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Word of the Day
In this podcast, we highlight fun but underused words, explain their usage and origin, provide real-life conversational examples for each, and generally have a good time.
A Word in Your Ear
Emeritus Professor Roly Sussex walks you through the linguistic mindfield, explaining the weird and wonderful aspects of English and many other languages.
Word-Origin Wednesday is the weekly podcast that walks you through a word origin in five minutes or less.
Cricket for everyone - your friendly guide to the world's weirdest sport. Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins combine deep analysis with irreverence and political nous as they follow the game they love around the globe, and run in-depth interviews with a range of guests. You can support the show on Patreon, at patreon.com/thefinalword.
Fill Me In
Fill Me In is a crossword podcast, or at least, that's what it pretends to be. Most of the time, it's about other things (including, but not limited to: soup, Thor, Rosana Ñler, Viewer Mail, Jonathan Papelbon, vuvuzelas, inappropriate glorification of the E Division, and much more), but occasionally, we also talk about crosswords.
Word Bomb
Language moves fast and Word Bomb is here to help. Unpacking one explosive word per week, hosts Pippa Johnstone and Karina Palmitesta talk to experts and dive deep into lived experiences to share stories the dictionary doesn't tell you.
Free daily dose of word power from Merriam-Webster's experts
On Ireland's most cutting edge current affairs show, Matt and his guests provide a running stream of intelligent opinions and heated debates on the issues that matter most to Irish listeners. You might not always agree, but you'll never want to miss a Word.
Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri is a thriving non-denominational church led by Pastor Brian & Peri Zahnd. We are followers of Jesus seeking to be an authentic expression of the kingdom of Jesus in the twenty-first century. Additional sermon audio and other resources are available at wolc.com.
A Way with Words is a fun and funny radio show and podcast about language. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett talk with callers from around the world about linguistics, slang, new words, jokes, riddles, word games, grammar, old sayings, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, books, literature, folklore, and speaking and writing well. Email your language questions for the show to words@waywordradio.org. Or call with your questions toll-free *any* time in the U.S. and Can ...
Word of the Day
The huge Amazon Alexa hit Word of the Day is now available as a podcast!Word of the Day teaches you a useful word, its definition, etymology, and gives you examples of how to use it in a sentence. A new word each and every day! Perfect for those looking to expand their vocabulary, learning English and looking for a boost and anyone who loves words.
Join Stan Collymore every week as he has The Last Word on the weekend's football action. Not one to shy away from sharing his opinion, Stan will not be afraid of making you aware of how he feels about your team's performance! Each episode he'll be joined by different guests from the world of football. From current managers and players, to legends of the game.
Welcome to the Uplifting Words podcast, where I share motivation, uplifting, and educational nuggets that helps people live their best lives! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/decourcy-williams/support
A short 2-minute devotional message once a week to help you remember your worth in God.
A Listener Supported Broadcast Ministry of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
Podcast by Dr. Charles L. Owens
Teaching the WorldDoing the WorkTouching the World
Weekly sermons from Word Fellowship Church in Chouteau, OK.
Words and Pictures
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Living Word Gilbert
A 100 word story every day until the day I die.
Know His Word
Know His Word, christian Bible studies
All my accomplishments are rubbish compared to knowing Jesus Christ. Posting a Daily Prophetic Word For Today #DailyPropheticWord at https://soundcloud.com/neilvermillion/sets/daily-prophetic-word
The latest podcast feed searching 'Word of God' on SermonAudio.
Podcast by Bill and Sandi Griffin
Podcast by Pastor Darrell Morgan
Listen as Pastor Ray Hadjstylianos teaches, preaches and explains the Word of God.
Giving Glory to God from Sarasota, Florida
True Word Christian Center is a non-denominational spirit-filled church committed to teaching the word of God in a way that is easy to understand and moving with the Spirit.
Word for Word
Australia's best interviews from a queer perspective
Word for Word
Australia's best interviews from a queer perspective
Podcasts by Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries
The Word and Life
All content © The Word and Life.www.thewordandlife.com
Word Alive Church Podcast
Pastor Cliff Reynolds, Senior Pastor of Word Alive Church, brings you his weekly audio sermon.
Good Word is an invitation. An invitation to explore biblical and theological topics presented in regularly published Bible Study guides. The Bible awaits our continued study and investigation; Good Word provides one way to approach it.
Last Word Radio -- a collection of sports podcasts brought to you by Last Word On Sports INC.
1 Word Show
Jacob and a guest disscuss a randomly chosen word. Anything can happen?
Dan Hayden's two-minute daily Bible study explores the meaning of a single word from Scripture. Much more than a devotional - it's Bible-based truth revealed through credible, reliable study. A Word from the Word is produced in Orlando, Florida.
