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Franceinfo junior
"franceinfo junior" est un rendez-vous d'actualité qui propose une lecture pédagogique de l'actualité, présenté par Céline Asselot et Estelle Faure.
Said Junior presented by Nationwide brings you the full audio from Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s news conferences and group media sessions as they happen throughout the year.
A podcast about building, maintaining, and surviving a career in software engineering.
Join our hosts as they explore mysteries, myths, and legends designed for all ages.
The Junior Money Makers Podcast is all about helping kids ages 8-18 learn how to make money by following their passions and using skills that they already have! We want to help plant seeds that will help kids grow up, go to college, and start their lives debt free and ready to run their own businesses! Episodes are designed to be short and packed full of practical ideas that can be implemented right away! Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and don't forget to connect over at ...
Junior Chemistry
Advice and Inspiration which are two of the things that Junior Developers need the most.
AfterChef Junior
The only unofficial MasterChef Junior after show podcast in existence. (Probably.) Weekly post-episode recaps and discussion with hosts Jenni and Stacey and producer Max, hashing out the wins and losses, coolest outfits, most GIF-able moments, dealing with our own personal youthful failures, and dreaming about who would be our best friend if we were still 12.
The eighth book in the Junior Classics Series is an anthology of collected animal and nature tales designed to appeal to the young and young at heart. (Summary by Lynne Thompson)
Magical radio unwrapping the real festive spirit as seen through the eyes and heard through the voices of children from all over Ireland.
The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. (summary from book introduction)This collection consists of Volume 1 of The Junior Classics, and it contains many well known stories in their original forms. Among stories from other authors, you'll find Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop, and the Grimm ...
World Class DJ and Host Speedy Junior mixes the hottest Latin, Electronica and More!! More Mixes on
Find out our top reading suggestions for younger kids!Fun Kids is a children's radio station in the UK. You can tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK.
A Junior Achievement Evaluation involves several steps, and these videos were created to explain each one.
I am a professional educator in the post-primary (secondary) public sector in Ireland. I teach both German and Spanish to pupils, which are between the ages of 12-19. I am also a translator of German and Spanish. I work also as a technical writer for the software industry that deals with global English & localisation. These audiovisual language training videos serve two audiences, and have several usage outlets.1. General audience, who may wish to learn or strengthen their knowledge of Germa ...
The "Batman Jr" Podcast is what happens when you cross "Batman: The Animated Series" (true classic) with "James Bond Jr" (derivative garbage) and have a couple yahoo's write it. Batman Jr was created in the spirit and style of classic radio dramas like “War of the Worlds” and original podcasts like “Mike Detective”, but with the juvenile humor and biting satire of “South Park” and "Archer". Make sure to subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud because “Batman Jr.” will be regularly releasing new e ...
Year 5 audio books from Woodlands Junior School, Harrogatge
The JDS Podcast crew includes Junior D and former Ohio State Buckeye running back, Lou Willard. We are an authentic and honest sports show that brings humor and irreverence to the often boring world of sports talk. If you like sports news and humor, then this is for you. We have a great mix of informative sports news without all of the political correctness that you'll get from other sports talk shows.
A selection of famous tales selected and re-worked for a junior audience. Stories are taken from Arabian Nights, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Shakespearean plays, Pilgrim's Progress, Ivanhoe, and The Startling Adventures Of Baron Munchausen (Summary by Lynne Thompson )
The stories in this volume are true stories, and have been arranged in chronological order, an arrangement that will aid the reader to remember the times to which the stories relate.Almost any encyclopedia can be consulted for general details of the life stories of the interesting people whose names crowd the volume except perhaps in the cases of Peter Williamson and John Tanner, "The True Story of a Kidnapped Boy," and "A White Boy Among the Indians." Peter Williamson was kidnapped in Glasg ...
Podcast by Junior Ziegler
The Cartoon Life of Junior Maida
Lee Tutorials aims to provide students of the Leaving & Junior Cert. with tips on how to best approach study, homework and
DJ Dave Junior
London/Ibiza style dance music! From funky/chunky bass driven anthems to top progressive house tunes. Enjoy! X
Freelance radio producer, intern at Alabama Public Radio
Tony Junior Live
Nicc Junior
Welcome to the Nicc Junior podcast, where amazing things happen.
Mundo Junior
Welcome to the Mundo Junior podcast,
In June 2013 pupils from Barrow Hill Junior School worked with the members of Royal Collection Trust's Learning team and children's author Bridget Crowley to develop their own talks about a number of their favourite pieces from the In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion exhibition at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace. The children visited the exhibition to choose a painting or object to research and drafted five scripts highlighting what it was about those objects and painti ...
