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A fun weekly radio show about language seen through culture, history, and family. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers who have questions and stories about linguistics, old sayings, word histories, etymology, regional dialects, slang, new words, word play, word games, grammar, family expressions, books, literature, writing, and more. Email your language questions to or call with your questions toll-free *any* time in the U.S. and Canada at 1 (87 ...
WXPN's live performance and interview program featuring music and conversation from a variety of important musicians
The World in Words
The World in Words is a podcast about languages and the people who speak them. What happens to the brain on bilingualism? Does it matter that so many languages are dying out? Should we fear the rise of global English? Is the United States losing its linguistic cohesion? Why are Chinese tech words so inventive? Why does Icelandic have so many cool swearwords? Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki bring you stories from the world’s linguistic frontlines. Also at
After Words
Interviews with top nonfiction authors by journalists, public policy makers, legislators, and others familiar with their work. After Words airs each weekend at the following times: Saturday at 10pm ET Sunday at 9pm ET Monday at 12am ET
Storytelling is one of those things that makes us human. It takes many forms in many places and times but the need to record our story, to preserve the memory that we were here, and to hear the stories of others, this is universal. I'm a writer, a librarian, a mom, and a person in this world in search of how we tell our stories and how we hear the stories of others. Season 1: Flash Fiction. The sharing of minimalist literature, saying much with few words. May 2015-January 2018. Season 2: Boo ...
Laugh and groan as two teams play the hardest game in radio. Join us for a warm and witty hour of recreational thinking. Five rounds mixing words, associations, pop-culture and live music - all at the expense of the English language.
Words of War was an anthology of war stories,told by the men and women who have seen them happen. Exciting stories of World War II, its origins,its affects, and its heroes.Patriotic stories of heroes.
Words for Granted
Words for Granted is a podcast that looks at how words change over time. Host Ray Belli uses language--more specifically, individual words--as a way of making connections among history, culture, religion, and society.
Learn English Vocabulary Podcast. Always Free. Please leave good reviews at iTunes. It's a FREE show so be kind with the reviews. We are constantly working on making the show better.
The Most Popular Educational Podcast on iTunes. Learn Difficult English Vocabulary Words. Educate yourself! It's a free podcast that's sponsored by but you're welcome to leave a donation to cover bandwidth costs.
Words and Their Stories programs explain idioms and expressions that many learners of American English find difficult to understand.
Very Bad Words
As long as there’s been language, there have been forbidden words. What gives these words their power? Why are they considered “bad”? Producer and Host, Matt Fidler, reaches out to experts, linguists, and historians to explore these words and their cultural significance. From diving into specific bad words to exploring what language has the “worst curses”, Matt weaves personal stories and interviews to help shed light on the power of very bad words.
Host Ray Harkins dives deep with creators of independent culture from musicians, artists and other interesting people to find out what inspires them, how they came to be and many other unexpected places.
Investing, business, finance &economics - Mark Homer has the experience to help you with many of your questions & challenges. Mark My Words is a successful, eccentric & introverted businessman’s experience of 20 years with no waffle, ads, bravado or big pitches. Mark will interview the worlds most successful business, finance & money experts as well as impart his knowledge in a factual, direct manner. Mark runs & owns multiple businesses & property portfolios so teaches you what he does on a ...
WW2: War and Words
The story of the 20 momentous years from 1936 to 1956 that changed the course of history, as told by Jonathan Dimbleby and through the words of remarkable BBC correspondents.
Remarkable stories of war told by the men who fought for a proud nation. Their words. Their voices. Our first episodes tell riveting stories from World War II, then we move on to the Vietnam War and other dramatic conflicts.
Bedtime stories for kids, written by kids. A selection of sensational stories from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show 500 Words competition.
Next Ten Words
Next Ten Words focuses on in-depth analysis and critique of the personal technology industry. Every week Michael Gartenberg, Rene Ritchie, and guests go beyond the soundbite to the next ten words. And the ten after that.
The Daily Words of the Buddha is a free service of Pariyatti, available by email, XML-RSS, and on the Web via our website,
Extraordinary real stories you need to hear, direct from people around the world fighting for their rights
Meaningless Words
Meaningless Words is a podcast that intends to analyze things being said in the public forum in search of the meaningless messages, ulterior motives, and will seek to back engineer the double talk to extrapolate the hidden agenda when possible.The overall purpose of doing this will be to have a laugh at the expense of the for-profit propagandists, poorly reasoned political pundits, and anti-scientific snake oil salesmen of the world.
