serum is a weekly show hosted by NBC's Last Comic Standing season 8 finalist, Aida Rodriguez. With her signature "I'll say it for you!" style of comedy, Aida creates a candid environment with her weekly in-studio guests from entertainment and pop-culture. No matter how taboo or politically incorrect, Truth Serum delivers a dose of realism with a comedic twist to address all the things we all are thinking, but too afraid to say. Show airs on Mondays live on the DASH Radio network, 5 PM ...
Helping you reach peak performance daily through avenues of energy, habits, sleep, systems, goals, mindset, and much more
Just 2 Queens Chicks bringing Dopiness, Realness & Rawness to the spotlight. Our podcast is weekly and we have a variety of segments on each show! We talk about topics that makes people very uncomfortable! We enjoy having new people come and enjoy podcasting with us!
Indian Underground Podcast showcases the very best music being produced by underground and upcoming artists from India and of Indian original from across the globe. Legal Disclaimer - Indian Underground Podcast is purely a promotional tool to help, serve and facilitate the Indian Underground Music scene. It's primary purpose is to help Musicians, Singers, Bands and Music Producers generate revenue through promotion and publicity that we provide as a platform. It in no way shape or form aims ...
A Podcast about Achieving Your Aviation Career Goals
Start your morning with Andrew on the home of The Big Breakfast: Triple M Fraser Coast 103.5
Sample download of the full version of The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast audio that is available on Please visit if you are having problems with the download of this item.
The Cabral Concept
The Cabral Concept by Dr. Stephen Cabral was created for you, the health conscious individual looking to discover the little known factors to ideal wellness, weight loss, anti aging, Functional Medicine, Naturopathic medicine and detox. We uncover the root causes of why you're feeling stuck and unable to attain your goals and the action steps needed to live the life you always dreamed of. By following the Cabral Concept of "Change Your Body - Change Your Life," our community believes that by ...
Sample download of the full version of The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast audio that is available on Please visit if you are having problems with the download of this item.
Jocko Podcast
Leadership and Discipline
Podcast by Wolves And Sheeple
Sample download of the full version of The Laura Ingraham Show Podcast audio that is available on Please visit if you are having problems with the download of this item.
Radio Islam
This is the official account of Radio Islam International. Follow us for latest uploads.
JustUs Pod
3 dopes who plan to explore every topic known to man. With only a thin veil of ignorance to protect us, we hope you'll join us on the journey
Reality Bytes
Reality Bytes is a comedy podcast about love in the 10s, hosted by three friends with different relationship statuses: Courtney Kocak (long-term relationship), Sofiya Alexandra (married, impending mom) & Dave Rankin (chronically single). Tune in every week for real talk about sex, love, relationships & dating in the digital age. For on-air advice, send your questions to Get the download every Monday & Wednesday!
The Trump Podcast
The Trump Podcast is the dedicated place following the adventures and (mis)adventures of the Donald J. Trump Presidency. The next four years will be a wild ride. We're keeping an eye on it!
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring scientists, authors, and policy experts who take the non-alarmist, climate-realist position on environment and energy policy.
The Hammer and Nigel Show is an informative, unfiltered and fun look at the news of the day. If you are easily offended or have a stick that is perpetually up your backside, this might not be the show for you. If enjoy politically incorrect things and 1.21 gigawatts of testosterone, this program is definitely for you. Champions of Indianapolis and champions of life. The Hammer and Nigel Show. Smart radio by two smart asses.
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The Voice of the Colts, Matt Taylor, joins the Hammer & Nigel Show.
WIBC's Traffic Beast, Matt Bair, joins the Hammer & Nigel Show.
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Corporate Flying and Networking With Matt Rutowski. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Today I have a special guest to discuss networking and corporate flying. Before begin a few announcements. Announcements: You can find the Scholarships Guide, Career Coachi ...…
Corporate Flying and Networking With Matt Rutowski. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Today I have a special guest to discuss networking and corporate flying. Before begin a few announcements. Announcements: You can find the Scholarships Guide, Career Coachi ...…
#TheConversation - Have you caught your domestic helper stealing? Can trust be regained? by Radio Islam
Feherty makes his way to the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles for an engaging conversation about the game, Arnold Palmer, and the business of comedy with actor, author, and Saturday Night Live alumnus Kevin Nealon.