A monthly podcast by Junior Rodgers bringing you his latest productions, his favourite tunes and all the fresh releases of his label Majestic Beats
Ronaldo Junior
Ronaldo Junior
Just another weblog
The Home of the Washington Junior Nationals Podcasts, Highlights, and Coach and Player Interviews
Southeast Christian Church Student Ministry exists to awaken a generation to the glory of God. Awakening a generation to the glory of God means working hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit to reveal who God is to every junior high student who enters the Student Ministry community. As they come face to face with Him, students hearts are captured and changed for eternity.
Random bullshit from a biker who likes to podcast.
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This week we’re talking about working from home, and discussing the pros and cons of working remotely. “Sharpening the Tools” —————————- Erin: Finally finished the Angular course I stared on Pluralsight a couple of months ago. Other miscellaneous courses on Treehouse. Design Fundamentals, OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities. Dave: Gave a presentation ...…
durée : 00:05:22 - Franceinfo junior -By
Love is in the air on this week’s episode of MasterChef USA as Chef Gordon Ramsay fake officiates a fake wedding, but there are big emotional reveals happening at AfterChef HQ, too as Jenni announces her new children’s book franchise, Max comes to terms with the “nude lip” look and Stacey refuses to stop singing.…
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durée : 00:05:25 - Franceinfo junior -By
This episode I talk about the importance of eating and drinking fluids properly during a round. Plus the effect it can have to the brain if you starve your brain during competition.I also mention the importance of following up with your kids the information you try and share with them. Are they hearing what you're saying or are they LISTENING! ...…
durée : 00:05:01 - Franceinfo junior -By
Celebrating 100 episodes of La Mezclaton with a special 2 hour and 30 min show with my invited DJ Guests! @therealdjcasper @iamdjgenesisnj @djhostilemusic @djswervefl @djxchicago @djtonystar407lmp @djivangscratch @djtekone @djnemeses @djricosanchez @djsoltrix and me!
durée : 00:05:09 - Franceinfo junior -By
In our last episode, we talked to you about how you can manage your college recruiting in the palm of your hand with the newest feature on the Match!Tennis App. This week, we discuss college scholarships and how best to get them. Marisa Meddin worked in marketing after a very successful college career at the University of Michigan. She found he ...…
durée : 00:05:13 - Franceinfo junior -By
In this podcast I had a good discussion with Dr Bhrett McCabe from The Mindside. Dr. McCabe brings some serious heat for the listeners like he was back on the mound pitching! We covered topics from his book "The Mindside Manifesto" - Teammate voice versus Opponent voice- Responsibility versus blame - Employing the switch under pressureParent Pa ...…
durée : 00:07:16 - Franceinfo junior -By
durée : 00:05:11 - Franceinfo junior -By
This week we’re talking about the history of mobile devices, and how they have affected different aspects of and approaches to software development. “Sharpening the Tools” ————– Erin: Shifting into a full-time mindset. Not having to track hours and turn them in. Getting all my ducks in a row with health benefits and 401ks and what not. Dave: …L ...…
Last year, we were all introduced to the Match!Tennis App, a one-stop-shop for all your junior tournament needs - a calendar, rankings, ratings, medical release, weather updates, doubles partner search, and more. When I used the app during the 2017 Sol Schwartz #SaveCollegeTennis All-In Tournaments, I was blown away by all it could do from the ...…
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durée : 00:05:14 - Franceinfo junior -By
There's a lot going on in this episode of AfterChef Junior, and the LEAST of our problems is recapping this week's NUTTY edition of MasterChef. We're debating the best way to cook a snail and trying not to have our feelings hurt that Jenni would obviously rather talk with Juni than her co-hosts... it's a full plate.…
durée : 00:05:11 - Franceinfo junior -By
New Music From Tony Lanez Ozuna and Johnathan Moly with Bryant Myers, Throwback thursday and more!