ANIMALOGY is a podcast about language, the animal-related words and phrases we use every day, and how they reflect and affect our relationship with (and treatment of) animals. Hosted by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, bestselling author and seasoned podcaster, Animalogy will change the way you talk — and think — about animals. For show notes and more, visit
Words and Their Stories programs explain idioms and expressions that many learners of American English find difficult to understand.
​Words and Nerds Podcast is an entertaining and conversational podcast that aims to get inside the writer's minds. We discuss books and the social and political influences of a writer's work.They dig deep to bring you an in depth but humorous analysis of the author's book and its influences. Join us for a new way of looking at literature. Dani Vee your host is a Head Teacher English, podcaster, reader, writer and book enthusiast. Chris Buchanan who joins in on the fun when he isn't hosting a ...
Louder Than Words tells the stories of personal and professional growth from some of the most interesting people in business, art, entrepreneurship, and more.
Eat Your Words
Eat Your Words is the weekly radio dispatch from Cathy Erway, founder of the blog Not Eating Out In New York. Every week, Cathy is joined by authors of books that you just want to eat up -- from colorful cookbooks to food memoirs to exposes on the food industry, it's all meaty topic for discussion. Tune in to learn what's new and happening in the world of food through its literature.
The World in Words
The World in Words podcast is about languages and the people who speak them. Hosted by The World's Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki.
Former special operations (1/75) sniper, bestselling author, firearm industry executive and attorney Ryan Cleckner discussing all things guns, law and politics. Ryan’s engaging demeanor and straight talk on complex topics will have you instantly hooked on this great podcast!
Uncover your calling, sharpen your vision, and master your days.
A research-based, storytelling podcast which wanders through the fields of fiction, popular culture, science, and history, drawing on the knowledge of a diverse cast of experts. Topics are wide-ranging but every episode is grounded in the same dedication to telling an engaging story about a less well-known aspect of history or culture.
Call in at 319-527-6027 to Randy's Show for Randy to personally prophesy to you Monday - Thursday 9pm-12am (call is free). Randy is a compassionate, kind host and loves to prophesy to all those who are searching for Him but got lost in the process. The prophetic reveals that God knows you, sees you and loves you unconditionally. Let the prophetic connect you to your future and reveal that your past failures are graciously wiped out. Randy believes you've been created for it and nothing can s ...
Poetry has been defined as “words that want to break into song.” Musicians who make music seek to “say something”. Parlando will put spoken words (often, but not always, poetry) and music (different kinds, limited only by the abilities of the performing participants) together. The resulting performances will be short, 2 to 10 minutes in length. The podcast will present them un-adorned. How much variety can we find in this combination? Listen to a few episodes and see. Hear the sound and sens ...
This is a fast paced, engaging dose of positive encouragement for your day. If you are a busy working mom, then you will want to tune in to learn best practices from women in the trenches. You’ll get tips and strategies for making the most of your relationships and special communication secrets to help you communicate clearly and confidently no matter what the situation.
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Words On Water
A podcast featuring conversations with influential and interesting people from the water sector and news from the Water Environment Federation.
Strength In Words
Join host Ayelet Marinovich for a “family enrichment” program, as she discusses various topics on development in infants and toddlers. For weekly sessions of music, play and developmental information for both you and your baby, subscribe on iTunes and visit! Stay connected by joining our newsletter:
Separated by the Atlantic Ocean, Barry Cooper and James Cary talk about culture, theology, the arts, the church, books and sometimes the weather. Well, they are British...
New Persuasive Words started as two guys talking about life with what we thought (hoped?) was wit and insight, on our good days anyway. Then...a podcast.
Podcasts of classes for the book "In the Buddha's Words" by Ven Chuan Guan that may make you laugh, cry or get enlightened and be crazy happy! ^.^
Words of War was an anthology of war stories,told by the men and women who have seen them happen. Exciting stories of World War II, its origins,its affects, and its heroes.Patriotic stories of heroes.
A weekly conversation about gaming, comics, movies and pop-culture.
