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Join Kim Eierman, Founder of EcoBeneficial!, for useful gardening tips to improve our environment. Kim shares her own tips and interviews some of the leaders in the ecological gardening movement.
All about the art, science, and love of landscape photography
The Landscape Conversations podcast series explores the diverse ways in which landscape is worked in, thought of and defined. Our guests in conversation include landscape architects, scientists, artists, filmmakers and others who shape how we understand the landscape.
Lives in a Landscape
Documentary series telling original stories about real lives in Britain today
A Platform to Elevate and Connect Voices within Landscape ArchitectureOUR MISSIONTo record and share the stories, intentions, and impacts of emerging and established landscape architects.WHY?As landscape architecture's role expands to shape both physical and socioeconomic spaces, we can increase our contributions to environmental impact, social justice, and new roles yet to be seen by broadcasting the profession's diverse voices and their associated discussions.By capturing and expanding the ...
Madeleine Bunting travels the country to meet writers inspired by location, and finds out how they go about interpreting their environments in words.
Iain Stewart takes a walk through some of Scotland's most intriguing landscapes, revealing how human activity has shaped the land we see today.
Landscape Live!
Listen along as Brendon Porter and Aaron King recount the funny, scary and weird stories from their photography adventures throughout beautiful Utah and the surrounding areas. We discuss what went well, what could have gone better and what we learned as we were out there. When we aren't talking recent adventures, we learn from guest photographers in the area and worldwide who share the same love of landscape and astrophotography.If you are a beginning landscape or astrophotographer, come alo ...
Lawn and Landscape Podcast was created for someone starting, running, and trying to grow a Lawn and Landscape Business. We talk about problems, marketing, sales, pricing, and much more.
Learn how to start a successful lawn care and landscaping business! These podcast episodes are short, digestible, actionable tips to get your business off the ground and become successful. The show includes interviews with landscapers and course members that are looking to grow their business. Mike Andes gives LIVE advice and consulting to REAL business owners. Get tips on how to advertise your business, hire the right employees, and scale your company! Mike Andes ...
Conversations about Architecture & Landscape from the Kingston School of Art, London
Landscape Architecture
Martian Landscape
Martian Landscape broadcasts weekly on's "11" and "70's" stations, with archived episodes available here via podcast! Martian Landscape focuses on musical obscurities (and absurdities) from 70's hard rock/psychedelia, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal, 70's/80's glam, 60's garage rock, punk, new wave, post punk, and whatever else your host, The Maestro, can pull from his vast musical archives, Martian Landscape will take you on a 2 hour tour of the unknown...downloa ...
Landscape Digital Show with Jeff Korhan is for green industry companies that want to grow their landscape or lawn care business with digital marketing. In less than ten minutes, each episode delivers inspirational ideas and actionable plans for using digital media to attract and engage customers, talented team members, and community supporters. Discover how to build a loyal audience and distinguish your business using social media, email, and content marketing to create exceptional customer ...
Landscape Live
Landscape Live! is a weekly talk show for landscape professionals who want to gain valuable insights from some of the biggest names in the green industry.
Regular installments of the latest business information, management best practices and technical updates from market-leading manufacturers.
Cultural Heritage is a documentary program series that looks back at the history of human civilizations which have flourished along the rivers and mountainous landscapes in China. The civilizations can be traced back thousands of years ago. Their golden days have left their marks, but in face of modernization, they are being slowly washed away. The ten episodes of the series reveal how men manage to survive upon the gifts from the nature, a manifestation of the human wisdom. The series takes ...
Grab your tea and knitting and settle in with Sarah and Katie as we talk about what makes working with yarn so awesome. We’re Canadian urban prairie girls, sisters, sci-fi and fantasy fans, and can seriously talk about knitting all the time.
Science, Art & Dinner, it’s all in your own backyard. All about plants, gardens, foraging, and more.
Jazzy, soulful club culture worldwide - nujazz, broken beat, house, jazz, soul, funk, boogie and other international musical delights.
Landscape Design
Landscape Design
Business of Design is a coaching community for independent interior design professionals—designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, architects and landscape designers. Join to gain access to more than 100 design management courses. Change happens now....
Audio guide for twenty two key works from the 2007 25th anniversary of the National Gallery of Australia exhibition 'Ocean to Outback: Australian Landscape Painting 1850–1950' curated by National Gallery Director, Ron Radford AM and celebrates the rich history of landscape painting in Australia.
Landscape Conservation, Winter 2013
Reading and Writing: Books about Landscape Architecture, Spring 2012
Real Landscape
Podcast by Real Landscape
Landscape Slayers is a podcast celebrating women's stories and contributions to our spaces & places. Touching on subjects as broad as history, myth, culture, religion, and science in order to understand how designed places have been shaped over time and how women have played a significant role in shaping them. This is a space for all those fabulous women, past, present and future, who are rocking our physical world. A place to share stories, be inspired, and come together to celebrate and li ...
