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The Colorado mom who stopped on the road, picked up an injured bobcat and put it in the backseat with her 3 yr old!By 92.9 KISM.
The woman who got so drunk she didn't realize or remember that she swallowed a 6 inch spoon!By 92.9 KISM.
There is a band playing locally by the name of BOSTYX...a Boston and Styx cover band. We liked the name and found several more worth a mention and a laugh!By 92.9 KISM.
There is new documentary by Ken Burns focused on country music so today we thought we would revisit some of the all time great country music song titles!By 92.9 KISM.
It was 34 years ago today in 1985 that musicians went before the senate to fight censorship and Tipper Gore's "Filthy 15" songs!By 92.9 KISM.
A Seattle woman has been scammed 5 times by online lovers to the tune of 60 grand...a woman says her landlord needs to fix the bat problem in her apartment...and a drunk woman didn't remember swallowing a 6 inch spoon!By 92.9 KISM.
A man got busted for getting a divorce without telling his wife first...a girl caught her apartment on fire when she burned her ex's love letters...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
Queen's keyboardist remembers Freddie Mercury...the Breaking Bad movie will go to theaters as well as Netflix...and David Lee Roth says HE is responsible for EVERYTHING from Van Halen!By 92.9 KISM.
The drug dealer who passed out in the middle of the road while in a big convertible Cadillac!By 92.9 KISM.
Jeff Curtis of NYC went to a Led Zeppelin concert in 1972 and wound up with one of Jimmy Page's guitar cases. He had it for 47 yeas until Sunday when he got to meet Jimmy and give it back! Our phone connection wasnt the best...but Jeff still told us the story!By 92.9 KISM.
Firefighters had to clean up a mess when a warehouse full of bull semen exploded...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman found another woman hiding in the trunk of her car...a drunk kid climbed and fell from a power pole...and cops stopped an Amish buggy with a huge speaker system inside it!By 92.9 KISM.
The top 5 money making touring acts since 1982 are all rockers...Alex Trebek says he is not afraid of death...and Lorena Bobbitt and Amanda Knox are working together and charging people money!By 92.9 KISM.
The Seattle area man who tried to rob a store by pretending his finger was a gun...until it wasnt!By 92.9 KISM.
The latest hologram to hit the road is of Whitney Houston...she is the latest to be added to a growing list of dead artists still looking to make that money!By 92.9 KISM.
Bizarre stories from the medical we read about a woman who was laughing so hard that her jaw got stuck in the open position and she couldn't stop drooling!By 92.9 KISM.
A man tried to rob a store by pretending his finger was a gun in his hoodie...a couple had sex in a cop car while handcuffed...and a high school football coach tackled 2 students who ran onto the field!By 92.9 KISM.
A shoplifter crashed into a motorized scooter and a cop car...a swarm of bees delayed the take off of an Air India flight...and a woman paid a scam psychic over 1.6 million to lift a curse from her family!By 92.9 KISM.
Alex Trebek announced his condition has worsened...SNL hired and fired a guy before he ever got on more on the death of Ric Ocasek of The Cars and the tributes to Eddie Money!By 92.9 KISM.
The man who was sure he was to be fired from his job so he brought his own emotional support clown into the meeting with him!By 92.9 KISM.
Bizarre stories from the medical we pass along the warning from doctors that no one should use toothpaste as a way to fight erectile dysfunction!By 92.9 KISM.
A grandma tried to slow speeders with a hair dryer that looked like a speed gun...a Canadian bridge is closed as crews remove 1.4 million pounds of bird poop...and a man stole 2 school buses for joyrides!By 92.9 KISM.
A man in a golf cart tried to out run a police chopper...there was a yak on the loose in Virginia... and a man hired an emotional support clown to bring to his work!By 92.9 KISM.
The lead singer of the CARS is dead. Ric Ocasek was 75....and more on the passing of Eddie Money too!By 92.9 KISM.
The couple who spent the $120,000 that the bank accidentally deposited in their account!By 92.9 KISM.
USA Today ranked the Top 100 QBs of all time. There are a few Seahawks on the list and some very questionable player be the judge!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman was fined for distracted driving after she was filmed driving while eating a bowl of ramen with chopsticks...and Whidbey Island 911!By 92.9 KISM.
An episode of "afternoon delight" results in off duty cop crashed his car into a liquor store...and a man found a bulldozer tearing up his property by mistake!By 92.9 KISM.
Eddie Money is dead at 70!By 92.9 KISM.
The Michigan woman who is facing a long prison sentence over stolen sausages!By 92.9 KISM.
Would you take over the fantasy football team of a guy who recently died? Is it bad karma? What happens if you win? Should you have to pay the buy in fee? Do you have to keep his original team name? All questions that got discussed this morning!By 92.9 KISM.
We run down the 12 nominees for this year's class and Brad & John pick the ones they think should get the call!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman is going to prison for stealing sausages...a husband died while having sex with another woman while on a work trip and it was deemed a workplace accident...and a famous strip club got turned into a religious school!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman got busted for giving a man a frozen biscuit beat down...a couple guys pulled guns after their 4am hamburgers were not hot...and a 32 yr old man posed as an 81 yr old man to try to get on a plane!By 92.9 KISM.
Kevin Hart continues to recover from his car accident...Sheryl Crow remembers Johnny Cash...and with all the talk about banning vape pens we go back to a time when celebrities endorsed cigarettes!By 92.9 KISM.
The 71 yr old man who used $37,000 of his son's inheritance to pay a $123 dollar traffic ticket!By 92.9 KISM.
Find out how things are going at home with a 1 week old baby boy!By 92.9 KISM.
Get all the details on tonight's fun between 5 and 7!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman got 2 DUIs in one day...a Disney super fan was banned from the parks for life...and raccoons drunk on fermented crab apples!By 92.9 KISM.
A family of squatters used a real estate app to gain entrance to a home for sale...a couple got in a big fight over which side of the bed to sleep on...and a man spent $37,000 to fight a $123 dollar traffic ticket!By 92.9 KISM.
Robert Pattinson is the new Batman...David Crosby remains an avid pot smoker and plans to come out with his own brand...and some of the biggest bands & the names they started out under!By 92.9 KISM.
The 40 people who started a brawl and got kicked out of a water park after an argument over a beach towel!By 92.9 KISM.
The Bigfoot Convention and Festival is up in Marblemount this weekend and we have tix if you have a good story about bigfoot! Tim retells a story handed down from his grandma about a sasquatch that threw a cow into the air!By 92.9 KISM.
The Bigfoot Convention and Festival is in Skagit county this weekend and we are taking your Bigfoot stories! Daniel swears he saw the Yeti while out fishing one morning!By 92.9 KISM.
3 women in New Hampshire are appealing for the right to go topless...a water park was closed after a 40 person brawl broke out on Sunday...and someone has been stealing cowbells straight from the cows!By 92.9 KISM.
A woman asked a Judge for a divorce because her man was TOO LOVING...a hotel owner was accused of stealing luggage at the airport baggage claim...and a man claims he was forced to go streaking thru town to pay off a drug debt!By 92.9 KISM.
Eddie Murphy will come back to host SNL for the first time in 35 years!By 92.9 KISM.
The 44 hikers who got rescued after going out in 112 degree heat!By 92.9 KISM.
Some great audio and some more details on the guy who got rammed by a Bison at Yellowstone!By 92.9 KISM.
It should be Taryn and the baby getting ready to go to the hospital but it turned out to be Brad yesterday!By 92.9 KISM.
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