Dr. Randy L. Davis delivers powerful and insightful messages as the Apostle and Founder of Zion Word Church in Anderson, MO USA which is the headquarters for Zion Word Ministries International. Branch churches and ministers located in Africa, Nepal, and Haiti. All scripture is given from the KJV of the Bible. For more information, visit our website: www.zwmi.com
Welcome to our whimsical adventure of idioms and other turns of phrase. Each week, we delve into the origins of phrases to find out how they came into the English language. We tell the story of how the phrase got from its beginnings to where it is today. Shauna and Dan are two big nerds, so expect some geek culture references, random trivia facts, and loads of laughs!
Wheat Pete's Word
Every Wednesday, Peter Johnson gives you the agronomic word on all the crops growing in Canada.
Word Of Faith Outreach, Joaquin, TX Various Sermons
We are a church that is all about Real Life Change by Winning the Lost and Making Disciples here in Dinuba, CA
Word Alive Bible Church Sermons
Living Word
Audio Feed from Living Word Church in Rockland MA
Welcome to Living Word Ministries Podcast. Here you can listen to all messages preached by the head pastor and various other visiting speakers, join us as we rightly divide the word of truth..
Podcast by Word Alive International Outreach
Sermons from Fountain of the Living Word Church
Jesus Christ Himself stated that man should live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. He also said that God’s Word is truth! But what are those words? Who understands those words? And how can anyone live by every word of God if he doesn’t first know what those words are? In each program, hosts Brian Davis and Dwight Falk will examine the Bible’s doctrines and instructions on Christian living in order to help listeners understand how they can better live by every word.
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The UK's best-selling albums of the 21st century have been revealed.Here's what made the list:Adele - 21Amy Winehouse - Back To BlackAdele – 25Ed Sheeran xEd Sheeran ÷Back To Bedlam – James Blunt (2004)Spirit - Leona Lewis (2007)Crazy Love – Michael Buble (2009)No Angel – Dido (2000)White Ladder – David Gray (1999)The Fame – Lady Gaga (2008)Onl ...…
Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness – Genesis 1:26
Dude, that's craaazy. In this mini episode, Pippa and Karina discuss one of the most-used adjectives in their vocabulary, what they mean when they use the word "crazy," and the subtle ways that ableist language can creep into casual conversation.By TVO.
As you continue to set sail and venture towards the things I have placed before you, the things I have surely called you to do, understand there is a storm currently brewing. There is turmoil as the heavens begin to shake and as you adjust to the new pace I am instilling upon the Earth, and upon my select people. Understand the past few days ha ...…
Reveille is a noun that means a signal to get out of bed. In addition to providing the origin of our word of the day, Latin word vigilare (vij uh ARE ay) meaning ‘to keep watch’ and ‘to stay awake’ has given us vigil, vigilant and vigilante. In the armed forces, our word of the day refers to a bugle whose sound is intended to wake up the soldie ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Scenic Hills Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: The Word of God is not Optional Subtitle: Motivation Speaker: Matthew J Cox Broadcaster: Scenic Hills Baptist Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 10/13/2019 Length: 40 min.By Matthew J Cox.
According to Psalm 145:4-5, one generation should praise the works of God to another and declare God's mighty acts. Listen to Pastor Alvin as he identifies examples of the works of God manifested in the life of the believer through Jesus Christ. As you listen to Pastor Alvin, we pray this message will feed your faith and encourage you to trust ...…
http://archives.kfuo.org/mp3/TSW/TSW_Oct_14_2019.mp3 Download Audio File Rev. Zelwyn Heide, pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Grassy Butte and St. Peter Lutheran Church in Belfield, North Dakota, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Isaiah 21. Isaiah 21 contains three oracles that seem to be related somehow, but they sound so strange and al ...…
If you're not using a dictionary to look up puzzling words as you read them, you're missing out on a whole other level of enjoyment. Also, when you're cleaning house, why not clean like there's literally no tomorrow? The term "death cleaning" refers to downsizing and decluttering specifically with the next generation in mind. The good news is t ...…
She sat across the table from us, and with tears in her eyes, she said, “I’d like to have Jesus in my heart, but I don’t think I can be good enough.”By Guidelines.
Join Stan Collymore every week as he has The Last Word on the weekend's football action. Not one to shy away from sharing his opinion Stan will not be afraid of making you aware of how he feels about your team's performance! Stan was joined by former Republic of Ireland international turned pundit Andy Townsend to discuss his career and discuss ...…
Please enjoy this week’s update. Our lastest Israel travel video can be found at this link – (Click Here)… Read the restBy Charlie Garrett - Superior Word.
John 14:1-31. Message number thirty three in the series The Gospel of John: No Ordinary Faith, No Ordinary Life.By The Word and Life.
A Message by Pastor Mark EarleA lot of times in life we run into situations where there is not a quick "How To" guide to fix the problem. In Sometimes we can't find the answers on a quick YouTube search. What do we do? We turn to the only true source of wisdom, Jesus Christ! In the in between times where we are suck in the middle of where we ar ...…
Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries podcast by Faith Inc Word Deliverance MinistriesBy Faith Inc Word Deliverance Ministries.