If you want a home you will love in the New Year, and for many years to follow, opt for the best landscaping Dorking can offer, Precise Construction. For more detail visit:
Landscape Voices
Landscape Voices is a modern podcast platform to tell stories informed by knowledge and science. Accelerating action toward a more sustainable world. Inspired by integrity, honesty and objectivity. Covering people's voices from around the world on landscapes and finance, restoration, rights, measuring progress, food and livelihoods.
UC Davis's Landscape Architecture lunchbag lecture series is offered this spring by professor Claire Napawan.
American Landscape weekly podcasts are all about the readings assigned for each week.
Southern Landscapes S2
Southern Landscapes S2
Love for Learning Beyond Schooling
Landscape Pictures from Countries around and from Europe. I will show the beauties of various landscapes
Landscape Design S1
Landscape Design S1
Southern Landscapes S2
New podcast weblog
UC Davis's Landscape Architecture lunchbag lecture series is offered this winter by professor David de la Pena.
Landscape Design S1
Landscape Design S1
Terrible, terrible decisions to make
We help small landscape companies grow into a successful business.
Note: Visit for the latest shows! A weekly talk show for landscape professionals who want to grow their companies profitably. Please click on the "Follow" button beneath the Landscape Live! logo to receive regular reminders to tune in!
Moments of peace from beautiful locations around the world. Just take a moment to relax. You deserve to. Each podcast is 1.5 minutes of HD scenary. No music or voiceover, just natural surroundings. Designed to give you a few moments of peace in your day. Travel with us and be free.
Timeless landscape design for lifelong living.
Growing from a friendship forged at the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference many moons ago, this rock star trio has brought podcasting to a whole new level. I'm not saying that's a high level, just a new level.
Master Your Lens
Master Your Lens is an inspirational photography podcast dedicated to helping you take better pictures. Hosted by celebrity photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith, the podcast shares inspiring stories from Matthew 27 year career photographing the world's icons. Along the way, Matthew shares tips on how you can master your lens and become a better photographer
Dynamic Landscapes of Hong Kong
Audio guide to thirty-two works from the Turner to Monet: triumph of Landscape exhibition shown at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 14 July – 16 October 2006.
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Visual Wilderness sale can be found here Social media can be an amazing tool for the modern photographer, but its not without its downsides. You can find Nick’s workshops here Nick’s instagram Nick’s Website Nick’s Youtube
"Every student deserves a good teacher, every teacher deserves the opportunity to be a great teacher" -Teri Almquist Building an inner connection with yourself isn't easy. This union, or yoga, is hard work. It's about trust--first in a teacher when you don't yet know how to trust yourself or you are overwhelmed by pain, fear, or self-doubt. But ...…
:30 What’s For Dinner: Savory Tarts Pick your favorite vegetables or herbs, add some eggs and cheese, and make savory tarts for appetizers, lunch or dinner. 5:04 Plant noob: Lawn Substitutes. Tired of mowing? Is there really such a thing as a no-maintenance lawn substitute? 12:42 Eat/Drink/Grow: Hedges. What to plant, how and when to prune, kee ...…
In the final episode of season 3 of the Master Your Lens podcast, Matthew discusses the advantages of testing your gear and your ideas.
The Here We Gnome Again KAL is gnoming along and we have two tips for yarn stash. Oh, and there may be castles. Show notes can be found on the Imagined Landscapes website:, and come chat with us in the Ravelry group:
Not every designer loves the idea of working with trades or carrying the responsibility of a large renovation. There are lots of ways, as the owner of the company, to create a business that works for you. One Business of Design enthusiast shares how she works with clients during the planning stage, but then allows them to mange the renovations ...…
For the first time, Brendon has taken Photog Adventures through the Slot Canyons in Escalante. Drew and Brendon hit up Spooky Gulch and Peek-a-Boo Slot. Sharing first impressions of the drive there and the challenges of hiking the area and how they definitely brought too much gear along with them on the hikes. They make Aaron jealous as they de ...…
Here are three tips I would tell every landscape business owner they MUST have in order to grow and be successful. Sign up for the course at
In this episode Bushra Mohamed interviews Jaume Mayol who is a partner in TEd’A Arquitectos along with Irene Perez. Their practice, based in Mallorca is a territorial one, seeking to make its architecture from the lessons in the vernacular of the areas they build - both in the tectonics found there, and in the formal arrangements of elements. T ...…
Nick Filth grew up in an abusive home, dropped out of high school after ninth grade, was homeless for a time, and addicted to drugs, but ironically his experiences with THC and psychedelics sent him out of this world then back to his own life-- his truth, which is a place and point of view way more expansive and stunningly beautiful and loving ...…
In episode 82 of the Master Your Lens Podcast, Matthew discusses the power of image and what you need to know today to get ahead in photography.