The easy, convenient way to learn SAT words: Everyone who has faced the SAT questions knows the frustration of not having the right word immediately available when needed. Sometimes it's a matter of not being able to recall the right word; sometimes we never knew it. It is also frustrating to read a newspaper or homework assignment and run across words whose meanings elude us. Language, after all, is power. In this series of vocabulary lessons, the top 1,000 vocabulary words that appear on t ...
EMPOWER: The podcast dedicated to discussing topics relevant to the practice of pharmacy within emergency medicine.
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Hirīmatā ca dujjīvaṃ niccaṃ sucigavesinā, alīnenāppagabbhena, suddhājīvena passatā. Listen Difficult is life for the modest one who always seeks purity, is detached and unassuming, clean in life, and discerning. Dhammapada 18.245 View Pāli on The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhit ...…
Peculiar perspectives and varied views, Dick and Dom present some of the top 50 stories from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show 500 Words competition 2018
When I look at a more well-known poet or poem, I often find someone else less well-remembered connected with them. This sort of thing naturally intrigues me. Are we overlooking something of interest? Does this lesser-known person change our understanding of the more well-known poet? I’ve noted earlier this month that Carl Sandburg won the Pulit ...…
Sophie Allison did something most people might balk at in order to launch her music career as Soccer Mommy – she dropped out of NYU, putting more on the line than many young musicians, as she also had a scholarship to that prestigious school. Before she had released some much buzzed about high school bedroom recordings, now she has put out a re ...…
Are you allowed to play swear words in scrabble? And if you really can, why aren’t they listed in the official scrabble player’s dictionary? Competitive scrabble players Stephan Fatsis and Brian Richgrubber tell us how it happened and why this is important in the competitive scrabble world.
Episode 307 - Oh boy, what a chat I have with the musician Brianna Hunt who is known as Many Rooms. Her debut LP There Is A Presence Here is a staggering piece of work and I had to have her on the show. We discuss the intersection of faith and music, emotions and navigating the music industry. Even if you have NO idea who she is, trust me and g ...…
In this episode, inspired by a piece in the New York Times by a contemporary philosopher, we reflect on the contemporary relevance of an often maligned ancient Christian doctrine. The article we mention by Professor Crispin Sartwell can be found here:…
May 21, 2018 Adam Krantz is the CEO of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. In this episode, Adam talks about the complementary roles of the various water associations, including NACWA. He also assesses the current political will by elected officials to act on water issues and discusses paying for clean water, advancing smarter reg ...…
After her father, the legendary Rhinestone Cowboy Glen Campbell, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Ashley Campbell decided to put her theatre dreams on hold and spend more time on the road with her dad. Ashley talks about what it was like to tour as part of her father's band during his final years onstage and shares early childhood memories of gro ...…
From a football fanatic, to a fairy with a quirky career, Dick and Dom present some of the top 50 stories from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show 500 Words competition 2018
Secret codes, ciphers, and telegrams. It used to be that in order to transmit information during wartime, various industries encoded their messages letter by letter with an elaborate system--much like today's digital encryption. Grant breaks down some of those secret codes--and shares the story of the most extensive telegram ever sent. Plus, we ...…
This week's episode continues on from the last episode. So, if you haven't listened to that, head on over to Episode 18 first. From the history of utopia in the last episode, we move to the future of the planet and the climate change fiction that addresses it. “For me, utopianism is the creative attempt by a group of people to respond to the gr ...…
34. Paige Toon: The messiness & bad timing of love in 5 Years From Now & the importance of setting. by Words and Nerds: Authors, books and literature.
Here’s Carl Sandburg again, this time from his 1920 collection “Smoke and Steel.” Today’s piece “Long Guns” is a protest poem of a kind. A few decades later, around midcentury, the folk-song revival in America (which Sandburg had helped to kick-off with his pioneering American Songbag collection of folk songs) grew a wing that wrote protest son ...…
In this episode, we talk about Deadpool 2 (NO SPOILERS IN THIS ONE), Breakout or Escape rooms, the morality of demonic possession and more.
