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This is the full replay of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, featuring, Kellie Rasberry, Big Al Mack, J-Si and Jenna.Live from 6-10am CT weekdays at (
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Big Al says that he is going to work out at Disney World this year.. but he has a really good reason that he wants to! And yes, we are live from Disney World on this year's annual Kidd's Kids trip!
It's Friday, we are at Disney World on the annual Kidd's Kids trip, and we are flushing the format BABY! Courtesy of Radio DJs Kidd Leow.
Steve Carrell talks defends his famous line in the 40-Year Old Virgin movie. And Adam Levine dodges the question about the Super Bowl halftime show.... Kinda..
Lil Xan has been inspired to go to rehab.. Jennifer Hudson accidentally dried up her mommy milk... and Kellie wishes she would have known about this sooner!
We kicked off the Kidd's Kids trip with a welcoming party last night.. And it was so much fun! We had some surprise performances, a very nice gift that keeps on giving... and only a little bit of a disapointment. Sorry about Big Al!
Jenna lets us know some goodies that everyone would enjoy this holiday season! What's on her must buy list this year?
A shocking celebrity death... Some not so shocking news.. A certain celebrity checked into rehab. And Demi Lovato speaks out after cutting off a lot people in her life.
When you get busted faking a GoFund Me… Plus, a savage bride... Hear all about it in this edition of Tidbit News!
Coming up next week.... What should we talk about? Oh yeah.. We are at Disney World on the 2018 Kidd's Kids trip! There will be PLENTY to talk about! Hear from the families, our Kidd's Kids, their experience! It's gonna be a lot of fun! Thank you for all of your donations!
J-Si had a hard time getting his new fridge yesterday, and he left a mess for Kinsey to deal with! And it's National Clean Out Your Fridge day! Speaking of cleaning stuff out, here are some of the weirdest stuff we've found in our cars....
Kim Kardashian may have been TOO polite when she met Ashley Graham ... And, Carrie Underwood made a big announcement last night at the CMAs.
Who is the mystery blonde holding hands with G Eazy? And why is an almost 20 year old album at the top spot of the iTunes Album chart?
You can't get your penthouse to your perfect temperature because the floor-to-ceiling windows keep certain rooms a little colder. Or your beach house doesn't have an ice maker on the fridge, so you have to freeze your ice in a tray! Oh, and it's too cold for the beach right now. Listen to all of today's first world problems!…
Part-Time Justin was wondering exactly how much weight we are all going to gain between the Kidd's Kids trip and Thanksgiving break… Why don't we all weigh ourselves and see exactly how much we put on between now and then.. Sounds like fun, right?
It's the final round of the High-Low game... What was the correct amount?
Rob Kardashian wants his child support payments to be lowered because he is struggling financially. Cash Me Outside girl gets into a fight with Iggy Azalea.. And Carrie Underwood reveals the sex of her baby!
Alec Benjamin is an amazing performer and song-writer, and he brought us all to tears with a song that he wrote about his sister. Listen and get to know him now, because we think he's the next Ed Sheeran!
Everyone in the office weighed in so we can see how much weight we gain between Kidd's Kids and the Thanksgiving break... The total weight of our office is........
A couple of new movies are hitting the theaters, including a new one from Mark Wahlberg and the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. How does Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes feel about these movies? Just take a listen!
We leave for the Kidd's Kids trip tomorrow... Has anyone even packed yet? Plus, today is National Pickle Day... J-Si talks about buying a street pickle from a kid and regretting it.
Prince William had people feeling sorry for him when he played Rugby. And, Bryan Cranston hints that he might be a part of the Breaking Bad Movie.
Cardi B and Chance the Rapper are teaming up for Netflix next year ! And are Channing Tatum and Jessie J Instagram Official?
Someone's boyfriend doesn't like their best guy friend. This guy says he wants to be with you… but he's still active on Tinder. And someone can't forgive or forget what their husband MIGHT have done. Listen to all of today's letters! Do you agree with Kellie's advice?
