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Challenging believers’ presuppositions by talking about Christianity on a more stimulating level, and Challenging skeptics to find God through apologetics. No topic is off subject. Let me (Josh) know if you would like to come on. Support this podcast:


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On every episode of Proverbial, teacher and author Joshua Gibbs (How to Be Unlucky: Reflections on the Pursuit of Virtue and Something They Will Not Forget: A Handbook for Classical Teachers) explores a single proverb, some old bit of wisdom, and tries to discern what it means for modern men. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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In this episode I take a look at what calvinists are saying about total depravity in their own words, and then I give a response with references to Adam Harwood in his new book "Christian Theology" and his 6 major views on the subject. Then I look at Sam Webb and his overall conclusion of calvinism in a nutshell. What does it really matter? Be sure…
Divine simplicity: discursive thought and generated knowledge Will Duffy and Chris Morrison In this episode we explore some tough questions about specific bible passages that seem to indicate God changes his mind, he interacts with his creation, that he is temporal and experiences emotions and growth in knowledge as it relates to both the Old Testa…
In this episode I take a quick look at John 6:44 and we dive into some calvinist commentaries and non-calvinist commentaries to see what is being said about this verse. Who is able to come to Jesus? Who is drawn of the Father? Is the gospel enough to Bring someone to belief in Jesus? - In addition to the commentaries, we also take a look at the gra…
Jingle by: Gail Nobles Info from: Lotis Jackson is an R&B singer/songwriter/producer with a history in hip-hop according to his bio. He is also a host for Cavi Vision entertainment. Cavi Vision highlights music artists, red carpets events, and entertainment news. Cavi Vision parent company is Caviar Gold Records. Loti…
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