Today's I took snippets from my playing lesson with one of my students. We had a lot of fun. Talked different strategy. This podcast might help add a couple of nuggets of course strategy to your arsenal!Want to say a big thanks to Talk Golf America for picking up the podcast going forward! to the p ...…
durée : 00:05:49 - Franceinfo junior - Alors qu'une exposition sur Michael Jackson s'ouvre à Londres, des collégiens posent leurs questions sur le chanteur mythique à Olivier Cachin, journaliste spécialiste de la musique.By
durée : 00:05:29 - Franceinfo junior - Urgences sous pression, pénurie de médecins, annonce de nouvelles orientations : ce mercredi 27 juin, des collégiens posent leurs questions sur les hôpitaux à Frédéric Valletoux, président de la Fédération hospitalière de France (FHF).By
Barry Fulcher grew up in a Tennis Family. His parents and his siblings were avid players, so it was only fitting that Barry start honing his racquet and court skills as a toddler in the UK. His love of the game and of competition led him to a very successful junior tennis career such that he decided to go the professional route rather than come ...…
durée : 00:05:21 - Franceinfo junior - Alors qu'Emmanuel Macron a rencontré le pape François mardi 26 juin, des écoliers posent leurs questions sur le rôle du chef de l'Église catholique. Pour leur répondre,Christine Pedotti, directrice de l'hebdomadaire Témoignage chrétien.By
durée : 00:05:25 - Franceinfo junior - Sébastien Martinez, ancien champion de France de la mémoire, répond aux questions de six élèves de CM2 concernant la mémoire. Il leur dévoile quelques rouages de la mémoire pour ne plus rien oublier.By
Things start to get TOO ADULT TO HANDLE in the MasterChef kitchen with the insults and braids flying fast. Join the hosts of AfterChef Junior—the universe's most effective MasterChef recap podcast—as they discuss donut disses, the amount of money we would pay to never go on a brewery tour again, and the poetic value of the phrase "soggy like di ...…
durée : 00:05:37 - Franceinfo junior - Au micro de franceinfo junior, le professeur Olivier Bastien répond à des questions de collégiens sur le don d'organes, à l'occasion de la journée nationale sur le sujet.By
New Music from Mejor Sin Ti - G-One Ft Darell Y Pusho , J Balvin, Wisin Y Yandel - Peligrosa , Gente De Zona - Te Duele, RICKY G No Te Vayas Ahora , Daddy Yankee, Rkm Y Ken-Y Y Arcangel - Zum Zum , Shakira y Maluma - Clandestino, throwbacks, bangers and more!
durée : 00:05:32 - Franceinfo junior - À l'occasion de la journée mondiale des réfugiés, des enfants interviewent Geneviève Jacques, présidente de l'association la Cimade.By
This week we’re talking about knowing when to apply to a job. Do you need to have all of the experience and listed requirements? How do you know you’re ready? We’ve all seen job descriptions with a long laundry list of technology requirements. What if you don’t meet all of these? Should you still apply? Is it okay to exaggerate or fudge your ex ...…
How lucky are we to have both Coach Todd Widom and Tennis Parent George Opelka together in one podcast?!?!?! These two gentleman offer their wisdom on everything from the different developmental pathways to college vs. pro tennis and everything in between. They have spent many hours talking to each other courtside while watching their respectiv ...…
durée : 00:05:30 - Franceinfo junior -By
If you're allergic to crab like Shanika, take note: it's a shellfish heavy episode of AfterChef as we discuss whether or not crustaceans have faces, get JACKED UP in Adreneline Corner and pitch the newest Marvel Universe film with a certain time-crunched bus driver in the leading role.
durée : 00:07:26 - Franceinfo junior - Grâce à l'opération "Mon Micro Citoyen !", des collégiens ont interviewé leur député. Ils racontent leur expérience au micro de franceinfo junior.By
This episode of the podcast I took a dive down the rabbit hole of mindsets on the golf course. I've had a lot of kids playing in events and have been teaching a lot of playing lessons so it's been interesting to see how things are shaping out this year. I first talked about setting expectations and how having them set to high or low can really ...…
Here's a Salsa And Bachata only live DJ Set with some Salsa Classics!
June is prime recruiting season for many college coaches. That said, what better time to do a podcast about Division III and how it differs from DI? Coach Matt Brisotti leads both the men's and women's tennis teams at Hamilton College, a Division III school in New York that is part of the NESCAC, one of the stronger conferences in DIII. He play ...…
durée : 00:05:28 - Franceinfo junior - À l'occasion de l'exposition "Un T-Rex" à Paris, des enfants posent leurs questions sur les tyrannosaures à Ronan Allain, chercheur au Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.By
durée : 00:05:41 - Franceinfo junior -By
We may not have the "original spice boy" on our show but we still have plenty to offer as we recap the latest double episode of MasterChef: fashion tips for Aaron, speculation on Farhan's REAL identity and a brand new theme song for our segment about barfing! Put it in your ear holes and twirl like you're Alecia: this is where the magic REALLY ...…
Official Jayko Pa Mixtape! (Parental Advisory)Jayko Pa - Ahora Es Diferente (Prod. Gemel Why Dj Nunny y Noma El Innato)Te Bote - Ozuna Ft Bad Bunny & NJ La Player - Zion Y Lennox Speedy Junior MD XGhost Hancel The Hitman - Feels Like Summer Time Equis X - J Balvin X Nicky Jam Jayko Pa y Bryan Lee - Sigamos Jugando (Prod. Loyal Gang) Jowell ft M ...…
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