J-Si was really shocked when he caught Kellie's dad, Jerry Rasberry, doing something really awkward.. Any guesses on what it was?
We did another exciting round of the High-Low game! And tomorrow is the last day of this game! Hope you get your chance to play!
There's a Bachelor baby on the way! Stan Lee was working on a new super hero when he passed away. Camila Cabello is talking about dating someone that we know very well!
We open up the phone lines and people wanna know… What's the weirdest thing we've googled? Plus, suggestions for Big Al and Jenna's bakery, and we have a new show baby! Listen to all of today's calls!
It's the final High-Low game and up to $1,500 is up for grabs! Plus, we wanna hear your first world problems!
Big Al was so giddy yesterday when he came across a childhood favorite food of his in the store... What are some of your fav childhood foods? Plus today is World Kindness Day!
What’s left on Mandy Moore’s to do list after climbing the tallest mountain in Africa? And, John Mayer had so much fun at Drake’s birthday party… He feels like he never needs to party again.
Why is Lorde is calling out Yeezus ? And who is the new character in Toy Story 4?
We have some feel good doggy stories that will make you say "Awww!" Plus, isn't it a good day when it snows on your birthday?! Listen to all of today's calls!
Kidd TV's Ana got a chance to interview the cast of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald! She got to screen the new movie, go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and talk to the cast! She even got one of them to reveal something that they weren't supposed to! You can catch the full interview on her Channel Surfing podcast!…
Can you correctly guess exactly how much money you will win? Listen to play along.. We do it every week day at 7:40 CT!
Jaden Smith confessed his love for Tyler the Creator. John Mayer partied so hard at Drake's birthday party, he quit drinking. Lady Gaga paid a visit to fellow evacuees.
We wanna know the quirky stuff that you do that other people think is crazy! Today we had some very passionate drinkers! One only drinks coke, another gulps gallons of milk! That might not seem crazy to you, but you have to hear their explanations! Listen to all of today's calls!
We will play another round of the High-Low game! What will the exact amount be? We play everyday at 7:40! Plus, Kellie helps solve all of your love problems! And we wanna talk about whatever you want to!
So much to be happy about right now! We have Kidd's Kids this week, then it's Thanksgiving! And we all knows what comes next... Are you ready for that?
Travis Scott is talking about what it was like in the delivery room with Kylie . And, Post Malone is making the move from music to acting.
Get our recap of the People’s Choice Awards last night .. And, the latest on the California Wildfires burning out of control.
Jenna went to an exclusive house concert with some very famous people, and she caused a scene when she got too sweaty and started swaying! Plus, Ana had a house warming party and someone got a little too comfortable in her home!
Ana told us how Part-Time Justin got too comfortable in her house and we wanted to know… Do you have friends like that? KiddNation came through with their own houseguest horror stories, like a dad that uses the ONE room in the house that is off-limits. Plus, a friend that says the couch is too uncomfortable to sleep on, so she makes you and you ...…
Can you guess exactly how much money you will win?
Chip and Joanna Gaines are coming back in a big way.Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married very, very soon! And lots of celebrities had to evacuate due the wildfires.
You have to temporarily move into your parents house, now your girlfriend doesn't want to do "laundry"… What should you do? Plus, an ex insists that is his baby, not your soon-to-be ex-husbands.. How should you handle the situation? Listen to all of today's letters!
Facebook is taking their friend suggestions to the next level.. Plus, lying can actually shrink your nose.
Jenna was praising her car karma, and then she literally took a turn for the worst.
Some of us went to an exclusive, late-night event that had an open bar! That's not the most exciting thing but it is relevant considering someone didn't make it to work!
We like to kick off our Friday mornings with a dope mix, courtsey of Radio DJs, DJ Cory James!
What was John Mayer’s worst moment on stage? And, there is one thing Katy Perry doesn’t like about Orlando Bloom.
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