Happy Perseids everybody! It is the week of the peak of the annual Perseid Meteor shower. This coming Aug. 11th. 12th and 13th mark the three mornings that will showcase the peak of the Perseids with as many as 50 meteors an hour often more! So how do you get the most out of this opportunity? Today on the Astro Photog Podcast, Aaron goes over a ...…
At Business of Design we believe that working together as collaborators is a better way to get ahead as an individuals. Listen in to this conversation from NYC where three design advocates explore how we can lift the whole industry. In this episode we learn: - when we collaborate, we help each other run better businesses- being on an island has ...…
Madena moved to the Mojave Desert from Los Angeles in 2016 for her dream job; managing MDLT’s Native Plant Restoration Nursery, Mojave Desert Seed Bank, herbarium, and living collections. She has over fifteen years of experience working with California native plants and has always had a fondness for desert plants. Prior to joining MDLT, she was ...…
New York City boasts an abundance of healthy forests and natural areas thanks to the great work of NYC Parks. Join Kim Eierman in this EcoBeneficial interview as she talks with Kristy King, the Director of Forest Restoration for the Natural Resources Group of NYC Parks. Kristy shares some surprising facts as well as ecological inspirations for ...…
:40 What’s for dinner: Blueberries 6:54 Insider Information: Soil pH. In other words, how acid or alkaline your ground is, and why you should care. 14:58 Eat/Drink/Grow: Panicle Hydrangeas. Large or small, there is a dependable and beautiful plant for your landscape. 24:58 Did You Know: Is it helpful to water the leaves of a plant in hot weathe ...…
In this episode Bruno and Sylvester and Diego Calderon interview Manuel Rocha de Aires Mateus. His practice, which he established with his brother in Lisbon in 1988 represents another pole of the deep architectural culture of Portugal. In contrast with the work of the Porto School Lisbon architects engage with more abstracted reading of type an ...…
In this weeks episode of the Master Your Lens photography podcast, Matthew shares the top three ways to increase your photography brand.
Pew pew! We've got a surprise KAL for our 50th episode! Show notes can be found on the Imagined Landscapes website:, and come chat with us in the Ravelry group:
Interior design professionals carry enormous risk and liability doing their jobs day in and day out. Nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to providing electrical work. Listen and learn from Steve Smith of the Electrical Safety Authority.In this episode we learn: - advanced planning provides you with enough time to collaborate with th ...…
Most landscaping companies start with mowing services and basic lawn care. As the company grows, more profitable services can be added... but how do you learn to install drains, paver patios, and retaining walls? Sign up for the course at
James Kelly from Photog Adventures UK joins us on the podcast to talk his recent adventures out in the Faroe Islands and get us all excited again about going to the Faroe Islands and even some of you lucky ones who join us in September for our 7-Day Faroe Islands workshop. Learn more about the workshop here: talks about doing ...…
LIVE STREAM! with LonelySpeck's Ian Norman!! If you aren't following the Facebook Photog Adventures Page (PAGE not the Group) then you might have missed out on the opportunity of hanging with Ian Norman live. Ian is one of our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Milky Way Master Gurus and the creator of and many popular YouTube tutorials helping ...…
In this episode we answer questions that came in on the Group's Facebook Page. Workshops can be found Here Show notes can be found here
Over the last several weeks, the Master Your Lens podcast has been dedicated to answering questions form the Smart Photo Quiz, This week, Matthew answers the 7th and final question in the quiz and includes an in-home exercise you can do to further understand the answer today's question.…
John attended the 'Poster Session' at Cullowhee this year where each recipient is required to do a poster explaining their work.
More mistakes? Yup. We’ve all made them. In this episode, and subsequently in EP 077, we are going to hear from two Business of Design members on mistakes they’ve made and how they solved them and recovered. In this episode we learn: - it’s important to establish the point person (who gets to make the final decision)- never deviate from importa ...…
Airplants (tillandsia) are living sculptures, with a personality all their own. They thrive suspended in air, unconstrained by the limits of soil. This incredible ability, combined with their otherworldly form, inspired Josh Rosen to create products as unique as the plants themselves. As a landscape architect, artist, and horticulturalist, Airp ...…
Latest episode of Landscape Voices
When most people think about the contributing factors to environmental health and climate change, typically energy production, shipping, and agriculture come to mind. What often flies under the radar is the immense contribution made by the fashion and textile industry.
