Best Koran podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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Interviews with Scholars of Islam about their New Books
Bayyinah Institute
A free audio library
Kasamu: Shiites fowo Gyidiye ewu Koran ho.
The Koran (Qur'an) is regarded by Muslims as the word of God (Allah) as revealed to the prophet Muhammad. It is divided into 114 chapters (surahs), arranged roughly by length. This version, The Meaning of the Glorious Koran, is a widely used English translation of the Koran by a Muslim Englishman. Many Muslims, however, including Pickthall, believe that true translations of the Koran from the original Arabic are impossible, and see translations into other languages only as useful interpretat ...
The Mad Mamluks
A podcast for Muslims in the west that discusses today's issues while working towards solutions.
Islamic Podcasts
Islamic Podcasts aims to provide you with authentic Islamic Audio pertaining to matters of Islamic Monotheism.
Every week hundreds of seekers come and sit in the presence of Shaykh Babikir, one of the world's last living spiritual masters. Trained by the highest-ranking grandsages of Africa, join us as he imparts his inspirational teachings with humility and love.
Message of Islam
The Message International Magazine ( is a bi-monthly magazine published by ICNA. What you find in ‘The Message magazine’ is a universal publication for the whole of Muslim community. Echoing the concerns and ideas pertaining to Muslims in America, this non-profit publication is a forum for the youth searching their Islamic identity in a western land. The spirit of The Message magazine strives to bridge the gap between various communities worldwide.
A bi-weekly BlogTV live show about Islam with viewer participation via Skype.The show encourages Muslims and non-Muslims to discuss Islam without pussy footing around or ignoring facts.
SICM Lectures
Lectures given at Mahfil Ali.Tafsir classes by Shaykh Bahmanpour.
Great Quran recitations by the best reciters
Every Muslim has heard of the benefits of reciting Surah Kahf. But what exactly is the message that the Surah is conveying? This lecture series is an in-depth explanation of the Surah using tafsir from Ibn Kathir, al-Uthaymeen, Ibn al-Qayyim, Ibn Jawzi, Shawkani and Saadi. The speaker mentions the benefits and virtues of Surah Al-Kahf and lessons we can extract from the Surah. It was narrated from Abu Sa’eed al-Khduri that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoeve ...
This is Aron Brackeen's audio/podcast version of his book, My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready Writer: Adding Color to a World of Gray. It may be viewed at and is available to those interested in the immutable, imminent, transcendent, sovereign, holy, just, righteous, and lovingly majestic Ancient of Days- the Eternal LORD (YHVH) of the universe, and his divine purpose in messiah Yeshua (called Jesus) for this planet and those of us on it. Contact Aron Brackeen using A ...
Coach Koran Godwin, U of North Florida All-Time Leading Scorer shares his experience and advice on how to become a better basketball player.
Quran Talk
In-depth look into verses and themes of Quran. For full list of episodes go to Quran, Submission, Islam, Koran, God Alone, Quran Alone, Rashad Khalifa, Submitter, Muslim, Sura, Allah, Sermon
We are relating unto you the most beautiful of stories in that what We have revealed to you from the Quran, though before it, you were from among those who were not aware of them. (The Noble Quran 12:3)
We are relating unto you the most beautiful of stories in that what We have revealed to you from the Quran, though before it, you were from among those who were not aware of them. (The Quran 12:3)
What Is Go Ye International? Go Ye International is a 21st century Christian outreach by Aron Brackeen proclaiming the reconciliation possible for mankind made possible by the LORD (YHVH - Yehovah) in messiah Yeshua (called Jesus) made effectual to us through the Comforter (Holy Spirit)- the eternal, immutable, divine Majesty.Aron Brackeen may be contacted by e-mail,, and through information about Aron's book, My Tongue Is the Pen of a Ready ...
The New World that Awaits You As you come to the Quran, you come to a new world. No other venture in your life can be so momentous and crucial, so blissful and rewarding, as your journey to and through the Quran. It is a journey that will take you through the endless joys and riches of the words that your Creator and Lord has sent to you and all mankind. Here you will find a world of untold treasures of knowledge and wisdom to guide you on the pathways of life, to mould your thoughts and act ...
Basketball podcast featuring Coach Koran Godwin (Inventor of, Stephen Bardo (Fox Sports Analyst) and Myson Jones (Founder of Hoops Institute). We talk success on and off of the court.
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