For the 20th episode of season 4, your fearless triad – Courtney Kocak, Sofiya Alexandra & Dave Rankin – is thrilled to welcome Delanie Fischer, co-host of The Self-Helpless Podcast & founder/CEO of Dicks by Delanie. First: Courtney & Sofiya check in on the blowjob challenge. Dave is blown away by their updates! We also talk about going to bed ...…
The importance of self-talk should not be overlooked... How you speak to yourself when no one else is around is one of the best insights into who you believe your true self to be... And if the way you speak to yourself is predominantly negative (even if in just one area) that will end up manifesting itself in your life... Tune into today's #Cab ...…
Asian sauces add zip to more than just Chinese dishes; they can pep up barbecue, chili, duck, chicken or broccoli. Chinese chefs use these off-the-shelf sauces in their kitchens, so you can, too. Oyster sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, chili paste, black bean sauce with garlic, plum sauce, satay sauce, sriracha: all of them keep well on the shel ...…
Thank you for joining us for our 2nd Cabral HouseCall of the weekend! I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of our community’s questions that have come in over the past few weeks… Let’s get started! Affton: Hello! My husband is a huge fan of Dr. Cabral. He listens to his podcast every single day (and has been for more than a year now) an ...…
The United Council of South African Hujjaj (UCSAH) has told Radio Islam that while it has received a number of grievances against the South African Hajj and Umrah Council (Sahuc), it wants the hajj body to be the best organisation in the country.
In 2017, doctors from the Transplant Unit at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre performed what is believed to be the world’s first intentional liver transplant from a mother living with HIV to her critically ill HIV negative child, who had end-stage liver disease. Now, more than a year later, the mother and child have fully recovered, howeve ...…
Welcome back to our weekend Cabral HouseCall shows! This is where we answer our community's wellness, weight loss, and anti-aging questions to help people get back on track! Check out today's questions: Taylor: How do I find out more information about the "Wellness Coaching" Dr. Cabral said he is releasing this Fall? I'm interested in that cour ...…
With the fall bird migration now in full swing, the companies in charge of Butte’s Berkeley Pit are using their new and improved scientific bird-hazing program to keep birds away. This week, their program got put to the test. Two years ago this November, Butte made national headlines when several thousand late-migrating snow geese landed on the ...…
U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and President Donald Trump are tamping down talk that Zinke might be the next Trump administration official to leave their position. Work on Keystone XL oil pipeline scheduled to start next spring has been put on hold. With the fall bird migration now in full swing, the companies in charge of Butte’s Berkeley ...…
Tester picks up votes in Trump country, and Montanans continue a long tradition of ticket-splitting. Governor Bullock has his hands full with another Republican-led Legislature, and this election stands out in many ways from previous Montana mid-terms. Sally Mauk, Chuck Johnson and Rob Saldin break it all down in this season's final installment ...…
Microsoft announced a new agreement this week to deliver broadband internet service to over 73,000 people in rural Montana and Washington who currently have slow, or no internet whatsoever. The FCC says roughly 40 percent of rural Montanans lack access to a broadband internet connection.By (Edward O'Brien).
A federal judge in Great Falls Thursday night blocked the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline until the U.S. government further studies its impact on the environment and climate. The controversial pipeline would carry crude oil from Canada to U.S. refineries in the Gulf Coast. The 36-inch-wide Keystone XL would pass through six eastern Mon ...…
Kevin Bowen from 1070 The Fan joins the Hammer & Nigel Show.
Dr. Frank Marlo is Dean of Academics at The Institute of World Politics. He formerly served as a Professor of Strategic Studies at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College. He received his Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in May 2006.From January 2002 until January 2005, he served as Assistant for Counterproliferation Polic ...…
About the Book: In Invisible Slaves, W. Kurt Hauser discusses slavery around the world, with research and firsthand stories that reframe slavery as a modern-day crisis, not a historical phenomenon or third-world issue. Identifying four types of slavery—chattel slavery, debt bondage, forced labor, and sex slavery—he examines the efforts and fail ...…
Welcome back to the #FridayReview! Today’s show is jam-packed full of recommendations, tips, guest interviews, and some of my favorite resources… First up I have a lot to share with you on our Dr. Cabral Detox Holiday Event ending today, as well as our new International shipping to 20 countries worldwide... Next up, I recommend over a half doze ...…
A summit that could shape the future of invasive species policy in Montana will take place next week in Helena. Stephanie Hester, coordinator for the Montana Invasive Species Council, says invasive species management in Montana spans the Departments of Agriculture, Livestock, Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and other organizations.…
In Browning, Blackfeet Community College held a ceremony this week to name a newly-built $7.5 million Health Science and Education Building in honor of the late Blackfeet tribal elder, Elouise Cobell. On Monday, nearly two dozen nursing students wearing brand-new navy blue scrub tops stood in front of a crowd outside the east entrance of the ne ...…
Governor Steve Bullock today ordered flags in Montana to be flown at half-mast in honor of the victims of the mass shooting last night in Thousand Oaks, California. The University of Montana is planning to reduce its faculty by 58 members and cut its budget by $5 million by 2021. A summit that could shape the future of invasive species policy i ...…
The Montana health department is proposing a $1-per-hour wage increase for direct-care workers for disability services. It’s part of Governor Steve Bullock’s plan to restore budget cuts enacted over the last two years. But not all the money that was cut is getting put back.By (Corin Cates-Carney).
Rob Kendall fills-in for Jason Hammer on this episode of the Hammer & Nigel Show.
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