This week Cathy is joined by veteran cookbook author and sustainable food advocate, Mark Bittman, to chat about his latest book How to Grill Everything. Mark looks back at a career in Food writing while sharing his simple tips and unexpected recipes to propel your summer barbecues. Eat Your Words is powered by Simplecast…
Forward Air Controllers or FACs choreographed this skies over the battlefield in Vietnam. They courageously flew low, slow and unarmed over enemy territory in small, propeller driven aircraft like the Cessna 0-1 Bird Dog and 0-2 Skymaster. The FACs were experts at spotting an evasive, well camouflaged enemy and they often braved a battery of en ...…
Barbara Ehrenreich explores the science behind how the body ages. She is interviewed by New York Times science reporter Natalie Angier.
Helpful suggestions from Ryan on shipping firearms both in-state and across state lines including tips about the major carrier options. Complete show notes here!
From the Ruth King Theater in Milton, MA - Says You! Hosted by Richard Sher, The Hyannis Sound give us a little time with the words furfur and chounse. Host: Richard Sher Stereo Left: Carolyn Faye Fox, Arnie Reisman, Paula Lyons Stereo Right: Tony Kahn, Francine Achbar, Barry Nolan Musical Guest: The Hyannis Sound Round One: Common Threads Roun ...…
Have you ever noticed how little poetry deals with the world of everyday work, with the employments that occupy such a huge part of our lives? Part of this is due to the positioning of art as an escape from all that humdrum and haplessness. We go to poetry, or to music, partly to divert ourselves from it. It promises us the respite of beauty, o ...…
On their new album Free Yourself Up, Lake Street Dive stitches the most fun bits of pop, soul, disco, jazz and rock and roll into something all their own. The band's four founders met as students at Boston's New England Conservatory. They visit the Cafe to perform live and reminisce about touring in the early days when they stuffed a big bass i ...…
In this Bullgeschichte episode we are joined by Doug Pagitt. Doug is the founder and director of the non-profit Greater Things Foundation, which is the umbrella organization that much of his work operates within. We talk about faith, life, evangelicalism and politics. And of course, a little Donald Trump. Special Guest: Doug Pagitt.…
Lea is a teenager born and raised in Japan. Her mother is Chinese, her father American. She speaks English, Mandarin and Japanese but isn’t sure which of them is her mother tongue. Karolina lives in Boston but grew up in several countries and speaks a bunch of languages. Her English is perfect but she doesn’t feel completely at home in it, or i ...…
Lea is a teenager born and raised in Japan. Her mother is Chinese, her father American. She speaks English, Mandarin and Japanese but isn’t sure which of them is her mother tongue. Karolina lives in Boston but grew up in several countries and speaks a bunch of languages. Her English is perfect but she doesn’t feel completely at home in it, or i ...…
From a meticulous mouse, to a superstar spring onion, Dick and Dom present some of the top 50 stories from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show 500 Words competition 2018
Barry and James are back with Dr Ros Clarke, from the Church Society, talking about dieting, fasting and body image. And we exclusively reveal Ros's favourite cheese after some probing questions. Ros Clarke's website The Church Society podcast A New Name by Emma Scrivener A New Day: Moving on from hunger, anxiety, control, shame, anger and desp ...…
David Kemp returns to the podcast to discuss the latest updates to property development law and legislation around the subject of the national planning policy. David covers some key facts that you should be aware of as a property developer or investor from SIL & CIL legislation to SANG, and how to make sure you are paying the right amount for l ...…
What is executive functioning? On this episode of the Strength In Words podcast, Ayelet sits down with Renee Peña Lopez, a special education and early childhood educator, to discuss how executive functioning is related to foundational learning and play in early childhood. We got the scoop about how to make play more purposeful to support this i ...…
In this minicast, Matt ponders why it's not okay to use the phrase, "Jew them down" ,but it's okay to say, "I've been gypped". Both words are considered offensive in their communities, but even people that we don't expect still use the word "gyp". We get some help from Romedia Foundation's executive director Katalin Barsony in the below clip. h ...…
Episode 306 - The month of focusing on awesome women is in full swing and today we have Shawna Potter from War On Women hanging out with us. We talk about “working in the system” like what the band experienced on Warped Tour, trying to have a meaningful impact and part time band life. Get THE BEST coffee with Bones Coffee and use the code 100WO ...…
Today's books are: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. Viking, 1962. A Poem for Peter by Andrea Davis Pinkney. Viking, 2016. Other things discussed in this episode: Ezra Jack Keats's former collaborator talks about him. Andrea Davis Pinkney's website.
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