You were made to worship, because you are human. Worship is a human quality. We all have the capacity to look towards something outside ourselves, to give attention to some version of the good life, to give our hearts and devotion to something or...By Derek Vreeland.
"In Acts 13, the apostle Paul and Barnabas were under heavy persecution. However, they managed to have a joyful, rejoicing perspective. Even when Paul was in jail and wrote to the Philippians, he endeavored to cheer up the people with his mandate to rejoice. Psalm 5 tells us that God is our defense and we can rejoice because of that and because ...…
The guys are back after a week off with lots to talk about. They start by taking a look at some of the RFA deals that they missed. Giving their thoughts on names like Patrick Laine, Kyle Connor, Matthew Tkachuk, and Brayden Point. They also take a look at the Dustin Byfuglien situation and what that means for the team. Next, they take a look at ...…
Lizzie Tom Richard Serendipidy Norval Joe Kristin Planet Z RICHARD Chatty Back in the Second World War, in Britain we used to have posters, sternly advising that ‘Careless talk costs lives!’ I’ve no idea whether they were successful in preventing German spies from gaining sensitive information – that’s something I’ve never been able to find out ...…
Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for October 13, 2019 is: triskaidekaphobia \triss-kye-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\ noun : fear of the number 13 Examples: "We've gathered a list of 13 local theater productions to help you get into that eerie Halloween feeling. Just don't let triskaidekaphobia—fear of the number 13—stop you from seeing one of these theat ...…
Relevant Verses: Ezra 7:10; Nehemiah 1:1-11 Leading Question: Does God call a person because of that person’s gifts, or is it sometimes the case that God’s call empowers a person to do the God-given task? Contrasting roles for Ezra and Nehemiah. Both in general as well as specific terms, the work which God called Ezra and Nehemiah to do differ ...…
Robert Henderson - The Trading Floors of Heaven by Bill and Sandi GriffinBy Bill and Sandi Griffin.
Luke Williams is an author a journalist and a man who wears his heart and his life on his sleeve. Not shy to talk about his life and in all its imperfections Luke talks honestly about, drug addiction, mental health and overcoming suicidal ideation. As well as his travel adventures that had lead to being incarcerated in a Filipino jail and buyin ...…
As we move from football to the racing season, Professor Roly Sussex is going hell for leather with equine expressions.
This episode, I share something that I have been trying to keep in the dark for about 20 years! I explain what it is, and how I am getting past it. I encourage anyone listening to not allow your past to define you! It is over! It's done. Your future is nothing. but unlimited possibilities. The Uplifting Words Mastermind Productivity Journal - h ...…
This week in the United States is Fire Prevention Week, so we talk a few of our favorite phrases with the word Fire in them, including On Fire, Through Fire, Where's the Fire, and more! #BunnyTrails Join the Community at www.patreon.com/bunnytrailspod Find links to everything we do at www.bunnytrailspod.com And catch up with us on Twitter at ww ...…
Sunday PM 10-06-2019. Verse-by-Verse through the Book of Exodus.By Dr. Charles L. Owens.
Wednesday 10-9-19 "Our Helper" Ps. Chris Welch by Word Of FaithBy Word Of Faith.
The Flash...Werewolves...The Crying Game...Tornadoes? Has this show gone off the rails? No, it’s 1 Word Show - Rapid Fire Edition, the show where anything can and does happen! Here's how it works: Jason and Darius freestyle on 10 randomly generated words in 10 minutes! 1 minute per word and when the minutes up the topic moves on to the next wor ...…
10 - 9-19 WED- Doctrines Pt. 6- Judgement by Pastor Darrell MorganBy Pastor Darrell Morgan.
Is frosted corn, toast? It all depends, says Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson, so head on out and start checking those cob shanks! On this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word, Johnson covers some key cover crop questions, why wheat seed rates might at max right now, and there’s some gibberella out there that needs attention. Have a... Read More…
Before it entered everyday English, "hysterical" was medical Latin.By The Grammar Geek.
Our Spiritual Bank Account - Part 2 by Living Word MinistriesBy Living Word Ministries.
Introducing the revolutionary new Word of the Day Self-Serving Coffee Machine.By Jamie Silva.
The Flow Of Tabernacles | Kent Mattox | 10 - 06 - 2019 by Word Alive International OutreachBy Word Alive International Outreach.
The Church of God has been called out of this world. Why is this necessary? What is wrong with this world?
With Tim Wigmore and Freddie Wilde, authors of Cricket 2.0, a new book tracing T20’s exhilarating story so far. Geoff and Adam also take a look at The Hundred, Sarah Taylor’s outstanding international career and series taking place around the world. There’s never a slow week in this game. Send us your Nerd Pledge at patreon.com/thefinalword The ...…
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