:30 What’s for dinner: Throw it on the Barbie! Grilling, farmed and foraged. 5:52 Plant noob: How often do I have to fertilize annuals, perennials and containers? 12:58 Eat/Drink/Grow: “Feed Me!” Carnivorous plants… grow your own bug traps…just don’t try and feed them hamburger. Carnivorous plants can be ordered online from Predatory Plants, Gr ...…
The last five episodes of the Master Your Lens podcast has focused on answering questions found in the Smart Photo Quiz. There are seven questions total in the quiz and this week, Matthew answers question #6. To take part in the quiz, go to
Sarah tells us all about the lastest cabley gnome, & Katie switches, predictably, from dreaming about casting on her next sweater to casting on her next wearable blanket. Sarah discovers something called “obligation stash” and tells us all what the heck that’s about. Show notes can be found on the Imagined Landscapes website: imaginedlandcapes. ...…
Most of us are conditioned to think that confidence comes from accomplishments—succeeding at work, finding a partner, getting fit, making money, or climbing Mt. Everest. Although it’s a natural assumption, because we’re all taught to believe that external accomplishments create confidence. That’s why we look at people who have achieved what we ...…
In this episode Matt Wells interviews Dingle Price and Alex Gore of Pricegore Architects. Their practice, now in its fifth year, is among the more compelling recent arrivals in the UK. Much of the work of a young practice inevitably involves situations rife with uncertainty, contingency and the need to use minimal means. In this context it is r ...…
We get a second opportunity this year to hang out with our favorite Milky Way Photography Master Guru Royce Bair along with all of you who could attend the LIVE Facebook Q&A! It is always a privilege to talk Milky Way Photography with Royce Bair and this hangout was no different! We begin hearing about Royce's recent trip to Palouse Falls doing ...…
In this episode, Matthew takes you through the process of answering question #3 from the Smart Photo Quiz. To view the image and take part in the photo quiz go to
This week, Matthew answers question #5 from the Smart Photo Quiz ( The episode also breaks down the features photograph in this weeks question with even more details into how the images was created. Spoiler Alert: It wasn't shot how you might think.
Going beyond the obvious shot is an important but hard lesson to learn, and thats what Thomas and Nick talk about in this episode. Thomas Heaton’s website can be found here Thomas’s Youtube channel can be found here Nick’s tutorials, workshops and site can be found here Show notes and images can be found here…
Tired of pushing a lawn mower or pulling weeds? Follow these three steps to start working ON your business instead of IN it. Sign up for the course at
What’s your policy? For most of us, the policies or rules we rely on are those which serve to protect us from an unpleasant circumstance, such as not getting paid, or working on weekends, or being liable for something we have no control over. It’s worth maintaining and protecting those policies, even if, or especially if you are a solopreneur. ...…
Katie donates her vacation to Project AwesomeHouse, Sarah finishes socks for Rainer, and Katie finishes a beautiful replacement for her lost Adrift cardigan. Show notes can be found on the Imagined Landscapes website:, and come chat with us in the Ravelry group:…
1:20 What’s For Dinner: Best Edibles Ellen and I award a Golden Gnome to edible plants with surprising flavors. 3:56 Insider Information: Best desk bouquet Flowers What a treat it is to gather flowers and foliage for small bouquets. And the Gnome goes to… 6:59 Eat, Drink, Grow: Science, Art and Dinner! And the Gnome goes to… Best Gathering of T ...…
In this weeks episode of the Master Your Lens podcast, Matthew answers question #4 from the smart photo quiz and adds an additional exercise to the mix. Would you like to join in on the fun? Take the smart photo quiz at
We travel to Oregon and continue the #TheGreatMilkyWayChase. Follow us as we shoot the Milky Way and visit Bandon, Thor’s Well, Cook’s Chasm, the Sprouting Horn, Heceta Head Lighthouse, and Crater Lake National Park.Along for this Photog Adventure was Claudia Halbert and Kirk Keyes. We discuss what a great spot Bandon is for both the sunset and ...…
We all know that good looks matter. But outside appearances never tell the whole story. With many items—sofas, chairs, pillows, bedding—what’s inside is equally important. In this episode we’ll talk about quality and value and building a better bed. In this episode we learn: - clients want good looking rooms, but they also want functionality, p ...…
Here is how you create an effective scoreboard to keep track of Key Performance Indicators within your business. This will lead to greater buy-in from your employees and eventually will show up on your bottom line! Sign up for the course at
The Great Milky Way Chase of Death and Insanity continues as we get out Fantasy Canyon, farm land, Escalante, Silver Lake and Little Moab! Nights 7, 8, 9, 11 and 19 are shared in this week's podcast. We talk about the challenges of making the most out of the Fantasy Canyon weirdness, the awesomeness of simplicity at a farm, the serendipity of g ...…
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